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True Martial World

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Updates:Chapter 970: Nightmare-like Day

With the strongest experts from the 33 Skies, the Human Emperor, Lin Ming and his opponent, the Abyssal Demon King were embroiled in a final battle. It ended with the Human Emperor destroying the Abyssal World and killing the Abyssal Demon King. By then, a godly artifact, the mysterious purple card that had previously sealed the Abyssal Demon King, had long disappeared into the space-time vortex and tunneled through infinite space-time, with a loved one of Lin Ming accompanying it.

In the vast wilderness, where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy, several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts.

A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth had unwittingly stumbled into such a world and began that journey with a purple card of unknown origin.

It’s a magnificent yet unknown true martial art world. This is the story of a normal young adult turning into a legendary peerless expert.
《True Martial World》 Text
Chapter 1: Grave of Yi Yun
Chapter 2: Elder Sister
Chapter 3: If I were to become an expert
Chapter 4: Who said I didn’t have any males in my house
Chapter 5: Lian Chengyu
Chapter 6: Purple Blood Warrior
Chapter 7: Desolate Bones
Chapter 8: Killed Secretly
Chapter 9: Peculiar Body Transformation
Chapter 10: The Peculiar Body’s Sensation
Chapter 11: The Reason for the Change
Chapter 12: Do you know about the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom
Chapter 13: The Unexpected Outcome of picking Herbs
Chapter 14: Sucking it all dry
Chapter 15: Thunder Occurring in the Nine Clouds, Surprise Bow Drops Flock
Chapter 16: Leave some soup for Lian Chengyu
Chapter 17: Tendons like bowstrings
Chapter 18: If you cook any further, it will be overcooked
Chapter 19: Vigor
Chapter 20: Yi Yun’s suspicions
Chapter 21: Lian Chengyu exits Isolation
Chapter 22: Recruitment
Chapter 23: Yi Yun’s Elixir Refinement
Chapter 24: Frost Toxin
Chapter 25: Self-mutilating Cultivation
Chapter 26: Thunderous
Chapter 27: Sick
Chapter 28: Faking
Chapter 29: Opening up the Meridians
Chapter 30: Jin Long Wei*
Chapter 31: Preliminaries
Chapter 32: The weak are enslaved as slaves
Chapter 33: Eating a Large Pagoda Tree
Chapter 34: Jiang Xiaorou’s warning
Chapter 35: Cornerstone Skill of the Army
Chapter 36: Really have to eat the tree?
Chapter 37: Twelve Moves
Chapter 38: Charm
Chapter 39: A person’s most painful experience in life
Chapter 40: Each having a Scheme
Chapter 41: Wounded
Chapter 42: Jumping down the Chasm
Chapter 43: No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me
Chapter 44: Female Desolate Heaven Master
Chapter 45: Purple Clouds’ Birth
Chapter 46: Cleared Meridians, Dragon Pulse
Chapter 47: Scrounging a free meal
Chapter 48: As a glutton with principles, no compromises
Chapter 49: I want one item
Chapter 50: The fat elder’s vile interest
Chapter 51: Yi Yun vs Lin Xintong
Chapter 52: I lost
Chapter 53: Gift of a book
Chapter 54: Unwilling to stay Ordinary
Chapter 55: Su Jie
Chapter 56: Siege
Chapter 57: Lian Chengyu’s evil motives
Chapter 58: Returning Home
Chapter 59: Kindness
Chapter 60: Bliss
Chapter 61: I want to be a sage
Chapter 62: Scapegoat
Chapter 63: Qi Gatherer Realm
Chapter 64: Desolate Bones Refinement Completed
Chapter 65: Lian Chengyu is nervous
Chapter 66: For many generations, the wilderness will be unified
Chapter 67: Conceal the secret
Chapter 68: Behemoth Troop
Chapter 69: Diagram
Chapter 70: Prologue to the Selection
Chapter 71: Nine spots
Chapter 72: The pinnacle of Zhao Tiezhu’s life
Chapter 73: Yi Yun’s Appearance
Chapter 74: Brutally Attacking Zhao Tiezhu
Chapter 75: Dog’s Blood over Face
Chapter 76: The Desolate Bones are Poisonous!
Chapter 77: Yao Yuan’s Advice
Chapter 78: Pedestal
Chapter 79: Arrival of the Selection’s Ambassador
Chapter 80: Departure
Chapter 81: Third Young Master
Chapter 82: He Really Came
Chapter 83: Testing your Spirit!
Chapter 84: Absorbing energy again
Chapter 85: Noteworthy
Chapter 86: Moving towards the Horn
Chapter 87: Peak of the Qi Gatherer Realm
Chapter 88: Arrogant for once
Chapter 89: First in the Preliminary
Chapter 90: Jin Long Wei Elite
Chapter 91: Meeting Lin Xintong once more
Chapter 92: Another Sparring Match
Chapter 93: This feeling again?
Chapter 94: What do you want to do to me?
