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Chapter 480: Trying to rob me?

Chapter 480: Trying to rob me?

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The reason for needing a good sailboat, was due to the lifeboats not possessing any cannons, while Sheyan’s crew was merely an interim assemblement of pirates. They had no qualifications whatsoever to engage in shuddering naval warfare with others. Hence, their only solution was to be like a fish in troubled waters; seizing the chaotic naval boarding clashes between pirate ships and British Royal Navy fleets, to swiftly sneak up to their ships and act while both sides were suffering.

In theory, this method sounded rather simple. However in reality, it was arduously challenging and influenced by ever changing variables.

Currently, Sheyan was relying on Reef, who could promote into the realms of a Growth-hunter at any time. He was the only trump card that could hold the frontlines and absorb the impending firepower! Moreover, this relatively easier world undoubtedly fuelled Sheyan’s resolution in taking this risk. All of a sudden, Brother Black, who had the best eyesight, pointed towards the north and yelled.

"There’s a nearly intact lifeboat over there! At least, its mast and sail is intact."

Sheyan gestured, inciting the flock of pirates to spring into action; yelling at each other as they foraged for several tattered planks, and begun rowing towards that direction.

However, Sheyan’s crew wasn’t the only one fixated on that particular boat. Following their single-masted boat rafting slowly towards it, several other individuals were also eyeing it. Those individuals may not be planning to charge into the battlefield, but merely to obtain a fully intact boat to increase their probability of reaching Tortuga port.

Nevertheless, under Sheyan’s command, his crew ultimately snatched towards the destination first, and occupied the vacant lifeboat. His crew of pirates excitedly pranced and cheered about the lifeboat, while releasing its sail smoothly; preparing to advance without waiting for Sheyan’s orders.

Yet at this moment, two lifeboats carrying british marines came rowing over; one on the left, and one on the right. The red and white uniforms of those british marines were starkly striking, and the two waves of contestants clearly harboured ill intent.

Naturally, Brother Black exhibited his supremacy at this instant. Utilizing the far effective range and lethal damage of his ‘SN-9 Wasp’ pistol, he rained down lethal damages from afar. His 49 agility boundary demonstrated its superior oppression. Although three other long range combatants engaged in retaliation, with Reef guarding, Mogensha remained calm and fired intermittently. Before it could sail a hundred metres in, one of the lifeboats was decimated into ruins! As for the british marines on board, he had slayed 7-8 of them!

When the other lifeboat arrived, it had to face burst shots from Mogensha’s AK. His high frequency bombardment repeatedly conjured out viperwolf spirits at the opposing lifeboat. Those savage creatures were a tremendous pain in their arse, but the three contestants on board remained stubborn in their attempt to approach, as they counter fired repeatedly. Yet in the end, their lifeboat quickly halted thirty metres away from Sheyan’s crew; not a single sound of life remained.

This time, Brother Black refused to permit them to flee. Displaying a full plethora of killing methods, he gunned those three stubborn contestants. Despite that, only a single blood key was dropped, of which he casually tossed to Sheyan; besides, Sheyan hadn’t accomplished his military mission yet. Witnessing the formidability of the trio, the originally sullen pirates unanimously cheered as their morale resonated greatly in response.

However at this instant, Brother Black suddenly discovered another lifeboat looming it like a black spectre; borrowing the camouflage of the thick fog and wreckages. That lifeboat carried fiendish looking pirates, while silently encroaching within a 30 metres radius of them. Although, that lifeboat similarly carried pirates, malicious intent could be seen from their conduct.

Mogesha’s pupils instantly contracted, as he aimed his rifle in preparation to fire. Instead, Sheyan stalled him and issued insipidly.

"I intentionally allowed them to approach, don’t you feel that our present crew is rather lacking?"

When both lifeboats drifted within 10 metres of each other, violent yells erupted from the opposite side. Soon after, a dozen plus grappling ropes were flung over, and hooked against the broadside of Sheyan’s boat. Afterwards, a group of pirates howled fanatically as they swung across.

These pirates were clearly a tier above Sheyan’s current underlings. Most of them were half-naked, while the rest were dressed in terribly tattered clothes. The hostile pirates appeared rather strong, and were equipped with sharp weapons. Some of the charging pirates were biting daggers, while some had thick eyeshadows on their single eyes. As they fought, the pirates bared their rotten yellowish teeth; teeth with receding gum as though their skeletons were decomposing!

As Sheyan beheld his uninvited truculent guests, he realized they boasted of a quality superior to his group of intermingled pirates. According to Sheyan’s reckoning, even if these pirates were of the ordinary tier, they could still be compared to the elites of the Bell and Mug previously.

Besides, Sheyan couldn’t be the only one bestowed with luck and opportunities. It appears that this stealthily encroaching contestant, was also not a simple rookie of this world. Moreover, that contestant should have had already established a basic footing in this world.

