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Chapter 19 Ghosts Talking About Ghosts

Chapter 19 Ghosts Talking About Ghosts
There was a chill in my heart as I said, "Xiao Lingdang, I'll help you find your skin later."

Xiao Lingdang nodded happily and said, "Every day we…"

"Wait a minute,” I interrupted. "Xiao Lingdang, I don't know if you heard what Sister Hua said. She was telling me about the ghost classifications; resentful ghosts, spiritual ghosts, and so on. She left before she finished."

"Really? Xiao Lingdang cocked her head and said, "Okay, but I don't know what to say…"

"Tell me more about these ghosts," I said quickly.

Xiao Lingdang nodded, "Resentful ghosts are ghosts who were full of anger when they died. They’re very bad for the living. They generally do not take the initiative to kill, but if provoked, they will become very fierce.

"Evil ghosts are born evil. Well, not all of them, but most of them have a natural impulse to do harm. One kind of evil ghosts are hanged ghosts, which must find a host and are destined to kill.

"Clinging ghost just do what they did all the time while they were alive; they’re very boring.

"Spiritual ghosts are us - not willing to go to hell, just wanting to live a good life. But this comes with a lot of problems.

"Vengeful ghosts are those who were too angry or tortured. They want revenge, but they are pitiful and cannot appear in a human form.

"By the way, there are also grievance ghosts, also called grievance souls and they are different from the others. They are allowed out of hell to exact revenge on their enemies. They are fierce but limited, and very rare. I met one once."

Xiao Lingdang introduced all the ghosts again, so I had a general impression, but some points were vague, so I asked: "Xiao Lingdang, do all the dead become ghosts?"

"No," Xiao Lingdang shook her head. "No, dead people become souls, which will be taken away to hell. Only if they are not taken within the first seven days will they become ghosts."

"Why wouldn’t they be taken away?" The more I knew, the more questions I had.

Xiao Lingdang said, "All kinds of reasons, such as hiding, or Hell’s enforcers not being able to take them away."

I nodded and asked, “By the way, Xiao Lingdang, do you know about the pictures?"

Xiao Lingdang was puzzled, “What pictures?"

At that time, Sister Hua’s cold voice came, “You don't have to know now."

I turn around sharply, looked at Sister Hua, and smiled unnaturally.

Sister Hua's voice became enchanting, "Looks like you have guests. Go attend to them." She left again.

Xiao Lingdang said, "Let's go, or Sister Hua will be angry.” Then she took my hand and pulled me away.

Xiao Lingdang was pretty cute and I was not as scared as before. I let Xiao Lingdang take my hand and followed her. "Xiao Lingdang, what kind of ghost are you?"

Xiao Lingdang whispered back, "I won't tell you. Remember what you promised me." She pulled me up to a beautiful woman, then scampered away.

The beautiful woman looked at me with a smile: "My name is Lulu. You are a newcomer, right? Please bring this to the guest right over there by the table.” She pointed.

I smelt the fragrance of the beauty and could not help but sigh. If only they weren’t ghosts...

I took the tray Lulu handed me, which was a roast chicken. It smelt appetizing, and looked just like a real roast chicken. I quickly remembered the first time I saw Yan’er, and my appetite disappeared immediately.

I made my way between the ghosts, grilled chicken in hand. Most of the ghosts maintained a human appearance. Although they were pale, they were not too frightening. Occasionally, though, I spotted a split head or jaw, which made me jump in fright. I was almost frightened to death on some occasions, and would just rapidly turned my head to avoid staring.

I lowered my head, put the roast chicken on the table and said, "There you go." Just as I was about to leave with the tray, I heard a voice call after me. "Wait."

I stopped. I looked up and saw a fat middle-aged man in a suit and tie looking at me curiously. He kissed the beauty beside him and said, "You also hire living people?"

The beauty smiled, "Yes, this is our Fan House’s specialty."

The fat man nodded. "I see, I see." He pulled out a large stack of bills from his pocket and dumped them on my tray: "For you." With that, he began to laugh with the beautiful woman next to him.

I went back to Lulu, breathing heavily. Lulu chuckled, "Scared?" As she was about to retrieve the tray, she saw the pile of money. "Wow, that’s a lot of money."

I waved my hand, "Here you go."

Lulu stretched across the counter to grab the tray with the money and kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks."

I nearly jumped out of my own skin, staring at the beautiful Lulu and swallowing with difficulty.

Lulu giggled.

The ghost house’s business was booming. I brought out countless orders of all sorts of food and wine. I became numb to seeing so many ghosts.

Ghosts were obviously more generous than the living. Although I didn't like the fat man, I got a lot of money from him. However, it all belonged to Tiandi Bank, so I had to give it all to Lulu, who was so pleased she wanted to kiss me every time, but I wasn’t into it. After all, she was a ghost.

Eventually, the ghost house’s guests starting filing out; over half the people in the hall left. There were only a few dozen beautiful women standing at the front of the hall waiting to get instructions from Sister Hua.

Lulu was ready to go, but I stopped her and asked, "Lulu, the guests don't stay overnight?"

Lulu's ever-grinning face turned into a frown, her long hair waved with no wind and her smiling eyes narrowed into thin cracks.

I swallowed; I didn't know what to do.

Lulu replied coldly, "We are not whores.” She threw the money I had given her at my chest.

All the ghosts stared at me. I quickly squeezed out a smile until they turned back around, then leaned over the counter and almost fell to the ground.

When I picked up all money, Sister Hua was done talking. Lulu went back to the counter and seemed to have calmed down a bit. I put the money on the counter and pushed it her way. "I was wrong to say that. Please accept the money."

Lulu snorted, ignoring me. So I said, "Should I throw it away, then?"

Lulu just reached out, grabbed the money, and disappeared with a sneer.