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Treasure Hunt Tycoon

Author:Full-Metal Bullet

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Updates:Chapter 715: The Auctioneer With The Iron Hand

They love gold, and they love silver. Even more so, they love gems that dazzle, like stars across the skies. Firearms, jewelleries, and precious metals; A collector’s world will not be complete without antiques. Storage auctions, old goods trade, re-estate sales and gold-digging. But the truth is, if one wants to make money, then the supreme way is through searching for the legendary treasures. Holding the fort, there’s an ocelot, a wolf, and an Andes condor. At the side, there’s a loyal hound, an irascible ape, and an African honey badger. Who said that you can only rely on humans when treasure hunting?! 捡宝王
《Treasure Hunt Tycoon》 Text
Chapter 1: The Purple Bug
Chapter 2: A New Sight
Chapter 3: Storage Treasure Hunt
Chapter 4: The Leather Throne
Chapter 5: Successful Acquisition
Chapter 6: A Poor Man's Glare
Chapter 7: I'll Give You More Money, so Please Stop Eating
Chapter 8: The Cat Caught in the Hunting Trap
Chapter 9: It's a Motorcycle This Time
Chapter 10: Hidden Very Deep
Chapter 11: Who's the Idiot
Chapter 12: Street Glide
Chapter 13: The Bug's New Ability
Chapter 14: Fast and Furious
Chapter 15: Having Ten Thousand Dollars
Chapter 16: This time is a Yamaha
Chapter 17: Inaccurate Information
Chapter 18: The Music Warehouse
Chapter 19: Everyone Guessed Wrong
Chapter 20: An Afternoon and the Empress
Chapter 21: Ten Thousand Club
Chapter 22: Ah Meow Changes His Medicine
Chapter 23: The Wild Village
Chapter 24: A Set of Old Stamps
Chapter 25: You Are All Rednecks
Chapter 26: Error Stamps, Millennial Edition
Chapter 27: Quickly Say You Love Him
Chapter 28: Successful Entry
Chapter 29: It's Not Easy Finding a House
Chapter 30: Bidding Without a Second Thought
Chapter 31: F***, Let’s go!
Chapter 32: Flying like a Bug
Chapter 33: The Classical and Neoclassical Styles
Chapter 34: Handiwork
Chapter 35: Half Sold
Chapter 36: The First-Generation Kidney Seller
Chapter 37: It Just Doesn’t Make Sense
Chapter 38: The Fox and The Fool
Chapter 39: The First Gathering
Chapter 40: The Pride of One Hundred Thousand
Chapter 41: I am Called the God of Gamblers
Chapter 42: Pine Tree Tops
Chapter 43: How Should We Pay You?
Chapter 44: The Decisive Locomotive
Chapter 45: Watch Me
Chapter 46: Critical Blow
Chapter 47: Comparisons
Chapter 48: Don’t Fret, There’s More
Chapter 49: I Called The Cops
Chapter 50: Let’s Get The Party Started
Chapter 51: Don’t Shoot! It’s Just Me!
Chapter 52: Playboy
Chapter 53: Strengthened Powers
Chapter 54: Even A Mosquito’s Leg Has Meat
Chapter 55: The Antique Clocks
Chapter 56: Alliance
Chapter 57: Lucky Again
Chapter 58: One Hundred Thousand Dollars
Chapter 59: Mother Mesa’s Home
Chapter 60: A Change in Perspective
Chapter 61: Proving What It’s Made Of
Chapter 62: Chinaware Storage
Chapter 63: Steampunk
Chapter 64: The Cunning China Li
Chapter 65: BMW Z4
Chapter 66: Nail Polish
Chapter 67: The God of Gamblers Strikes Again
Chapter 68: Presents
Chapter 69: Roundabout Tactics
Chapter 70: Toy or Sculpture
Chapter 71: To Bid, Or Not To Bid
Chapter 72: He’s Our Guy
Chapter 73: Ceramic Art
Chapter 74: The Girl That Likes to Smile
Chapter 75: Meeting At The Welfare Home
Chapter 76: Relationships Are Networks
Chapter 77: A Mug Of Ginger Tea
Chapter 78: Military Oath
Chapter 79: Two Stubborn Fools
Chapter 80: The Valiant Ah Meow
Chapter 81: A Unprecedented Threat
Chapter 82: Taking Care of Them
Chapter 83: The Soviet Iron Fist of Revenge
Chapter 84: Classified Info
Chapter 85: Of Rosewood and Chinaware
Chapter 86: The Storm Stirs Again
Chapter 87: Thank You, Uncles!