Chapter 95: Star-filled Sky
Chapter 96: The Semi-finals Begin
Chapter 97: The pinnacle of Lian Chengyu’s life
Chapter 98: Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven
Chapter 99: Yi Yun goes on stage
Chapter 100: Mysterious Feeling
Chapter 101: Purple Air Comes From The East (Part 1/2)
Chapter 102: Purple Air Comes From The East (Part 2/2)
Chapter 103: Old Man Su’s Guess
Chapter 104: You Are Out
Chapter 105: Evaluation Results
Chapter 106: Yi Yun’s rank
Chapter 107: Let’s test their actual combat ability
Chapter 108: Yet another slap on the face
Chapter 109: Blood Lineage
Chapter 110: The Selection’s final battle
Chapter 111: You owe me ten lives
Chapter 112: Ten crimes
Chapter 113: Brutally beating Lian Chengyu
Chapter 114: Evil brought on by himself is the hardest to bear
Chapter 115: Consecutive Victories
Chapter 116: Kingdom Knight
Chapter 117: Yi Yun VS Tao Yunxiao
Chapter 118: The insight gained from battle
Chapter 119: Small Success stage of Minute Subtlety
Chapter 120: Defeating Tao Yunxiao
Chapter 121: The Selection is Finalized
Chapter 122: Tao Yunxiao vomits blood too
Chapter 123: First in Mortal Blood
Chapter 124: Overshadowing Heroic Spirit
Chapter 125: Kingdom Knight Conferment
Chapter 126: With a beauty as companion
Chapter 127: Young Master Lian is back?
Chapter 128: Heaven has eyes
Chapter 129: Glorious Homecoming
Chapter 130: Settling scores
Chapter 131: This is Bliss
Chapter 132: Yi Yun distributes food
Chapter 133: You reap what you sow
Chapter 134: Letting you breakthrough to Purple Blood
Chapter 135: Battling Fierce Beasts
Chapter 136: Lin Xintong’s uncertainty
Chapter 137: If I were to become a Desolate Heaven Master
Chapter 138: Desolate Beast
Chapter 139: Purple Blood
Chapter 140: Flowing Mercury Gown
Chapter 141: Onward to the Central Plains
Chapter 142: Divine Capital
Chapter 143: Jin Long Camp
Chapter 144: Thunder Sky Drum
Chapter 145: Start the array
Chapter 146: Unwillingness and Persistence
Chapter 147: Youths have to be unrestrained
Chapter 148: Young master Zijun
Chapter 149: Half Foot Steps
Chapter 150: Yi Yun’s limit
Chapter 151: Changes into a dragon upon facing a storm
Chapter 152: The Heart for Martial Arts
Chapter 153: Yi Yun’s Weapon
Chapter 154: The Second Choice
Chapter 155: Soft Cloud Mountain Manor
Chapter 156: Divine Wilderness Campground
Chapter 157: Traveling to the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 158: Central Divine Tower
Chapter 159: Sage Avenue
Chapter 160: Thousand Army Saber’s First Battle
Chapter 161: Wilderness Divine Hall
Chapter 162: Heaven, Earth, Man Rolls of Honor
Chapter 163: Primordial Species Sculpture
Chapter 164: Sage’s Truth
Chapter 165: We are doing good
Chapter 166: Basic Training
Chapter 167: Frog-jumps
Chapter 168: School grounds
Chapter 169: Primal Arrow
Chapter 170: You must have been a sedan carrier in the past?
Chapter 171: What it means to be a sage
Chapter 172: Dragon Scale Runes
Chapter 173: Way to earn Runes
Chapter 174: Even picking herbs has a record?
Chapter 175: Luohuo Association
Chapter 176: Herb Picking Profession
Chapter 177: Meteorite Grass
Chapter 178: The one who wants to break the record
Chapter 179: Handing Herbs Over
Chapter 180: Dragon Rune Ranking
Chapter 181: Entering the Wilderness Divine Hall again
Chapter 182: Door Manning Elder
Chapter 183: Blood Yang Flower
Chapter 184: Mysterious Herb
Chapter 185: Falling off the cliff
Chapter 186: Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng
Chapter 187: Archery Skills
Chapter 188: The Final Preparations
Chapter 189: Lunar Yin Day
Chapter 190: Double arrays
Chapter 191: The arrow that shot through the night
Chapter 192: Primordial Herb in Hand!
Chapter 193: Absorbing the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng
Chapter 194: Blood Ball in the middle of the eyebrows
Chapter 195: Returning to the City
Chapter 196: Handing Over the Herbs
Chapter 197: Yi Yun’s Reason
Chapter 198: The increase in strength
Chapter 199: Elder Jian Ge
Chapter 200: Yi Yun’s Reward
Chapter 201: Divine Fate Bone Charm
Chapter 202: Rise to Fame
Chapter 203: You teased me, I teased you
Chapter 204: I’ll be scared
Chapter 205: Loses underpants
Chapter 206: Sunrise from Tang Valley
Chapter 207: Picture of the Sun
Chapter 208: Rainbow Blood Feather
Chapter 209: Radiant Sun Qi
Chapter 210: The result of the Heaven’s Eyeball
Chapter 211: The power of the Radiant Sun
Chapter 212: Maid Servant Dong’er
Chapter 213: Rookie Rankings
Chapter 214: Betting all one’s wealth
Chapter 215: The Opening of the Ranking Competition
Chapter 216: That One Brick’s Elegant Appearance
Chapter 217: No matter how good your martial arts were, you would be put down with a brick!
