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The Strongest System


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Yours Truly shall have all of you bow down to me! Arriving in this brand-new world, Lin Fan found himself in possession of a system which allows him to level up indefinitely unbounded by the limitations of this world. Upon learning a powerful technique of Monkey Steals Peaches, Lin Fan realises that he’s poised to literally become the strongest person in this entire world. But of course, how boring would that be unless the whole world gets to know about his great name? Shameless. Righteous. Smart. Lin Fan will let no one (or balls) stand in his way to glory! Hilarious for all the wrong reasons and exciting for all the right ones, this novel will definitely have you roaring out in laughter and set your blood pumping all at the same time. Join us in this rollercoaster of a masterpiece with Lin Fan and his trusty sidekicks as he shows the world what it truly means to be YOURS TRULY. There is a person, whose entire life is a legend. There is a person, whose extraordinariness radiates from his brows There is a person, his name is Lin Fan. Everybody: “Lin Fan, I want to have your babies.” A dominating life of unrestrained swag needs no explanation. 最强的系统
《The Strongest System》 Text
Chapter 1: Let Me Level Up
Chapter 2: A Bunch of Trash Come Hit Me
Chapter 3: The World’s Most Terrifying Martial Arts
Chapter 4: Crushing All Balls In Sight
Chapter 5: Leveling up Like a Rocket
Chapter 6: Senior-Brother, One Step at a Time
Chapter 7: Senior-brother, You are a Gracious Person
Chapter 8: The Pig Roaming in the Beginner’s Zone
Chapter 9: You’re Truly a Peerless Genius That Only Appears Once Every Thousands of Years
Chapter 10: Senior-brother, Please Wait
Chapter 11: Not Conceding, So Just Do it
Chapter 12: Can you give me a chance?
Chapter 13: This Rhythm is Quite Good
Chapter 14: Fake Crying, Bring Out Their Hidden Potential
Chapter 15: This Cookie From the Heavens, I Won’t Tell Anyone
Chapter 16: Unlocking Professions
Chapter 17: A Weakling That Only Gave Ten Experience Points
Chapter 18: Senior Brother Licks Crazily
Chapter 19: This Junior Brother is a bit Cold
Chapter 20: Professions, I will fight you to the death.
Chapter 21: Legendary Weapon: Nine-Five Red Brick
Chapter 22: A Weapon Salesman is About to be Born
Chapter 23: Isn’t This a Loss?
Chapter 24: My Fellow Two Brothers Hurry up Smash Me to Death with Your Circulation Pills
Chapter 25: Senior Brother You May Not Insult My Intelligence
Chapter 26: Your junior brother isn’t that kind of person
Chapter 27: I Will Do It…I Will Do It
Chapter 28: What Can You Do?
Chapter 29: Unyielding Willpower
Chapter 30: Successfully Faking My Death
Chapter 31: Another Genius Falls
Chapter 32: Not Even Letting this Mutt Go
Chapter 33: Granddaddy is Here
Chapter 34: A Good Example of Serving the People
Chapter 35: The Flat Airport became a hill
Chapter 36: Thank You Two For the Hospitality, I will Return the Favor in the Future
Chapter 37: Everyone going all out
Chapter 38: High on Medicine
Chapter 39: Discriminating Martial Skills
Chapter 40: I am now a Senior
Chapter 41: Are You Scared or Not?
Chapter 42: Such…an experiment
Chapter 43: This time I really am digging my own grave
Chapter 44: Lin Fan Becomes a Teacher
Chapter 45: You are what I say you are
Chapter 46: Can’t You See The Main Point
Chapter 47: How Can The Qualities Of These Teachers Be Compared With Mine?
Chapter 48: Acting Superior, Will Make You Suffer
Chapter 49: Lin Fan’s Honorable Teacher Image Leaves a Deep Impression on Others
Chapter 50: Crushing You All from the Highest Point of Morality
Chapter 51: Brightest Figure That Shines on All
Chapter 52: Mysterious Hidden Arts
Chapter 53: Righteous, selfless, loving
Chapter 54: Master’s Empowerment
Chapter 55: Advance, My Babies
Chapter 56: This Danger is Quite Huge
Chapter 57: This Is What A Man Should Do
Chapter 58: The Most Perfect Masterpiece Within This World
Chapter 59: This Pain Is Like A Tide, A Wave After Wave
Chapter 60: New Skill: Enlightenment
Chapter 61: Physical Experience Is Better Than Words
Chapter 62: It Doesn't Matter If You All Believe It or Not, I Believe It
Chapter 63: Ruler of Love
Chapter 64: All Sides Making Their Moves
Chapter 65: Luckily, My Mind is Better
Chapter 66: Heartache, Student’s Betrayal
Chapter 67: If I Don’t Enter Hell, Who Will?
