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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Author:Feng Qin Yang

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UpdateTime:8/19/2017 12:03:36 AM

Updates:Chapter 214: Made a Clean Sweep

Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping through all opposition with invincible might! Able to refine medicine, capable of crafting weapons, and knows the art of inscription…. Being skilled in all professions is the way of kings! Ling tian zhan zun 凌天战尊
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Text
Chapter 1: Weapons Specialist - Ling Tian
Chapter 2: The Strength of an Ancient Mammoth
Chapter 3: Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique
Chapter 4: Collapsing Fist
Chapter 5: Genius Martial Artist
Chapter 6: Inscription Technique
Chapter 7: Dominating Attack
Chapter 8: The Young Girl, Ke Er
Chapter 9: Frost God’s Sword Technique
Chapter 10: Gambling!
Chapter 11: A Thousand Silver Each Time
Chapter 12: Circumstances Taking a Steep Turn
Chapter 13: Amazing the World with a Single Brilliant Feat
Chapter 14: Violet Meteoric Iron
Chapter 15: Grade Seven Alchemist?
Chapter 16: Denouncing Crimes
Chapter 17: I’ll Take Your Life In Three Months!
Chapter 18: Breakthrough
Chapter 19: Unruly Eldest Daughter
Chapter 20: Blood Sprays in One Strike
Chapter 21: I’m Duan Ling Tian!
Chapter 22: Thunder Flame Pill
Chapter 23: Level Five Body Tempering Stage!
Chapter 24: Violet Meteorite Flexible Sword
Chapter 25: Little Fatty
Chapter 26: Thunder Flame Inscription
Chapter 27: Unable to Vindicate Himself
Chapter 28: Half a Month Later
Chapter 29: Determination
Chapter 30: At the Brink of Collision
Chapter 31: Killing You Only Requires One Sword Strike!
Chapter 32: Li Kun’s Demise
Chapter 33: Duan Ling Xing
Chapter 34: Blood Thirsty Killing Intent
Chapter 35: Grade Eight Alchemist
Chapter 36: Main Clan
Chapter 37: Aurora City
Chapter 38: Howling Tiger Fist? Collapsing Fist?
Chapter 39: Bumpkin
Chapter 40: Greater Teleportation
Chapter 41: Li Shi Shi
Chapter 42: Monster
Chapter 43: Lin Qi
Chapter 44: Intense Battle
Chapter 45: Shadow Sword
Chapter 46: Misty Forest
Chapter 47: Li Zhong
Chapter 48: The Fisherman Reaps the Reward
Chapter 49: 200,000 Silver
Chapter 50: Going All Out
Chapter 51: Advancement
Chapter 52: Variant Little Python
Chapter 53: Target, Champion!
Chapter 54: Winning All the Way
Chapter 55: Ke Er’s Strength
Chapter 56: Satisfying!
Chapter 57: Battling Li Zhong
Chapter 58: Seductive Beauty
Chapter 59: A Close Call
Chapter 60: Condensing Sound Into A Line
Chapter 61: Martial Meet Top Ten
Chapter 62: Origin Gathering Pill
Chapter 63: Little Python’s Unusual Actions
Chapter 64: Nascent Soul Powerhouse
Chapter 65: Strong Self-Confidence
Chapter 66: Hidden Dragon List
Chapter 67: Xiao Yu
Chapter 68: Xiao Lan
Chapter 69: Generous Prizes
Chapter 70: Meng Quan
Chapter 71: Duan Ling Tian Makes An Entrance
Chapter 72: Sleeve Dimension
Chapter 73: Cut Off Your Finger
Chapter 74: Battle for the First
Chapter 75: The Strength of Four Ancient Mammoths
Chapter 76: Genius Camp
Chapter 77: Alchemist Guild
Chapter 78: Su Mo’s Shock
Chapter 79: Li Tai
Chapter 80: Demonic Beauty Divine Technique
Chapter 81: Spiritual Force
Chapter 82: Ghastly Shadow
Chapter 83: Grade Eight Weapons Craftsmen
Chapter 84: Crystal Wall Inscription
Chapter 85: A Fish that Escaped from the Net
Chapter 86: The Li Clan’s Shock
Chapter 87: Li De
Chapter 88: Burning Anxiety
Chapter 89: The Son of the County Governor
Chapter 90: Li Qing Leaves
Chapter 91: Dragons Finishing Touch
Chapter 92: Violet Tulip Trading Company
Chapter 93: Three Months Later
Chapter 94: Sword Monarch’s Treasure
Chapter 95: Born to be an Assassin
Chapter 96: Farewell’s Near at Hand
Chapter 97: Blasted Away with a Swing of the Arm
Chapter 98: ‘Fate’
Chapter 99: Yu Xiang
Chapter 100: Trial of Death
Chapter 101: Brutal
Chapter 102: Su Li
Chapter 103: Conspiracy