Chapter 218: Devastation of Sun Yuan
Chapter 219: Bro, you are too naive
Chapter 220: Throwing in the Towel
Chapter 221: Liu Yuxing
Chapter 222: Star Picking Hand
Chapter 223: Battling Liu Yuxing
Chapter 224: Extreme Speed
Chapter 225: With one Brick in Hand, To Rule the World
Chapter 226: Xu Qingyun
Chapter 227: Lixiao Association
Chapter 228: Hard-Soft
Chapter 229: Inborn Divine Strength
Chapter 230: The one gathering of the elites
Chapter 231: Sword Scar Palace
Chapter 232: The way of the saber
Chapter 233: Straight to the Primeval Source
Chapter 234: The Rookie competition’s last two days
Chapter 235: The first match’s opponent
Chapter 236: Fighting Qiuniu
Chapter 237: Divine Strength Ox King Skill
Chapter 238: Clinching Victory
Chapter 239: Disk Array Video
Chapter 240: The Weak overcoming the Strong
Chapter 241: Coming Together
Chapter 242: Aspect Totem
Chapter 243: Emperor Saber, Sovereign Sword
Chapter 244: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 245: Rushing Up the Earth Roll
Chapter 246: Let the Boss Prepare
Chapter 247: The son of King Chu
Chapter 248: Truth of the Laws
Chapter 249: Saber and Sword
Chapter 250: Battling Li Hong
Chapter 251: Heaven Opening Mountain
Chapter 252: Radiant Sun
Chapter 253: Defeating Li Hong
Chapter 254: Pure Yang Body
Chapter 255: Totem Mystic Technique
Chapter 256: The Ninth Terrace in the Library
Chapter 257: Ten Thousand Beast Totem
Chapter 258: Unrestrained
Chapter 259: Chu Royal Residence’s Negotiation
Chapter 260: Desolate Heaven Technique Record
Chapter 261: Luo Huo’er’s Rage
Chapter 262: I am neighbors with him?
Chapter 263: Yi Yun’s Dao
Chapter 264: Learning because I don’t know
Chapter 265: Enemies Meet Again
Chapter 266: Grandmaster Yuehua
Chapter 267: Power of Desolates Extraction
Chapter 268: Test
Chapter 269: Reconciliation
Chapter 270: Yi Yun’s test transcript
Chapter 271: Yi Yun’s Score
Chapter 272: Release of Results
Chapter 273: Yuehua’s Invitation
Chapter 274: Acknowledging a Quasi-Master
Chapter 275: Lin Bone Gall
Chapter 276: Life is Filled with Miseries
Chapter 277: Heading into the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 278: Traveling Alone in the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 279: Thousand Feet Black Silkworm
Chapter 280: Mysterious Youth
Chapter 281: Crossing the Swamp
Chapter 282: Meteorite Abyss
Chapter 283: Opportunistic Kill
Chapter 284: Meeting
Chapter 285: Taking the Site Over
Chapter 286: Causing Trouble
Chapter 287: Diverting Trouble
Chapter 288: One With the Saber
Chapter 289: Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire
Chapter 290: Fallen Star Gate
Chapter 291: The Purple Crystal’s Throbbing
Chapter 292: Burning Hell
Chapter 293: Seven Colored Radiance
Chapter 294: Burning Hell Huge Flower
Chapter 295: Pure Yang Spirit
Chapter 296: Breaking the Array! Nine Nine Returns to One
Chapter 297: The Broken World
Chapter 298: Dead Path
Chapter 299: The counter-attack while in extreme danger
Chapter 300: Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem
Chapter 301: Pure Yang Sword Palace
Chapter 302: Returning to the Divine City
Chapter 303: City Lord’s Birthday Banquet
Chapter 304: The new crop has yet to come in to replace the old
Chapter 305: Gathering of Experts
Chapter 306: The Birthday Banquet Begins
Chapter 307: Shepherd Boy
Chapter 307: Competing for Assembly Seats
Chapter 308: Yi Yun Coming out of Reclusive Training
Chapter 309: Venomous Snake
Chapter 310: Leader
Chapter 311: Humiliation
Chapter 312: Taste of Your Own Medicine
Chapter 313: Against Viper
Chapter 314: Poison-elemental Laws
Chapter 315: Defeating Viper
Chapter 316: Jun Yue
Chapter 317: Metal-elemental Laws
Chapter 318: Cang Yan’s ass
Chapter 319: The Saber that Pressed forward with Indomitable Will
Chapter 320: The Precise Saber
Chapter 321: Fighting Jun Yue
Chapter 322: Luminous Moon against the Radiant Sun
Chapter 323: The Young Adults Battle
Chapter 324: Qianshui Family Clan
Chapter 325: The Memories of the Broken Sword
Chapter 326: Overall Group Match Begins
Chapter 327: Yi Yun vs Qianshui
Chapter 328: Feng Lin
Chapter 329: Jade Maiden 18 Swords
Chapter 330: The Sword Appears
Chapter 331: Breaking Waves
Chapter 332: Severely Injured
Chapter 333: Golden Crow’s Precious Blood
Chapter 334: Two Hours
Chapter 335: Son of Lightning
Chapter 336: Lightning Force Field
Chapter 337: Terrible
Chapter 338: Lightning Snake against Golden Crow
Chapter 339: A Tiger leaving his Hill and descending to the Plains
Chapter 340: Voice Transmission
Chapter 341: Clear Water Fountain
Chapter 342: Fighting Again
Chapter 343: The Dust Settles
Chapter 344: Meeting the City Lord
Chapter 345: Great Expectations
