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The Ultimate Evolution

Author:Volume Of Soil

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I traverse along the pathway of darkness and imagination… Entering the realm born by human imaginations… Challenging Harry Potter’s magic, commanding the great Pirates of the Caribbean Terminating the Terminator’s strength, tearing apart the Matrix’s Hallucination Virus is my slave Endurance my inheritance Growing and hunting in the boundless universe Breaking through boundaries in a mysterious space Desiring evil, conspiracy and betrayer. Who can redeem what was already lost In a battle of demons who can leave an immortal legacy A declining Trump card, Final evolution! I’m… on a journey! We are one!
《The Ultimate Evolution》 Volume 1
Chapter 1: Returning after hunting whales
Chapter 2: Living with great joy, dying with no regrets
Chapter 3: Blood and Anger!
Chapter 4: The gorge between life and death
Chapter 5: Battle against enemy and friend!
Chapter 6: Break away and violently escape!
Chapter 7: Fate!
《The Ultimate Evolution》 Volume 2
Chapter 1: Los Angeles 1984
Chapter 2: Sudden Danger
Chapter 3: King of Gambling
Chapter 4: Terrifying digital transformation
Chapter 5: Death on all sides
Chapter 6: Nightclub and the black market
Chapter 7: Using a Bullet as payment
Chapter 8: Refracted death
Chapter 9: Desperate state!
Chapter 10: Counterattack
Chapter 11: If you’re not dead, I won’t feel safe!
Chapter 12: Temptation
Chapter 13: Kill!
Chapter 14: Cornered!
Chapter 15: Death match
Chapter 16: You’ve been Terminated
Chapter 17: The lethal weapon from 49 years later
Chapter 18: Greedy snake wishes to swallow an elephant!
Chapter 19: The secret behind the title
Chapter 20: Baiting poison!
Chapter 21: Ruthlessness
Chapter 22: Rewards and anticipations
Chapter 23: Extortion and blackmail
Chapter 24: Perfect restoration!
Chapter 25: Chasing and Killing
Chapter 26: The traffic accident story of a turkey on Thanksgiving day
Chapter 27: Panic at the supermarket!
Chapter 28: Return
Chapter 29: Suspicions and reward
Chapter 30: Accidental reaping
Chapter 31: Expert scrolls!
Chapter 32: That damned prick is over there!
Chapter 33: Ravaged, Dried, and Rotten.
Chapter 34: Killing and Chasing
Chapter 35: Accidental reapings
Chapter 36: Foreshadowing from space
Chapter 37: Return
《The Ultimate Evolution》 Volume 3
Chapter 1: Three Legendary Warships
Chapter 2: Dishonest business!
Chapter 3: Arm wrestling
Chapter 4: Interview
Chapter 5: Pirate’s test
Chapter 5: Insane Duel
Chapter 7: Ammand’s Plot
Chapter 8: Movement and Confusion
Chapter 9: Rushing Undercurrents
Chapter 10: Edward’s fifth series golden pound sterling
Chapter 11: Reason
Chapter 12: Each harbouring ulterior motives
Chapter 13: Importance of Charm
Chapter 14: Milestone achieved!
Chapter 15: Historic Battle Scenario
Chapter 16: Naval assault!!
Chapter 17: Pitfall
Chapter 18: Thousands cannot pass!
Chapter 19: Vying for power! Chop Off
Chapter 20: Ammand’s Ploy
Chapter 21: Sheyan’s ploy
Chapter 22: Scheming Battle
Chapter 23: Black coloured mission!
Chapter 24: Number 1 on the battlefield!
Chapter 25: I-shape Metal Dissolution Liquid Mixture
Chapter 26: Gamble
Chapter 27: Pirate Congregation
Chapter 28: Chance Romantic Encounter
Chapter 29: Vile Heart of a Young Married Woman
Chapter 30: Cunning Framing
Chapter 31: Old Beast Versus Cheapskate
Chapter 32: Soul Equpiment
Chapter 33: Whimpers of a Departed Spirit
Chapter 34: Concealed trap
Chapter 35: Apparition!
