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Virtual World Peerless White Emperor

Author:Would It Be Possible To Stay

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Updates:Chapter 175: Pair of Heroes

Year 24XX. With several hundred years of improvements, virtual reality has become more mature. It had gradually become humanity’s second world. Socializing, working, studying and other everyday things could all be done while sleeping. Along with the rise in virtual reality systems, virtual games also developed successfully. Additionally, with the vigorous support of the government; every season, games continued to be born, be changed, competed with each other, and be reborn. Ye Cang is a black bellied, underachieving, 2nd year student at a city college. He appears to have been cured of his albinism yet his story is still full of mystery. In the game ‘New Age – Conviction’, he began walking the path of a professional gamer. An all-rounder knight, dark cooking, with a nasty disposition, willing to do anything. He’s slowly creating his own legend. “Actually… instead of games, I prefer cooking and dramas” -The White Emperor Peerless White Emperor 网游之白帝无双
《Virtual World Peerless White Emperor》 Text
Chapter 1: Number T-105
Chapter 2: Entering Conviction
Chapter 3: Green Slimes
Chapter 4: Green Slime and Mushroom Stew
Chapter 5: Looking for Jesse
Chapter 6: Fluorescent Slime
Chapter 7: Fluorescent Ring
Chapter 8: Danger Around Every Corner
Chapter 9: Plentiful Rewards
Chapter 10: Lunch Time
Chapter 11: Mayor Mar
Chapter 12: The Elegant Arrow
Chapter 13: The Resentful Rose
Chapter 14: Red Furred Flaming Dog
Chapter 15: Temporary Truce
Chapter 16: Group Dinner
Chapter 17: To The Peak
Chapter 18: Hemlock Longbow
Chapter 19: Straight Thrust
Chapter 20: A Bat in a Lava Cave
Chapter 21: Sai’s Fang
Chapter 22: Volcano Hot Spring
Chapter 23: Crystal Slime
Chapter 24: Fluorescent Crystal ring
Chapter 25: Lava Lamia
Chapter 26: An Awkward Scene
Chapter 27: Bachiya’s Blessing
Chapter 28: Welcoming the Sun
Chapter 29: The Disappointed Flasher Uncle
Chapter 30: Wu Na Meets Danger
Chapter 31: Shocking Instant Kill
Chapter 32: Dragon and Snakes Intermingle
Chapter 33: Wu Na Moving In
Chapter 34: New Teammate - Lil’Dino Joins
Chapter 35: Bitter Fight Against Fishmen
Chapter 36: Whirlwind Strike
Chapter 37: Minor Healing Stream
Chapter 38: Double Strike
Chapter 39: Lin Le’s Might
Chapter 40: Lil’Dino is Touched
Chapter 41: Blue Scaled Fishman Cave
Chapter 42: Perverted Lowlife
Chapter 43: Battle Against the Blue-Scaled Fishman Chief
Chapter 44: A Thrilling Shot
Chapter 45: Furious ThornyRose
Chapter 46: Ill Gotten Gains
Chapter 47: Mayor’s Reward
Chapter 48: Mar’s Stash
Chapter 49: Lil’Dino’s Inner Turmoil
Chapter 50: Alina’s Tears
Chapter 51: Innocent Lele
Chapter 52: Quick Wit
Chapter 53: Cabin Basement
Chapter 54: Such Good Teamwork
Chapter 55: Secret Stash
Chapter 56: Investigating Their Past
Chapter 57: Their First Meeting
Chapter 58: New Plan
Chapter 59: Blue Scaled Fishman Tribe
Chapter 60: Really New Village’s Diplomat Hero
Chapter 61: Vice-Director
Chapter 62: The Outcast Half-Elves
Chapter 63: Mystery Boxes
Chapter 64: Monstrous Bird Boss
Chapter 65: Murder for Money
Chapter 66: The Legend
Chapter 67: Adventurer’s Tavern
Chapter 68: New Assistants
Chapter 69: Li LiJia’s Shock
Chapter 70: Sisters
Chapter 71: Artificial Experiment
