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Updates:Chapter 177: Insane battle

This is the story of Long Yi, who was killed because he took revenge for the girl he loved. Before he dies, a strange lightning carries his soul into a different realm. How will he live, when the first thing he noticed upon arrival is that, the man whose body he possessed is raping the country’s princess? 异世之风流大法师
《Womanizing Mage》 Text
Chapter 1: Prelude to The Passing Through
Chapter 2: ?( ?° ?? ?°)? the Princess.
Chapter 3: Inside the Jail.
Chapter 4: Bad Translation
Chapter 5: Escaped days
Chapter 6: Super-space ring
Chapter 7: Magic genius?
Chapter 8: Bathing beauty
Chapter 9: Profane
Chapter 10: Conning saintess
Chapter 11: Spending spring night together?
Chapter 12: Elementary lightning skill
Chapter 13: Spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive
Chapter 14: Custom of Moxi clan
Chapter 15: Frank and sincere with each other
Chapter 16: Great Cosmos shift
Chapter 17: Earth Bear (1)
Chapter 18: Earth Bear (2)
Chapter 19: Earth Bear (3)
Chapter 20: I want to hold you to sleep
Chapter 21: Faintly discernable fragrant trace
Chapter 22: Gale magic spell
Chapter 23: Molestation without rhyme or reason
Chapter 24: Phoenix clan
Chapter 25: Resolving the crisis
Chapter 26: Erotic treatment
Chapter 27: Undead magic
Chapter 28: Super skeleton
Chapter 29: Mysterious Girl
Chapter 30: Enemies on a narrow road*
Chapter 31: Adventurer Pub
Chapter 32: Again meeting Yu Feng
Chapter 33: Drunk Lu Xiya
Chapter 34: Liren Fang’s underwear
Chapter 35: Public place with numerous peoples
Chapter 36: Difference of love and like
Chapter 37: Dark temptation
Chapter 38: Huangmang small town
Chapter 39: Clash
Chapter 40: Fire element Master Archmage
Chapter 41: Strange magical beast
Chapter 42: At crucial moment, how can you pee?
Chapter 43: Silver backed Earth dragon
Chapter 44: Might of Lightning skill
Chapter 45: Gluttonous Little Three
Chapter 46: Stealing fragrance
Chapter 47: One more wife doesn’t matter
Chapter 48: Blood colored bugs’ sea
Chapter 49: Bail out (1)
Chapter 50: Bail out (2)
Chapter 51: Lost city
Chapter 52: Dark magical beast
Chapter 53: Super skeletons displaying their might
Chapter 54: Conscious skeleton?
Chapter 55: Bewitching passion in the midst of water (1)
Chapter 56: Bewitching passion in the midst of water (2)
Chapter 57: Cold pond
Chapter 58: Secret cave in the bottom of a pond
Chapter 59: Violent Lightning Beast
Chapter 60: Evil Dark Jade
Chapter 61: Black Lotus
Chapter 62: Spring Scenery
Chapter 63: Evil Jade Holy Jade
Chapter 64: A thousand pounds hangs by a thread
Chapter 65: Touched
Chapter 66: Showing ones’ hand
Chapter 67: This place also has bra?
Chapter 68: Secret Path
Chapter 69: Thrown into Gold cave
Chapter 70: Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 71: Perverted thief
Chapter 72: Where am I?
Chapter 73: Mea Holy Magic Academy
Chapter 74: Icy Wind Mercenary Group
Chapter 75: How is dropping red a heartless thing
Chapter 76: Wretch’s heart have magic horn
Chapter 77: Enemies on a narrow road
Chapter 78: Art of Killing People
Chapter 79: Si Bi’s cousin
Chapter 80: A dog can’t stop itself from eating shit**
Chapter 81: Allure attracts calamity?
