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Chapter 57 The Most Popular Courtesan 2

Chapter 57 The Most Popular Courtesan 2
Sister Hua then went back on stage to say that she would finally be announcing who was the most popular courtesan in 30 minutes. that announcement stirred a buzzing discussion in the hall and I was relived from tea delivery duty for the time being.

Su Qing had already arrived. She was sitting next to Sister Tan, with a sad face, whispering something to her. Xiao Lingdang was near her, holding her chin and appearing to be a good listener. I hesitated for a moment and decided to still walk over. This was the ghost house, even if Su Qing wanted to do something that was harmful to me, she would have to weigh her options.

As soon as I walked over, I attracted the eyes of what felt like everyone. Sister Tan, Xiao Lingdang and Su Qing all looked at me at once. Su Qing's eyes were red, as if she had just been crying.

I reluctantly laughed twice and just as I was thinking about how to greet them, Sister Tan invited me to sit with them. After I sat down, she let out a sigh and said sadly, “That thing you told me about, I have told Su Qing, but...”

Before she could finish, Su Qing sniffled and interrupted, “Let me tell you.”

Su Qing took a profound look into my eyes, then carefully thought about it and said in between tears and whimpers, “It’s for certain, you smell like the child. I didn’t expect for him to be so cruel. He lied to me and said that the child had been reincarnated, but the truth is that he secretly nurtured the child into a little ghost.”

I was astonished at how easily the one sentence Su Qing had said made me connect all the dots. I thought no one was capable of hurting their own children. That’s why I didn’t expect that Zhang Sheng would turn his own child into a ghost, but why would he do such a thing?

“Since Zhang Sheng had told Su Qing that the child had been reincarnated, why did you ask us to help her find the child?” I asked them. “ I had found the smell of my child in other places long ago. After all, it was my own child, I could recognize him anywhere. I didn't think I was wrong. However, I didn't want to doubt the man I loved so much. After some time, I just needed to be sure. That’s why I asked you to find him for me.”

This led me to think about something I couldn’t bring myself to say, and that was what Su Qing was going to do now. Zhang Sheng had obviously deceived Su Qing and even went as far as turning his own child into his own killing machine. Honestly, a man like that deserves a fate worse than death. However, at the end of the day he was Su Qing's favorite man, so what choice was she going to make?

After gesturing to Sister Tan, I got up and said goodbye. Su Qing didn’t react and her whole demeaner seemed to change into someone lost deep in thoughts and past memories.

Half an hour passed and Sister Hua took more than a dozen beautiful women, all with a different aesthetic about her and took to the stage again. The time to choose who would was the most popular courtesan had finally arrived. I walked back to the bar and sat next to Lulu to see who would end up being the most popular courtesan.

After Sister Hua said some exciting words for everyone to hear, she announced the initiation of the contest. We were about to find out who was the most popular courtesan. In the hall, countless evil spirits opened their mouths. A gray fog flew out of the hall and then entered the different beautiful women. The mist was thick in some places and thin in others. Although the mist was a cloudy gray and white, I still could see around it.

“Lulu, what is all this?”

“It’s Ghost Spirit.” Her answer was very concise and comprehensive.

“Ghost spirit. Master Lulu, Please give him a brief introduction.”

She just glanced at me, with a cold expression, then she explained to me in detail. It was fairly easy to understand. It turns out, ghost spirit was like the life source of every ghost. This life source or essence would divide ghosts into different classes. If you compared ghost spirit to money, there were ghosts in the hall throwing a lot of money to vote for the courtesan they loved most, making her the most popular courtesan. Many brothels and nightclubs did this at the time, and the fan house was no exception. In fact, it was largest in the area.

It was very common for the rich to spend a lot of money in the nightclub scene. Most of these people were rich but also pretty stupid. Ghosts couldn’t do what humans do for payment at nightclubs, so why were they spending their ghost spirit?

I glanced at Lulu and wondered how she’d react if I asked her this question, how long would she stay angry at me for this time?

Lulu just looked at the stage, ignoring me. I dismissed the idea of asking her. If I asked this question to Sister Hua, my guess is she’d think I was flirting with her. If I asked Xiao Lingdang, well, I doubt she’d even give me a chance to get a word in. I was about to ask Yaner, which brought my attention to the biggest ghost spirit in the hall, which was always going towards Yaner, its source was the long robed man. Perhaps it wasn’t going to be that easy to ask Yan`er.

The spirit of the ghosts gradually dissipated, and even I could see that the female ghosts on the stage became more graceful, appeared more intelligent and their bodies were overflowing with color. It looked as if they had benefitted quite a bit from that experience. The one who changed most was Wen Jing in her ancient outfit, it was clear that she was the most popular courtesan.

Sure enough, Sister Hua announced that the most popular courtesan was Wen Jing, which caused a ghost howling to erupt in the hall. After waiting for the other beautiful women to step down, Wen Jing played another piece of music as a tribute to everyone.

To be honest, I didn’t think this entire show and celebration was all that meaningful. I couldn’t figure out why it had attracted so many new ghosts to come by.

Just as I thought the whole show was over, Sister Hua stepped on the stage again and said, “Our program is about to start. Are you ready?”

There was another haunting howl in the hall. I was alert again. Was this going to be like those gameshows on TV where the women would do something with those who gave the most money?

Wen Jing smiled, walked to the middle of the stage, and opened her arms. Then her whole body floated slowly up into the air. Her long white skirt waved with a mythical breeze, making her look like a fairy. It was mesmerizing.

Lulu suddenly handed me a tissue and said, “Take this.”

I was dumbfounded for a moment as I took the tissue and stared at her blankly for a moment. Then Lulu rolled her eyes and said with a little bitterness, “It’s so you can wipe your drool.” She replied annoyed.

I subconsciously rubbed the corners of my mouth with the back of my hand (just in case), but I found no saliva. With that cold face of hers, I hadn’t expected that she would even consider making a joke.

On the stage, Wen Jing’s eyes has turned white. Her long hair waved in the air and she no longer gave off the impression of a fairy. Now, she just looked like a haunting ghost.

All of a sudden, countless greyish-white ghosts, all thin as fingers, emanated from all parts of Wen Jing. After they surrounded Wen Jing, they went in all directions, completely ignoring the barrier of the house and expanding past them.

All the ghosts in the hall stood up with a face of excitement, as if they just witnessed a miracle.

I don’t know how long it took, but eventually Wen Jing’s body appeared to go through some sort of shock and the gray and white mist suddenly stopped. She fell from the air, as if she had quickly lost all her strength, and was finally caught by several female ghosts who had prepared for that moment.

Sister Hua immediately came forward and check her body desperately for quite some time. After she confirmed that Wen Jing had not encountered any serious harm, she took a long breath and said with a smile, “Everyone should go and do things according to their own abilities.”

All the ghosts in the hall gave a quiet salute and turned into countless ghost shadows as they dispersed; only a few ghosts remained.

I was awestruck by the sudden change. What the hell was going on?

It wasn’t until I turned to look at Lulu that I realized she had left too. Where did she go?

“Can anyone give me an explanation? What on earth just happened?”