Chapter 68: Rescue Operation
Chapter 69: Senior Sister, You’re So Beautiful
Chapter 70: Soaring, Earth-shakin
Chapter 71: Tragic Huang Xiaochun
Chapter 72: Explaining Future Plans
Chapter 73: The Auction Truly Begins
Chapter 74: Ancient God Pills Are Naturally Not the Same
Chapter 75: I Will Make You Cry
Chapter 76: Leveling Like Crazy
Chapter 77: Returning to the Sect
Chapter 78: Swearing to the Heavens
Chapter 79: A Storm is Brewing
Chapter 80: The Chaos Begins
Chapter 81: No Where to Go, Can Only Fight
Chapter 82: The Cowardly Disciples
Chapter 83: Miserable Battle
Chapter 84: Let Loose, Lin Fan
Chapter 85: Using the Title, the Last Eruption
Chapter 86: Death is Not Scary (End of Act 1)
Chapter 87: Two Choices
Chapter 88: Official Integration
Chapter 89: Redeeming Myself, Cheapness Doesn't Change
Chapter 90: Persuading Some is Still Something
Chapter 91: I Am Just Looking For Some Weed Removers
Chapter 92: Crying Without Tears
Chapter 93: Zhang Ergou's Tragic Life
Chapter 94: A Bug-like Way of Making Pills
Chapter 95: No Trading Equals No Pains
Chapter 96: Very Strange
Chapter 97: Don't Ask Me How I Know
Chapter 98: Remember, Say What You Can Do
Chapter 99: Self-Created Inhumane Martial Skill
Chapter 100: Expressing Condolences
Chapter 101: The Truest Side
Chapter 102: Every word is the truth of my heart.
Chapter 103: Utter Defeat
Chapter 104: The rise of the Night Bandit.
Chapter 105: Birth of the Miracle Pill
Chapter 106: The violence of Ye Shaotian
Chapter 107: It's truly that godly?
Chapter 108: I am relieved to remove the Unspeakable Flaw of my Junior Disciple
Chapter 109: The secret of the Treasure Map of the Seven Saints
Chapter 110: Imparting The Four Supreme Techniques
Chapter 111: The Deeply Touched Ye Shaotian
Chapter 112: It Pains Yours Truly So.
Chapter 113: Godd*mmit! Would Someone Just Believe?
Chapter 114: Junior Brother! Kick His Little Nuggets!
Chapter 115: Patronage of the Ten Geniuses of the Outer Sect
Chapter 116: Extreme Pill Cultivation Skills
Chapter 117: An Earth Shattering Fart.
Chapter 118: Indignant Lin Fan
Chapter 119: Servant Disciple? In Your Dreams.
Chapter 120: Once Again, The Great Actor Appears.
Chapter 121: A Touching Speech
Chapter 122: Danding Peak Can't Take It Lying.
Chapter 123: Junior Disciples Are Here
Chapter 124: That Sneaky Leg.
Chapter 125: Disrupting The Order
Chapter 126: An Elite Strikes
Chapter 127: F*ck! That's All?
Chapter 128: The Godly Kick
Chapter 129: True And Loyal
Chapter 130: If You Don't Understand, Blindly Gesticulate
Chapter 131: Jialan Peak
Chapter 132: Cold Senior Sister
Chapter 133: This Act, 10/10
Chapter 134: Wretched Three Of The Sect
Chapter 135: The Perfect Plan
Chapter 136: Small Matter
Chapter 137: Heaven and Earth Smelt
Chapter 138: I Want To Leave The Sect Grounds
Chapter 139: Difference In Treatment
Chapter 140: Yours Truly Shall Unlock Your Potential
Chapter 141: Zhang Ergou And Feng Bujue's Collaboration
Chapter 142: Handing Out Pills By Yours Truly
Chapter 143: This Tender Heaven And Earth
Chapter 144: Pleasurable Kills
Chapter 145: Level Up! LEVEL UP!
