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The Strongest Gene


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Updates:Chapter 273: Do You Want to Leave?

Chen Feng, of modern earth, had suffered bad luck since birth. After finding the legendary “lucky artifact,” his bad luck peaked and he became the only person killed in an earthquake. By a twist of fate, he found himself transmigrated into a different and magical world! A world much larger than earth. A world only partially explored due to the dangers within. A world where human civilization centered around genes. In this world, human beings possessed all sorts of abilities due to genetic fusion. Some went on to create world-changing technologies with their mysterious genetic abilities, while others went on to become undefeated genetic warriors with their combat genetic abilities. How will Chen Feng fare in this new world? 最强基因
《The Strongest Gene》 Text
Chapter 1: The Magical World
Chapter 2: This Location Was Somewhat Scary
Chapter 3: Erupt!
Chapter 4: To Hell with It!
Chapter 5: The Magical Gene Production Techniques
Chapter 6: Youngster Wang Yue!
Chapter 7: Killing Intent
Chapter 8: Gene Rookie Competition
Chapter 9: Deliveryman
Chapter 10: King Kong’s Anger
Chapter 11: Outstanding Gene
Chapter 12: Unexpected Mutation!
Chapter 13: Chen Feng’s Anger
Chapter 14: This Is Not Scientific
Chapter 15: Professor Tao’s Second Spring
Chapter 16: Soft Knife
Chapter 17: Assassination
Chapter 18: Extremely Expensive Gene!
Chapter 19: Can’t Escape from Own Crime!
Chapter 20: Luck Value Test
Chapter 21: Gene Warehouse
Chapter 22: Why Be So Petty and Low after Rebirth
Chapter 23: Restriction
Chapter 24: Thundersnake Gene
Chapter 25: The So-Called Metaphysics
Chapter 26: Secret Art Fusion!
Chapter 27: Graduation Cultivation Trip
Chapter 28: Rampage
Chapter 29: The Tyrannical School!
Chapter 30: This Gamble Is Profitable!
Chapter 31: Alarming Change: Purgatory!
Chapter 32: The Only Lifeline
Chapter 33: Frying up a Group of Salted Fishes
Chapter 34: Blood Devouring Metamorphosis
Chapter 35: Mastermind
Chapter 36: Dancing on the Tip of a Sword
Chapter 37: Three Years Start
Chapter 38: Five-Star Formula!
Chapter 39: A Day Full of Surprises
Chapter 40: The Strongest Gene!
Chapter 41: Chen Feng’s Path
Chapter 42: Gene Strengthening!
Chapter 43: Hunting Wind Foxes
Chapter 44: Your Bloodline Might Be Fake
Chapter 45: Confrontation at the Danger Zone
Chapter 46: Who Is the Actual Freak?
Chapter 47: All-Around Improvement!
Chapter 48: Becoming a Monk
Chapter 49: Depths of the Frigid Pond
Chapter 50: Life and Death Domain
Chapter 51: Breaking through the limit!
Chapter 52: You All Must Have Gone Insane
Chapter 53: Gene Virus
Chapter 54: Virus Killer!
Chapter 55: Who Are You?
Chapter 56: Strongest F-Class Gene?
Chapter 57: Sales Event
Chapter 58: Taking Loans Due to Poverty
Chapter 59: The Bloody Case Caused by a Mutated Gene
Chapter 60: Gaining Publicity from Hype
Chapter 61: Ambitious
Chapter 62: The True Thundersnake Gene!
Chapter 63: Banned!
Chapter 64: Throwing Stones on Someone Who Fell into a Well
Chapter 65: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 66: Gene Evaluation
Chapter 67: Regretting Past Actions
Chapter 68: Counterattack!
Chapter 69: Covering the Skies with One Hand!
Chapter 70: Chen Feng’s Killing Intent
Chapter 71: Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down
Chapter 72: The Final Craziness!
Chapter 73: First Place!
Chapter 74: Illusionary Snake’s Scale
Chapter 75: Aurora
Chapter 76: You're on Your Own Now
Chapter 77: Illusionary Snake
Chapter 78: Peculiar Combat Method
Chapter 79: King Yan
Chapter 80: Danger at Every Step
Chapter 81: Shen Yi’s Death
Chapter 82: The Real Mysterious Person
Chapter 83: Are You Scared of Marquee?
