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Chapter 553: Research and Exploration (4)

Chapter 553: Research and Exploration (4)
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Mike looked at the First Elder. "First Elder, why don't you tell us more about the ruling class here? I'll be staying here too. I'm a normal wizard but I'm one of the strongest individuals here." He looked a bit excited. "If I stay here, my power will be recognized and I'll be respected one day. I won't go back just for that."

Mike was born and raised in the central continent, it was the first time he realized that he could become one of the strongest human beings in a world that was full of mortals. Unlike the wizards that traveled to the central continent from other regions, Mike had not experienced such feelings yet.

Mike, Angele, Vivian, and Fir were all interested in learning more about the local areas.

"This is a town in the Stanley Empire. Only merchants visit this town once per year since we're in a remote area. There are many towns like this in the empire, they don't communicate with other towns often. The empire is much larger than the human empires in the central continent. We visited at least six large cities and we heard that there was a total of 12 to 14 large cities." The First Elder stopped for a second and continued, "Also, Stanley Empire is weakest of the five countries here but it still has around 30 000 soldiers in the army.

"Most importantly, we found many strange ruins here and they looked like unexplored ruins left by the ancient wizards."

Most of the wizards looked excited after hearing these words.

"For the ones who want to go back, we should just let them go." The First Elder sighed. "This might be our chance or our graves… We have to work for the future…"

Angele smiled after he noticed that his mother looked happy. He was not concerned about his power as a wizard, his main problem was still the realm power. He needed to avoid the pressure from the realm power or just solve the problem completely so he could release his true power when necessary.

Vivian was also not a problem for him. In this area, Angele was confident that he could protect all the members of the Elemental Hand.

"Also, one more thing, about your wedding with Fir," Vivian suddenly interrupted.

"Well…" The smile disappeared from Angele's face. He liked Fir but Angele's true form was a humongous scorpion monster and he was worried that their children would be scorpions too.

Fir glanced at Angele with a calm expression on the face and mocked, "Master Green has Becky with him and I think he never thinks of me…"

"Becky…" Angele was a bit speechless. He did bring Becky here but Becky left years ago and Angele had no idea where she was. Although Angele's bloodline was inside Becky's body, he could barely sense it due to the distance.

"We haven't seen Becky for years…" Vivian chuckled. "Fir, Green, if you think it's fine, we'll hold the wedding for you as soon as possible. What do you think? The Fenrir Family needs inheritors!"

A sweet smile appeared on Fir's face. "I have no problem with that."

Angele shrugged. "I'll still focus on my research, I hope you don't mind…"

"I'll try to make you spend more time on me," Fir spoke in a light tone. She knew that a dark wizard that had a strong body like Angele would be perfect for the environment. When the energy particles are limited, Angele would still be able to handle many things. Fir hated the political wars and endless research. She always wanted to live a peaceful life and would never give up a chance like this.

Angele was smart and he was not ugly, also, Vivian always treated Fir well.

The three elders chuckled after they heard the conversation.

"Alright then, we'll hold the wedding in three days. Green and Fir, it won't be a big wedding, we can only work with what we have here." The First Elder sounded apologetic.


It was night. In Angele's house that was built on the hill.

There was still orange light from a burning candle coming out of the reading room's window on the second floor.

Angele stood in front of a large stone wall in his black silk robe, scraping something off the wall carefully. He used a silver metal plate to collect the dust.

Most of the wall was covered by a black blanket but it was still visible that there was a painting behind the blanket.

Minutes later, Angele left the stone wall and sat down by the table. He started checking the dust he collected under the dim light.

'Zero, is the analysis on the realm power done yet?' he questioned as he checked the dust.

'Analysis completed, you can retrieve the result now,' Zero quickly responded.

'Retrieving the result.'


A blue screen flashed in Angele's sight for a second as countless rows of data and graphs appeared in front of him. The data and the graphs were the only things he could see at the moment.

The data was being calculated and everything merged into a new formula with a lot of runes in it.