Chapter 346: Attempt to break through to the Yuan Foundation Realm
Chapter 347: Alerting Bell
Chapter 348: Giant Turtle
Chapter 349: I cannot dodge what is mine
Chapter 350: Leaving
Chapter 351: Divine Capital
Chapter 352: The Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 353: Young master Nantian
Chapter 354: Spy
Chapter 355: Blood
Chapter 356: Dark Red
Chapter 357: At the end of the Road
Chapter 358: Serene Smile
Chapter 359: Vicious
Chapter 360: Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill
Chapter 361: Lotus blooming with each Step
Chapter 362: Trap
Chapter 363: Order of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 364: The Yang brothers’ idea
Chapter 365: Settling Scores
Chapter 366: Returning it to you
Chapter 367: Killing All Together
Chapter 368: The Blood of the Desolate Race
Chapter 369: Finally Leaving Tai Ah
Chapter 370: Humans and Desolates have different paths
Chapter 371: Seal
Chapter 372: Heading to Tian Yuan
Chapter 373: Tian Yuan World
Chapter 374: Unforeseen Situation
Chapter 375: Evil Yi Yun
Chapter 376: Taking revenge if there was any, and stabbing one in the back
Chapter 377: Desolate Heaven technique tea session
Chapter 378: Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal
Chapter 379: Mastering the Desolate Heaven Technique Quickly
Chapter 380: A small sample of one’s Skill
Chapter 381: Doubts
Chapter 382: Lin Xintong Comes Out of Reclusive Training
Chapter 383: Lin Xintong’s wishes
Chapter 384: A mere acquaintance should not sow discord between two close people
Chapter 385: Soul Nurturing Relic
Chapter 386: Desolate Heaven Technique Tea Session Begins
Chapter 387: Enemies Meet
Chapter 388: Razzle Dazzle
Chapter 389: I don’t have much interest
Chapter 390: Five Elemental Bone Array
Chapter 391: Desolate Bone Trap
Chapter 392: Yi Yun Makes His Move
Chapter 393: Guanyin Flower Picking Hand
Chapter 394: Yi Yun Cracks the Array
Chapter 395: Breaking one after another
Chapter 396: Nearly Devastated
Chapter 397: Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect
Chapter 398: Bone Refining
Chapter 399: Dark Desolate Heaven Master
Chapter 400: Heretic energy
Chapter 401: Saber Sword Shura
Chapter 402: Yi Yun’s thoughts
Chapter 403: Four Images Seal
Chapter 404: There’s no negotiation to screwing you over
Chapter 405: The Blows Shen Tu Nantian Suffered
Chapter 406: Great Empress Relic
Chapter 407: Night Chatting
Chapter 408: One Year Deadline
Chapter 409: Small Black Snake
Chapter 410: The final voice
Chapter 411: The conflict during the medicine trial
Chapter 412: I can prove it
Chapter 413: I agree
Chapter 414: Great Empress Heart Sutra
Chapter 415: Extracting a Black Gas
Chapter 416: The Relic’s Secret
Chapter 417: Shen Tu Nantian, the boy who gives treasures
Chapter 418: The final outcome of the Medicine Trial
Chapter 419: Thank you
Chapter 420: How the Tides Change
Chapter 421: Taking advantage of their perilous state
Chapter 422: Helping You Heal
Chapter 423: So it was you
Chapter 424: Planting the evil energy
Chapter 425: Slander
Chapter 426: Negotiation
Chapter 427: Murderous Intent and Will
Chapter 428: Pulling off its Veil
Chapter 429: Fixing the Spots
Chapter 430: The Matriarch’s Decisiveness
Chapter 431: Planting a Dao Seed On the Yuan Foundation
Chapter 432: Desolate Beast Cage
Chapter 433: Heading towards God Burial Abyss
Chapter 434: Meeting Opponents
Chapter 435: The Opening of the Great Empress Mystic Realm
Chapter 436: Encircled by a Pack of Wolves
Chapter 437: Ancient Desolate Beast
Chapter 438: Indifference
Chapter 439: Impossible to Defeat
Chapter 440: Sky Blood Yuan Qi
Chapter 441: Sweeping Figure Sword Steps
Chapter 442: Empyrean Mark
Chapter 443: Yi Yun Makes His Move
Chapter 444: One Arrow to Seal One’s Throat
Chapter 445: Ancient relic
Chapter 446: The Eliminated Ones
Chapter 447: The Death of a Youth
Chapter 448: Come and Get Your Rewards
Chapter 449: God Advent Tower
Chapter 450: Twelve Bridges
Chapter 451: Tell Me What This Is
Chapter 452: Withdrawing Fuel from a Boiling Cauldron
Chapter 453: A Familiar Scene
Chapter 454: Magical Weapon
Chapter 455: Enemies Meet
Chapter 456: Swarthy Youth
Chapter 457: The Second Trial
Chapter 458: The Battle Across Spatial Dimensions
Chapter 459: The Battle of the Mental Demons
Chapter 460: Inhumane Torture
Chapter 461: Dream Within a Dream
Chapter 462: Virtual Figure
Chapter 463: Failed to meet the mark
Chapter 464: Playing to the Gallery
Chapter 465: As I adventure, you be a shield
Chapter 466: Yi Yun’s Evaluation
Chapter 467: Grandmaster and Soul
Chapter 468: Entering the Tower
Chapter 469: Entry Qualifications
Chapter 470: Yi Yun’s Discovery
