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Chapter 8 – The Liu clan breaks off the engagement!

“Brother! What was that move you used against Wang Lin called? It’s so strong. Super cool!”

On the road back, Ye Xueyi continuously talked excitedly. Since she was little, she had wished that her brother would get rid of his nickname as a trash. Today, her wish had finally come true.

Ye Zifeng casually explained, “In the Qi Refining realm, utilizing your qi energy efficiently is the key to winning any battle. It doesn’t matter how much qi one has or how strong is one’s qi, if they cannot use it correctly in battle, it is useless. If you give a child a priceless treasure sword, they might not be able to harm anyone. On the other hand, if you give an expert a bamboo stick, they can easily massacre an army.

“So then what you mean is that Wang Lin is a child while you, brother Zifeng is an expert?” Ye Xueyi was startled. This was the first time she had heard her brother talk about martial arts.

Ye Zifeng only smiled, “I’m only using an example.” From his point of view, Wang Lin didn’t have no priceless treasure sword and he wasn’t using no bamboo stick either.

“Brother, I feel like you’ve completely changed as a person!”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “Then do you think that I’ve changed for the good or for the bad?”

“Of course it’s for the good! Back then you’re always being bullied by others. It makes me worry for you everyday. Now, I can relax a bit.”

Ye Zifeng felt warmth in his heart. He can see that his sister has a lot of talent. If it wasn’t for the fact that she’s been worrying about that other Ye Zifeng and delayed her training, she would have probably reached the Martial Disciple realm and have her own Martial Spirit already.

The two people laughed and joked as they walked home. Without realizing it, they had already reached the doors to their house.

“Young master, Young miss, where have you been? This old servant Du has been waiting for you guys the entire day!” Housekeeper Du had been standing by the doors waiting for them to return since the afternoon.

Ye Xueyi looked at the sky, and was confused, “Housekeeper Du, it’s not that late. Didn’t father say that we have an important dinner at night? It shouldn’t be time yet.”
Housekeeper Du hurriedly explained, “It seems like the master haven’t talk to you guys yet. He has something to do so he won’t be able to be here tonight.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Really? If that’s so then I won’t attend the dinner tonight either.”

Housekeeper Du quickly blocked Zifeng’s path, “You can’t do that. You’re the main character of tonight’s dinner! The Liu clan’s second miss, Liu Ningzi was engaged to you even before you were born! The master invited the Liu clan here tonight to talk about the wedding.”

“What?!?” Both Ye Zifeng and Ye Xueyi yelled out in surprise.

“When was brother engaged? How come I don’t know about it?”

“I’m engaged with someone? How come I don’t know about it myself?” Ye Zifeng couldn’t stay calm at all. He wanted to marry someone that he liked. As an orphan in his past life, he didn’t have any problems regarding arranged marriages.

Housekeeper Du laughed bitterly, “Let’s go to the hall first. The master isn’t here and the Liu clan has been waiting. If we’re any slower, it will cause problems.”

Ye Zifeng could only nod and quickly followed housekeeper Du with Ye Xueyi.

As expected, when they entered the hall, it was already filled with people. Not only was the entire Ye clan present, but there were three people from the Liu clan here.

There was a peerless beauty standing in the middle of the hall. Her light colored dress floated as she walked across the hall, giving off a natural sense of beauty. Next to her was a finely dressed young man holding a gold treasure sword. He looked very arrogant as if everyone else was beneath him. Behind them was an old man. He was standing in the shadows, giving off the aura of an expert.

Ye Zifeng could see that without Ye Chongtian, the entire atmosphere of the clan was a bit rigid.

“Is that Ye Zifeng coming or not? Liu Ningzi and I have been waiting for quite a while now. Our Liu clan is very busy you know!” The young man was very impatient and yelled out.

Without Ye Chongtian, no one would dare talk back to the young man. Housekeeper Du wanted to say a few words, but he was not a member of the Ye family. He was asking for it if he opened his mouth.

“The people of your Liu clan can be busy but the people of our Ye family can’t?” Ye Xueyi yelled back as she walked in with Ye Zifeng.

“You!” The young man wanted to curse, but Ye Xueyi wasn’t someone that he could offend. She was the most beloved and talented person in the entire Ye clan. Since he’s at the Ye clan’s estate, he can’t do whatever he wants. He looked around and can already feel dozen pairs of eyes staring at him.

“You’re Ye Zifeng?” Liu Ningzi looked at Zifeng. Seeing how weak and fragile his body was, her eyes showed a hint of disgust.

“It is I.” Ye Zifeng calmly replied. In these few days, he had already experienced many looks of disgust due to his nickname as a trash.

“You’ve come at the right time.” Liu Ningzi said coldly. “Even if the Ye clan’s master isn’t here, the reason I came here was for you.”

“If you have something to say, say it now. Don’t beat around the bush.” Ye Zifeng was not amused.

“Fine. Then let’s talk about our engagement.” Saying that, everyone who was in the hall’s face changed.

Liu Ningzi smiled and looked at everyone, “Ye Zifeng and I were engaged twenty years ago, even before we were born. At that time, the Ye clan still had great power and was still considered one of Leizhou City’s three great clans. But now,…..” She chuckled, “Now, after giving birth to this trash Ye Zifeng, the Ye clan has fallen. I’m afraid that the Ye clan isn’t even considered a large clan anymore.”

