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The Great Thief

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Updates:Chapter 424: Freely Swapping Between Factions

He had never invested in shares or bought a lottery ticket, and neither did he have any experience in the general business industry. Lu Li found that the only thing he could do was play games. Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, games had been developing extremely quickly, and there were many people who had become rich through playing games. In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined to make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top! 大盗贼
《The Great Thief》 Text
Chapter 1: Rebirth
Chapter 2: Cai En’s Kite
Chapter 3: Druid God Ring
Chapter 4: Skill Completion
Chapter 5: A Thief That Can Cast Seal Transformation
Chapter 6: Opening a Treasure Chest
Chapter 7: The first pot of gold
Chapter 8: Ambush!
Chapter 9: Verbally Abusing an NPC
Chapter 10: Physically Abusing an NPC
Chapter 11: Elite level Instance Dungeon
Chapter 12: Entering the Instance Dungeon
Chapter 13: Baiting
Chapter 14: First Clear
Chapter 15: Battle Loot
Chapter 16: Leave!
Chapter 17: Cynocephalus Mine
Chapter 18: Superior Quality Copper Ore
Chapter 19: Sap
Chapter 20: Kill Stealing
Chapter 21: Massacre
Chapter 22: Kills In Ten Steps
Chapter 23: Tutorial
Chapter 24: Enchantment
Chapter 25: Aegwynn’s Tome
Chapter 26: Surprise
Chapter 27: Buying Loyalty
Chapter 28: Underwater Boss
Chapter 29: Keep Grinding Until It Dies
Chapter 30: Bountiful Reward
Chapter 31: Setting Up a Stand For Auctions
Chapter 32: Warrior God Moonlight
Chapter 33: Trade
Chapter 34: House Searching
Chapter 35: My Beautiful Landlord
Chapter 36: I’m a Professional Player
Chapter 37: Escorting As a Party
Chapter 38: Let’s Go!
Chapter 39: Cynocephali Elder
Chapter 40: Charm Skill
Chapter 41: Charm Heart
Chapter 42: Double Skill Books
Chapter 43: Child of the Forest
Chapter 44: Guild Upgrade Order
Chapter 45: What Kind of Experts Are These?
Chapter 46: Breaking The Record
Chapter 47: Boosting
Chapter 48: Still Short of Money
Chapter 49: Great Gods Group
Chapter 50: A Hunter With A Pet
Chapter 51: Snake Valley
Chapter 52: Party Annihilation
Chapter 53: Intermediate Antidote
Chapter 54: Thrilling Strike
Chapter 55: Rager Equipment Set
Chapter 56: A Hilarious Journey
Chapter 57: Professional Businessman
Chapter 58: Night Ghost (1)
Chapter 59: Night Ghost (2)
Chapter 60: Slight Disappointment
Chapter 61: Videoed Again
Chapter 62: Real Life Great Thief
Chapter 63: Goodbye, Star Moon
Chapter 64: System Update
Chapter 65: Moonlight is Killed
Chapter 66: Rattan City
Chapter 67: Recipe
Chapter 68: Aegwynn Residence
Chapter 69: Raven Transformation
Chapter 70: Rankings
Chapter 71: Dominating the Rankings
Chapter 72: Buying Goods At The Exchange Hall
Chapter 73: Stocking up on Snake Trust Grass
Chapter 74: Twilight Altar
Chapter 75: To Supreme Two Ring
Chapter 76: Steel Treasure Chest
Chapter 77: Collaboration
Chapter 78: Someone Was Coming to Steal The Boss
Chapter 79: A Mutual Fear
Chapter 80: For The Blueprint
Chapter 81: Pick Pocket Skill
Chapter 82: Faerie Fire
Chapter 83: Finding the Recipe
Chapter 84: Top in Both Rankings!
Chapter 85: Scammer Merchant
Chapter 86: It Can Fly
Chapter 87: Fortune Favors The Fool
Chapter 88: Instance Dungeon Scroll
Chapter 89: Death Mines
Chapter 90: The Relaxed Old One
Chapter 91: Repeated Party Wipes
Chapter 92: Kick
Chapter 93: Special Equipment
Chapter 94: Ambushed
Chapter 95: Bloody Battle
Chapter 96: Complete Extermination
Chapter 97: Close Proximity
Chapter 98: The Battle Between Thieves
Chapter 99: Getting Someone Else To Do The Dirty Work
Chapter 100: Thief Trainer
Chapter 101: Empty Abyss
Chapter 102: End Of The Line
Chapter 103: Shadow Cloak
Chapter 104: Clean Field
Chapter 105: Planning To Steal A Boss
Chapter 106: Stealing!
