A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign
101 Reset. Volume 2 Prologue
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A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign
Author :Mexulexi
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101 Reset. Volume 2 Prologue

@@Fumes made the air thick with a grey smog. Trees were on fire and columns of polluted cloud billowed from mounds in the ground like chimneys from hell. Large boulders were propelled into the air with each shot of smoke from the rocky terrain.

In the midst of all this smoke, fire, and rocks, Gates was weaving through the air. The Book was hurriedly flying through the ashy clouds.

If Gates had had a human form, its breathing would have been laboured and its expression would have been fearful.

Its pages were torn and dirty, some were missing entirely.

Despite its injuries, Gates didn't stop flying through the air, running to some unknown destination.

"WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?" It cried out.

In that same moment Gates smacked into something solid.

This solid thing was the chest of what appeared to be a humanoid woman. She had curly black hair and warm brown sun-kissed skin. Her eyes were a warm honey brown and her lips a full rose pink.

She was beautiful, and her billowing red silk robes rippled in the wind and made her appear like a flower amongst her hellish surroundings.

She smiled warmly at the Book of Gates, a smile that would normally send anyone, man or woman, crazy, but Gates shivered with uncontrollable fear.

"Now it was fun at first seeing you run like that, but don't you think you're going a bit too far." She said, her voice sounded like a chorus of singing Sirens.

"Please" Gates begged, "Don't do this, I will still always be loyal to the cause, loyal to the Creators and One. Please don't do this to me."

"Hah" she continued to smile angelically, "You make it sound like I'm going to kill you. I assure you your existence will remain intact and so will your loyalty. In fact your loyalty will be stronger than ever."

She grabbed onto Gates Spine and held the book with a vice like grip, "There is a new system, a new regime and a new leadership. For this new era you need to be upgraded."

Two smiled brightly, "Now let's get you Reset."

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