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Chapter 890: Aziz“s pride

Chapter 890: Aziz's pride
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Among the three choices, walking away was not Sheyan's style. He gave it a pass.

As for helping the sniper/summoner that he was not acquainted with in the slightest, while he already had the upper hand, helping him may not result in him showing any gratitude towards Sheyan. Sheyan wasn't willing to paste a hot face to a cold ass either (Chinese idiom meaning to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke). Not to mention, in this cruel Bloody World, everyone came in here to kill or be killed. Even if the sniper/summoner turned out to be a righteous person, would he really let Sheyan off when the going gets tough just for this small favour?

That's why, after deliberating, Sheyan found that the most suitable choice was to help Aziz!

The main reason being: they were from the same realm.

The second reason being: Aziz is a very prideful person. A big characteristic of him was that he wouldn't owe someone.

The third reason being: the act of helping Aziz was an act of helping someone in need. It would mean more to Aziz.

The fourth reason being: Sheyan had not broken through the boundary yet, so he couldn't afford to be targeted. If Aziz lived, it would undoubtedly reduce the chance of Sheyan being


It was for these reasons that Sheyan unhesitatingly launched his 'Pestilence Monarch' ability on the sniper. In Sheyan's vision, the sniper/summoner's body had turned a spotted red similar to an image in an infrared scanner, which was an indication that he had been successfully infected!

After Sheyan's 'Pestilence Monarch' had undergone Melody's "treatment", and the 'Stairway of the Sun' had been strengthened after absorbing four of Treebeard's Golden Fruits, tyhe time it took for the cold to take effect became really quick. A smirk soon appeared on Sheyan's face as the sniper released a huge sneeze!

But remember, the person Sheyan was facing was not a small fry. He was the cream of the crop, an elite among the elites chosen from exceptional teams that had been tempered by various trials and tribulations!

As soon as he finished sneezing, before he even wiped away his snot, his body already flashed with a series of lights. Apparently, he had taken a variety of drugs that removed abnormal conditions. He immediately rolled into a store next to him, then broke through a window with a leap to climb onto a passing truck.

Simultaneously, the flying Laserbeak screeched sharply, then retracted its steel wings back behind itself to turn into a natural shield! Anyone who wanted to attack him now must first destroy the Laserbeak.

Sheyan's jaw dropped to the floor. This sniper must be born in the year of the mouse. How could he run away so fast? He did not hesitate to run away at all!

Sheyan hadn't even taken a step. It only took one sneeze for the guy to give up on an amazing situation that he had going on, after he had no doubt planned meticulously too. To be honest, Sheyan wasn't sure he could do it if it was him.

The guy's action in running away was so smooth that it looked like he had long planned to do it. He turned running away into an art.

What Sheyan did not know was that this guy actually had a very famous M.O., and that was, if he couldn't finish his target in on hit, he would immediately retreat, no questions asked! A person who had such an M.O. must be quite suspicious in nature. As soon as he sensed an abnormal condition in himself without knowing when it was inflicted, his first thought was that it was a precursor to a joint attack by Sheyan and Aziz. So, of course he ran away decisively.

Aziz was also quite surprised. The fact was, he had already quietly followed the warlock, who disguised himself as a boy, for 30 minutes before the Blood Sense started.

Aziz used those 30 minutes to observe his movement patterns and walking habits. At the same time, his mind was calculating the various shooting routes and angles in the surrounding terrain! All Sheyan saw were Aziz's thirteen cold, mechanical and monotonous shots, all precisely aimed. He couldn't have imagined all the sweat and effort Aziz had gone through beforehand in his preparation work!

As the saying goes, one minute on stage took 10 years of effort behind it. It would not be wrong to describe Aziz in this way.

Truth be told, the Blood Sense actually messed with his plan. But, well, he wasn't called America's public enemy for nothing. Even before he entered the nightmare realm, he was already somewhat of a fanatical madman. Since he was confident that he could kill his target, how could he just let his target go? The meat was already in front of his mouth, how could he not bite into it?

Aziz had his own calculations. Although there were four participants in this area, this was a bustling urban district with a complex terrain. After he killed his target, he could still put up a decent fight as long as he didn't let anyone get near him! Besides, there was no way the other two could have come to a tacit understanding and allied with each other already. Their wariness of each other would cause them to hesitate on ganging up on him!