Chapter 471: God Advent Tower’s First Level
Chapter 472: Roc*
Chapter 473: A Sword Attack Previously Seen Before
Chapter 474: A Gambler’s Psyche
Chapter 475: God Advent Tower’s Second Level
Chapter 476: The Third Level’s Test
Chapter 477: God Burial Abyss’ Shocking Change
Chapter 478: Understanding Swords
Chapter 479: Breaking past the Guardian
Chapter 480: Third Level of the God Advent Tower
Chapter 481: Learning the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” again
Chapter 482: The Beautiful Figure in the Icy Plains
Chapter 483: Golden Crow Sun Shift
Chapter 484: Fusang Desolate Valley
Chapter 485: Red Lotus
Chapter 486: At One’s Wit’s End
Chapter 487: The Sliced-off World
Chapter 488: A Gamble
Chapter 489: Large Turtle’s Fury
Chapter 490: Entering with the Opportunity Arising
Chapter 491: Yet another Dangerous Move
Chapter 492: Stealing a Treasure right from their Mouths
Chapter 493: Red Lotus in Hand
Chapter 494: Obtaining New Life
Chapter 495: New Realm
Chapter 496: Blood Moon
Chapter 497: God Advent Tower Phantom Image
Chapter 498: Entrust
Chapter 499: Guide
Chapter 500: Yin Specter
Chapter 501: Traces of Blood
Chapter 502: A Line Demarcating Life and Death
Chapter 503: Withered
Chapter 504: Heart Piercing
Chapter 505: Choice
Chapter 506: Warmth
Chapter 507: The Merging of Hearts
Chapter 508: Awakening
Chapter 509: Dark Clouds
Chapter 510: Traversing the Icy Plain
Chapter 511: Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow
Chapter 512: Twelve Empyrean Heavens
Chapter 513: Azure Yang Token
Chapter 514: Great Empress Heart Sutra
Chapter 515: An Unseen but Definite Fate
Chapter 516: Yin-Yang Integration
Chapter 517: Extreme Yin and Yang
Chapter 518: Gecko Cinnabar* on Jade Arms
Chapter 519: Restrictions Sealed
Chapter 520: Small Success in the Heart Sutra
Chapter 521: Condensing the Dao Seed
Chapter 522: Bliss and Joy
Chapter 523: The Disappearance of the Rules
Chapter 524: Meeting of the Enemies!
Chapter 525: Purple Lightning, Swimming Dragon
Chapter 526: An Indomitable Arrow
Chapter 527: Sword Qi Breaks the Void
Chapter 528: A Hiding Venomous Serpent
Chapter 529: Starlight Befalls
Chapter 530: Ending the Feud
Chapter 531: Shock and Awe
Chapter 532: Compromise
Chapter 533: A Blow
Chapter 534: Completely Wiped Out
Chapter 535: Resolution
Chapter 536: Family Clan Voice Transmission
Chapter 537: The Blood Moon Duo
Chapter 538: The Evil Transformation
Chapter 539: Cinnabar Dots
Chapter 540: Ritual
Chapter 541: Desolate Queen
Chapter 542: End of the Trials
Chapter 543: Large Calamity
Chapter 544: Five Years
Chapter 545: Previous and Present Life (One)
Chapter 546: Previous and Present Life (Two)
Chapter 547: Sword Tip
Chapter 548: The End of Brilliance
Chapter 549: Sealed World
Chapter 550: Daughter of Heaven
Chapter 551: The Origins of the God Burial Abyss
Chapter 552: The Seven Demon Disciples
Chapter 553: The Sixth Level
Chapter 554: Draco First True Gold
Chapter 555: Refining the True Gold
Chapter 556: Energy Converges Into Body
Chapter 557: Star Transference Heaven Changing Book
Chapter 558: Misty Fey Sea
Chapter 559: Exiting the Great Empress Mystic Realm
Chapter 560: Suppression
Chapter 561: Situation in the Tian Yuan World
Chapter 562: Blood Of Destruction
Chapter 563: Making Things Difficult
Chapter 564: Humiliation
Chapter 565: Face Smacking
Chapter 566: Yuan Opening Realm
Chapter 567: Crossing the Vast Ravine
Chapter 568: Ignoring Face
Chapter 569: Internal Strife
Chapter 570: Forcefully Charging In
Chapter 571: Escaping Unscathed
Chapter 572: Lin Qiao’s Video
Chapter 573: Temporary Parting
Chapter 574: Ten Thousand Calamity Sea
Chapter 575: Nine Neonate
Chapter 576: Luring the Enemy In
Chapter 577: Battling the Nine Neonate
Chapter 578: Desert of Death
Chapter 579: Beast Mark of Life
Chapter 580: Yielding
Chapter 581: Heaven Martial City
Chapter 582: Entering the City
Chapter 583: Wanted Poster
Chapter 584: Jiang Yidao
Chapter 585: Mysterious Rock
Chapter 586: Leaping onto a god’s head to make trouble
Chapter 587: Empyrean Relics
Chapter 588: Man gets into trouble because of his Wealth
Chapter 589: Blood-dyed Relics
Chapter 590:Great Disparity
Chapter 591: Ten Times the Payback
Chapter 592: Hanging a corpse for all to see
Chapter 593: Waiting for You to Come
Chapter 594: Enemies Fated to Meet Again
Chapter 595: Irrevocably Committed
Chapter 596: All Things Under Heaven are Weapons
Chapter 597: Leaving in Defeat
Chapter 598: Grabbing Attention
Chapter 599: Meeting
Chapter 600: Invitation
Chapter 601: Yi Yun’s Saber Attack
Chapter 602: The Designation of Young Demon Lord
Chapter 603: Greatsword Mountain
Chapter 604: Masked Man
Chapter 605: Entry
Chapter 606: The Strange Evil Energy
