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Venerated Venomous Consort

Author:Mu Danfeng

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Updates:Chapter 648: Di Fuyi Refused To Obey

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need. How does she intend to adapt and survive in such a foreign and hostile world? Follow Gu Xijiu on her journey to discover her one true love! 毒妃在上
《Venerated Venomous Consort》 Text
Chapter 1: Being carried
Chapter 2: Aren’t you afraid of me?
Chapter 3: The tragic life of the body's master!
Chapter 4: Underestimation
Chapter 5: Naked, She Escaped!
Chapter 6: Naked, She Escaped Once More!
Chapter 7: Left With His Dignity
Chapter 8: Stealing from the Thieves
Chapter 9: Against the Norms
Chapter 10: The Bad Kid
Chapter 11: Kill The Child
Chapter 12: Was It A Real Kid?
Chapter 13: Call It A Day
Chapter 14: Drama Started
Chapter 15: It Was Ridiculous
Chapter 16: Finally Personally Experienced It
Chapter 17: Any Other Issue?
Chapter 18: The Woman With Strong Character
Chapter 19: The Words Of A Daughter Are Less Trustworthy Than A Stranger's?
Chapter 20: Acting Innocent?
Chapter 21: He Has Fallen for the Girl, It Seems!
Chapter 22: I'd Like A Tight One
Chapter 23: What's There To Be Worried About?
Chapter 24: Zero Sense of Justice
Chapter 25: Reborn
Chapter 26: That Must be Fake!
Chapter 27: Pitiness of Ms. Gu
Chapter 28: Waiting for the Chance
Chapter 29: There’s No Way!
Chapter 30: Freedom
Chapter 31: Since When Has the Little Lord Caused Trouble?
Chapter 32: What’s Happening?!
Chapter 33: Just to Wander Around
Chapter 34: Temptation
Chapter 35: He Actually Got Rejected!
Chapter 36: The Eight Prince Misremembered?
Chapter 37: She Would Not Want To Be A Scapegoat!
Chapter 38: You Are Finally Out Here
Chapter 39: One Of The King’s Arms
Chapter 40: Feeling Like A Poor Person
Chapter 41: A Rival Show With The Fourth Prince
Chapter 42: It is Totally A Counter!
Chapter 43: Are You Certain Of Not Having It Today No Matter What?
Chapter 44: Name A Price
Chapter 45: You Must Sell It Off
Chapter 46: Trouble Maker
Chapter 47: It Was Bad to Be Pretentious
Chapter 48: It Was a Strange Day
Chapter 49: The Young Man Who Had Seen This Item Before
Chapter 50: It Was Too Expensive!
Chapter 51: See You at Your Study Room
Chapter 52: Sudden Disappearance?
Chapter 53: Catching Her in His Next Life!
Chapter 54: We Are Here To Visit You…
Chapter 55: Please Expel Anyone Who Breaks Into My Space
Chapter 56: Unless You Want To Be A Mistress
Chapter 57: One More Time
Chapter 58: You Were Not The Murderer
Chapter 59: Are You Hesitating To Dump Her?
Chapter 60: Blinded But Ahead Without Being Aware That Danger Lurks From Behind
Chapter 61: Look Forward To Finding Your Son's Murderer
Chapter 62: Who Was That Man?
Chapter 63: Who Was That!?
Chapter 64: Fancy Kung Fu
Chapter 65: Did You Arrange This?
Chapter 66: This Is Really Too Much!
Chapter 67: Don’t Punish Our Master, Please?
Chapter 68: Killing With Excuses!
Chapter 69: Well Done!
Chapter 70: More Than One Woman
Chapter 71: Luckily, She Had A Son!
Chapter 72: You Can Never See Her Again...
Chapter 73: Right There...
Chapter 74: It Got Irritated
Chapter 75: Is She Going To Cook Him?
Chapter 76: The Crown Prince Was Being Ridiculed (I)!
Chapter 77: The Crown Prince Was Being Ridiculed (II)!
Chapter 78: The Crown Prince Was Still Half-Naked!
Chapter 79: I Don’t Accept Any Other Types of Thanksgiving
Chapter 80: He Did Not Even Know His Name!
