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Chapter 23 Grandpa Huang“s Beautiful Granddaughter

Chapter 23 Grandpa Huang's Beautiful Granddaughter
When I was done with Xiao Lingdang, Lulu's voice called after me, "Hey. Hey, waiter!”

I didn't really react to the ‘hey’, but ’waiter’ made me turn around on reflex. Lulu already wore a scowl, so I hurriedly ran over. "Lulu, what is it?"

Lulu put food down on the counter and then turned away from me. I asked, "Well, Lulu, could you please tell me what to do with it?"

I immediately realized how stupid my question was - there was only one occupied table in the Fan House at the moment. I lowered head and hurriedly took away the dish.

Sister Hua also sat at the table, raising a toast to the long gown man. I put down the dish, and was just about to walk away, but then I heard Sister Hua’s voice. "Wait."

I turned around and looked at Sister Hua in confusion, but she ignored me and continued the toast. I looked at Yan’er questioningly, but I saw that Yan’er was pouring a glass of wine on the table. I stretched my head for a closer look, only to see two white worms on the back of the wine bottle.

Ugh, she was so kindhearted...

Sister Hua and the long gown man downed the drinks in the hands, and Sister Hua carefully wiped her mouth with her hand. “Grandpa Huang has something to tell you."

I was stunned for a moment, and then turned my eyes to the long gown man, Grandpa Huang, who smiled a little. "There is a little thing I need your help with. I will pay you."

Considering there was payment involved, although I didn't know what Grandpa Huang wanted me to do, I nevertheless became a model listener. Listening was a matter of attitude, but doing - that was up to ability.

Grandpa Huang seemed to be very satisfied with my attitude and quietly explained: “I have a granddaughter who’s currently in a relationship, but the man she loves is of poor character and addicted to drugs. I am very worried about my granddaughter. I appeared several times to try to expose him, but the man pretends too well, and my granddaughter completely fell in love despite my efforts. I have no idea what else I could do, but you… if you can separate them, I will make it very much worth your while.”

Normally, I would refuse such an offer, because I had no experience in love. Well, not completely, but my only past relationship had failed.

I soon changed my mind when Sister Hua said that Grandpa Huang's granddaughter was a beautiful woman.

I promised to help Grandpa Huang, he was generous enough to give me a hefty gift in advance: a big, fat pile of cash that he threw on the tabletop. I wanted to go and count it, but soon gave up; I didn't think my high school-level mathematics knowledge would suffice. Of course, it would have been perfect if the head of the Jade Emperor weren’t printed on each note.

After Grandpa Huang went out, I said in a generous way, "You guys can have all of this money.” Then I walked away. It was all ghost paper, so I couldn’t do anything with it anyhow. Sister Hua stuffed every last note deep into her cleavage. While combing her tangled hair, she called me over.

When I saw the money on the table was gone, I walked up to Sister Hua and carefully asked, "Sister Hua, is this money so important? I could burn you some more tomorrow.”

Sister Hua looked at me disdainfully, "Last time you burned me money, I could only use a small part of it."

My face was blank. Sister Hua kneaded her chest and explained, "You have to remember, ghost money can be fake too. A lot of people are burning counterfeit notes for their dead relatives..."

I wanted to know more about ghost money, but my eyes were drawn to Sister Hua’s actions. She stuffed so much ghost money into her bra but her breasts were still perfectly shaped. Amazing!

Seeing that Sister Hua wanted to go, I hurriedly said, "Sister Hua, is Grandpa Huang's granddaughter really beautiful?" I’d been dying to ask for a long time, but I couldn’t do it before Grandpa Huang left.

Sister Hua was stunned for a moment, then snuck a glance at my bottom half and giggled. "Excited to find out?"

I immediately got embarrassed. Luckily, Sister Hua did not continue to flirt with me, but lazily stretched out a hand and said, "I have seen her before. She’s very beautiful, no worse than Yan’er.”

I glanced at Yan’er, who was feeding Xiao Pang, and couldn't help shuddering. Sure, Yan’er was beautiful, but she kept a dead insect in her hair every day.

I hurried back to the bar, but before I could sit down, Xiao Lingdang looked at me with a sad face.

I said, "I know I have to help you find your skin, don’t worry."

Xiao Lingdang shook, "Not that."

I was surprised. Xiao Lingdang always asked me to look for her skin... So I asked curiously, “Don’t you want your skin anymore?”


"No?" I was a little confused, but tears already welled up in Xiao Lingdang‘s eyes.

I immediately felt the surrounding big sisters with their murderous glares. The temperature seemed to drop. I hurriedly asked, "Don't cry; what’s wrong? Tell me, don't cry."

"I didn't make any money today…" sobbed Xiao Lingdang. Then came the waterworks...

I immediately covered her mouth and cried, "My god… Don't cry; tomorrow I will give you all my tips, OK?"

Xiao Lingdang still had an aggrieved expression, but she nodded and wiped her tears away.

I was relieved, but I still felt the temperature growing lower behind me. I turned around and saw Lulu staring at me. I almost peed myself. "Tomorrow your tips are mine,” came her cold voice. Not waiting for my reaction, she returned to her work.

“Fine….” I said.