That was why Aziz still decided to make the move for the kill even though four participants had gathered here!

Aziz's craziness, arrogance and aggressiveness were evident from his action!

He could not have expected that the other enemy he had to face was so insane, a rare summoning+sniping dual-type! Note that the main attributes of summoners were Charm, Perceptive Sense, and Intelligence, while the main attributes of snipers were Agility, Perceptive Sense, and Spirit. (The crux of a sniper was to kill in one hit, or at least to heavily-injure the enemy, and not in prolonged fighting, so their third attribute was Spirit which could enhance the attacking power of skills.)

What did this mean? It meant that the guy must at least invest his attribute points into the five attributes of Charm, Perceptive Sense, Intelligence, Spirit and Agility! Plus, there was the Physique attribute that every contestant couldn't ignore! This was a man who had an all-round development of six major attributes!

Going down this route could easily turn him a jack of all trades but master of none, but he had proven that his might was nothing to scoff at. Even someone like Aziz was firmly suppressed.

As time passed, Aziz got more anxious. Right when he decided he couldn't let this drag on any longer and was about to bust out the big moves, the whole situation took a sudden turn. The suffocating pressure from his opponent suddenly disappeared without a trace! At that point, Blood Sense was still in effect, so Aziz instantly noticed that the opponent left the area in a hurry.

There was no way the enemy was merciful. In fact, in Aziz's opinion, mercy was a totally unnecessary emotion. Therefore, there could only be one reason for the opponent to retreat.

The other person in the distance helped him. Aziz was a daring guy. After he confirmed that the summoner/sniper had gone away, he strode to a spot next to Sheyan's hotel, squinted his eyes and observed the person opposite him without restraint.

Next, his keen eagle eyes (almost all gunmen have superb vision) detected a familiar face.

Not too long ago, the owner of this face caused the entire Glory Party to suffer their biggest loss since the establishment of the party. But Aziz did not care much about this. His way of thinking was cruel and simple - the dead were useless to him, and there was no need to waste any emotion on things that were useless to him.

When Sheyan saw Aziz looking over, he leaned on the window of his suite, picked up a glass of red wine and raised his glass towards Aziz with a smile. Sheyan wasn't afraid of Aziz becoming hostile in such an environment.

Aziz expended a total of thirteen shots to kill the warlock who disguised himself as a child. Even if the warlock had used an honorary dosage, it still took Aziz 6 shots to empty the warlock's HP. Thus, it could be inferred that if Aziz wanted to finish Sheyan, it was definitely not something that could be done with a few shots, or even 10+ shots.... The reason why Aziz was so dangerous and had such a high status within his party was because he could quickly eliminate a few of the most fragile people in the opposing team, thus giving his party a numerical advantage early on.

After taking one look at Sheyan, Aziz suddenly pulled out his gun! A bullet instantly shattered Sheyan's wine glass, spraying red wine all over him. Then, using some unknown method, Aziz evaporated into thin air, but his hoarse voice seemed to reverberate next to Sheyan's ear:

"Kid, do you think that I'll feel like I owe you for scaring away a soft bastard like that? Dream on! Look at how weak you are. You will definitely become a prey for others. I will save you once, then take the invitation letter on you that belongs to me!"

Sheyan simply shrugged. He wasn't bothered with Aziz's arrogance. Aziz had ample reason to be arrogant.

As Aziz's silhouette disappeared among the crowd, the duration of Blood Sense ended. The feeling of being stripped naked and exposed to others was indeed quite terrible. When the Blood Sense disappeared, the long-lost feeling of security finally returned. Sheyan couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

He couldn't help but consider the possible scenario of the contest lasting for more than half a month. How would he feel if he was exposed to others for at least 20 hours a day? The invisible pressure was enough for people with slightly weaker mentality to collapse! He believed that only then would the real horror of the Bloody World show itself! It would be a contest of willpower and strength. Whoever made the first mistake would be the first to die!

Sheyan shook his head and drove these distractions from his mind. Currently, his main problem was still the problem of breaking through the boundary limit. Only after he had done that could he stand on the same starting line as the rest of the powerful participants! Only then could he obtain the precious invitation letters from others while retaining his own life.

At that moment, the police siren was heard. But the police quickly came to term with the fact that the things that happened here completely exceeded their common sense, so they informed INS Division Six without much thought. That's the common name of the department of the Men in Black.