Chapter 81: Facing Each Other Through the Steam…
Chapter 82: Just Passing By…
Chapter 83: You Saw Me Naked…
Chapter 84: I'm Ready to Die to Preserve My Chastity
Chapter 85: You Are Fierce!
Chapter 86: Aren’t You Afraid That I Would Kill You?
Chapter 87: I Will Forget Everything After I Awaken
Chapter 88: This Gets More Interesting…
Chapter 89: Woman, Are You Trying To Get Away From Me Again!?
Chapter 90: Let’s Talk Nicely About Life!
Chapter 91: My Space Can Still Grow Bigger
Chapter 92: Why Are You Here? Are You Practicing?
Chapter 93: Its Owner Was Simply Amazing!
Chapter 94: A Gay Couple
Chapter 95: The Fastest Way To Make Money
Chapter 96: As If Welcoming The Person Closest To Her
Chapter 97: Ugly People Like Acting
Chapter 98: You Have To Be Careful
Chapter 99: I Did Not Mean It…
Chapter 100: This Is The Present That You Prepared For Xijiu?
Chapter 101: Treated Like A Beggar
Chapter 102: No One Else Deserves It
Chapter 103: Does The Crown Prince Wish To Find A Wife?
Chapter 104: What Was Going On?
Chapter 105: He Was Looking At You Again…
Chapter 106: The Gentle Crown Prince
Chapter 107: Infighting
Chapter 108: Are You Really Giving The Jade To Me?
Chapter 109: How Could I? You Have Overthought!
Chapter 110: Getting Cheekier!
Chapter 111: Arrival of the Enemy
Chapter 112: I’ll Teach You a Lesson!
Chapter 113: Is She Challenging Him?!
Chapter 114: Do You Intend to Give Up?
Chapter 115: Who Do You Have In Mind Then?
Chapter 116: That Girl Before Them Was Nowhere As Meek?!
Chapter 117: Was He Worried About His Fiancé?
Chapter 118: Beautiful to the Extent Of Being Forlorn
Chapter 119: It’s Alright to Not Bet on It...
Chapter 120: I Would Receive Punishment on Behalf of My Daughter
Chapter 121: Would be Hopeless Forever!
Chapter 122: A Tit for a Tat
Chapter 123: Doubts that You Could be a Phony
Chapter 124: Should Have it Since Birth
Chapter 125: This Ugly and Useless Girl Possesses Medical Skills?
Chapter 126: People Enjoy Watching a Useless Person Starting Over with a High Chance!
Chapter 127: Will Simply Keep a High-Profile to the End
Chapter 128: I Can Only Save One
Chapter 129: You Can Just Go and Hug Him
Chapter 130: He Didn't Ask Anything At All!
Chapter 131: Creating a Miracle
Chapter 132: An Unalloyed Victory for Miss Gu!
Chapter 133: Fortunately, She Won!
Chapter 134: Marriage as a Wife, Eloping as a Concubine
Chapter 135: Secret Affair Revealed
Chapter 136: It Was Possible…
Chapter 137: They Were Trying to Mask Their Guilt
Chapter 138: A Desperate Rabbit Would Kill People
Chapter 139: Something Was Wrong With Gu Xijiu!
Chapter 140: He Was Going to Test the Ugly Girl!
Chapter 141: I Never Know The Feeling Of Fear
Chapter 142: How Could It Be?
Chapter 143: Her World Had Collapsed Completely!
Chapter 144: What A Tragic Ending!
Chapter 145: Long Siye Was The One Who Came
Chapter 146: Unpredictable
Chapter 147: Are You a Stone With Hair?
Chapter 148: Who Would Be Silly Enough To Do That?
Chapter 149: The Man Was Still There
Chapter 150: It Was The Aura Of Long Siye!
Chapter 151: Chasing The Bird
Chapter 152: Someone Is Following You
Chapter 153: She Is Not The Murderer!
Chapter 154: Trying To Trick You
Chapter 155: I Can.
Chapter 156: She Is A Smart Person!
Chapter 157: How Could A Child Be So Daring?
Chapter 158: Have A Look At Custodian Huo
Chapter 159: Custodian Huo Hasn’t Bathed For Half A Month?