Chapter 88: In One Fell Swoop (Chapter One End)
Chapter 89: Ferrari
Chapter 90: Persevered Through
Chapter 91: Let’s Spoil The Game
Chapter 92: Couldn’t Stop Laughing
Chapter 93: The Mammoth’s Tusk
Chapter 94: Please Apologize
Chapter 95: Three against One
Chapter 96: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 97: I Hate Your Guts
Chapter 98: Run Like The Wind
Chapter 99: The Fastest Truck
Chapter 100: World's Oldest Rodeo
Chapter 101: The Crazy Little Bug
Chapter 102: Move Them All
Chapter 103: Give You The Gun
Chapter 104: A Different Kind of Gain
Chapter 105: The Shadows of Bamboo Shoots
Chapter 106: The Wild Chinese Cuisine
Chapter 107: The Terrible Job Fair
Chapter 108: Godzilla
Chapter 109: Enter The Great Beast
Chapter 110: Mechanical Storage
Chapter 111: All Very Satisfied
Chapter 112: Here To Help
Chapter 113: This Is Probability Theory
Chapter 114: You Do Not Know Anything
Chapter 115: If Others Antagonize Me
Chapter 116: Eye-Opener
Chapter 117: A Strange Call
Chapter 118: Who Dared To Move
Chapter 119: Change Your Target
Chapter 120: The Dominator Meow
Chapter 121: Veteran’s Storage
Chapter 122: Everyone’s the Boss
Chapter 123: Extra Auction Chance
Chapter 124: Revealing The Storage
Chapter 125: Move Away
Chapter 126: Luo Qun
Chapter 127: Mud Monkey Competition
Chapter 128: Let Me Do It
Chapter 129: Come Down
Chapter 130: Gun Store
Chapter 131: The Most Beautiful Town
Chapter 132: The Little Bug Changes Yet Again
Chapter 133: Stepping Over For Advancement
Chapter 134: Give It To You
Chapter 135: A new use for the little bug
Chapter 136: Worthless Like Your Mother’s A*s
Chapter 137: Chance Encounter
Chapter 138: Camping in the Canyons
Chapter 139: No Chance for Negotiation
Chapter 140: The Boundless Sky, The Countless Stars
Chapter 141: The Other One from the Mill
Chapter 142: Precious Alligator Leather
Chapter 143: With Human Labor
Chapter 144: Let Me Try
Chapter 145: The Job is Done
Chapter 146: The Things That Are Disappearing
Chapter 147: The Book Auction
Chapter 148: Stacks of Old Books
Chapter 149: Displaying One’s Good Points
Chapter 150: An Unusually Good Impression
Chapter 151: An Album
Chapter 152: The Trick of the Big Fox
Chapter 153: The Biggest Contributor
Chapter 154: The Hundred Thousand Club
Chapter 155: Tucson
Chapter 156: The Stumbling Block
Chapter 157: Follow Him
Chapter 158: Iced Rice Wine
Chapter 159: Under The Great Honor
Chapter 160: I Was Egotistical
Chapter 161: Patek Philippe
Chapter 162: Let’s Spoil The Game II
Chapter 163: The Problem With Turfs
Chapter 164: Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 165: A Ferocious Looking Man
Chapter 166: The Bicycles
Chapter 167: Fellow Countryman
Chapter 168: The Flavor of Home
Chapter 169: I Like Your Cooking
Chapter 170: Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Chapter 171: That Explains It
Chapter 172: Extra Units Again
Chapter 173: A Learning Opportunity
Chapter 174: Unexpected Findings
Chapter 175: Crispy Noodles
Chapter 176: The Bug and The Coati
Chapter 177: You Have to Work to Provide for Yourself
Chapter 178: Old Goods Trade
Chapter 179: New Kind of Business
Chapter 180: Brother Li, Help!
Chapter 181: Come In and See
Chapter 182: He’s Gone!