Chapter 607: Ancient Heritage
Chapter 608: Heavenly Blood Union
Chapter 609: The Experienced Member of the Heavenly Blood Union
Chapter 610: Pig Slaughtering Saber
Chapter 611: Prey
Chapter 612: Reincarnated People
Chapter 613: Blackstone Trials
Chapter 614: Flowery Fragrance
Chapter 615: Tempted
Chapter 616: Quitting
Chapter 617: Killing Intent
Chapter 618: Saber Resonance
Chapter 619: Two Yin Specters
Chapter 620: Evil Energy Awoken
Chapter 621: An Intrinsic Suppression
Chapter 622: Yin Specter Memories
Chapter 623: Blood Moon’s Secret
Chapter 624: Soul Tomb
Chapter 625: Signing a Soul Contract
Chapter 626: Four Great Young Masters
Chapter 627: Dao Seed Perfection
Chapter 628: Skyfox
Chapter 629: Divine Wilderness Voice Transmission
Chapter 630: Entering the Soul Tomb
Chapter 631: Beautiful Figure in the Soul Tomb
Chapter 632: Snake Bones
Chapter 633: Bitter Encounter
Chapter 634: Da Yan Formation
Chapter 635: Red Plum
Chapter 636: Zhulong Makes a Move
Chapter 637: Cracking the Da Yan Formation
Chapter 638: Divine Beam Tears through the Sky
Chapter 639: Slash and Kill
Chapter 640: Taking Advantage of the Situation
Chapter 641: Four Snowflakes
Chapter 642: Blood of Gods
Chapter 643: Merging
Chapter 644: Yi Yun Battles Zhulong
Chapter 645: Torch Dragon versus Golden Crow
Chapter 646: No More Hiding
Chapter 647: Yi Yun’s Sword
Chapter 648: Alternate Dimension Tomb
Chapter 649: The Devouring Spatial Dimension
Chapter 650: Land of Slumber
Chapter 651: Tearing the Void
Chapter 652: Reunion
Chapter 653: Life Slips
Chapter 654: An unfolded map reveals a dagger
Chapter 655: Black-armored Demon God
Chapter 656: Yin Specters Awaken
Chapter 657: Tearing the Void Again
Chapter 658: Pure Yang Energy Arrows
Chapter 659: Zhulong’s Doomsday
Chapter 660: Feeding and Nurturing
Chapter 661: Deserving of Death
Chapter 662: Exiting the Soul Tomb
Chapter 663: No Room For Regret
Chapter 664: Greed
Chapter 665: Besieging the Martial Alliance
Chapter 666: The Martial Alliance's Destruction
Chapter 667: Dread
Chapter 668: Dao Seeds Breaks the Yuan Foundation
Chapter 669: Attaining Yuan Opening
Chapter 670: Elder Consortium’s Invitation
Chapter 671: Heaven Ascension
Chapter 672: The Goal of the Elder Consortium
Chapter 673: Ten Corpses
Chapter 674: Refusal
Chapter 675: Battling Shen Tu Patriarch
Chapter 676: The Taste of Near-Death
Chapter 677: The Awe of Strength
Chapter 678: Threat
Chapter 679: The Demon God in the Sunset
Chapter 680: Greatsword Mountain Dyed Red
Chapter 681: Ten Rotten Corpses
Chapter 682: Armor’s Seal
Chapter 683: Response Plan
Chapter 684: Entering the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 685: Jiang Xiaorou’s Birth Origins
Chapter 686: Jiang Family’s Disaster
Chapter 687: Ancient Teleportation Array
Chapter 688: Returning to Meteorite Abyss
Chapter 689: You’re Unqualified
Chapter 690: The Realms of the Sword
Chapter 691: A God Spirit
Chapter 692: Eye of the Heart
Chapter 693: Fallen Leaf
Chapter 694: Dao Leaf Seeking Dao
Chapter 695: Thousand Snow Domain
Chapter 696: Death Soulwood
Chapter 697: Eye of Destruction
Chapter 698: The Destroyed Teleportation Array
Chapter 699: The Desolate Race Attacked
Chapter 700: Refuge
Chapter 701: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 702: Distinguished Elites Gathered
Chapter 703: The Sacred Spirit’s Protection
Chapter 704: The Desolate Race’s Decision
Chapter 705: The Curse of a Bloodline
Chapter 706: Warriors Gather
Chapter 707: Meeting Old Acquiantances
Chapter 708: Unable to See Through
Chapter 709: A long-awaited warmth
Chapter 710: Desolate Queen Token
Chapter 711: Laws went in hand with the speech
Chapter 712: Embarrassed
Chapter 713: Shepherd Boy’s Compromise
Chapter 714: Warning
Chapter 715: Might
Chapter 716: Demon God Killing Order
Chapter 717: Going Against the Flow
Chapter 718: Alliance
Chapter 719: Late Night Sneak Attack
Chapter 720: Yin Spring
Chapter 721: Injuring the Demon God
Chapter 722: Seamless Body
Chapter 723: The Demon God’s Wrath
Chapter 724: Withering
Chapter 725: The Land Withers
Chapter 726: Patience
Chapter 727: Blood Aura Covers the Sky
Chapter 728: Mystic Tiger Immortal’s Death
Chapter 729: The War Bugle
Chapter 730: Demon God Successor
Chapter 731: Snow Lotus
Chapter 732: God Confining Lock
Chapter 733: Redoubtable Strength
Chapter 734: Sacred Spirit’s Nirvana
Chapter 735: Devouring Souls
Chapter 736: Lotus Flower Concept
Chapter 737: Yi Yun vs Demon God
Chapter 738: One Sword Strike to Seal the Throat
Chapter 739: Draco First Avatar
Chapter 740: Sword Strikes like Fluttering Snowflakes
Chapter 741: Withering with a single sword strike
Chapter 742: A Leaf to Cover the Skies!