Chapter 107: Rager
Chapter 108: Please Let Me Have Your Kids
Chapter 109: Three Stacks of Armour Pierce
Chapter 110: Large Sum
Chapter 111: Millionaire
Chapter 112: Seeing the Piercing Heart Wolf General Again
Chapter 113: Fearless Barrier
Chapter 114: Female Boss
Chapter 115: Clearance
Chapter 116: Broken Skull
Chapter 117: Trade Skill
Chapter 118: Helping the Little Hunter Catch a Pet
Chapter 119: Preparing to Form a 10-Person Team
Chapter 120: Steel-Grade Leather Armour
Chapter 121: Arena
Chapter 122: Fighting Water Fairy (Part 1)
Chapter 123: Fighting Water Fairy (Part 2)
Chapter 124: The World Is So Big
Chapter 125: Options For the New Party Members
Chapter 126: Moon Creek Prison
Chapter 127: I Have The Final Say
Chapter 128: Deriving a Strategy From the Story
Chapter 129: Leaf Bro’s Gratitude
Chapter 130: Refusal
Chapter 131: The Frustrated Azure Sea Breeze
Chapter 132: Rapidly Increasing EXP
Chapter 133: Bug
Chapter 134: Boss Dreams
Chapter 135: Six Silver Pieces
Chapter 136: It’s Another Big Axe
Chapter 137: A Sad Quest
Chapter 138: Someone Who Was Accidentally Killed
Chapter 139: The Forging Hammer
Chapter 140: Warming Up
Chapter 141: Hornet’s Nest
Chapter 142: Evenly Matched
Chapter 143: Experience
Chapter 144: I Want Him
Chapter 145: Two New Members
Chapter 146: Making the Mercenary Group like Home
Chapter 147: Madman’s Quest
Chapter 148: Sharing
Chapter 149: Profession Upgrade Quest
Chapter 150: Amazing Drop Rate
Chapter 151: Killing Other Players To Earn Points
Chapter 152: A Robbery
Chapter 153: Fallen Elves
Chapter 154: Infighting
Chapter 155: Rennesak
Chapter 156: Stealing Food From A Tiger’s Mouth
Chapter 157: Mission Complete
Chapter 158: Advancement to Great Thief
Chapter 159: An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 160: Cash Cow
Chapter 161: Massacre
Chapter 162: Engineering Blueprints
Chapter 163: Wind Wielder
Chapter 164: Throwing Caution to the Wind
Chapter 165: A Gift From The Heavens
Chapter 166: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Chapter 167: Crossroads
Chapter 168: Facing a Strong Warrior
Chapter 169: Orb of Deception
Chapter 170: Setting the Barracks on Fire
Chapter 171: Bounty Hunter
Chapter 172: Bounty Quest
Chapter 173: Sister’s Sickness
Chapter 174: Diligently Making Money
Chapter 175: Weapon Mold
Chapter 176: The Amazing Hachi Chan
Chapter 177: Sesame Rice Ball Is Also Pretty Smart
Chapter 178: Killing a Homicidal Demon
Chapter 179: Thieves Are Killers
Chapter 180: Trade Profession Alliance
Chapter 181: Thief-Style
Chapter 182: Playing For Both Sides
Chapter 183: Seeing a Lot of Money Once Again
Chapter 184: Life’s Most Important Person
Chapter 185: Struggles Of The Heart
Chapter 186: Breaking In The New Party Members
Chapter 187: Continuously Keeping Track
Chapter 188: A Nice Sum Of Profit
Chapter 189: Buggy
Chapter 190: A Bit Touched
Chapter 191: Finally Being Able To Make Bombs
Chapter 192: Receiving Materials For Free
Chapter 193: Life and Death
Chapter 194: Revenant Lands
Chapter 195: Pulling the Monsters
Chapter 196: Bombing Indiscriminately
Chapter 197: A Statistical Anomaly?