Chapter 84: First Fusion Reagent
Chapter 85: Shen Wei
Chapter 86: The First Performance of Myriad Illusions
Chapter 87: Blood Shadow
Chapter 88: I Won’t Fight Him
Chapter 89: Comfortable
Chapter 90: 3-Star Secret Art
Chapter 91: Lava Giant
Chapter 92: Let’s Create Midgets Together
Chapter 93: Really Dare to Act?
Chapter 94: Favor of Words
Chapter 95: Failure
Chapter 96: A Mystical Ability
Chapter 97: Blood Lesson
Chapter 98: Ambush
Chapter 99: Green Skeleton
Chapter 100: Murderous Intent Soaring the Skies
Chapter 101: The Furious Chen Feng
Chapter 102: Greendragon Gene!
Chapter 103: Unexpected Gains?
Chapter 104: War Preparations!
Chapter 105: Never-Before-Seen Registration Details
Chapter 106: Must Obtain One of Them
Chapter 107: Succeeding Forcefully
Chapter 108: Where Is the Problem?
Chapter 109: Ending the Problem in Its Infancy
Chapter 110: Digital Battle
Chapter 111: This Is My World!
Chapter 112: Total Annihilation
Chapter 113: If I Don't Kill You, I Will Cease to Be a Human!
Chapter 114: He Had Become a Bald Person; However, He Had to Become Stronger as Well!
Chapter 115: A Big Gift for You
Chapter 116: Wang Family’s Disaster
Chapter 117: The Gene Reagent with the Strongest Defense!
Chapter 118: Waiting for Failure
Chapter 119: Too Barbarous!
Chapter 120: Come, Come, Come, a Wave of Reports
Chapter 121: So What If They're Defective Materials?
Chapter 122: The Assembly of Geniuses!
Chapter 123: Final Evaluation!
Chapter 124: Who Is First Place?
Chapter 125: The Rise of the Model Student!
Chapter 126: Third Round!
Chapter 127: A Ridiculous Choice
Chapter 128: Icefox Formula
Chapter 129: The Rise of Huang He
Chapter 130: An Astonishing Accomplishment!
Chapter 131: Spectacular Finish
Chapter 132: Mu Yuan’s Love Story
Chapter 133: One’s Personal Glory!
Chapter 134: Rules of the Fourth Round!
Chapter 135: Bluebat Gene!
Chapter 136: The Bizarre Insta-Kill
Chapter 137: Insta-Killing Everyone!
Chapter 138: Final Confrontation!
Chapter 139: Sun Han’s Defense
Chapter 140: Too Shameless
Chapter 141: The Analyzed Chen Feng
Chapter 142: A Confrontation of Accumulation? Who’s Afraid!
Chapter 143: The Demon That Died in Infancy!
Chapter 144: Chen Feng on Offense!
Chapter 145: Triple Combo
Chapter 146: The Meaning of the Competition
Chapter 147: Hide and Seek
Chapter 148: Competing in Accumulation? Come at Me!
Chapter 149: Zhao Tian’s Firm Decision to Kill
Chapter 150: Who’s Killing Whom?
Chapter 151: The Opened Pandora's Box
Chapter 152: Tricked Chen Feng
Chapter 153: You Know Nothing about Strength
Chapter 154: Gene Armament!
Chapter 155: The Hidden Sinister of Yun Xiaoduo
Chapter 156: Troublemaker
Chapter 157: Before the Storm
Chapter 158: One Killing Move per Step
Chapter 159: Chen Feng’s Counter
Chapter 160: Demonic Fern Gene Reagent
Chapter 161: Taking a Leisurely Stroll
Chapter 162: Chen Feng’s Attack
Chapter 163: Qin Hai’s Secret
Chapter 164: What’s Chen Feng Planning to Do?
Chapter 165: Shall Never Be Enslaved!
Chapter 166: The Weight behind That Slash
Chapter 167: Glory of the Champion!
Chapter 168: New Authority
Chapter 169: Purifier!
Chapter 170: Sudden Change!
Chapter 171: Top 10 Reassembled
Chapter 172: One Accident after Another
Chapter 173: The Culprit
Chapter 174: No Mercy
Chapter 175: Natural Leader
Chapter 176: The Unveiled Mystery
Chapter 177: Star City!
