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A Good-for-Nothing


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A good-for-nothing from a family of exorcists was given away as a complimentary gift to be another man’s spouse.

After being stabbed in the back and humiliated, he was married to his mortal foe whom he disliked the most.

His husband was the kindest to him.

His family treated him with total indifference, while his foe treated him with deep affection.

《A Good-for-Nothing》 Text
Chapter 1: The Fligh
Chapter 2: The Plan of His Stepmother
Chapter 3: Entering a Dream?
Chapter 4: Running for His Life
Chapter 5: The Smashing of the Cinerary Urn
Chapter 6: A Plague of Dream Eaters
Chapter 7: The Capture of the Dream Eater
Chapter 8: The Mastermind
Chapter 9: I Was Fooled
Chapter 10: Li Zong
Chapter 11: A Mysterious Man in a Black Robe
Chapter 12: Li Zong's Thoughts
Chapter 13: Zhu family
Chapter 14: The Secrets of the Cinerary Caske
Chapter 15: Half a Page of Divinatory Symbols
Chapter 16: The Cruel Truth
Chapter 17: Help Me
Chapter 18: A Transaction
Chapter 19: Agreemen
Chapter 20: I Was Fooled
Chapter 21: Engagement with the Opponen
Chapter 22: The Seal Was Undone
Chapter 23: A Visi
Chapter 24: Intentional Ingratiation
Chapter 25: An Apology 1
Chapter 26: An Apology 2
Chapter 27: Stop Dwelling on It 1
Chapter 28: Stop Dwelling on It 2
Chapter 29: Recklessness of One Blinded by Greed 1
Chapter 30: Recklessness of One Blinded by Greed 2
Chapter 31: A Near Miss
Chapter 32: A Pie in the Sky
Chapter 33: The So-called Endowments
Chapter 34: Fanning the Flames
Chapter 35: Call Me Hubby
Chapter 36: I Don't Feel Like I
Chapter 37: A Ring 1
Chapter 38: A Ring 2
Chapter 39: He Jin's Falling for a Badger Game 1
Chapter 40: He Jin's Falling for a Badger Game 2
Chapter 41: A Learned Mouse Yōkai
Chapter 42: Having Trouble Getting in Through the Back Door
Chapter 43: Heartache
Chapter 44: Killing Inten
Chapter 45: Invocation of the Thundercloud 1
Chapter 46: Invocation of the Thundercloud 2
Chapter 47: Jing Was Targeted
Chapter 48: The Exposure of He Jin's Deeds
Chapter 49: The Apprehension of He Jin
Chapter 50: Be Good 1
Chapter 51: Be Good 2
Chapter 52: The Interesting Part Was About to Come
Chapter 53: Explosion
Chapter 54: Emotionally Abusing Bachelors with Sincerity 1
Chapter 55: Emotionally Abusing Bachelors with Sincerity 2
Chapter 56: The Special Talents Training Program
Chapter 57: A Love Confession of He Zheng
Chapter 58: Getting in Through the Back Door Once Again
Chapter 59: What a Nerve
Chapter 60: Resentmen
Chapter 61: The Qingwei Sect 1