Chapter 198: Mid-Autumn Festival Activities
Chapter 199: Forging Day
Chapter 200: A Good Return
Chapter 201: Exquisite Silver-Grade Equipment
Chapter 202: Grade+1
Chapter 203: Hachi Chan’s Fujoshi Habits
Chapter 204: Preparing to Start The New Instance Dungeon
Chapter 205: Delicious Wind Serpent
Chapter 206: Obtaining Another Bracelet
Chapter 207: Starting The Howling Caves
Chapter 208: A New Commander
Chapter 209: Catching A Druid As A Pet
Chapter 210: Resurrection
Chapter 211: Solved Another One
Chapter 212: Guardian Goddess (Part 1)
Chapter 213: Three-Person Party
Chapter 214: Complete Dominance
Chapter 215: Goddess Protection
Chapter 216: The War Flag Will Not Fall
Chapter 217: Warsong Valley Battle
Chapter 218: Blood Dagger Great Thief
Chapter 219: Killing a Centurion
Chapter 220: A Huge Bounty
Chapter 221: I Prefer To Keep A Low Profile
Chapter 222: An Epic Fall
Chapter 223: Guardian Goddess (Part 2)
Chapter 224: Accidental Assistance
Chapter 225: Altar of Tides
Chapter 226: Offering of the Murlocs
Chapter 227: Supreme Three Ring
Chapter 228: Reward Under the Sea
Chapter 229: The Treasure Box In The Instance Dungeon
Chapter 230: Chain Lightning
Chapter 231: An Exotic Strategy
Chapter 232: Deal Damage First
Chapter 233: Blocking Monsters
Chapter 234: The Boss’ Subordinate Is Also Really Strong
Chapter 235: Loathed By The Two Girls
Chapter 236: The Previous Rank 1 Player
Chapter 237: The Outstanding
Chapter 238: Tragedy
Chapter 239: Dagger Mold
Chapter 240: The First Clear Taken Today
Chapter 241: The Earth Mother Guides You
Chapter 242: Eliminate The Minions
Chapter 243: The Boss’ Cloning Ability
Chapter 244: Angry About The First Clear
Chapter 245: All Parties In Shock
Chapter 246: A New Form Of Flight
Chapter 247: Seeing Carolina Again
Chapter 248: A Quest Line
Chapter 249: Keeper Of The Grove
Chapter 250: Nightmare Dungeon Quest
Chapter 251: The Trial from Water Fairy
Chapter 252: Selling Cheat Guides
Chapter 253: No One Leaves
Chapter 254: Massacre
Chapter 255: Making A Small Fortune
Chapter 256: Getting Back Onto The Level Rankings
Chapter 257: Invasion Of The Centaurs
Chapter 258: Setting Foot In The Barrenlands
Chapter 259: Warpriest
Chapter 260: The Underlying Lesson
Chapter 261: Retreat
Chapter 262: The Fish That Slipped Through The Net
Chapter 263: Rich Customer
Chapter 264: Forging The Corrupted Fang
Chapter 265: Shadow Cup
Chapter 266: Goddamn Water Fairy.
Chapter 267: Aiming For First Prize
Chapter 268: March Rain’s Sparring Partner
Chapter 269: Mistakenly Using The Battlefield As A Lecture Hall
Chapter 270: The Priest Must Circle The Pillar
Chapter 271: The Victory Money
Chapter 272: Threat Of The Sistercon
Chapter 273: Promotion
Chapter 274: Who Was This Lu Li?
Chapter 275: A Senior Analyst
Chapter 276: A Remarkable Live Stream
Chapter 277: Death Match
Chapter 278: Spokesperson
Chapter 279: His Younger Sister Also Plays
Chapter 280: A Compromise
Chapter 281: Call Me Big Sis
Chapter 282: Gaze
Chapter 283: The Flying Man
Chapter 284: Exchanging Pieces
Chapter 285: Two Lu Li's
Chapter 286: Focusing Hachi Chan
Chapter 287: Focusing Hachi Chan
Chapter 288: Exquisite Quest Scroll
Chapter 289: An Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 290: Destiny Makes Enemies Meet
Chapter 291: Star Moon Guild’s Demise
Chapter 292: Silver Chest
Chapter 293: Spirit Dragon’s Freedom
Chapter 294: Shifts In The Rankings
Chapter 295: Hundredfold Profit
Chapter 296: A Sense Of Danger
Chapter 297: Top 100 (Part 1)
Chapter 298: Top 100 (Part 2)
Chapter 299: Top 100 (Part 3)
Chapter 300: Top 100 (Part 4)
Chapter 301: Top 100 (Part 5)
Chapter 302: Top 100 (Part 6)
Chapter 303: Top 100 (Part 7)
Chapter 304: Who Is Going To Be President?