Chapter 36: Witch’s howl
Chapter 37: Alchemist
Chapter 38: Bait and Fishermen
Chapter 39: Decaying grieve
Chapter 40: The Truth and Poaching
Chapter 41: Fury
Chapter 42: Confusion
Chapter 43: Real intention is revealed in the end
Chapter 44: Good Brother
Chapter 45: Castle
Chapter 46: Prison!
Chapter 47: Sickening Torture
Chapter 48: Servant
Chapter 49: Verbal Sparring
Chapter 50: Words like Daggers
Chapter 51: Bloody Mechanism
Chapter 52: Desperation
Chapter 53: Dissension
Chapter 54: Break, break, break, explode!
Chapter 55: A letter to home
Chapter 56: A letter to home
Chapter 57: Harvest and Decision
Chapter 58: Offering
Chapter 59: Establishing oneself
Chapter 60: Paying a visit
Chapter 61: The Sword’s companion
Chapter 62: Enormous danger
Chapter 63: Octopus Paul, roulette gambling
Chapter 64: Black Ambition!
Chapter 65: Killing in anger
Chapter 66: Fearsome Ambition!
Chapter 67: Gradual clarity
Chapter 68: Victory is Paul, Defeat is Paul
Chapter 69: Tie
Chapter 70: Curse
Chapter 71: Return
Chapter 72: Allocating
Chapter 73: Deal
Chapter 74: The secret of lvl 4!
Chapter 75: Qing Hua University graduation certificate
Chapter 76: A real man has emotions
Chapter 77: The most efficient tracking method
Chapter 78: Directly combating the root of the problem
Chapter 79: Endless spirited Vodka!
Chapter 80: Illegal immigration
Chapter 81: Bullet and daggers as payment
Chapter 82: A grenade triggering assault
Chapter 83: Colliding straight on
Chapter 84: Borrowed might
《The Ultimate Evolution》 Volume 4
Chapter 1: The most unfavourable news!
Chapter 2: Audition
Chapter 3: Two paths
Chapter 4: Strangely passing
Chapter 5: Jobberknoll
Chapter 6: Raging hatchet
Chapter 7: Disguising as insane
Chapter 8: Bowtruckle!
Chapter 9: Hagrid’s weakness
Chapter 10: Foiled plan
Chapter 11: Troll
Chapter 12: Hunt or be hunted
Chapter 13: Conform to the arrangement
Chapter 14: Terrifying mountain troll
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16: Head on
Chapter 17: Dealing a heavy blow
Chapter 18: Tree club turning into a meat stick
Chapter 19: Tree Toss of Slaying
Chapter 20: Blind
Chapter 21: Rebel
Chapter 22: Complete suppression!
Chapter 23: You are selfish
Chapter 24: 2nd class legendary creature!!!
Chapter 25: Violent clash!
Chapter 26: A hard earned victory!
Chapter 27: Framing
Chapter 28: Suspicion
Chapter 29: Eye of truth
Chapter 30: Troll’s…..
Chapter 31: Entering Diagon alley
Chapter 32: 10 minutes and an afternoon
Chapter 33: Superiority
Chapter 33: Superiority
Chapter 34: Party’s superior advantage
Chapter 35: A race that disregarded charm
Chapter 36: Centaur disaster
Chapter 37: Entice
Chapter 38: Thriving ‘Ambition’
Chapter 39: Death of Hertz Ruhr.Shuin
Chapter 40: Bumper harvest
Chapter 41: Beautifying centaur liver
Chapter 42: Ten thousand years imprisoned demon
Chapter 43: Finger and key
Chapter 44: Betrayal
Chapter 44: Betrayal
Chapter 45: Golden AK
Chapter 46: Diaz enters
Chapter 47: Burst shot so what?
Chapter 48: Sadako Yamamura
Chapter 49: Fairy’s praise
Chapter 50: Lethal Karabiner vs Golden Ak!