Chapter 104: Training Begins!
Chapter 105: Gamble
Chapter 106: Bore Wood for Fire
Chapter 107: Between Asleep and Awake
Chapter 108: Greed
Chapter 109: Transacting at a Loss
Chapter 110: Beast Tide
Chapter 111: Yu Hong’s Rage
Chapter 112: Duan Ling Tian On a Rampage
Chapter 113: Straight for the Kill
Chapter 114: Teng Yun Hai
Chapter 115: Final Test
Chapter 116: High Difficulty Mission
Chapter 117: Duan Ling Tian’s Methods
Chapter 118: Origin-Sealing Parasite
Chapter 119: Xiong Quan
Chapter 120: Will
Chapter 121: The Domineering Duan Ling Tian
Chapter 122: Returning Home
Chapter 123: Duan Ling Tian’s Fury
Chapter 124: Staining the Fang Family in Blood
Chapter 125: Chen Mei Er
Chapter 126: Yu Clan
Chapter 127: The Approaching Storm
Chapter 128: Tian Clan Young Master
Chapter 129: Sky High Compensation
Chapter 130: The Misfortunate Tian Guang
Chapter 131: Despair
Chapter 132: I, Duan Ling Tian, Disdain It!
Chapter 133: Red-Clothed Girl
Chapter 134: I’ll Discipline You in Your Parents’ Stead!
Chapter 135: Duan Ling Xing’s Cousin?
Chapter 136: Recruiting Jing Ru
Chapter 137: Huge Problem
Chapter 138: The Terrifying Little Pythons
Chapter 139: Dire Straits
Chapter 140: Genius Alchemist?
Chapter 141: Laying a Trap, Massive Gamble
Chapter 142: Divine Might Marquis Estate
Chapter 143: Nie Yuan, Nie Fen
Chapter 144: Senior Marquis
Chapter 145: The Start of Term is Around the Corner
Chapter 146: Reunion of Friends
Chapter 147: Star Mastermind Department, Sima Chang Feng!
Chapter 148: Higher Grade Students
Chapter 149: Accepting Su Li’s Challenge
Chapter 150: Spiritual Force Breakthrough!
Chapter 151: A True Void Stage Powerhouse
Chapter 152: The Reappearance of the Pig’s Head
Chapter 153: Bone Corrosion Inscription
Chapter 154: Enemies Meet
Chapter 155: Life and Death Battle Pact
Chapter 156: Ninth Level of the Core Formation Stage As Well!
Chapter 157: The Death of Duan Ling Xing
Chapter 158: Duan Clan
Chapter 159: Dragon Blood Pill
Chapter 160: Extracting Blood to Refine Pills
Chapter 161: Invitation from the Divine Might Marquis
Chapter 162: Heart of the Strong
Chapter 163: Princess Bi Yao
Chapter 164: Becoming a Public Enemy
Chapter 165: One Must Know One’s Limitations!
Chapter 166: Huge Profit!
Chapter 167: Third Prince’s Probing
Chapter 168: Su Tong
Chapter 169: Cripple the Dantian!
Chapter 170: Su Clan
Chapter 171: Little Python’s Breakthrough
Chapter 172: Origin Freezing Pill
Chapter 173: The Vice Dean’s Rage
Chapter 174: Su Li’s decision
Chapter 175: Counter Tracking
Chapter 176: Two Great Brave Generals
Chapter 177: Got Mixed Up in Trouble
Chapter 178: Invincible Under The Origin Core Stage
Chapter 179: Huge Business Deal
Chapter 180: A Storm Rages
Chapter 181: Duan Ling Tian’s Dreams
Chapter 182: Don’t Be Envious of Me
Chapter 183: Former Number One Genius
Chapter 184: 18-Year-Old Origin Core Stage?
Chapter 185: Crimson North’s Five Tigers
Chapter 186: Investigating the Person Behind the Scenes
Chapter 187: Going After Easy Prey
Chapter 188: Critical Moment
Chapter 189: Void Advancement Pill
Chapter 190: Enemies Are Bound To Meet
Chapter 191: Tong Li’s a Bi**h!
Chapter 192: Acknowledging Ancestors and Returning to the Clan
Chapter 193: Undercurrents Brewing In Secret
Chapter 194: Tong Li’s Backer
Chapter 195: Once Again Crippling The Dantian
Chapter 196: Creating a Stir in the Inner City
Chapter 197: Start Out With a Bang, and End With a Whimper
Chapter 198: Three Places
Chapter 199: The Death of Su Nan
Chapter 200: Gu Xuan
Chapter 201: Prior To Departure
Chapter 202: Departure
Chapter 203: Crisis
Chapter 204: Suicide
Chapter 205: Super Abnormal
Chapter 206: Let’s Go!
Chapter 207: Incurring Public Wrath!
Chapter 208: Possessing Both Courage and Wisdom
Chapter 209: The Despaired Gu Xuan
Chapter 210: Duan Ling Tian’s Discovery
Chapter 211: Demon Beast Monkey King
Chapter 212: Stone Monkey Returning A Favor
Chapter 213: Monkey King Wine
Chapter 214: Made a Clean Sweep