Chapter 160: Part Of The Royal Family!?
Chapter 161: What An Exaggerated Lie!
Chapter 162: We Will See How She Responds
Chapter 163: Arrival Of Long Siye
Chapter 164: I’m Not Here For Her
Chapter 165: I’ll Check Her Pulse
Chapter 166: Are You Unwilling To Have Me As Your Master?
Chapter 167: Celestial Master Zuo Finally Arrived!
Chapter 168: At Least A Pair Of Twins!
Chapter 169: What An Ugly Little Girl!
Chapter 170: Why Must You Kill All
Chapter 171: Otherwise, She Would Have Escaped!
Chapter 172: Gu Xijiu Had Frequently Been Upstaged Recently
Chapter 173: Started Facing Her Gloomy Life
Chapter 174: This Man Is a Pervert
Chapter 175: Was This Celestial Master Uncivilized?
Chapter 176: They Did Not Look The Same At All!
Chapter 177: The Little Girl Was Indeed Cunning!
Chapter 178: Are All Of You Not Eating Well Today?
Chapter 179: I’ve Hugged You As A Pillar
Chapter 180: Little Xijiu, You Better Help Yourself
Chapter 181: Did He Just Run Away?
Chapter 182: The Mean Emperor
Chapter 183: Master, Where Do We Go Next?
Chapter 184: He Actually Found Her!
Chapter 185: She Was As Cunning As A Fox
Chapter 186: I'll Photograph It
Chapter 187: Baby, You Are Such A Good Learner
Chapter 188: Baby, You Have Scared My Fish Away
Chapter 189: You Are Quite Good At Acting Too
Chapter 190: He Deliberately Wanted To Get Her Into Trouble?
Chapter 191: Do You Think It Is So Dumb?
Chapter 192: It Was Silly At That Time
Chapter 193: This Little Girl Does Not Know What Is Good For Her
Chapter 194: You're So Smart!
Chapter 195: Sweetheart, You’ve Got Guts
Chapter 196: Celestial Master Zuo Was Poisoned!
Chapter 197: The Girl Was Just Bluffing
Chapter 198: They Wished to Watch the Show Again!
Chapter 199: She Did Not Always Play The Zither
Chapter 200: The Man Behind
Chapter 201: Finding Out the Master Behind It
Chapter 202: The Boss Was Looking For Her
Chapter 203: Xijiu! Are You Trying To Avoid Me?
Chapter 204: He Is Digging a Grave for Himself...
Chapter 205: Celestial Master Zuo!
Chapter 206: Caught You!
Chapter 207: Her Entire Body Was Stiff!
Chapter 208: I Don’t Feel Hot! I’m Not Taking Off My Clothes!
Chapter 209: How Much Can My Ego Cost? Life Is More Precious!
Chapter 210: I’ll Just Assume That I Was Hugging an Ice Bar!
Chapter 211: It Was Still a Waste!
Chapter 212: The Celestial Master Was Indeed Gay!
Chapter 213: Seemed to Be Sneering at Something
Chapter 214: The Old Nest of that Pervert, Celestial Master Zuo?!
Chapter 215: She Could Only Wait to Die!
Chapter 216: That Illusion Weed Was Nonsense
Chapter 217: The Drawings Were the Different Characteristics of the Jade Statue!
Chapter 218: The Living One
Chapter 219: Anyone Came In and Out from Here
Chapter 220: Must You Go Out Late at Night?
Chapter 221: That Cunning Brat
Chapter 222: Unexpectedly, It Was He Who Found Her!
Chapter 223: Not Even a Single Response
Chapter 224: He Actually Carried Back a Youth!
Chapter 225: Forcing Fruits to Ripen is Indeed Not Sweet…
Chapter 226: Why Didn't You Continue Muddling Through?
Chapter 227: He Was Waiting For Her Compliment
Chapter 228: This Was A Good Trick To Slander Him
Chapter 229: We'll Talk About It Later If You Can Defeat Me
Chapter 230: He Was Publicly Asking For A Bribe!
Chapter 231: Drink With Us
Chapter 232: I Have One More Condition
Chapter 233: This Must Be Jealousy!