Chapter 183: Then Let’s Bet
Chapter 184: Keep Going
Chapter 185: The Boss Arrives
Chapter 186: Big Brother’s Rage
Chapter 187: A Horse Doesn't Get Fat Without Extra Feed
Chapter 188: Present
Chapter 189: Protection Charm
Chapter 190: Old Property Auction
Chapter 191: The Oasis Town
Chapter 192: The Heroic Duo
Chapter 193: Cold Spring Bath
Chapter 194: Who Did It
Chapter 195: Revenge of the Duo
Chapter 196: Make an Example
Chapter 197: An Annoying Fly
Chapter 198: The Great Pretense
Chapter 199: The Antique Gun
Chapter 200: Made By Blizzard
Chapter 201: A Wasteland
Chapter 202: An Unusual Neighbor
Chapter 203: A Weird Specimen
Chapter 204: Integrity
Chapter 205: The Ranch
Chapter 206: Bid for the Loom
Chapter 207: The Feeling of Trust
Chapter 208: A Simple Summer
Chapter 209: The Movie Prop Warehouse Auction
Chapter 210: City of Angels
Chapter 211: The Shy Potter
Chapter 212: Checking the Units
Chapter 213: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 214: Grand Central Market
Chapter 215: Participating as a Team
Chapter 216: The Bustle Increases
Chapter 217: Let Me Step On The Uneven Road
Chapter 218: C’mon, Show Some Sincerity
Chapter 219: A Fiery Start
Chapter 220: The Conflict Caused by The Drone
Chapter 221: The Majestic Ocelot
Chapter 222: Battle of The Lunatics
Chapter 223: Direct Confrontation
Chapter 224: Another Highest Bid of the Day
Chapter 225: Business Iceberg
Chapter 226: Why’d You Stop Smiling?
Chapter 227: The Bug’s Hard Work
Chapter 228: The Final Methods
Chapter 229: Boss, Come See
Chapter 230: Arrival of the Actress
Chapter 231: The Unexpected
Chapter 232: Organizing An Auction
Chapter 233: Small Water Town
Chapter 234: A Good Place
Chapter 235: The Sunny Beach
Chapter 236: Another Chance Encounter
Chapter 237: Two Ships
Chapter 238: You Can, He Can’t
Chapter 239: We Are Partners
Chapter 240: So Delicious
Chapter 241: Kikujiro
Chapter 242: A Glimpse of Shyness
Chapter 243: The Goddess and The Lunatic
Chapter 244: The Top of The Mountain
Chapter 245: The Boss Li
Chapter 246: Smitten With a Storage Unit
Chapter 247: Unusual Weddings
Chapter 248: Doctor Hans
Chapter 249: Life-changing Technologies
Chapter 250: Coke Culture
Chapter 251: Truth About the Specimen
Chapter 252: Advantages of the Hundred Thousand Club
Chapter 253: The Bottle Collector
Chapter 254: The Precious Bottle
Chapter 255: We Are Not Friends
Chapter 256: Group of Novices
Chapter 257: The Greenhorn
Chapter 258: Campsite for Three
Chapter 259: House on Wheels
Chapter 260: Opening of the Campsite
Chapter 261: Moonshine Culture
Chapter 262: Treasure Trade
Chapter 263: Super Camp
Chapter 264: American-Style BBQ
Chapter 265: Freshly Made Liquor
Chapter 266: Everyone has Assembled
Chapter 267: I Will Keep Drinking
Chapter 268: A Shocking Past
Chapter 269: Grilling Fish in the Rain
Chapter 270: The Two-Faced Crispy Noodles
Chapter 271: The Brilliant Big Fox
Chapter 272: Fools Tend to be Rich
Chapter 273: Diverting the Risks
Chapter 274: Widening the Trap
Chapter 275: Rushing on Route 66
Chapter 276: Gathering of the Big-Shots
Chapter 277: Storage Units of the Wealthy
Chapter 278: Deputy Battalion Commander, Fire Your Cannon!