Chapter 743: One Final Desperate Attempt
Chapter 744: Spatial Seal
Chapter 745: Uncertain Life or Death
Chapter 746: No room for retreat
Chapter 747: The Light in the midst of Darkness
Chapter 748: Fishing in Troubled Waters
Chapter 749: The Pagoda Stealer
Chapter 750: Statue Shatters
Chapter 751: Sacred Spirit’s Corpse
Chapter 752: Gift
Chapter 753: Laws of Darkness
Chapter 754: Void Tearing
Chapter 755: Breaking the Spatial Barrier
Chapter 756: Killing the Demon God
Chapter 757: Crazy Idea
Chapter 758: Yi Yun Returns
Chapter 759: Pagoda Refinement
Chapter 760: Evening out Debts
Chapter 761: A Piercing Lance Strike
Chapter 762: Annihilating the Umbriferous Divine Palace
Chapter 763: Returning to the Desolate Race
Chapter 764: Everything is Over
Chapter 765: Legendary Figures Convention
Chapter 766: New Divine City
Chapter 767: Shen Tu Family Clan's Outcome
Chapter 768: Departure
Chapter 769: Trip Filled with Extreme Bliss
Chapter 770: Spirit Cruiser
Chapter 771: Emblem of Fire
Chapter 772: Thousand Fey
Chapter 773: Luo Clan, Fire Cloud State!
Chapter 774: Mt. Fengling
Chapter 775: Green-eyed
Chapter 776: Establishing Authority
Chapter 777: Avatar? Puppet?
Chapter 778: Beating into Submission
Chapter 779: Recovery Relic
Chapter 780: Luo Clan Desolate Heaven Technique
Chapter 781: Guidance
Chapter 782: Relic Qualities
Chapter 783: Injury Recovery
Chapter 784: Fairy Black Bamboo
Chapter 785: Sparring
Chapter 786: Snow-like Flying Sabers
Chapter 787: There is no medicine for regret
Chapter 788: Gaining Recognition
Chapter 789: Fire Cloud State Main Mountain
Chapter 790: Spirit of the Earth Fire
Chapter 791: World Stone
Chapter 792: Fire Spirit Palace
Chapter 793: News of Luo Huo’er
Chapter 794: Mining Fire
Chapter 795: Fire-Spirit Transmutation
Chapter 796: Fire, come
Chapter 797: Taste of One’s Own Medicine
Chapter 798: Fire-elemental Laws
Chapter 799: Yuan Opening Perfection
Chapter 800: Meeting Black Bamboo
Chapter 801: Prince Pingnan
Chapter 802: Intent
Chapter 803: Receiving the Nomination
Chapter 804: Notice
Chapter 805: Ran Yu
Chapter 806: Mt. Azure Billow
Chapter 807: Ancient Fey Edifice
Chapter 808: Extreme Yang Illumination
Chapter 809: Twelve Fey Gods
Chapter 810: Sword and Phoenix
Chapter 811: Powerful Ancient Fey
Chapter 812: Empress Earth Dao Tree
Chapter 813: Insights into Pure Yang
Chapter 814: Phoenix Firmiana State
Chapter 815: Entering Motion
Chapter 816: Hibernation Awakening
Chapter 817: Solitary Nothingness
Chapter 818: Yi Yun’s Rating
Chapter 819: Extreme Yang Body Illumination
Chapter 820: Interspatial Space
Chapter 821: Door to the Fey Gods
Chapter 822: Nine Volumed Celestial Axis
Chapter 823: Intermediary Spirit Pearl
Chapter 824: The Path of Body-tempering
Chapter 825: Ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon
Chapter 826: Protective Charm
Chapter 827: Black Wind Valley
Chapter 828: Blood of the Blood Dragon
Chapter 829: Yi Yun Descends Black Wind Valley
Chapter 830: Nine Neonate Tempering
Chapter 831: Consuming the Fey Bone
Chapter 832: Reckless waste of Heaven's gifts
Chapter 833: Acupuncture Points Sealed
Chapter 834: Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 835: Seamless Body
Chapter 836: Provoked
Chapter 837: Lie Ya suffers a mental breakdown
Chapter 838: Four Days
Chapter 839: Reappearance of the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 840: Cooperate?
