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515Mobile Legends : Bang Bang Lost Twins
Author :jelxie103
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3 Chapter 4

After killing Hanzo Fanny's energy get low. The Mother of Fanny smile with tears after seing the battle. 2 minutes after, the a loud laugh from hanzo exist, and the dead body of hanzo revive again.

Fanny : How ?!

Hanzo : HAHAHA ! How ? my lord named MOONTON gave me 3 immortality. Hahaha

Fanny : Ohhhh I see !

(Fanny cant usé the cable anymore because she dont have enough energy)

Hanzo: What can You do now ? Huh ! Noob ! Côme fight me !

(Hanzo start to attack Fanny but suddenly 9 cables fly fast and hit him and get wound)

Then the cables Stop.

Hanzo : Another Fanny !? Who are You ?!

Fanny#2 : From the Campus of RAVAGE they call Me Fanny Campus Youth !!!

Hanzo : What the Hell !

Fanny : Your Face !

(Hanzo trying To say Come ! fight me ! but Fanny#2 release again 9 cables in thé air and cut again the head of Hanzo)

Hanzo : Côme ! Fight Meeeeeeey.... (died)

Fanny#1: Same name like mine ! Who are you ?

Fanny#2: Campus Youth Fanny . why we have thé same skills ?

Fanmy#1: I dunno why, but watch out Hanzo will revive again in a minute !

(Hanzo Revive and Campus youth Fanny was out of energy due to releasing so much cables)

Hanzo : HAHAHHAHA as ive said i have 3 immortality !

Fanny#2: Nakuuuuu Poooooo ! buff is running out !

Hanzo : Tae2x ! Hahahaha ! its my TURN !

(hanzo start to attack the twins and thé twins cant fight anymore and they just close their eyes and prépare to die.)

Hanzo : BIAKOGAN ! WAZUUUUUNG (hanzo us attacking but suddenly 12 cables apear in his heads but hanzo use 1000x speed to escape from the cable , another 12 cables Trying to Hit Hanzo and Finally it cuts hanzo's head, A girl wearing Pink dress and cap with baseball bat appear)

Fanny#3: Yeahhhhhh ! Sir ! Take my Command !

Fanny #2&1: Another Fanny ? Who are You ?

Fanny #3: Fanny the Punk Princess Head of Mirror Mode ! , BTW why we have the same Skills

Fanny #2,1: we dunno ! BTW, Thankyou for saving us ! . do you have still energy punk princess?

Fanny #3: No more. i used all the energy to kill hanzo and free style during attacking hanzo cause i want also to defeat the number of câbles by Yasue the top 1 Fanny in japan. It consumed More energy since 12 cables are released at the time. Why ?

Fanny#1: Hanzo will revive for the Last time, i already kill him one time and Campus youth Fanny kill Hanzo at second time and you kill him at the third time but he will revive again coz MOONTON his creature gave him 3x immortality !

Fanny#3: GG sir ! For Victory ! ....Of hanzo 😞

(Hanzo revive, Hé laugh again, then without thinking and talking he attak the 3 twins and hit them seriously.)

Hanzo : I told you before ! Hahaha. What !? GG ser ! tae2x Ser ! (expression)

(the 3 Twins wounded seriously and Hanzo is preparing for His Ultimate, the Hall starts getting dark and thé loud voice of monster exist. the twins and the Mother starts crying, their Mother run to them trying'to stop to stop hanzo but it is useless. 4 of them are in danger but... )

Tak 1 to Tak 30 (just imagine)😂😂


the ULT of hanzo was being Stop when the 30 cables appear from the VIOLET LIGHT and Chop the Body of Hanzo into 30 pieces and Hanzo finally Killed !

Fanny#123: another one !?

Mother : huhuhu GGWP !

Fanny #4: whou are you ?!

Fanny#123: And You You you ! so sexy ! You !

Fanny#4: I Am Fanny SKYLARK the most highest price among of us ! 😂

Fanny#123: GG ! Bossyyyy ! RK mga bess !

Mother: The Twins are completed ! i thought hanzo kills the 3 of you .

Fanny#1234: Are we twins ? Gosh ! Nice GGWP girls.! NAKOOOW POH Rank game Later GIRLSSS ! PAK!

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