Chapter 234: He Was Completely Ignored
Chapter 235: How Could He Be Mistaken?
Chapter 236: What Was This?!
Chapter 237: I Painted A Portrait Of You And Me
Chapter 238: He Did Not Actually Wish To Take Her Away
Chapter 239: The One That He Wanted To Resurrect Must Be Ye Hongfeng
Chapter 240: She Hated To Be Deluded Emotionally
Chapter 241: No One Would Believe That He Was Good To Her
Chapter 242: Hmm..., I’m Going Back On My Words!
Chapter 243: Was It Because Of Long Siye?
Chapter 244: Many First Times
Chapter 245: As Long As You’re Happy, Sweetheart.
Chapter 246: He Triggered Her Ego!
Chapter 247: You’ll Die If You Drink That Much
Chapter 248: I Guess You Rarely Get Drunk...
Chapter 249: He Felt It Was An Unfair Accusation!
Chapter 250: If She Felt Pain, Then He Ought To Be In Severe Pain.
Chapter 251: My Chest Is Bigger Than Your Boobs
Chapter 252: Never Been So Drunk!
Chapter 253: Subconscious Tension
Chapter 254: I've Learned My Lesson
Chapter 255: He Did Not Trust Her
Chapter 256: Either She Died, Or It Died!
Chapter 257: Had Been Thoroughly Exposed!
Chapter 258: You Can Do It, Just Continue!
Chapter 259: It Was Truly Her First Kiss!
Chapter 260: What A Strong Taste Of Vinegar!
Chapter 261: A Man Who Could Be This Beautiful Must Be A Monster Indeed!
Chapter 262: Do You Seriously Want to Kill Me?
Chapter 263: He Held You
Chapter 264: Do You Want To Die?
Chapter 265: Losing His Life Was Much Better Then!
Chapter 266: It’s Up To You If You Want To Have It! There’s No Special One!
Chapter 267: Simply Talk Again And I’ll Abrogate You
Chapter 268: How Do You Want To Thank Me?
Chapter 269: Who Would He be Afraid of? Who Was He Escaping From?
Chapter 270: What Had Happened to This Kid Actually?
Chapter 271: Was It True?
Chapter 272: Was the Crisis Solved?
Chapter 273: My Knife Does Not Recognize You
Chapter 274: He Was Such An Evil Person
Chapter 275: Are You Hurt When You Listened To All These Words?
Chapter 276: I Do Not Regret!
Chapter 277: Test
Chapter 278: Was She That Woman?
Chapter 279: It Is So Obvious
Chapter 280: There Is Nothing I Can’t Let Go Of
Chapter 281: Special Admiration
Chapter 282: Was He Taking the Opportunity to Seek Revenge?
Chapter 283: She Had Become the Victim
Chapter 284: She Even Dared to Look Up
Chapter 285: What Do Both of You Think?
Chapter 286: A Spree
Chapter 287: Was It Because of Long Siye?
Chapter 288: There Was No Need to Prove from the Lord
Chapter 289: She Secretly Tightened Her Fingers in Her Sleeve
Chapter 290: Family Affairs? State Affairs?
Chapter 291: Someone Had Used Him!
Chapter 292: Why Are You Screaming?
Chapter 293: Reunions are Always a Story to be Told
Chapter 294: Things Have Changed
Chapter 295: Why Don't You Come to See Me?
Chapter 296: I’m Not Eager To Be Your Official Wife!
Chapter 297: Going with Excitement, Returning with Depression
Chapter 298: As Though She Was Looking At Trash
Chapter 299: Two Options
Chapter 300: Don’t Mess Up Her Route to Reincarnation
Chapter 301: Cared for Her More Than a Princess
Chapter 302: Nobody Knew What He was Thinking About
Chapter 303: Was She Not Afraid of the Embarrassment for Wearing Such Thin Garments?
Chapter 304: Or Did He Stumble upon Something?
Chapter 305: What? The Jade Statue Was Alive!
Chapter 306: How Were You Misled?
Chapter 307: What Was the Thing That Was Being Guarded?