Chapter 146: Fusion Success
Chapter 147: Wrong Information
Chapter 148: Hurry Up And Play Dead!
Chapter 149: Incredible Fart
Chapter 150: I Refuse To Believe!
Chapter 151: Something Seems Off!
Chapter 152: Unbearable Scene
Chapter 153: Leveling Up Inhumanely
Chapter 154: That's Too Much, Young One
Chapter 155: High Speed Rapid Stomp
Chapter 156: First Lolita Disciple Of A Lifetime
Chapter 157: Glorious Return
Chapter 158: Never Be Tainted By The Sinful Culture
Chapter 159: Appearance Of A New Technique
Chapter 160: Something's Wrong With This Character
Chapter 161: Ultimate Hidden Skill: Air Flower Style Whipping
Chapter 162: Unkillable Indestructible
Chapter 163: What An Obedient Mie Qiongqi
Chapter 164: Failure Of A Master
Chapter 165: Hang To Whack
Chapter 166: You. F*cking. Kidding. Me?
Chapter 167: Yet Another Sleepless Night
Chapter 168: Touched To Tears
Chapter 169: One Can Only Be Strong If One Can Endure Loneliness
Chapter 170: One Must Not Be Too Cocky In Life
Chapter 171: You're Wrong
Chapter 172: Dare To Receive A Brick From Me?
Chapter 173: Did We Think Too Much?
Chapter 174: The Road To Zhang Ergou's Rise
Chapter 175: Ways Of A Good Host
Chapter 176: A Night Of Tension
Chapter 177: A Finger To Break All Skills
Chapter 178: This Piece Of Sky Belongs To Me
Chapter 179: Nothing To Look Forward To
Chapter 180: A Good Plan Is All That's Required To Take Down The World
Chapter 181: Six Swords Of Redemption
Chapter 182: Unsurpassable Plan
Chapter 183: No Eternity To Speak Of
Chapter 184: Demonic Grounds
Chapter 185: Reverse Blood
Chapter 186: Execute The Plan
Chapter 187: What's There To Feel?
Chapter 188: Eternal Inheritance
Chapter 189: Yours Truly Can See Through Your Tricks
Chapter 190: Thinking Too Much Is Costly Yet Again
Chapter 191: Something Terrifying Is Happening
Chapter 192: Men Left Women Right
Chapter 193: Touch For Yourself If You Do Not Believe
Chapter 194: The Wisdom Of Reversing Yin And Yang
Chapter 195: Forming His New Squad
Chapter 196: Supreme Being Token's Shard
Chapter 197: I Need To Talk To You
Chapter 198: Nirvana Finger
Chapter 199: Gong Bingye's Tremendous Pressure
Chapter 200: Slap Them And Give Them A Sweet
Chapter 201: Even Yours Truly Is Embarassed To Flaunt
Chapter 202: Different Ways To Let The Masses Adore
Chapter 203: Tuodi Shrine
Chapter 204: Kill First, Talk Later.
Chapter 205: Kneel In Front Of The Big BOSS!
Chapter 206: Bullshit Finally Meets Real Shit
Chapter 207: Torment One Another! Who's Afraid of Whom?
Chapter 208: You Can Feel Honoured About It
Chapter 209: The Mysterious Tuodi Shrine
Chapter 210: Robbery Once More
Chapter 211: Born In The Land Of Women
Chapter 212: Sinful And Mysterious Forest
Chapter 213: Whip On Your Body, Pain In My Heart
Chapter 214: Where's The Trust Between Humans?
Chapter 215: Ancient Beast
Chapter 216: Yet Another Breakout Act
Chapter 217: Living Forever In A Maiden's Heart
Chapter 218: Understanding The Firmament
Chapter 219: Fighting Cock Of A Phoenix
Chapter 220: Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
Chapter 221: Jade White Bones
Chapter 222: Let's See Who Is Trickier
Chapter 223: Disgrace Of A Chicken
Chapter 224: Fate Worse Than Death
Chapter 225: If I had to Kill, even I Would Be Afraid of Myself
Chapter 226: Injustice For The Masses
Chapter 227: A Most Brutal Whacking
Chapter 228: Mistakes of The Conniving Schemer
Chapter 229: Delicious Wonton
Chapter 230: Sh*t’s Powerful Ahead
Chapter 231: A Mighty Entrance to Lead the Atmosphere
Chapter 232: I Trust You
Chapter 233: I See The Future
Chapter 234: The Most Realistic Act
Chapter 235: Inhumane Treatment
Chapter 236: An Elaborate Ploy
Chapter 237: Seven Realms Bring You Comfort
Chapter 238: Unfortunate Attempt
Chapter 239: Earthshattering Secret
Chapter 240: Chicky, I Choose You!