Chapter 279: Cooperative Battle
Chapter 280: A Change That Came Like a Storm
Chapter 281: The Arabian Man
Chapter 282: A Snake
Chapter 283: Starlike Purse
Chapter 284: 284.黑帮出现(1)
Chapter 285: Where Did The Dagger Go
Chapter 286: Summer Hunting
Chapter 287: Mister Li’s Promise
Chapter 288: The Ferocious Hellcat
Chapter 289: Buy It
Chapter 290: Armed
Chapter 291: Attending a Military Parade
Chapter 292: Ah Meow, The Little Helper
Chapter 293: Let’s work together
Chapter 294: An Accidental Mistake
Chapter 295: Enemies Are Fated to Meet
Chapter 296: Below the Clouds, Above the Mountains
Chapter 297: Coincidences Do Happen
Chapter 298: Let’s Bet Again
Chapter 299: Let’s Talk About Stakes
Chapter 300: Let’s Play With Higher Stakes
Chapter 301: The Gentleman Knows Martial Arts
Chapter 302: Can’t Stop the Rogue
Chapter 303: A Fruitful Hunt
Chapter 304: Preparations for the Party
Chapter 305: The Big Quinn Barbecue
Chapter 306: Promotion For Two
Chapter 307: The Low Stout Cannon
Chapter 308: Resignation Troubles
Chapter 309: The Silent Auction
Chapter 310: Trench Mortar
Chapter 311: Add Another Hundred
Chapter 312: Spirit of Ecstasy
Chapter 313: I Am a Good Citizen
Chapter 314: The Extraordinary Umbrella
Chapter 315: Get Ready, Grab Your Weapons
Chapter 316: Bring It On!
Chapter 317: Rules
Chapter 318: The German Star
Chapter 319: Dinner at Big Quinn’s
Chapter 320: Land of the Fallen
Chapter 321: Difficult & Painful
Chapter 322: Lady & the Shrew
Chapter 323: God’s Territory
Chapter 324: Charity Auction
Chapter 325: The Right Stand
Chapter 326: Time to Shoot
Chapter 327: A Magic Trick
Chapter 328: Let Us Assure You
Chapter 329: A Disqualified Gift
Chapter 330: Don’t Call The Police
Chapter 331: Missed A Good Chance
Chapter 332: Another Visit to The City of Angels
Chapter 333: The Tang Dynasty Chamber of Abundance
Chapter 334: The Butcher
Chapter 335: The Metropolis
Chapter 336: The Storage Unit with An Attic
Chapter 337: A Little Trick
Chapter 338: This Is Fame
Chapter 339: The Sudden Occurrence
Chapter 340: The Treasure Hunting Lunatic
Chapter 341: Evildoers Will Be Punished
Chapter 342: Easy Peasy
Chapter 343: Spreading His Fame Across LA
Chapter 344: Eat, Sleep, Play
Chapter 345: Knocking at Their Door
Chapter 346: Godzilla’s Past
Chapter 347: Chemical Analysis
Chapter 348: Grand Opening of the Site Business
Chapter 349: Czech Wolfdog
Chapter 350: Ah Ow
Chapter 351: Returning a Favor
Chapter 352: Little Mushroom Girl
Chapter 353: The Flash
Chapter 354: Another Visit to the Old Goods Market
Chapter 355: A Chinese Culture Enthusiast
Chapter 356: This Is For You
Chapter 357: Donated
Chapter 358: Need For Speed
Chapter 359: Sand, Wind, and Water
Chapter 360: The Value of the Dodo Specimen
Chapter 361: The Mahogany Gallery
Chapter 362: Asking for Trouble
Chapter 363: New Replaces Old
Chapter 364: Cloud of Suspicion
Chapter 365: Pass off Fish Eyes as Pearls
Chapter 366: Here Comes Ah Meow
Chapter 367: Let’s Be Allies
Chapter 368: Here Comes The Trap
Chapter 369: Meeting the “Expert”
Chapter 370: The Rosewood Expert
Chapter 371: With All Efforts
Chapter 372: You Shut Up
Chapter 373: Price Wars
Chapter 374: Going In
Chapter 375: Bite The Bait
Chapter 376: The Peel
Chapter 377: Chain of Moves
Chapter 378: Adding Another Dose
Chapter 379: Visiting the Daughter
Chapter 380: Clearing Some Collections
Chapter 381: The First Foray Into The East
Chapter 382: Okay, Deal
Chapter 383: The “Young Master” Status
Chapter 384: Save a Life
Chapter 385: Committee of 100
Chapter 386: Don’t Ask About The Future
Chapter 387: Brother Haonan
Chapter 388: Ancestral Craft
Chapter 389: Food Market
Chapter 390: Found An Organization
Chapter 391: Tough Days
Chapter 392: This Is My Territory
Chapter 393: Where Popularity Counts
Chapter 394: The Slaying
Chapter 395: Quick, Shift The Blame