Chapter 308: Knew the Truth from Applying
Chapter 309: Found Treasure
Chapter 310: How Could the Person I Choose Be Poor?
Chapter 311: The Ugly Duckling Became A Beautiful Swan
Chapter 312: Adventure At Ice Land
Chapter 313: It Seemed That It Got Itself The Right Master
Chapter 314: Damn, Woman! Can’t Even Listen To A Man Telling The Truth!
Chapter 315: Change Inside Out
Chapter 316: Do You Have The Ability To Clear The Field?
Chapter 317: Revenge
Chapter 318: I Will Not Sacrifice My Companion
Chapter 319: It Is Unavoidable To Be Lucky
Chapter 320: Useless Teammate
Chapter 321: Showcase
Chapter 322: Real Men Keep Their Word
Chapter 323: Chong Sheng
Chapter 324: Competition
Chapter 325: Competition 2
Chapter 326: Competition 3
Chapter 327: Competition 4
Chapter 328: Master, You Are Tricky
Chapter 329: Upon Hearing The First News
Chapter 330: I Have A Feeling That He Is Coming To See You
Chapter 331: I Still Think That The Engagement Is Real
Chapter 332: Celestial Master Zuo Had Finally Come Back!
Chapter 333: It Was Too Stunning That I Forgot
Chapter 334: What Triggered You?
Chapter 335: How Could She Be So Dumb Now?
Chapter 336: Can Never Change It!
Chapter 337: Gu Xijiu Intended To Kill Him
Chapter 338: There Would Be No Heir For Gu Family If I Die
Chapter 339: You Really Want To Kill Your Brother?
Chapter 340: Parents Are Always Right
Chapter 341: Everything Went Wrong Just After A Minor Mistakes
Chapter 342: The Crown Prince Was Really A Helpful Person!
Chapter 343: She Has Now Set A Strong Barrier To Men
Chapter 344: About His Rumors
Chapter 345: It’s Not Necessary To Be Calculative With Them
Chapter 346: This Deal Was Not a Good Deal!
Chapter 347: Dinner Crisis
Chapter 348: What Goes Around Comes Around
Chapter 349: It’s Indeed a Good Opportunity to Show Off
Chapter 350: She Had Neither Appearance Nor Virtue But Talent
Chapter 351: Just Let Miss Xijiu Sit By My Side
Chapter 352: Do Whatever She Could to Prevent It from Happening
Chapter 353: Why She Got All the Advantages?
Chapter 354: It Was Alright to Start Low but the Key Was to Improve Fast!
Chapter 355: Could She Choose Not to Accept His Compensation?!
Chapter 356: Celestial Master Zuo Seemed to be More ostentatious
Chapter 357: Whoever Marries Him in the Future Will Be Stressed Indeed
Chapter 358: Admiring One and Fancying Another
Chapter 359: You’re the Main Character Today
Chapter 360: That Brat Got Her Successfully
Chapter 361: This Guy Was So Stubborn!
Chapter 362: Would His Fiancé-to-Be Feel Jealous?
Chapter 363: He Deliberately Used Her To Irk Another?
Chapter 364: You Are Not a Drunkard, Why Would You Want to Drink So Much?
Chapter 365: Finally the Crown Prince Was in Love!
Chapter 366: How Many Girls Does He Call Sweetheart?
Chapter 367: She Really Made a Pledge to Marry the Crown Prince
Chapter 368: Are You All Surprised?
Chapter 369: You Are Going to be His Fiancé
Chapter 370: I Am Your Fiancé
Chapter 371: You Want to Use Me as Your Cover-Up
Chapter 372: Would You Bother Me?
