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Chapter 222 – A Breakthrough between life and death

Chapter 222 – A Breakthrough between life and death

Zi Wei and Hong Yan had seen the manner in which Bi Fan killed his opponent once again, and were left quite shocked by it.

They remained silent for a long time, but Zi Wei was ultimately unable to help herself: “Bi Fan, I had never imagined you to be so powerful. Your ‘immortal finger’ technique is just awesome! I couldn’t even see the attack; and that man was dead before I even realized it.”

“There’s nothing extraordinary about it. I was able to kill the man just because I attacked him when he was unprepared.” Bi Fan replied with a smile.

Zi Wei said: “No it wasn’t that easy. If you ever attack me, I wouldn’t be able to defend myself.”

“Yes, yes, Bi Fan. If you attack me, even I wouldn’t be able to stop you.” Hong Yan added in agreement.

“Both of you are over-praising me. Although I managed to kill that ‘emerging from the womb’ layer man, I don’t think I’m powerful enough to defeat either of you.” Bi Fan said.

He had guessed by now that Zi Wei and Hong Yan weren’t trained only by the Bai Sheng palace and Hong School since it was impossible for these schools to harbour such talent. Their origins weren’t as simple as they seemed to be.

Both Zi Wei and Hong Yan had entered into the ‘emerging from the womb’ layer at a tender age and would be considered to be great talents in this world. These two weren’t far behind Yan Yu Si in talent and strength.

Such talented people were usually granted admission by the Jiu Yu Da schools. Bi Fan couldn’t figure out why these two had chosen to get admission in the schools of a small town like the Tong city.

He had guessed that Zi Wei was related to the Xuannv Palace but was still unsure of Hong Yan’s Sect.

Although Blue Dragon now had the ‘stick of nine thundering dragons’, he was unable to use it properly and was trying to use it in the same way he had been using his scimitar. However, he was really very skilful when it came to using his scimitar.

Blue Dragon attacked his target at an awfully fast pace, and left the man with almost no time to breathe; let alone counter his attack.

Jing Feng however, was even fiercer. Even though he was fighting a man of equal strength, his sharp and powerful attacks had rendered his opponent completely overshadowed.

His recent practice of the physical laws had already ensured him an early upper-hand in the battle.

The Hegemon pike was so fast that it left no chance of escape for Jing Feng’s target.

He continued attacking the person again and again until he finally snatched the treasure from him.

Mo Nan wasn’t lagging behind either, and was displaying his ‘Sword of the land’ technique, which was incomparably fierce.

Ever since they had entered the Tong Tian sect’s secret storehouse, Mo Nan’s strength had increased by leaps and bounds. Moreover, his understanding of ‘Sword of the land’ technique had also enhanced.

Mo Nan had made a great progress; so much so, that he would’ve ranked much better in the Jiu Yu Hidden Dragon List with his now-increased strength.

Just like Jing Feng, Mo Nan also quickly retrieved the treasure from his opponent.

Wang Zhong’s internal strength was better than any of his companions, and his physical strength was only lesser than Bi Fan and Blue Dragon. At this time, he was also fighting someone equally powerful in order to get hold of a treasured weapon.

After joining the Quinyang School, Wang Zhong had learned ‘Fufeng double-edged sword’ technique and the ‘Floating sword’ technique. His relentless practice of these techniques had already made him as proficient as Mo Nan with regard to their usability.

Ji Ying Lan looked at him enviously as Wang Zhong continued to attack fiercely. Obviously he couldn’t go and fight because his current strength level wasn’t enough to combat with such strong opponents.

“Brother Ji Ying Lan, don’t worry. Sooner or later you would be stronger than any of us. You have the spirit of learning. Trust me, you will succeed someday.” Bi Fan said.

“Brother Bi Fan, rest assured. I will not let anything discourage me. I will work even harder, and I’kk surely catch-up with you guys.” Ji Ying Lan said with a smile.

“I wish you all the best.” Bi Fan smiled.

As more and more weapons continued to emerge out of the crater, the fight continued to gain momentum.

Bi Fan said with a smile: “Zi Wei and Hong Yan, aren’t you both excited? Don’t you want to grab some weapons for yourselves?”

“These weapons are so common! I’m not interested in them.” Zi Wei said indifferently.

“I have no need for such weapons either, so I have no reason to enter the fight.” Hong Yan smiled.

Bi Fan smiled bitterly: “This is a very rare opportunity not only for seizing treasure weapons but also for enhancing combat experience. I just can’t understand why you two are reluctant to fight.”

In reality, Bi Fan was well aware of the fact that both Zi Wei and Hong Yan were avoiding the fight only because they didn’t wish to fight with their own school mates.

Bi Fan was just joking with them; he had no intentions of pushing them into the fight.

However, Bi Fan’s joke backfired soon afterwards since both Zi Wei and Hong Yan rushed out and into the fray since they thought Bi Fan was becoming suspicious of them.