Chapter 82: Ice Douqi’s Whirlwind Interlinked Slash
Chapter 83: Burning both jade and common stone**
Chapter 84: I want you to marry me
Chapter 85: Elven Forest
Chapter 86: Attacking breast to break formation
Chapter 87: Great Nature’s Breath
Chapter 88: Taking unfair advantage
Chapter 89: Origin Ice
Chapter 90: Covert 3P
Chapter 91: Fox clan’s young girl
Chapter 92: Dark Fighters
Chapter 93: Forbidden Magic Spells’ Confrontation (2 in 1)
Chapter 94: Seven Baleful Puppet
Chapter 95: Meeting Yu Feng
Chapter 96: Youyou gone missing
Chapter 97: Intense Passion before parting
Chapter 98: Stubborn Yu Feng
Chapter 99: Consequence of sleeping together on the same bed
Chapter 100: Snowstorm Divine Marten
Chapter 101: Evil Long Yi
Chapter 102: Ice Palace
Chapter 103: Goddess Statue
Chapter 104: Again seeing Crystal coffin
Chapter 105: Teaching arrogant maids
Chapter 106: Phoenix Clan (1)
Chapter 107: Phoenix Clan (2)
Chapter 108: Fatal Embarrassment
Chapter 109: Barbarian Bull Clan’s Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 110: Fox Clan’s Invisible Technique
Chapter 111: Grievances of Bertha
Chapter 112: Reunion in Elven Forest
Chapter 113: Identity Exposed
Chapter 114: Long Ling’er’s hatred
Chapter 115: Charming Love Residence
Chapter 116: Mysterious Bertha
Chapter 117: Icicle Fruit
Chapter 118: Who is this beauty?
Chapter 119: Nalan Ruyue
Chapter 120: Heroically saving little sister
Chapter 121: Fulfill the promise
Chapter 122: Lewd Punishment
Chapter 123: Seduction Failed
Chapter 124: Mercenary Guild’s beating a person mission
Chapter 125: Scheme
Chapter 126: Mind Reading Technique?
Chapter 127: Prophecy Master?
Chapter 128: Stunning two beauties
Chapter 129: Furious Lin Na
Chapter 130: Sword Saint
Chapter 131: Heavenly thunder entering the body
Chapter 132: The identity of Sword Saint
Chapter 133: Extreme stimulation
Chapter 134: Pornographic Book
Chapter 135: Great Aunt came
Chapter 136: Entering the academy
Chapter 137: Mea Empress
Chapter 138: Fox ladies’ spring scenery
Chapter 139: Ling Feng’s secret
Chapter 140: One green speck among innumerable cluster of flowers
Chapter 141: Truly petty woman
Chapter 142: Male-female magic confrontation
Chapter 143: Surprised Shui Ruoyan
Chapter 144: Spanking teacher
Chapter 145: Noodles for exchanging a beautiful wife?
Chapter 146: Mea Empress’s request
Chapter 147: Pure body
Chapter 148: Way of bed communication
Chapter 149: Unable to turn back situation, distressed Ling Feng
Chapter 150: Nalan Ruyue’s scheme
Chapter 151: Sweet
Chapter 152: Two pretty girls playing GL?
Chapter 153: See you again Puxiusi
Chapter 154: Compressed Magic
Chapter 155: Ling Feng—Different Domain Undead Summoning Magic
Chapter 156: Demonic Stone
Chapter 157: Not acknowledging death
Chapter 158: Si Bi, is that you?
Chapter 159: Demonic Stone’s unusual changes
Chapter 160: Shui Linglong
Chapter 161: Without enmity, no grandparent and grandchild
Chapter 162: Might of compressed magic
Chapter 163: The wild ambition of Xiao Yi
Chapter 164: Is this oft referred-to procreation from other’s sperms?
Chapter 165: Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell
Chapter 166: Adventure Convention
Chapter 167: Perfect killing combination
Chapter 168: Girl’s body
Chapter 169: Misunderstanding
Chapter 170: Bones at the bottom of brook
Chapter 171: Thousand year resentment
Chapter 172: I like you
Chapter 173: Kobold Kingdom
Chapter 174: Mountain of swords and sea of flames
Chapter 175: Offering Banquet
Chapter 176: Fire Qilin
Chapter 177: Insane battle