Chapter 373: It Has Nothing To Do With Him
Chapter 374: Lifting Her Up 1
Chapter 375: Lifting Her Up 2
Chapter 376: Lifting Her Up 3
Chapter 377: Lifting Her Up 4
Chapter 378: Negotiations to Call Off the Engagement
Chapter 379: Negotiation To Call Off The Engagement 2
Chapter 380: Negotiation to Call Off the Engagement 3
Chapter 381: Negotiation to Call Off the Engagement 4
Chapter 382: Midnight Visit
Chapter 383: Midnight Visit 2
Chapter 384: Midnight Visit 3
Chapter 385: Midnight Visit 4
Chapter 386: She Left Without Saying Goodbye 1
Chapter 387: She Left Without Saying Goodbye 2
Chapter 388: She Left Without Saying Goodbye 3
Chapter 389: She Left Without Saying Goodbye 4
Chapter 390: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize One's Own’s Weakness
Chapter 391: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize One's Own Weakness 2
Chapter 392: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize One's Own's Weakness 3
Chapter 393: Imitating Another Only to Emphasize One's Own Weakness 4
Chapter 394: Honey, So You Are Actually Like This
Chapter 395: Honey, So You Actually Like This 2
Chapter 396: Honey, So You Actually Like This 3
Chapter 397: Honey, So You Actually Like This 4
Chapter 398: What a Dummy!
Chapter 399: What a Dummy (Part 2)!
Chapter 400: What a Dummy (Part 3)!
Chapter 401: What a Dummy (Part 4)!
Chapter 402: My Technique Is Very Good…
Chapter 403: My Technique Is Very Good…Part 2
Chapter 404: My Technique Is Very Good… Part 3
Chapter 405: My Technique Is Very Good… Part 4
Chapter 406: Big Burden
Chapter 407: Big Burden 2
Chapter 408: Big Burden 3
Chapter 409: Big Burden 4
Chapter 410: Live Or Die Together
Chapter 411: Live Or Die Together 2
Chapter 412: Live Or Die Together 3
Chapter 413: Live or Die Together 4
Chapter 414: Will You Leave Me Alone
Chapter 415: Will You Leave Me Alone 2
Chapter 416: Will You Leave Me Alone 3
Chapter 417: Will You Leave Me Alone 4
Chapter 418: The Devil Within
Chapter 419: The Devil Within 2
Chapter 420: The Devil Within 3
Chapter 421: The Devil Within 4
Chapter 422: Under Control
Chapter 423: Under Control 2
Chapter 424: Under Control 3
Chapter 425: Under Control 4
Chapter 426: This Little Girl Is A Unique One
Chapter 427: This Little Girl Is A Unique One 2
Chapter 428: This Little Girl Is A Unique One 3
Chapter 429: This Little Girl Is A Unique One 4
Chapter 430: Doubt
Chapter 431: Doubt 2
Chapter 432: Doubt 3
Chapter 433: Doubt 4
Chapter 434: Warning From Di Fuyi
Chapter 435: Warning From Di Fuyi 2
Chapter 436: Warning From Di Fuyi 3
Chapter 437: Warning From Di Fuyi 4
Chapter 438: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More
Chapter 439: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 2
Chapter 440: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 3
Chapter 441: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 4
Chapter 442: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 5
Chapter 443: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 6
Chapter 444: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 7
Chapter 445: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 8
Chapter 446: Everything Was Transient
Chapter 447: Everything Was Transient 2
Chapter 448: Everything Was Transient 3
Chapter 449: Everything Was Transient 4
Chapter 450: Everything Was Transient 5
Chapter 451: Everything Was Transient 6
Chapter 452: Everything Was Transient 7
Chapter 453: Everything Was Transient 8
Chapter 454: Everything Was Transient 9
Chapter 455: Everything Was Transient 10
Chapter 456: Through Thick And Thin
Chapter 457: Through Thick And Thin 2
Chapter 458: Through Thick And Thin 3
Chapter 459: Through Thick And Thin 4
Chapter 460: Through Thick And Thin 5
Chapter 461: Through Thick And Thin 6
Chapter 462: Through Thick And Thin 7
Chapter 463: Through Thick And Thin 8
Chapter 464: Gu Xijiu’s Qualification
Chapter 465: Gu Xijiu’s Qualification 2
Chapter 466: Gu Xijiu’s Qualification 3
Chapter 467: Gu Xijiu’s Qualification 4
Chapter 468: Personal Verification
Chapter 469: Personal Verification 2
Chapter 470: Personal Verification 3
Chapter 471: Personal Verification 4
Chapter 472: Personal Verification 5
Chapter 473: Reunion At the Hot Springs
Chapter 474: Reunion At the Hot Springs 2
Chapter 475: Reunion At The Hot Springs 3
Chapter 476: Reunion At The Hot Spring 4
Chapter 477: Reunion At The Hot Spring 5
Chapter 478: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day?