Bi Fan followed after them and ended up getting involved in the fight as well; however, he still continued to pay a great amount of attention to the various skills on display.

The fight was so intense that it was just impossible to withdraw without killing other people, which in turn made it an even greater learning experience.

So many different kinds of martial skills amazed Bi Fan, who almost forgot where he was standing, and was almost hit by an enemy.

Fortunately, Bi Fan was fast enough to timely dodge the attack and killed the man with his sword; otherwise he would’ve been severely injured.

Bi Fan used his ‘Immortal Finger’ technique in order to kill several powerful martial artists. The other people who saw Bi Fan in action were naturally quite surprised and shocked, and most were doing their best to avoid facing him on the battlefield. Even the ‘Emerging from the womb’ layer martial artists weren’t an exception.

Bi Fan had no intention of withdrawing from the fight at this point, and therefore decided to go after some more weapons.

Even if he wouldn’t be able to use some of these weapons, he could always sell them to someone else in exchange of spars or some other valuable articles.

In no time, Bi Fan managed to kill several powerful martial artists and had collected various weapons in the process.

His prominent performance soon gained him the attention of several people, including a number of ‘Developing marrow’ fighters.

“Boy, hand over the treasure to me. Perhaps I’ll spare your life then.” One man of ‘developing marrow’ layer, named Leng Sheng, shouted.

A total of four ‘developing marrow’ layer men surrounded Bi Fan.

These men were so powerful that Bi Fan could barely even withstand their momentum.

Just then, the Yin Yang lotus started moving into action, and released a fine black-and-white coloured energy inside his body, which suddenly counter-acted the oppressive exterior force on his body. Suddenly, Bi Fan felt as his body was brimming with a strange strength; strength far more powerful than his own.

“Arghh!”Bi Fan roared back, “Killing me isn’t going to be easy for you!”

“Everybody, be careful. This boy has something strange about him.”

“What is strange about him? He’s just a petty ‘transformation’ layer martial artist. He isn’t strong enough to face four ‘developing marrow’ people at once.”

“Let’s kill him quickly!”

Bi Fan knew that these men definitely wouldn’t leave him alone. After all, no one spared the lives of the witnesses.

This was probably the most crucial fight of Bi Fan’s life till now.

Although Bi Fan could face a ‘developing marrow’ layer enemy with confidence, but right now there were four people who were going to attack him simultaneously, so naturally his confidence was a bit low.

“Now die….!” Bi Fan attacked these men first since whoever made the first move would have an advantage over the enemy in this situation.

Bi Fan straightaway used his shock runes and attacked using ‘The Immortal Finger’, which made the attack even more ferocious. Moreover, he decided to pick one man at a time this time around.

“Arrgghhh….!” One of the men waved his sword and screamed as blood sprung out of the several holes in his body.

Those four men attacked Bi Fan almost at the same time as he launched his onslaught.

Although Bi Fan managed to knock one man down, he was still faced with the incoming attacks of the three remaining men.

Since he was being attacked from all the sides and practically had no room to dodge, he ultimately had to display his ‘dance of mist’ footwork in order to dodge the attacks.

In spite of all his efforts, Bi Fan’s body was slashed deep to his bone at more than three places, and blood started to flow profusely from these wounds.

“Who wants to get killed? Come and face me. At worst, I’ll die, but I’ll not spare you.” Bi Fan snapped at them.

The man who had just been struck by Bi Fan had been hit at one of his critical points, and so he died almost immediately after.

The other three men were completely taken aback by Bi Fan’s strike since his move was extremely bizarre. Moreover, since his attacks were undetectable, they had no means of defending themselves.

Now they were hesitating. They weren’t sure whether to try to kill Bi Fan once more or save their own lives.

The three men exchanged glances and launched another attack.

Bi Fan’s complexion changed: “Since you have decided to court your death, let me assist you.”

The adrenaline rushing through Bi Fan’s body during this life-and-dead ordeal had made his abilities even more potent than normal; and he started using the skill he hadn’t been able to realize in battle until now.

Bi Fan had been able to integrate ‘The Immortal Finger’ technique with his ‘Fufeng double edged-sword’ technique, and he used this unique skill without any hesitation in this desperate moment.

The Immortal Fufeng Sword!

Bi Fan’s version of the Fufeng double-edged sword itself was a very powerful technique. Integrating it with ‘The Immortal Finger’ made it extremely difficult to predict under the cover of the ‘Soul Illusion Injection’, and even more formidable than ever with the support of ‘The Immortal Finger’.

A network of swords combined sharply and soundlessly with his hidden attacks, producing a marvellous and formidable attack.


His sword pierced through the armour and the chest of one of those three men, who screamed pitifully as he fell to the ground; and his death.

The other two men had attacked Bi Fan along with their companion, but had managed to land their blows on their target, adding a few more injuries to Bi Fan’s body.