Chapter 396: Thank You, You Are Welcome
Chapter 397: The Revenge of Ah Meow
Chapter 398: Berkshire
Chapter 399: Butchering Swines
Chapter 400: It’s Ah Ow’s Turn
Chapter 401: Have Mercy On Me
Chapter 402: We’ll Celebrate Your Birthday
Chapter 403: The Convoy of Trucks
Chapter 404: Something Amiss
Chapter 405: Make An Example Part II
Chapter 406: Stupidity
Chapter 407: Just Scram
Chapter 408: Just Scram Part II
Chapter 409: I’ll Return the Money
Chapter 410: A Check
Chapter 411: Deal With Them One by One
Chapter 412: Stepping Into the Casino Again
Chapter 413: Shake the Mountain & Scare the Tiger
Chapter 414: Revenge of the Native Americans
Chapter 415: Put the Tactic to Use
Chapter 416: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 417: A Happy Gathering
Chapter 418: Call from a Fellow Countryman
Chapter 419: A Group Voyage
Chapter 420: Insider Information
Chapter 421: The Glen Canyon
Chapter 422: A Bad Encounter
Chapter 423: Humiliation
Chapter 424: Investigation
Chapter 425: Unavoidable Circumstances
Chapter 426: There's No Misunderstanding
Chapter 427: Worship The Ancestors
Chapter 428: A Septic Tank Truck
Chapter 429: Seriously Eat Sh*t
Chapter 430: The Secret Collection of the Qing Dynasty
Chapter 431: Giving Soup Away
Chapter 432: The Big One
Chapter 433: Monopolizing The Auction
Chapter 434: Alien Motorcycle
Chapter 435: The Charm of the US Dollar
Chapter 436: The Wrong Lonesome Road
Chapter 437: An Accidental Success
Chapter 438: A Baffling Siege
Chapter 439: Of Imps and Fishes
Chapter 440: A Fierce Confrontation
Chapter 441: The Extraordinary Arrow
Chapter 442: Entering the Hopi Reservation
Chapter 443: Doomed
Chapter 444: A Leather Bag
Chapter 445: The Blade of the Native Americans
Chapter 446: Barter Network
Chapter 447: Coffins That Bring Prosperity
Chapter 448: The Copper Glove and Prophecy Stones
Chapter 449: Kavalala
Chapter 450: Don’t Drink Their Wine
Chapter 451: The Vibrant Red and Green
Chapter 452: Leisure Activities on Water
Chapter 453: Automated Fishing
Chapter 454: The Enthusiastic Brother Ma
Chapter 455: Declaration of Rights
Chapter 456: Battle of Wits
Chapter 457: The Lady’s Invitation
Chapter 458: The Expert Appraisers
Chapter 459: Police, Don’t Move!
Chapter 460: It’s Not Quite Right
Chapter 461: Appraisal Party
Chapter 462: Redirecting Troubled Waters
Chapter 463: A Gratifying Chat
Chapter 464: The Punishment
Chapter 465: The Sacrificial Hand
Chapter 466: The Cosplay Game
Chapter 467: Stop the Car for Investigation
Chapter 468: The Goody Mister Li
Chapter 469: While the Village Road May Be Slippery, Perils from the Heart Could Be Worse
Chapter 470: Donated
Chapter 471: The Winged Hussars
Chapter 472: Ah Ow’s Howl
Chapter 473: Celebrities from All Walks of Life
Chapter 474: Collaborated Transformation
Chapter 475: Change in Operations
Chapter 476: Giant Object
Chapter 477: As Stable As a Rock
Chapter 478: Mystery
Chapter 479: Friendship as Priority
Chapter 480: Man’s Two Pieces of Treasure
Chapter 481: Put It On Auction
Chapter 482: The Unusual Cigar Box
Chapter 483: Made by a Master
Chapter 484: Crispy Noodles’s Parade
Chapter 485: Balloon Shooting
Chapter 486: Thank You
Chapter 487: Bachelors On Auction
Chapter 488: The Auction Item
Chapter 489: Love
Chapter 490: Jealousy
Chapter 491: Ten Storage Units
Chapter 492: So It Was You
Chapter 493: Ah Ow’s Return
Chapter 494: The Howling Wolf
Chapter 495: Big Brother Ah Meow
Chapter 496: A Thrashing By Her Brothers
Chapter 497: Scout Activity
Chapter 498: Poor Children Manage Affairs
Chapter 499: Ah Meow Plays Promoter
Chapter 500: Change of Business
Chapter 501: Wonder Woman
Chapter 502: Let’s Move To The South
Chapter 503: A Big And Powerful Gun
Chapter 504: Godzilla The Tough Guy
Chapter 505: The Golden City
Chapter 506: The Unfriendly Locals
Chapter 507: Extra Storage
Chapter 508: Ah Ow Dug Something Out