Chapter 241: Magical Skill
Chapter 242: Descent Of A Godly Presence
Chapter 243: World Of Swords
Chapter 244: Disdain Of A King
Chapter 245: Different Encounters
Chapter 246: It Just Wants To Go Home
Chapter 247: Lin Fan: The Man Who Does Not Hanker for Fame and Fortune
Chapter 248: Mysterious B*tch
Chapter 249: Dead Demon City
Chapter 250: This Fart Is Poisonous
Chapter 251: Yao Wuxie: The Man With A Screw Loose
Chapter 252: A Shocking Event For Lin Fan
Chapter 253: What the Hell's Up With Unactivated?
Chapter 254: Giving In Way Too Much
Chapter 255: If You Can't Settle It, Call My Name
Chapter 256: Mysterious Gap
Chapter 257: Death Inducing Forbidden Ground
Chapter 258: We're Definitely Gonna Earn Big!
Chapter 259: Pitiful Fella
Chapter 260: Chicky Isn’t a Coward, You Refused to Let Chicky Up
Chapter 261: One Arm To Rule Them All
Chapter 262: A Final Song
Chapter 263: Give It My All
Chapter 264: Finally, Immortal Lin Fan
Chapter 265: So Strong It's Tiring
Chapter 266: Mythical Parasol Tree
Chapter 267: Roc's Breath
Chapter 268: It's A Tragedy!
Chapter 269: This World is Silly, Not Lin Fan
Chapter 270: It's...Him!
Chapter 271: Yours Truly is Not Afraid Of Touching!
Chapter 272: Final Move Of The Eternal Donger
Chapter 273: Millions of Sperms, Countless Impregnations
Chapter 274: You're Not Worthy of Yours Truly
Chapter 275: The Powerful Man In The Eyes Of Others
Chapter 276: Comeback of The Clumsy Yao Wuxie
Chapter 277: Something Seems to Be Off
Chapter 278: Huh? Straight For My Life?
Chapter 279: Filled With Loopholes
Chapter 280: A Chicken's Ploy
Chapter 281: Disgrace Of Jiuxiao Sect
Chapter 282: You Guys Break My Heart
Chapter 283: So Bedazzling, So Outstanding.
Chapter 284: An Honourable Man Like Myself Aint Afraid Of Death
Chapter 285: What A Marvellous View
Chapter 286: Lin Fan's Life of Dominance
Chapter 287: Demon Blood Emperor's Arm
Chapter 288: What A Bedazzling Palm!
Chapter 289: Peerless Demeanor
Chapter 290: Running Away After An Impressive Act
Chapter 291: Plentiful Rewards
Chapter 292: As Your Brother, I'm Late.
Chapter 293: Why Do These Keep Happening?
Chapter 294: World's Most Gutsy
Chapter 295: Vigorous Big Senior Brother
Chapter 296: No One Is Trash
Chapter 297: The Power Of Unity
Chapter 298: Battle Of The Strongest
Chapter 299: A Moment Of Despair
Chapter 300: Just A Punch
Chapter 301: We...Won!
Chapter 302: Momentary Peace Before The Great Calamity
Chapter 303: Totally Envious
Chapter 304: Not Much, Just Half
Chapter 305: So Bloody Wealthy!
Chapter 306: Shooting Keeps You Healthy
Chapter 307: Just Kidding
Chapter 308: Humiliation
Chapter 309: We're Here To Eat You Up
Chapter 310: What Sort of Treatment Is That?
Chapter 311: It's A Misunderstanding! We're Here To Congratulate!
Chapter 312: One More Outrageous Than The Other
Chapter 313: Feel Free To Try Me
Chapter 314: Mysterious Inn
Chapter 315: Let's Do It First
Chapter 316: Forever Taken As A Braggart
Chapter 317: A Time For All To Despair
Chapter 318: Turned To Dust With A Single Finger
Chapter 319: Too Damn Bloody Strong!
Chapter 320: Perfection Seeking Lin Fan
Chapter 321: The Life of The Escaping Flame Overlord With No Balls
Chapter 322: This Is A Tragic Story
Chapter 323: Big Brother, Why Are You Dragging Me Into The Woods?!?