Chapter 841: Body Tempering isn’t accomplished in a day
Chapter 842: Indomitable without Resistance
Chapter 843: Powerfulness of Blood
Chapter 844: Ran Yu’s Suggestion
Chapter 845: Who do you think you are
Chapter 846: The Growl From Ancient Times
Chapter 847: Devouring the Black Specter Flood Dragon
Chapter 848: Capturing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 849: Shimmering Dragon Scales
Chapter 850: The trapped Ranyi Fish
Chapter 851: Eye for an Eye
Chapter 852: Ran Yu was truly too rash
Chapter 853: Absorbing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 854: Entering Heaven Ascension
Chapter 855: Long-awaited Familial
Chapter 856: Get him to Call me Master
Chapter 857: Empress Luo’s Banquet
Chapter 858: Four Great Young Masters
Chapter 859: Meeting Princess Purple Spirit
Chapter 860: Script Written in Vain
Chapter 861: Princess White Fox
Chapter 862: Unconforming to the rules
Chapter 863: Show of Strength
Chapter 864: You are a Cheat
Chapter 865: Eclipse Cauldron versus Desolate Heaven Technique Disk Array
Chapter 866: A Free Win?
Chapter 867: Luo Mo
Chapter 868: Rules of the Competition
Chapter 869: Seventy-two Introductory Moves
Chapter 870: Final Rating
Chapter 871: Rewards and Conferment
Chapter 872: Summoning from Empress Xuan
Chapter 873: Princess Exchange
Chapter 874: The Fox is Here
Chapter 875: Luo Huo’er’s Maleficent Idea
Chapter 876: Too Infuriating
Chapter 877: Supremacy Gulan
Chapter 878: Primordial Empyrean Heaven
Chapter 879: Chaotic Laws
Chapter 880: Shadow Twins
Chapter 881: Mimicking
Chapter 882: Ancient Fey Soul Remnant
Chapter 883: Jian Zhu
Chapter 884: Difficulty
Chapter 885: Battling the Ancient Fey
Chapter 886: Killing the Ranyi Fish
Chapter 887: Severely Injured
Chapter 888: Primordial Space
Chapter 889: Only Soup Left
Chapter 890: An unexpected twist
Chapter 891: Three Fey Gods
Chapter 892: The Blooming of the Void Orchid (Part 1)
Chapter 893: The Blooming of the Void Orchid (Part 2/2)
Chapter 894: Two Years
Chapter 895: Condensing the Wheel
Chapter 896: Losing Control of the Situation
Chapter 897: Epiphany
Chapter 898: Spirit Taking Form
Chapter 899: End of the Seven Years
Chapter 900: Battling Again
Chapter 901: Dao Domain
Chapter 902: Slaying the Ranyi Fish
Chapter 903: Golden Crow Spreads its Wings
Chapter 904: Eye of the Skyfox
Chapter 905: Nomological Sword
Chapter 906: Nine-tailed White Fox
Chapter 907: Nine-tailed Domain
Chapter 908: Illusions Abound
Chapter 909: Fusing with the Heaven and Earth
Chapter 910: Fox Blood Stained Clothes
Chapter 911: Sea of Lightning
Chapter 912: 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence
Chapter 913: Outcome of Battle
Chapter 914: Death Reclusion
Chapter 915: Blood Dragon’s Blood Marrow
Chapter 916: End, Departure
Chapter 917: Dao Manifestation Realm
Chapter 918: Luo Clan Royal Palace
Chapter 919: Bearing Witness
Chapter 920: Chu Yunjian
Chapter 921: Summoning
Chapter 922: Felicitous Rain Lord
Chapter 923: Standards for Disciple Selection
Chapter 924: Heavenly Slaughter Array
Chapter 925: Chi Zhuiyun
Chapter 926: Brewing of the Storm
Chapter 927: Yi Yun in the Heavenly Slaughter Array
Chapter 928: Chuyun’s Battle
Chapter 929: Elites Assembled
Chapter 930: Eternal Eventide Sea
Chapter 931: No need for Reason
Chapter 932: Five Factions
Chapter 933: You are Yi Yun?
Chapter 934: I’ve been keeping a really low profile recently
Chapter 935: Luo Huo’er’s Turn
Chapter 936: Purple Spirit vs Xi Ye
Chapter 937: Eternal Eventide Star
Chapter 938: Skyfire Lunar Occultation
Chapter 939: Catoptric Deflection
Chapter 940: Chi Zhuiyun’s Round
Chapter 941: Have some fun with you
Chapter 942: Limit of a Move
Chapter 943: Purple Dragon’s Roar
Chapter 944: Too disparaging
Chapter 945: The direction in which the sword points
Chapter 946: A Sword Through Nirvana!
Chapter 947: Celestial Demon Form
Chapter 948: Who is the Shura
Chapter 949: Dao of Destruction
Chapter 950: Shui Ningshuang
Chapter 951: Lacking Dao Domain
Chapter 952: Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon
Chapter 953: Yi Yun’s Dao Domain
Chapter 954: Before one’s heart reduced to mediocrity, Great Dao lies within one’s heart!
Chapter 955: The Competition for Disciplehood
Chapter 956: Gui Huazi
Chapter 957: Cutting the weeds and digging up the roots
Chapter 958: Surprises at every bend
Chapter 959: The Event Begins
Chapter 960: No test of actual combat
Chapter 961: Demon Defying Bead
Chapter 962: Nine Palatial Array
Chapter 963: Destroying Energy Nodes
Chapter 964: Something’s not right
Chapter 965: Hidden Geniuses
Chapter 966: Abnormal Eyes
Chapter 967: Divine Lord Herb Garden
Chapter 968: Badly Battered
Chapter 969: This is my original line of work
Chapter 970: Nightmare-like Day