Chapter 479: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 2
Chapter 480: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 3
Chapter 481: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 4
Chapter 482: She Got Better In Enraging Others
Chapter 483: She Got Better in Enraging Others 2
Chapter 484: I’ll Make Sure That They Regret Treating Me Badly!
Chapter 485: I’ll Make Sure That They Regret Treating Me Badly! 2
Chapter 486: I’ll Make Sure That They Regret Treating Me Badly! 3
Chapter 487: I’ll Make Sure That They Regret Treating Me Badly! 4
Chapter 488: I’ll Make Sure That They Regret Treating Me Badly! 5
Chapter 489: Pride and Bias
Chapter 490: Pride and Bias 2
Chapter 491: Pride and Bias 3
Chapter 492: Pride and Bias 4
Chapter 493: Pride and Bias 5
Chapter 494: Pride and Bias 6
Chapter 495: Pride and Bias 7
Chapter 496: Met An Old Friend
Chapter 497: Met An Old Friend 2
Chapter 498: Met An Old Friend 3
Chapter 499: Met An Old Friend 4
Chapter 500: Met An Old Friend 5
Chapter 501: Trap
Chapter 502: Trap 2
Chapter 503: The Lord
Chapter 504: The Lord 2
Chapter 505: The Lord 3
Chapter 506: The Lord 4
Chapter 507: The Lord 5
Chapter 508: The Lord 6
Chapter 509: The Lord 7
Chapter 510: I Trust Her
Chapter 511: I Trust Her 2
Chapter 512: I Trust Her 3
Chapter 513: I Trust Her 4
Chapter 514: I Trust Her 5
Chapter 515: I Trust Her 6
Chapter 516: I Trust Her 7
Chapter 517: Self-Embarrassed
Chapter 518: Self-Embarrassed 2
Chapter 519: Self-Embarrassed 3
Chapter 520: Self-Embarrassed 4
Chapter 521: Self-Embarrassed 5
Chapter 522: Self-Embarrassed 6
Chapter 523: Self-Embarrassed 7
Chapter 524: The Lord’s Objective
Chapter 525: The Lord’s Objective 2
Chapter 526: The Lord’s Objective 3
Chapter 527: The Lord’s Objective 4
Chapter 528: The Lord’s Objective 5
Chapter 529: The Lord’s Objective 6
Chapter 530: The Lord’s Objective 7
Chapter 531: The Lord’s Grace
Chapter 532: The Lord’s Grace 2
Chapter 533: The Lord’s Grace 3
Chapter 534: The Lord’s Grace 4
Chapter 535: The Lord’s Grace 5
Chapter 536: The Lord’s Grace 6
Chapter 537: The Lord’s Grace 7
Chapter 538: The Lord’s Grace 8
Chapter 539: Invasion
Chapter 540: Invasion 2
Chapter 541: Invasion 3
Chapter 542: Invasion 4
Chapter 543: Invasion 5
Chapter 544: Invasion 6
Chapter 545: Invasion 7
Chapter 546: Invasion 8
Chapter 547: The Culprit Appeared
Chapter 548: The Culprit Behind The Scene
Chapter 549: The Culprit Behind The Scene 2
Chapter 550: I Am Not Afraid Because You Are Here
Chapter 551: I Am Not Afraid Because You Are Here 2
Chapter 552: I Am Not Afraid Because You Are Here 3
Chapter 553: I Am Not Afraid Because You Are Here 4
Chapter 554: The Lord Was Getting More Mischievous
Chapter 555: The Lord Was Getting More Mischievous 2
Chapter 556: The Lord Was Getting More Mischievous 3
Chapter 557: Gu Xijiu, Are You Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 558: Gu Xijiu, Are You Afraid Of Me 2
Chapter 559: The Lord Supported Her
Chapter 560: The Lord Supported Her 2
Chapter 561: The Lord Supported Her 3
Chapter 562: The Lord Supported Her 4
Chapter 563: The Lord Supported Her 5
Chapter 564: The Lord Supported Her 6
Chapter 565: The Lord Supported Her 7
Chapter 566: The Lord Supported Her 8
Chapter 567: Gold Would Always Shimmer
Chapter 568: Gold Would Always Shimmer 2
Chapter 569: She Is A Phoenix 1
Chapter 570: She Is A Phoenix 2
Chapter 571: She Is A Phoenix 3