Chapter 324: Unsatisfied Desires
Chapter 325: Trouble From The Past
Chapter 326: Lin Fan's Love Story
Chapter 327: Daddy...!
Chapter 328: Turn Into Dust
Chapter 329: Take Your Time, I'll Be Waiting
Chapter 330: Attacking Straight Up
Chapter 331: Something Horrifying Has Happened
Chapter 332: None Of Your Business
Chapter 333: Lin Fan: The Man With A Brain For Cultivation
Chapter 334: Come On Out, My Little Buddy
Chapter 335: Utter Breakdown Of The Blood Demon Emperor
Chapter 336: The Man At The Top Of The Food Chain
Chapter 337: The Hint Is There, But Where's The Person?
Chapter 338: F*cking Hell Of A Night
Chapter 339: Lao Fengxiang For The Win
Chapter 340: Show-Off Of A Young Man
Chapter 341: Where's The Progress?
Chapter 342: Dont Ignore Me!
Chapter 343: Crushed...All Crushed!
Chapter 344: Turning Into A Pauper In The Blink Of An Eye
Chapter 345: Here Comes Divine Retribution.
Chapter 346: Some Ingredients For You
Chapter 347: Overbearing Lin Fan
Chapter 348: Taking Down The Heavens
Chapter 349: Shoot Through You
Chapter 350: Stubborn After All This Time
Chapter 351: A Wise Little Girl
Chapter 352: What's Up?
Chapter 353: This Would Be An Interesting Affair
Chapter 354: Chicky With Lady Luck's Blessings
Chapter 355: Overrun The Four Seas With A Single Head Toss
Chapter 356: The Opportunity Presents Itself
Chapter 357: Where's The Promised Plan?
Chapter 359: One Should Definitely Be Shocked
Chapter 360: Leave Once The Deed Is Done
Chapter 361: Ancient Demon Grounds
Chapter 362: Demon God Bloodline
Chapter 363: Found Yet Another Secret Chamber
Chapter 364: Why Are There Perverted F*cks Everywhere Yours Truly's At?!
Chapter 365: Unparalleled Fighting Will
Chapter 366: Shooting Sh*t And Pee
Chapter 367: Do You Dare To Give Me A Few Minutes
Chapter 368: Fight If You're Indignant, Who's Afraid Of Whom?
Chapter 369: Borrowing This To Break The Barrier!
Chapter 370: Never Should Have Existed In This Era
Chapter 371: The Geniuses Strike.
Chapter 372: Whacked The Moment He Comes Out
Chapter 373: Your Body? I Want It.
Chapter 374: A Move That Destroys The Balance Of The World
Chapter 375: Spewing Blood Out Of Excitement
Chapter 376: And Chicky Follows In The Footsteps Of His Master
Chapter 377: Return To Glory Sect Once More
Chapter 378: Complete Breakdown.
Chapter 379: Lost In The Mysterious Grounds
Chapter 380: How Many Brain Cells Died For This?!
Chapter 381: What Are You Trying To Do?!
Chapter 382: Who Could Mess Around From Now On?
Chapter 383: Super Duper Strong Right Now
Chapter 384: The Small Differences Between The Two Small Disciples
Chapter 385: Daddy Watches Over Me (1)
Chapter 386: Daddy Watches Over Me (2)
Chapter 387: If I Say You Can, You Can.
Chapter 388: A Scene That's Hard To Understand
Chapter 389: Old Black Dog Finds His Fated Person
Chapter 390: You Wanna Get To F*ck the Ground Once More?
Chapter 391: Slowly Poke On
Chapter 392: Shoot Down Your Eyes!
Chapter 393: Suppress
Chapter 394: Lin Fan, Who's Bored Of Insulting
Chapter 395: Walking Gold Mine
Chapter 396: Say Something, Supreme Being Senior!
Chapter 397: Life Fluid
Chapter 398: Back Again.
Chapter 399: TEACHER......!
Chapter 400: Suppressing With A Single Palm Flip.
Chapter 401: Don’t Insult My Family Technique!
Chapter 402: Start Shivering
Chapter 403: How Could He Have Not Known Something So Simple?
Chapter 404: Heaven-Piercing Treasure Aura
Chapter 405: Prepare For A Big F*cking
Chapter 406: Spectacular.