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Chapter 70 – Who Next?

Ye Zifeng looked at Liu Mu and frowned, “Uncle Liu, you’re not trying to act as if this had never happened are you?”

Liu Bingqian was even more anxious than Ye Zifeng, “Father, How can you be like this?!”

Liu Mu gave his daughter a fierce glance.

“I won’t go back on my words but…. You said that you can beat everyone in Leizhou City expect Bingqian. Is that correct?”

Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but laughed. He knew what Liu Mu meant. His entire expression turned cold, “Even if it’s like this, you can’t get everyone to come and compete with me. Even if I compete until I die, I won’t be able to finish competing with everyone.”

Liu Mu laughed, “Of course not. Don’t worry about it. You only need to win once more. After that, I won’t find anymore excuses.”

“Father, you….” Liu Bingqian couldn’t stand idly and watch anymore. She wanted to yell at her dad but halfway through, she remember that Liu Mu was her dad and stopped.

Ye Zifeng glanced at Liu Mu, “If it’s like this, then I need to add something else to the bet. The first two months after the bet, the Liu clan will be our Ye clan’s ally. After that you will continue to remain neutral.” Ye Zifeng doesn’t like doing things like this without a good cause so he added something to the bet.

“This….” Liu Mu thought about it and nodded. If it’s only for two months then it’s not that big of a problem.

“Alright. I’ll accept.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Nice. Then who’s next?”

“Next?….. Hehe…..”

Liu Mu’s mouth curved up and revealed a cold smile.


He turned around and and told Liu Yige to get closer to him. He then whispered a few words. At first, Yige’s expression was fine but after a while, a shocked expression appeared on his face. He looked up at Ye Zifeng and also started to smile coldly.

Liu Yige coldly snorted, “Ye Zifeng. Just you wait.”

It was very clear that these two were conspiring about something.

“Big brother rough guy……” Liu Bingqian mumbled with a worried look on her face.

Since Ye Zifeng used 10 percent of the business channel as a bet to be able to go to the alchemy competition with her, she’ll feel guilty if he loses.

She can also see that Ye Zifeng really wanted to go to the competition with her to fulfill both of their promises. While thinking about this, she looked warmly at Ye Zifeng.

However, in Ye Zifeng’s mind, he was thinking about the Ye clan’s future. He wanted to win and have the Liu clan ally with his Ye clan. As for the competition, he wasn’t going for Liu Bingqian. He wanted to go for himself.

In a while, Liu Yige returned with a smile.

“Clan master, Miss Jing has arrived…..”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Oh? Who could it be this time?”

After saying that, Ye Zifeng watched as a small delicate white hand opened up the curtain leading into the room. He watched as a fine young lady walked in. She was wearing a white silk robe and had a very angelic appearance. However, Ye Zifeng can see how white her lips were and deduced that she had some sort of illness

“Jing-er greets uncle Liu…..”

“Miss Jing, there’s no need to be so polite. Sit!”

Liu Bingqian was startled and looked at her, “Senior sister, why are you here?”

The young lady was called Yang Jing. Like Bingqian, she was also the Old Devil Muyun’s disciple. She was younger than Bingqian but because she became the old devil’s disciple before Bingqian, she was Bingqian’s senior.

Yang Jing smiled, “Master old devil sent me here to pick you up for the alchemy competition. I wanted to go see you tomorrow but uncle Liu called me over saying that he needed my help in something.”

“Why did master want you to pick me up? You’re talking like I don’t know how to get there…..” Bingqian’s eyes were twinkling and was a bit worried.

Yang Jing bitterly laughed, “If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re scared of being last again and is always looking for excuses to not go, why would I need to come to Leizhou City?”

On the outside, it looked as if she was picking up Bingqian but in reality, she was making sure that Bingqian attends no matter what.

Thinking about her own history in the alchemy competition, she started to become ashamed of herself.


If this continued on, the conversation will become a reminisce talk between two teenage girls. Liu Mu noticed this and intervened.

Liu Mu smiled and looked at Yang Jing, “Miss Jing, I’m very sorry. My Liu clan haven’t properly entertained you and yet we’re asking for your help.”