Signalling a gesture to Reef to hold the frontlines, a glimmer twinkled on his neck as he once again attained the summit of 49 points of strength. Striding forward in large steps, he began charging towards the incoming flock of pirates! At present, a disheveled hair pirate squawked wildly, as he raised his hatchet to chop towards Sheyan’s head!

With keen eyes and rapid hands, Sheyan seized the pirate’s wrist and squeezed it tightly!

Kacha! Kacha! Crackings emitted from the pirate’s wrist, as he released a shrilling groan.

Pang! His hatchet then crashed onto the deck. Sheyan grabbed his neck, before hurling him towards the nearby few pirates with ease. Instantaneously, a group of pirates tumbled into a mess.

Prying on the blindspot of Sheyan’s back, two hostile pirates raised their broadswords and thrusted forth. Sheyan spun round, as the two broadswords stabbed into his chest, but failed to pierce even an inch into his flesh. Instead, the broadswords were clamped forcefully by his muscles; incapable of neither retreating not advancing.

The eyes of both pirates popped largely, as though they had just seen a ghost. With horrified shouts, they desired to toss aside their weapons and flee. Instead, Sheyan reached out both hands, and seized their heads; one right and one left. Then, he smashed them together, allowing the two pirates to stagger around intoxicatedly in circles, before slumping to the ground.

Meanwhile, Reef who had invaded into the onslaught of enemies had unleashed his ‘Shattering Cardiac Roar’. Instantly, with him as the nexus, the concentrated mass of pirates who had successfully boarded were engulfed.

Within a split second, a dozen pirates were submerged into a speed decline state after Reef’s roar, as they stumbled forward dizzily as though they were seasick.

Though the pirates of Sheyan’s side did not possess reliable strength, they still possessed instincts of ganking fallen enemies. In a flurry; roars, digging of eyes, hooking ears, immortals plucking peaches, punches, kicks, worthless maneuvering broke out, as they beated those unlucky victims into a pulp!

The opposing contestants were stupefied as they spectated; many of their members hadn’t even attained 40 points in their highest attribute, how would they even imagine the prospect of encountering such valiant freaks here? The closest comparison would be this – when the trio encountered Prince Stalo’s gang back in the Avatar world. They were seemingly oppressed in all aspects in raw power!

At this moment, seeing that the state of affair was going awry, a contestant on the opposite boat roused his arms fiercy as he shouted.

"Where do your guts come from? Where does your fighting spirit hail from? The bravery of the Vikings be with you all! Aye, sons of vikings; may the enemies tremble under the indomitable name of pirate Captain Lasaike!"

Hearing that contestant’s rally, the hostile pirates swelled up with courage as they howled crudely while charging fiercely. That shout was evidently an impressive buff, and it seemed like the reputation of that so called ‘Lasaike’ wasn’t low at all.

Facing the dangerous counterattack of this so called ‘Lasaike’, Sheyan sneered. He shot out his hand and seized the foremost invading pirate, before leaping towards an elevated spot. Then, he single handedly raised this pirate ringleader up high, and bellowed thunderously towards his own pirates.

"Tell those fools. Whom are they contending against???!"

The pirate underlings of Sheyan instantly roared with ludicrous adrenaline.

"You smugs dare offend the dignity of the Flying Dutchman! Davy Jones will constrict yer souls with his tentacles!!!"

"Aye, Seaman Yan from the east will carve yer eyeballs out, and stuff them in yer testicles~, Argghhhahaha."

"Scurvy dogs, have ye not heard of the legendary warships?"



No doubt, the prestige of the three legendary pirate ships had long been engraved deep into people’s hearts, and spoken with true terror during storytelling at taverns! Compared to the brilliance of the Flying Dutchman, that one hailed as the ‘Sons of Vikings’, Lasaike, was totally reduced to a nameless small clown!

The morale of the raiding pirates instantly plunged, as their eyes beamed with horror. Sheyan easily shoved his captured pirate into the area congested with the most people, before he bellowed loudly.

"Trying to rob me??? HAHAHA! Do you really wish to contend against me, the Third Mate of the Flying Dutchman? Do you dare to make me, Seaman Yan from the east, your enemy??? Even the mighty viking, Scarface Harry, was slain by my hands, even the Voodoo cult’s Decaying Undead was trampled by me! You lot truly have a death wish!"

The fighting spirit of the raiding pirates waned once again, while private whispers could be heard.

"Look at that yellow skin, he be truly Seaman Yan from the mysterious east!!"

"Me ears have heard before, though the crew of the Flyin’ Dutchman suffered a devilish curse, they remain half a man. Once in awhile, they would come ashore to engage in dealings....but it be fabled, the position of Third Mate remains permanently empty!"