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Throne of Magical Arcana

Author:Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

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Updates:Chapter 135: Life is More than Just Magic (The End of the First Volume)

An ordinary young man on earth, Xia Feng, traveled to a world of sword and magic, and took the body of Lucien Evans, another ordinary young man. Seemingly this was a world of traditional western fantasy, yet he discovered the astonishing similarities between the earth and this world, and between science and the so-called arcane magic… “Knowledge is power”? Soul, magic, quantum, Theory of Relativity, cognitive world, music and real world…… What was the true nature of that world? 奥术神座
《Throne of Magical Arcana》 Text
Chapter 1: The Burning Gallows
Chapter 2: The Knowledge that Came with Me
Chapter 3: Midnight
Chapter 4: Scarlet Eyes
Chapter 5: The Sudden Turn of Events
Chapter 6: Accident
Chapter 7: Gain and Temptation
Chapter 8: Aalto
Chapter 9: A Tough Start
Chapter 10: The Musicians’ Association
Chapter 11: Findings
Chapter 12: Lucien’s First Eighty Fells
Chapter 13: Sudden Attack
Chapter 14: Resolution
Chapter 15: For Justice
Chapter 16: On the Streets
Chapter 17: Sweet Revenge
Chapter 18: Acquaintance
Chapter 19: Cramming
Chapter 20: The Witch’s Note
Chapter 21: Harpsichord
Chapter 22: Appreciation
Chapter 23: More About the Notes
Chapter 24: Sorcerer Apprentice
Chapter 25: First Magic
Chapter 26: The Beginning of a New Life
Chapter 27: New Work
Chapter 28: In the Sewers
Chapter 29: The Dead Body
Chapter 30: Ghost in the Shadow
Chapter 31: Zombie in the Sewage
Chapter 32: Aquatic Zombie
Chapter 33: The Ring
Chapter 34: Ice Revenger
Chapter 35: Report
Chapter 36: Pierre
Chapter 37: Choosing a Musical Instrument
Chapter 38: Modern Piano Fingering
Chapter 39: The Tawny Owl
Chapter 40: Tracking
Chapter 41: Apprentice Group
Chapter 42: The Secret Meeting
Chapter 43: A Real Professor
Chapter 44: Knowledge is Money
Chapter 45: Lucien’s Magic Lab
Chapter 46: Silvia
Chapter 47: Victor’s Trouble
Chapter 48: In the Hall
Chapter 49: Symphony of Destiny
Chapter 50: Composing
Chapter 51: The New Message
Chapter 52: Baron Laurent
Chapter 53: The Professor’s Oscillation Hand
Chapter 54: Calm Hunters
Chapter 55: Midnight Bang
Chapter 56: The Night Watcher
Chapter 57: Take Fate by the Throat
Chapter 58: This Is Fate
Chapter 59: Confirmation
Chapter 60: Lucien in Suit
Chapter 61: Questioning
Chapter 62: Trouble Solved
Chapter 63: The Psalm Hall
Chapter 64: The Nobles
Chapter 65: The Concert (1)
Chapter 66: The Concert (2)
Chapter 67: The Innovator
Chapter 68: The Celebration
Chapter 69: Revenant Dust
Chapter 70: The Newspapers
Chapter 71: The White Letter
Chapter 72: Conversation Over the Letter
Chapter 73: Unexpected Information
Chapter 74: Felicia’s Request
Chapter 75: The Mosquito
Chapter 76: Revelation
Chapter 77: Ratacia Palace
Chapter 78: Taking the Risk
Chapter 79: Crying Soul
Chapter 80: Moonlight and Marks
Chapter 81: Confirmation
Chapter 82: Lucien’s Confession
Chapter 83: The Ball
Chapter 84: Chaos
Chapter 85: Sneak into the Cave
Chapter 86: The Reinforcements
Chapter 87: Killing
Chapter 88: The End of the Betrayer
Chapter 89: The Anger of the Night Watchers
Chapter 90: Everyone Loved the Moon
Chapter 91: Relief
Chapter 92: The Prophecy
Chapter 93: Recomposing
Chapter 94: The Sword
Chapter 95: Felicia’s Birthday Party
Chapter 96: The Serenade
Chapter 97: G Major
Chapter 98: The Charm of Piano
Chapter 99: Natasha’s Request
Chapter 100: The History
Chapter 101: Legendary Class
Chapter 102: Silvia’s Father
Chapter 103: Lucien, The Historian
Chapter 104: The Young Visitors
Chapter 105: Magic Lock
Chapter 106: The Dream City of Music
Chapter 107: Lucien’s Repertoire
Chapter 108: Warm Up for the Festival
Chapter 109: Marcus
Chapter 110: The Last and the First
Chapter 111: Pressure
Chapter 112: The Art of Conducting
Chapter 113: Piano Solo
Chapter 114: Pathetique
Chapter 115: Let the Curtain Fall
Chapter 116: Moonlight Sonata
Chapter 117: The Congress of Magic
Chapter 118: The End and the Beginning
Chapter 119: Unlock
Chapter 120: Silence
Chapter 121: The Magic Garden
Chapter 122: Sun's Corona
Chapter 123: The Experiment of An Hour
Chapter 124: Lucien, the Sorcerer
Chapter 125: Ambuscade
Chapter 126: The Mutiny
Chapter 127: Natasha’s Fighting Will
Chapter 128: Piercing
Chapter 129: Breakout
Chapter 130: Tiphotidis
Chapter 131: The Joint Effort
Chapter 132: The Place
Chapter 133: Lucien’s Identity
Chapter 134: The Ring
Chapter 135: Life is More than Just Magic (The End of the First Volume)