A smile appeared on Yang Jing’s pale face, “There’s no need. Bingqian and I are basically sisters. The Liu clan is basically like a second family to me. It’s my duty to help out at times. However, I’m still unsure about what I have to do……”

Liu Bingqian pulled Yang Jing to the side and whispered softly, “Senior sister Jing, my father wants you to compete with my friend. Can you hold back a bit and lose to him? I want to go to the alchemy competition with him…..”

“Your friend….?” Yang Jing was surprised and looked deeply at Ye Zifeng.

She knew Bingqian for quite a while now and this was the first time that Bingqian cared about a guy so much. In the past, Bingqian was enthralled in the way of alchemy and have never talked about guys at all. She probably didn’t even have any guy friends!

Liu Mu’s expression changed and solemnly said, “Qian-er! This has to do with the clan’s interest. Don’t try to do anything.”

Bingqian softly sighed and returned to her seat.

Ye Zifeng looked at Yang Jing and furrowed his brows, “Uncle Liu, she came from Tiandao City. Could it be that everyone who’s a guest in your Liu clan will always become a part of your Liu clan? Can she even count as someone from Leizhou City?”

Ye Zifeng wasn’t scared of Yang Jing. He just didn’t agree with Liu Mu’s underhanded methods.

Liu Mu cheerfully nodded and laughed, “Ahhh Zifeng. You don’t know this but Miss Jing is actually someone from our Leizhou City. It’s because of the fact that she has a weak constitution that she moved Tiandao City. She needed someone at the Martial Spirit stage to continuously give her Pure Yang Qi so she became a disciple under the old devil Muyun.”

He smiled and continued, “So… Of course she can be counted as someone from Leizhou City.

Ye Zifeng nodded and looked at Bingqian, “How’s her alchemy skills compared to yours?”

Liu Bingqian thought about it for a bit, “Senior sister’s talent is better than mine but she has always been sick and cannot use her qi to warm up the ingredients properly. Thus, she is somewhere on my level. But you have to be careful. She is a lot better than that Song Shiyun.”

Liu Yige coldly laughed, “Just give up Ye Zifeng. Miss Jing’s alchemy skills are far better than that Song Shiyun’s. You should forfeit now to save some face.”

“So that’s how it is.” Ye Zifeng smiled, “Alright. I accept this match. However Miss Jing, how about you let me decide on how we’re going to compete?”

Yang Jing nodded, “Sure.”

In her eyes, there was no one else in Leizhou City who can match up with her other than Liu Bingqian. Thus, she didn’t believe that this youngster can beat her at all.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Cool. Then we’ll compete in making a Pure Yang Dan.”

Yang Jing’s calm face suddenly changed when she heard “Pure Yang Dan” and immediately stood up from her seat.

“What? How can this be? You can concoct a Pure Yang Dan?”

Her body was weak and needed a Martial Spirit realm expert to pass on their pure yang qi to let her survive. If she had a Pure Yang Dan, then she won’t need their help anymore and can rely on herself.

However, even though the pill wasn’t hard to concoct, there was an extremely low chance in succeeding. After trying for around a hundred times and failing all hundred times, she finally stopped trying.

Right now, from what Ye Zifeng can see, Yang Jing definitely doesn’t know how to concoct a Pure Yang Dan!

Liu Mu furrowed his brows, and looked over at Bingqian, “Qian-er, is this Pure Yang Dan very hard to concoct?”

Liu Bingqian was shocked, “Of course it is. If sister Jing has a Pure Yang Dan, then she doesn’t need to stay in Tiandao City and receive help from Martial Spirit experts anymore!”

“So that’s how it is.” Liu Mu looked at Ye Zifeng. From what he can tell, not even Bingqian can concoct this Pure Yang Dan. If Ye Zifeng is able to, then he is probably better than Bingqian.

Thinking about this, it wasn’t bad if Ye Zifeng goes to the competition with Bingqian. However, he still wanted to win that ten percent of business channels.

Liu Mu quickly waved his hands and called for a servant, “Come on. Did you guys hear it? Bring out the ingredients for the Pure Yang Dan!”

Liu Bingqian shook her head, “No father. Not many people know about the ingredients for this pill. I’ll personally go and get the ingredients!”