Angele felt relieved after seeing the formula. "The denser the energy particles are, the stronger the realm power will be. According to this formula, most of the energy particles are from a different realm and that's the reason why the realm power of the wizard world was activated. If I can collect the local energy particles and store them in my body, the local realm power will no longer be a problem. However, it'll be hard for me to complete this procedure…"

Angele's head was aching. The power of his true form came from the bloodline of the scorpion woman and the single-eyed giant. The two ancient creatures were both from the Nightmare Realm and the Son of Sun was also from a different realm. He would be a complete stranger to the wizard world if he was not a human being.

"But how does the realm power recognize the energy from a different realm? If I can figure that out, I might be able to avoid the realm power…" Angele's brow furrowed.

"Anyway, let me prepare the materials for the summoning spell." The dust he collected from the mysterious painting was the main material for the summoning spell he created.

Angele wanted to find out the truth about the painting. He was almost trapped in the painting and still remembered how that felt. He spent a lot of time trying to study the painting over the years.

As long as part of the painting was covered, there would be no danger.

Angele flattened the dust carefully using a metal needle under the light from the candle.

"Zoom in," he muttered.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank and turned to the size of holes made by needles. He stared at the dark dust on the silver plate.

The dust was zoomed in; its size increased gradually and filled up Angele's sight.

The dust looked like pieces of random black crystals in his eyes. The sharp crystals lined up randomly and it was impossible for Angele to count them one by one.

It felt like the crystals were made of some dense black substances.

'Magnify them by 100000 times for me,' Angele thought.


One of the black crystals was zoomed in again, the tiny substances on the surface of the crystal turned into a large piece of stone in Angele's sight—the stone was also made of countless tiny black substances.

Angele's brow furrowed.

"It doesn't make sense… The last time I collected the dust, such substances did not appear after they were magnified by 200000 times. Zero, magnify them by 500000 times for me."


The substances on the black crystal were zoomed in again, however, he could still see the black substances. The new substances he saw were then zoomed in again.

The process repeated several times and it blurred Angele's sight. Several seconds later, there was barely any light left on the new crystal in his sight.

Angele's brow furrowed as some blue light brightened up the black crystal, however, he could still see the tiny substances on the surface of the crystal.

"That's impossible…" He was surprised.

'Zero, analyze the sample for me and tell me how many times I have to magnify this thing!'

A progress bar appeared in Angele's sight and it was slowly filling up.

Several seconds later, a list of data appeared behind the progress bar.

Angele as shocked what he just read.

'Alright, following the result, magnify this thing by 156000000 times!' He gave the order quickly.

'Magnifying…' Although the biochip had been upgraded, it still took the system more than ten seconds to complete the process.

Angele's eyes blurred again but what appeared after was still a large black crystal with tiny substances on its surface.

However, he noticed that something was a bit different this time.

'Keep going…'

Suddenly, he felt like someone was standing behind him.

"Who's there?!" Angele attacked using his elbow and countless dark flames appeared on his body. A ball of smoke with something screaming inside charged at the person behind him.

He quickly turned around but the only thing he saw was the edge of someone's white outfit. Although Angele moved as fast as he could, the person still disappeared before he could do anything.

Angele's body was releasing terrifying and twisted force fields. The force fields filled up the whole reading room.

The elbow and the flames all missed, it felt like that he was seeing illusions.

'It's impossible!' Angele glanced around.

'Someone was behind me but I failed to detect him…' His sight slowly fell upon the painting that was covered by a blanket.

Part of the blanket was removed and the face of a woman in a white outfit was revealed. The woman was staring at Angele with one eye, she looked like a living being that was hiding behind a blanket.

"I'm sure I covered the painting with the blanket…" Angele stared at the painting with a serious expression on the face.

He walked to the painting and covered it again.

"The blanket was made of silent stones and it weighs 200 kilograms…"

Narrowing his eyes, Angele looked at the blanket.

"You did nothing in the last nine years. I don't know if you're a powerful artifact or not but I'm glad that you finally reacted to what I just did."

Angele checked the painting and the stone wall carefully. He walked to the table and sealed the dust in the silver plate.

He blew off the candles and walked down the stairs, heading to the bedroom on the first floor.