Chapter 72: Ye Tian
Chapter 73: Happiness
Chapter 74: A Bit of the Past
Chapter 75: Fishing Master Pastor
Chapter 76: ThornyRose’s Amazement
Chapter 77: Dream Fishing
Chapter 78: Roast Fish Feast
Chapter 79: Guarding Pastor
Chapter 80: Overlord of Water
Chapter 81: Class Equipment
Chapter 82: Level Rankings Opened
Chapter 83: Lil’Dino’s Tears
Chapter 84: Assembling Again
Chapter 85: Emergency at the Mines - Smithing
Chapter 86: Invitations and More Invitations
Chapter 87: Ye Tian Goes to School and More Invitations
Chapter 88: Man Eating Cave Rats
Chapter 89: Doubt
Chapter 90: Upgraded Cooking
Chapter 91: Treasurer Little Tian
Chapter 92: Rock Lizard
Chapter 93: Indecent
Chapter 94: Hidden Cooking Effect
Chapter 95: Double Boss
Chapter 96: NalanMoon’s Puzzlement
Chapter 97: Rapid Combo and Barbaric Charge
Chapter 98: Fierce Battle Against the Lizard Couple
Chapter 99: Skillbook - Rock Spikes
Chapter 100: Ordering the Guards
Chapter 101: Hunter Yak
Chapter 102: Taming the Beasts
Chapter 103: Mithril Rapier
Chapter 104: Rich Man’s Shield
Chapter 105: Eye of the Fluorescent Slime
Chapter 106: Disagreement
Chapter 107: Short Battle
Chapter 108: Wandering the Campus
Chapter 109: Exchange Meeting Begins
Chapter 110: Cheat level Weapon
Chapter 111: Recalling an Old Friend
Chapter 112: Teaching By the Lake
Chapter 113: The Withered Forest
Chapter 114: Corrupted Locust Treant
Chapter 115: Ye Cang Selling Books
Chapter 116: Joint Business
Chapter 117: Flood of Super Rare Skills
Chapter 118: Corrupted Jungle
Chapter 119: Strengthened Corrupted Trees
Chapter 120: Locust Tree Elder - Kunsa
Chapter 121: Time Limited Quest
Chapter 122: Fight To the End
Chapter 123: Corruption
Chapter 124: Trust and Misfortune
Chapter 125: Hunting in the Jungle
Chapter 126: Crystal Embedding Business
Chapter 127: Back to Bachiya
Chapter 128: Kakalika
Chapter 129: Appearing like a God and Vanishing like a Devil
Chapter 130: The Rare Flame Burst
Chapter 131: Blessing Business
Chapter 132: Slime Ring Upgrades Again
Chapter 133: Followers
Chapter 134: Return to the Jungle Instance
Chapter 135: The Struggle for the Accessory
Chapter 136: Hallucinatory Pollen
Chapter 137: Real or Fake
Chapter 138: Dispel the Illusion
Chapter 139: Kunsa’s Support
Chapter 140: Flower Fairy’s Death
Chapter 141: Zero Luck
Chapter 142: Fine Iron-Fir Heavy Crossbow
Chapter 143: Graveyard
Chapter 144: Seaside Vacation
Chapter 145: Stars by the Beach
Chapter 146: Braveman and Seaside Cottage
Chapter 147: The New Sisters
Chapter 148: Gathering at the Cemetery
Chapter 149: Warcry
Chapter 150: SpyingBlade’s Fury
Chapter 151: Battle Royal
Chapter 152: Bone Hand
Chapter 153: Skeleton, Zombie, Rat, and Treant Soup
Chapter 154: CloudDragon’s Surprise
Chapter 155: Optimal Eating Method
Chapter 156: Exposed
Chapter 157: Special Wine
Chapter 158: Berserk Recovery
Chapter 159: Battle in the Funeral Hall
Chapter 160: Battle in the Funeral Hall Heats Up
Chapter 161: Sayle
Chapter 162: Mourning Hall Finale
Chapter 163: Really New Village’s Three Brothers
Chapter 164: 4 Piece Set Effect
Chapter 165: Resurrection
Chapter 166: Sewers
Chapter 167: Ains Mar
Chapter 168: Lin Le’s Comprehension
Chapter 169: Fusion
Chapter 170: A Matter of Life or Death
Chapter 171: Curiosity Sent Them Fleeing
Chapter 172: Bone Mask
Chapter 173: Rights of Attribution
Chapter 174: ThornyRose’s Invitation
Chapter 175: Pair of Heroes