Chapter 572: She Is A Phoenix 4
Chapter 573: She Is A Phoenix 5
Chapter 574: She Is A Phoenix 6
Chapter 575: Get The Lord Defamed
Chapter 576: Get The Lord Defamed 2
Chapter 577: Get The Lord Defamed 3
Chapter 578: Get The Lord Defamed 4
Chapter 579: Get The Lord Defamed 5
Chapter 580: Get The Lord Defamed 6
Chapter 581: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins
Chapter 582: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 2
Chapter 583: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 3
Chapter 584: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 4
Chapter 585: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 5
Chapter 586: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 6
Chapter 587: The Scene Was Worth The Watch
Chapter 588: Pay To Embarrass
Chapter 589: Pay To Embarrass 2
Chapter 590: Pay To Embarrass 3
Chapter 591: Pay To Embarrass 4
Chapter 592: When Extreme Joy Turns To Sorrow
Chapter 593: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder
Chapter 594: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 2
Chapter 595: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 3
Chapter 596: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 4
Chapter 597: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 5
Chapter 598: How Could The Lord Be Celestial Master Zuo?
Chapter 599: How Could The Lord Be Celestial Master Zuo 2
Chapter 600: How Could The Lord Be Celestial Master Zuo 3
Chapter 601: Interrogation
Chapter 602: Watch His Opera
Chapter 603: Watch His Opera 2
Chapter 604: Watch His Opera 3
Chapter 605: Watch His Opera 4
Chapter 606: Messenger Chenge Was Kicked In
Chapter 607: The Messenger Chenge Was Kicked In 2
Chapter 608: Messenger Chenge Was Kicked In 3
Chapter 609: Cooperated With The Lord
Chapter 610: Cooperated With The Lord 2
Chapter 611: Cooperated With The Lord 3
Chapter 612: Cooperated With The Lord 4
Chapter 613: Cooperated With The Lord 5
Chapter 614: Cooperated With The Lord 6
Chapter 615: The Lord Teased Her?
Chapter 616: The Lord Teased Her 2?
Chapter 617: The Lord Teased Her 3?
Chapter 618: You Seem Energetic
Chapter 619: Not Losing A Bargain
Chapter 620: The Lord’s Suspicion
Chapter 621: The Lord’s Temperament
Chapter 622: She Might Be The Wife Of The Lord In Future
Chapter 623: Does Celestial Master Zuo Like You?
Chapter 624: Who Does Celestial Master Zuo Like
Chapter 625: Who Does Celestial Master Zuo Like
Chapter 626: She Didn't Even Ask Why...
Chapter 627: The Lord Was Still Very Calm
Chapter 628: I Am Happy, You Can Leave Now
Chapter 629: How Do You Want To Compensate? Is It Okay To Marry Me?
Chapter 630: She Was Busy, Very Busy
Chapter 631: You Have A Prejudice Against Her, A Very Deep Prejudice!
Chapter 632: Trained The Two Teammates
Chapter 633: She Often Made Other People Uncomfortable
Chapter 634: Gu Xijiu Still Ignored Him
Chapter 635: Complicated Feeling
Chapter 636: A Cool Elegant Young Man Almost Acted Rudely
Chapter 637: It Seemed Like She Had Spent Too Much Of His Money
Chapter 638: The Richest Person In Tianju Hall
Chapter 639: You Cannot Scold Everyone
Chapter 640: This Is Strange!
Chapter 641: Xijiu, I’m So Embarrassed...
Chapter 642: I’ll Cheer For You!
Chapter 643: All Because Of Gu Xijiu
Chapter 644: The Miracle She Made
Chapter 646: Great Victory 2
Chapter 647: Great Victory 3
Chapter 648: Di Fuyi Refused To Obey