Tang Feng coldly rebutted, “It’s not up to you to decide whether the Ye clan is a large clan or not!”

Tang Feng had been in the Ye family for many years now and have already considered it to be her home. Plus, her relationship with Ye Zifeng had improved in the past few days. While helping the Ye clan, she also put up a few good words for Ye Zifeng so she would get some more benefits from him.

Housekeeper Du pulled Tang Feng over to the side and apologetically smiled, “Miss Liu, about the engagement…. We should talk about it over the banquet tonight.”

Seeing how the master had asked him to watch over the banquet tonight, housekeeper Du could only swallow his anger and make sure nothing happens. This was because if Liu Ningzi marries into the Ye family, the Ye family would receive help from then and once again rise in power.

Liu Ningzi coldly smiled, “No need. The reason Yige and I came early wasn’t for the banquet. It was to make things clear.”
(TL: Yige is probably the young man.)

Having experience from his previous life, Ye Zifeng knew what Liu Ningzi was talking about about. She looked down on the Ye family and wanted to part ways with them.

“Just say what you want now. Don’t waste everyone’s time by beating around the bush.” Ye Zifeng replied.

Liu Ningzi continued to smile, “Then I wanna ask young master Ye if we can cancel our engagement?”

Once she said this, everyone was shocked.

Housekeeper Du was afraid that the master would blame him for this and apologetically said, “Miss Liu, could it be that someone from the Ye family have offended you any any way and caused a misunderstanding? You can tell me about it and we will take care of anything.”

“No. There isn’t a misunderstanding. I’m saying this clearly. I want to cancel the engagement. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, maybe I should write down these words for you.”

A woman who took the initiative to cancel an engagement would means that the woman had divorced the man. Once this news spreads in Leizhou city, Ye Zifeng would lose all his face. He wouldn’t even be able to go out of his room anymore from all the embarassment.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “Miss Liu, you say that we have an engagement but I’ll ask you this, where is the engagement contract?

“The contract is…..it’s…..” Liu Ningzi couldn’t respond. She only heard about this from her father just a few days ago. Once she heard that it was with the trash Ye Zifeng, she immediately came over to cancel the engagement without asking for the details. She didn’t even know if there was a written contract or not.”

Ye Zifeng continued to shake his head, “If there is no contract then it’s obviously a joke between the two clan masters from twenty years ago. And to think that you would actually believe it. What engagement are you canceling here? Unless….. You came to the Ye clan to make trouble out of nothing.”

Liu Yige couldn’t hold it in anymore and yelled out, “You trash of Ye clan, who do you think you are. How dare you speak to my junior sister apprentice like that?”

Ye Zifeng coldly smiled and rebutted, “Junior sister apprentice? So that’s the relationship that you guys have. You’re not even an official member of the Liu clan and you still dare to make a scene in the Ye clan?”

Ye Zifeng was right. His statement hit Liu Yige in a soft spot. He was adopted by the Liu clan, so he basically had no status.

Liu Yige could not find the words to fight back and thus relied on his strength, “Ye Zifeng, are you looking to die? You’re nothing but an ant to me and you still dare talk back to me?”

Who knows how many times Ye Zifeng have heard this phrase after crossing over. A hint of anger flashed in his eyes and he noted down this man called Liu Yige. When he returns to the peak of the world, he will definitely step on this guy.

Liu Ningzi couldn’t hold it in anymore either and yelled out, “Now listen Ye Zifeng, even if my senior brother is not a part of the Liu clan, he is already a sixth qi refining stage expert. Compared to you, a second qi refining stage, someone who will never awaken their martial spirit kind of trash, he his infinitely better than you.”

“Calling someone who is in the sixth qi refining stage an expert? Are you trying to make me laugh my a** off?”

Ye Chen, Ye Zifeng’s uncle looked over at him, “Okay stop stalking. You’re a trash in the second qi refining stage, you don’t have the qualifications to talk with them. You can go back to your cellar and we’ll take care of business here.” His second uncle, Ye Chen, was the one who usually take care of things in the clan when Ye Chongtian was absent.

“Yeah. The people from the Liu clan are right. You’re the bad luck charm of our Ye clan. You’ve ruined our entire clan and still want to talk back to others?” Ye Huichi looked at Zifeng with and spoke with a mocking tone.

He is Ye Zifeng’s younger cousin. Although his cultivation was not high, he was still at the 5th qi refining realm and would occasionally go and make fun of Zifeng.

Watching this, Liu Ningzi was amused, “Then how about this, we know that it’s rude to suddenly cancel the engagement and to give face to your clan, we bought a special pill over as a gift to make things even. I hope that this will compensate for everything.”

“Old Wu, bring it out……”

“Yes, second miss.” The old man who was standing in the shadows coughed and retrieved a black box from his sleeves and opened it up.

“I’m afraid that you guys have not seen this pill before. This is a rare pill called…..” Liu Ningzi explained.

At that time, Ye Zifeng blurted out, “Solid Yuan Pill!”