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Chapter 24 Buying the Ghost House

Chapter 24 Buying the Ghost House
After hearing what I said, Lulu became very happy. I could only let out a sigh and turn back to Xiao Lingdang.

I whispered, “Xiao Lingdang, have you found that Taoist?”

Xiao Lingdang nodded, “I heard Sister Xiaozui let him go.”

Xiao Lingdang was efficient. I nodded thankfully, and then I asked her, “So did that Taoist leave here?”

Xiao Lingdang nodded again, “Um, Sister Xiaozui has thrown him out the back door.”

Good. Good. I breathed a sigh of relief. However, I felt like I had forgotten something.


“Xiao Lingdang, isn’t there an artificial lake near the back door?” I asked nervously.

Xiao Lingdang glanced at me curiously, “Yes...”

I cursed secretly, taking out my phone quickly and sending a message to Wu Jian. Whether or not I could save that Taoist depended on luck. Although I seldom went to the artificial lake, I knew how big and deep it was. Every year there was a news report about someone drowning in it.

It turned out that the Taoist got lucky. I later received a long message from Wu Jian. The message had two parts. First, my warning had come in just in time. Although the Taoist was in the hospital, he was in good condition. Second, he wanted me to contact him immediately.

I thought about it for a moment, but never called Wu Jian. It was 11 o'clock in the morning, so I had an hour before lunchtime. I wanted to go to sleep and regain my energy for work. I muted my phone, and then fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was 5 o'clock in the afternoon. There were 30 missed calls from Wu Jian. I sat on the bed, looking at the phone in my hand. I had one hour before dinner. Could I go back to sleep? Just then, Wu Jian called again. I picked up because I wanted to ask him to help me search for Xiao Lingdang’s skin.

Wu Jian’s voice came into my ear: “Are you laying eggs at home? Why didn’t you pick up? Where are you now? I will pick you up immediately. There’s news about the ghost house. Time’s almost up, so I have given them your name.”

Wu Jian spoke quickly and hurriedly. He hung up as soon as he got the address. Less than 10 minutes later, Wu Jian’s squad car appeared in front of my house. He told me to get in the car, and started off in a hurry. I watched the speedometer. It showed 80. It wasn’t too fast, but we were in the center of the city. I fastened my seat belt discreetly. I asked him in a low voice, “What's going on? Where are we going?”

“I will tell you later.” Wu Jian spoke briefly. I didn’t want to bother him, so I just looked out the window at the passing scenery. Although I worked at the ghost house, I didn't want to be a ghost myself.

Eventually, we stopped in front of the Administration Service Hall. Then I relaxed my tense toes. I had cramped up because I was so tense.

Wu Jian shouted at me to get off quickly and immediately dragged me into the Administration Service Hall.

“Here he is, here he is; I am so sorry,” Wu Jian said to a bald middle-aged man in a meeting room. That middle-aged man glanced at me, waved a hand, and pulled me in.

There weren’t many people in the meeting room. The important-looking men in the center seemed familiar. There were about 8 people around the table. Some of them were smoking leisurely.

Wu Jian kept silent, and made me sit down in an empty seat, smiling at those important men.

The meeting room became quiet as we entered. A fat middle-aged man clapped his hands, attracting everyone’s attention, saying “It is late, so I want to leave as soon as possible.”

A person in the center frowned, “Mr. Zhu, did you take everything into account?”

Mr. Zhu shook his head, “Secretary Yang, I have a lot of money now. I don't want to buy that ancient building.”

I didn't know Mr. Zhu. However, he had to be a very important person, since he left without saying goodbye. Now, I understood why Wu Jian brought me there. The ghost house was being sold by the government. But surely he knew I could not buy the ghost house...

I whispered to Wu Jian, “Bro, do you want me to buy the ghost house? I can't afford it.”

Wu Jian whispered, “Don't worry. The price is not high, and the government allows installments.”

Installments? I glanced at the documents on the desk. There was an ancient building that covered an area of 6000 square meters. I fainted. My salary was barely 5000 Yuan even when I still had a normal job, let alone now. I might have saved up 60 thousand Yuan if I didn't eat or use public transport for a year. At that building’s price, I might be able to buy it when I was one thousand years old, not even accounting for interest.

Could I survive that long? I believed that the world of the living was sometimes more dangerous than the world of ghosts.

Several men at the meeting table had left while I was being absent-minded. The rest of the important-looking men looked angry. One of them turned his head to me, “Captain Wu, is this the one who was interested in the ancient building?”

Wu Jian nodded, kicking me under the table. I immediately showed a complaisant appearance.

The man who spoke seemed to be satisfied with me, smiling and saying, “My name is Cheng Yifan. And you?”

After I introduced myself, Cheng Yifan realized something, “Captain Wu, Kaoshan Street is the busiest street in the city…”

I interrupted him immediately, “Sir, I am a local. I know it is the busiest one, but I don't know the price of the ghost house.”

I said those words, not because I planned on buying the ghost house, but because I wanted to leave like the others after casually saying something.

Cheng Yifan corrected me, “It is an ancient building. It covers an area of 6000 square meters...”

I became unhappy. Fortunately, an important man in the center didn’t want to put up with lengthy explanations. “Magistrate Cheng, it is late. Please make a long story short.”

Obviously, his position was higher than Cheng Yifan’s. Cheng Yifan spoke briefly, “The price of the ancient building starts at 60 million. Because we think the purchaser will have to invest a lot of money for the development of the ancient building, we decided to reduce the price to 10 million Yuan. ”

The meeting room became quiet once Cheng Yifan finishes his words. The businessmen who had stayed closed their eyes to ponder things for a moment. They seemed to be wishing they were on a beach in Hawaii rather than in that meeting room.