Chapter 509: Tucson Brotherhood
Chapter 510: Burning With Anger
Chapter 511: What’s The Situation
Chapter 512: Sudden Ruckus
Chapter 513: It’s Still Early
Chapter 514: You Have A Wall, I Have A Ladder
Chapter 515: The Props
Chapter 516: The War Has Just Begun
Chapter 517: That’s Robbery
Chapter 518: A Few Conditions
Chapter 519: Finally Got It Back
Chapter 520: We’ve Been Duped
Chapter 521: American Soldier
Chapter 522: Please Help Me
Chapter 523: The Big Monster
Chapter 524: View The House
Chapter 525: The Fight
Chapter 526: Bite Force
Chapter 527: The Genius of Marketing
Chapter 528: Promotional
Chapter 529: Relax, No Tension
Chapter 530: A Kiss
Chapter 531: The Cactus Meal
Chapter 532: Combining Forces
Chapter 533: The National Park
Chapter 534: The Gem Hunters
Chapter 535: Disordered Hooves Amidst the Autumn Rustle
Chapter 536: The Rainbow Stone
Chapter 537: Betting on Stones
Chapter 538: Unveiling The Bird of Paradise
Chapter 539: The Search Continues
Chapter 540: A Whole New World
Chapter 541: Incredible Gains
Chapter 542: A Sketch
Chapter 543: Tourists & Auctions
Chapter 544: Prowess of a Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 545: Show Your Fighting Spirit
Chapter 546: A Righteous Man
Chapter 547: Signature Memorabilia
Chapter 548: The Proud Ocelot
Chapter 549: Cotton Candy
Chapter 550: Possession of Military Equipment
Chapter 551: The Ball Game
Chapter 552: D*mn It, Don’t Run
Chapter 553: National Geographic
Chapter 554: The World’s Too Small
Chapter 555: Need for A Plan
Chapter 556: The Private Storage Auction
Chapter 557: The CS Competition
Chapter 558: Counter-Encirclement
Chapter 559: The Community Auction
Chapter 560: Mr. Li The Veteran Hunter
Chapter 561: Bottleneck
Chapter 562: Becoming a Pickpocket
Chapter 563: Three-Stone Stove
Chapter 564: Treasure-Seeking Racoon
Chapter 565: Going All Out
Chapter 566: Rich Harvest
Chapter 567: Roasting Cactus Under the Stars
Chapter 568: The Swishing Water
Chapter 569: The Wolf is Coming
Chapter 570: Confrontation of The Experts
Chapter 571: Little Capable Ones
Chapter 572: Overarching Sunset
Chapter 573: Rest Before Continuing The Battle
Chapter 574: Vacation Feeling
Chapter 575: The Legend of The Gem
Chapter 576: Selling The Gemstones
Chapter 577: Quick, To the Gem Mine
Chapter 578: Pretty interesting
Chapter 579: So That’s The Reason
Chapter 580: High-Level Deception
Chapter 581: How Did This Happen?
Chapter 582: Calling The Police
Chapter 583: An Angel Sent By God
Chapter 584: Space stone
Chapter 585: The Supper of Friendship
Chapter 586: The Responsibility Was Mine
Chapter 587: The Cash Auction
Chapter 588: Go, Las Vegas
Chapter 589: Country Bumpkin Mr. Li
Chapter 590: Harry Winston
Chapter 591: A Rumor
Chapter 592: The Appeal of Patek Philippe & Co
Chapter 593: The Ruckus
Chapter 594: Tough Decision
Chapter 595: Buying Equity
Chapter 596: Good Morning, Las Vegas
Chapter 597: Luck
Chapter 598: Internal Conflict
Chapter 599: The Split
Chapter 600: The Request of a Playboy
Chapter 601: The Ferrari Knight
Chapter 602: The Small Boy Rival
Chapter 603: A Spate of Good Luck
Chapter 604: Auction at the Bazaar
Chapter 605: Magic Hand
Chapter 606: Sensational Start
Chapter 607: Fearless
Chapter 608: Come With Me
Chapter 609: Eight of Them
Chapter 610: An Idea, Risk It
Chapter 611: The Carp Got Off the Golden Hook
Chapter 612: Shaking Head and Wagging Tail: Not Coming Back Again
Chapter 613: The Little Bug Gains
Chapter 614: Narwhal
Chapter 615: At The Door Seeking
Chapter 616: The Gift
Chapter 617: Got Them
Chapter 618: Water and Fire
Chapter 619: Disposing the Shares
Chapter 620: First Step
Chapter 621: The Truth Unveiled
Chapter 622: Little Girl’s Present
Chapter 623: Chinese Farm-Style Dishes
Chapter 624: Happiness From Within
Chapter 625: Men's Secret Hideout
Chapter 626: Here Again?