Chapter 178: This Is Not a Counterfeit Product, Right?
Chapter 179: Limit Increase!
Chapter 180: Limit Breakthrough?
Chapter 181: Peril Rebirth!
Chapter 182: The Crazy Goal
Chapter 183: A Step Away!
Chapter 184: Master Producer!
Chapter 185: It’s You? The Scammer?
Chapter 186: Terrifying Genetic Ability!
Chapter 187: Overexcited Mode!
Chapter 188: Weather Attack
Chapter 189: So Unbridled!
Chapter 190: Target
Chapter 191: Unrivaled Mechanical War God!
Chapter 192: Dying in Such a Manner Is Truly…
Chapter 193: This Is Different from the Analysis!
Chapter 194: Final Form!
Chapter 195: Sorry
Chapter 196: The World’s Fastest Man!
Chapter 197: Who on Earth Are You?!
Chapter 198: Beneath the Ice
Chapter 199: Perilous Land
Chapter 200: A Single Reason Is Sufficient
Chapter 201: Chen Feng’s Plan
Chapter 202: Lifeline!
Chapter 203: New Discovery
Chapter 204: The Crazy Organization
Chapter 205: Absolute Guard!
Chapter 206: The Third Genetic Ability!
Chapter 207: Affecting Reality!
Chapter 208: The Furious Food
Chapter 209: You Forced Me
Chapter 210: You Guys Are Looking for Trouble
Chapter 211: Target Confirmed!
Chapter 212: Sneaking In
Chapter 213: Limit Breakthrough!
Chapter 214: Erupt: Energy Equipment!
Chapter 215: How Many Sets of Them Do You Have?
Chapter 216: The Crazy Reinforcements!
Chapter 217: Void Hacker
Chapter 218: Luck Aura Upgrade
Chapter 219: Forbidden Area!
Chapter 220: Frozen Sea Tundra
Chapter 221: Fangirl
Chapter 222: If We Are Going to Play, Let’s Make It Big
Chapter 223: The Cocky Chen Feng
Chapter 224: The Furious Pursuit!
Chapter 225: Karma
Chapter 226: Life Forms of the Snow Tundra
Chapter 227: The Legendary Fangirl
Chapter 228: Betrayal!
Chapter 229: A Terrifying Ability
Chapter 230: Bro, You Are Too Excessive!
Chapter 231: The Power of Dragon’s Skull
Chapter 232: The Unrivaled Qin Hai
Chapter 233: Heaven-Defying Combat Power!
Chapter 234: Giant Dragon Something…
Chapter 235: New Ability
Chapter 236: This Is Too IMBA
Chapter 237: Brother, Does This Scene Look Familiar?
Chapter 238: You Guys Are Not Idiots, Right?
Chapter 239: Improve!
Chapter 240: Alarming change
Chapter 241: Genetic Union’s Plan
Chapter 242: Old Acquaintance
Chapter 243: Escaping Methods
Chapter 244: Mysterious Village
Chapter 245: Soul
Chapter 246: Kill!
Chapter 247: Great Transformation
Chapter 248: The Crazy Demonic Figurine Collector
Chapter 249: Special Reward!
Chapter 250: Life...
Chapter 251: Certification
Chapter 252: Conquer
Chapter 253: Shall We Forget It?
Chapter 254: End of Certification!
Chapter 255: Charge!
Chapter 256: Producer Excellence Award!
Chapter 257: Excellence Rankings
Chapter 258: Research Paper’s Sale Begins!
Chapter 259: The Historic Pit!
Chapter 260: The Horror of the RNG Mechanism
Chapter 261: The Streamer with Superb Luck
Chapter 262: Fighting for First Place
Chapter 263: Mission Personnel Squad
Chapter 264: Alarming Discovery
Chapter 265: Blocking the Reinforcements?
Chapter 266: Struggle Against the Heavens!
Chapter 267: Alarming Change: Wu Hui’s Ability!
Chapter 268: The Strongest and Weakest Ability
Chapter 269: Wu Hui’s Battle: Cosmic Manifestation!
Chapter 270: No Mercy
Chapter 271: Mysterious Radiance
Chapter 272: Different Style and Can’t Get Along
Chapter 273: Do You Want to Leave?