Chapter 51: Venter’s death
Chapter 52: Mogensha’s pain
Chapter 53: The Professor’s return
Chapter 54: Blood sucking bat
Chapter 55: Tangling devil’s snare
Chapter 56: White stone warriors!
Chapter 57: Ice rock bar
Chapter 58: Metal digestive system
Chapter 59: Deadly trap! Formidable endurance!!
Chapter 60: I bet daddy here can last longer than you!
Chapter 61: Beautiful bones
Chapter 62: Philosopher’s stone!!!
Chapter 63: Death Breath!
Chapter 64: Unknown strange object
Chapter 65: Imperial remnant
Chapter 66: That demon……
Chapter 67: Huge bumper harvest!
Chapter 68: It is him
Chapter 69: Heavenly servant
Chapter 70: I want…..
Chapter 71: Second lieutenant
Chapter 72: Origins of strange objects
Chapter 73: Try touching me
Chapter 74: Black-iron title
Chapter 75: Street racing
Chapter 76: Monstrous fighting spirit
Chapter 77: Untitled
Chapter 78: Rank 6 scroll!
Chapter 79: A different scroll, a different ability
Chapter 80: It’s my first time…….
Chapter 81: Equipment ordering?
Chapter 81: Equipment ordering?
《The Ultimate Evolution》 Volume 5
Chapter 1: Spraying and Evading
Chapter 2: Relieving
Chapter 3: Power struggle
Chapter 4: You’re stronger than him!
Chapter 5: Jinkuang’s prestige.
Chapter 6: District storyline
Chapter 7: Hidden mission
Chapter 8: Primary collaboration
Chapter 9: Rupture
Chapter 10: Never giving up!
Chapter 11: Parting ways
Chapter 12: The other option.
Chapter 13: Arachnids internal strife?
Chapter 14: Another legendary creature
Chapter 15: Three fists and one gun!
Chapter 16: Hydralisk and Zergling Barbeque party
Chapter 17: Poison, Cheap pricing and individual taxes
Chapter 18: A surge of thousands!
Chapter 19: Matchless blaze
Chapter 20: Huge advantage
Chapter 21: Surrender and survivors
Chapter 22: The ambushed arachnids
Chapter 23: Battle origins
Chapter 24: Brood war
Chapter 25: 5 minute bloodbath
Chapter 26: Retaliation in steel and fire
Chapter 27: A thread of hope
Chapter 28: Ploy
Chapter 29: Spore slaughter
Chapter 30: Formidable Overmind
Chapter 31: Zergling commander
Chapter 32: Purchasing mercenaries
Chapter 33: Unexpected internal enemies
Chapter 34: Black brothers vomiting blood…..
Chapter 35: Ruling the space
Chapter 36: A sliver of hope
Chapter 37: Plotting and counter schemes
Chapter 38: Soul equipment
Chapter 39: Uncommon elite surprise attack!
Chapter 40: A minute probability: Silver key!
Chapter 41: Choice
Chapter 42: Farsighted
Chapter 43: Terrifying Reef
Chapter 44: Hydralisk earnings
Chapter 45: Of course we snatch!
Chapter 46: Trying out, first collaboration
Chapter 47: Definite target
Chapter 48: An accidental ally
Chapter 49: Spore highland
Chapter 50: Danger lurks on every side
Chapter 51: Heavily obstructed
Chapter 52: Crisis!
Chapter 53: Dark gold…..power!
Chapter 54: Crushing, rapid dispatch!!
Chapter 55: Arduous triumph
Chapter 56: Pursue and being pursued
Chapter 57: Victory
Chapter 58: A perfect mission
Chapter 59: Choose 2 out of 5
Chapter 60: Giving up and returning
Chapter 61: Strength and reward.
Chapter 62: Establishing party mission??
Chapter 63: Method to awaken the innate
Chapter 64: Bar’s lethal weapon
Chapter 65: Following the vine to find the melon
Chapter 66: Killing 1 in 10 steps
Chapter 67: Brittle bones
Chapter 68: Katana