Chapter 627: Thunderbolt
Chapter 628: Bodyguard Concept
Chapter 629: The Old Goods Market’s Energy
Chapter 630: Auction of the Secret Hideout
Chapter 631: The Multi-Millionaire
Chapter 632: Again, Again, Again
Chapter 633: What an Amazing Guy
Chapter 634: Quiet Man
Chapter 635: Failed Negotiations
Chapter 636: Brother Wolf
Chapter 637: Not in Good Faith
Chapter 638: Being Monitored
Chapter 639: Let Me Get Rid of It
Chapter 640: The Anti-aircraft Gun, Brother Wolf
Chapter 641: Gotta Do It Yourself
Chapter 642: Here For A Wife
Chapter 643: Thank You Boss
Chapter 644: Rich Ore Deposit
Chapter 645: More and More Gains
Chapter 646: Looking For Trouble
Chapter 647: Trace of Machine
Chapter 648: Searching For The Culprit
Chapter 649: An Unusual Discovery
Chapter 650: All That Was Gained Was Lost
Chapter 651: Lady Officer In Action
Chapter 652: Go Back to Take a Look
Chapter 653: A Family Member’s Meritorious Deed
Chapter 654: Tall, Burly Man
Chapter 655: Affronted
Chapter 656: Before and After
Chapter 657: Selling Them Off
Chapter 658: Are You Surprised? Is This Exciting?
Chapter 659: Cole Winston
Chapter 660: Michelin Three Stars
Chapter 661: Buy Mine Then
Chapter 662: Big Shareholder
Chapter 663: Big Fox’s Network
Chapter 664: Dropped Dead
Chapter 665: Auction Tour
Chapter 666: Why Howl
Chapter 667: By All Means
Chapter 668: Brother Wolf’s Past
Chapter 669: Horseshoe Town
Chapter 670: Awesome
Chapter 671: Rookie
Chapter 672: First Deal
Chapter 673: A Fish’s Attack
Chapter 674: Cooperating To Catch a Big Fish
Chapter 675: Boundless Forest Surging Waters
Chapter 676: Big Shot Mr. Li
Chapter 677: Testing Waters
Chapter 678: Interested
Chapter 679: As A Gift
Chapter 680: Getting The Most Valuable
Chapter 681: The Five Rings
Chapter 682: Driving Off Proudly
Chapter 683: The Christmas Tree
Chapter 684: Chopping Trees
Chapter 685: The Trio Battle for Food
Chapter 686: Three, Two, One
Chapter 687: Landed
Chapter 688: Discrimination From The Driver
Chapter 689: Nostalgia
Chapter 690: Ready To Start Work
Chapter 691: For the Ox’s Use
Chapter 692: Catching Rats From The Air
Chapter 693: A Great Harvest From the Rat Hole
Chapter 694: Hard Drinking
Chapter 695: Hans’s Teacher
Chapter 696: Very Cheap Codfish
Chapter 697: Misfortune Caused by the Cheap Deal
Chapter 698: Oil On The Stool
Chapter 699: Proof
Chapter 700: An Antique Street
Chapter 701: Desire for Treasure
Chapter 702: Door Stopper Vase
Chapter 703: The Four-Winged Evolution
Chapter 704: Small Space
Chapter 705: The Gathering of Classmates
Chapter 706: Check This Out
Chapter 707: Da Xia Zhen Xing
Chapter 708: Arrival Of A Customer
Chapter 709: 1.1 Million Yuan
Chapter 710: Last Day Of The Year In The Lunar Calendar
Chapter 711: Buying A House
Chapter 712: Special Auction
Chapter 713: The Australian Dumpster Diving Master
Chapter 714: Admission
Chapter 715: The Auctioneer With The Iron Hand