Chapter 305: Core Position
Chapter 306: Pre-Game Preparations
Chapter 307: An Alliance With Square Root 3
Chapter 308: Everyone Celebrating The Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 309: Name of the Guild
Chapter 310: Battle Against Azure Guard
Chapter 311: Round of Sixteen
Chapter 312: Gangnam Royals
Chapter 313: Blood Bath
Chapter 314: The Skill of Sorrowless
Chapter 315: Semifinals
Chapter 316: Even The Tire Killer Is Scared
Chapter 317: Entering The Finals
Chapter 318: Calling Out Lu Li
Chapter 319: A Female Tycoon Lending Equipment
Chapter 320: Swapping Around The Equipment
Chapter 321: Blood Dagger and His Revenge
Chapter 322: An Unexpected Advertising Effect
Chapter 323: Exchange
Chapter 324: Champion
Chapter 325: Development Funding
Chapter 326: Member Recruitment Frenzy
Chapter 327: Developing The Guild
Chapter 328: Discrimination
Chapter 329: Damning Halo
Chapter 330: Tricking An NPC Into Doing An Instance Dungeon
Chapter 331: Blackfathom (Part 1)
Chapter 332: Blackfathom (Part 2)
Chapter 333: Blackfathom (Part 3)
Chapter 334: Blackfathom (Part 4)
Chapter 335: A Very Weak Boss
Chapter 336: A Painful Torture
Chapter 337: Golden Weapon: Bathiel’s Staff.
Chapter 338: Lonesome Flower Carry
Chapter 339: Regeneration Demon
Chapter 340: A Mole In The Guild
Chapter 341: Limits Of Authority
Chapter 342: A Thrilling Killing Blow
Chapter 343: Bloodthirst Skill Book
Chapter 344: A Pile Of Equipment To Choose From
Chapter 345: Mystic Dust
Chapter 346: Love With No Regrets
Chapter 347: Guild Station
Chapter 348: New Elites In the Guild
Chapter 349: Guild Quest
Chapter 350: Rare Material Reward
Chapter 351: Bathran’s Hair
Chapter 352: Deep Pit Camp
Chapter 353: Wolf Rider
Chapter 354: Killing The Wolf Riders
Chapter 355: Turned On By the NPC
Chapter 356: Old Tree Seeds
Chapter 357: Mission Completed
Chapter 358: Rumbling Gorge
Chapter 359: Queen Silith
Chapter 360: Contest
Chapter 361: Taking a Bullet For The Boss
Chapter 362: Meeting
Chapter 363: Professionalization of the Elite Team
Chapter 364: Renting A Building
Chapter 365: Undercover
Chapter 366: A Perfect Resolution
Chapter 367: A Formal Dinner
Chapter 368: Scarlet Monastery
Chapter 369: A Free Ride
Chapter 370: Way Out
Chapter 371: Hidden Boss
Chapter 372: Time Freezing
Chapter 373: Scarlet Monastery Graveyard
Chapter 374: Synthetic Stone
Chapter 375: Three Books
Chapter 376: Dog Food
Chapter 377: Elites Were Not Easy Pickings
Chapter 378: Dog Whistle
Chapter 379: Small Treasure Hunting Demon
Chapter 380: Arcanist Doan
Chapter 381: Impartiality
Chapter 382: The Tenacity of a Commander
Chapter 383: Assassin League
Chapter 384: Southshore
Chapter 385: Polluter Fragments
Chapter 386: Yetimus
Chapter 387: Using Their Own Strength Against Them
Chapter 388: Durnholde Keep
Chapter 389: Mechano-Hog
Chapter 390: The Troll’s Silly Mistake
Chapter 391: One Star Assassin
Chapter 392: Instantly Completing a Quest
Chapter 393: Shard of the Defiler
Chapter 394: Level 40 Weapon
Chapter 395: Killing You Was An Accident
Chapter 396: Scarlet Arsenal
Chapter 397: Positive and Negative Whirlwind
Chapter 398: Completing Scarlet Arsenal
Chapter 399: Water Fairy’s Resentment
Chapter 400: Scarlet Instance Dungeon Quest
Chapter 401: Holding The Team Back
Chapter 402: Training The Party
Chapter 403: People That Shouldn’t Be Offended
Chapter 404: Forming An Alliance With Drizzle Court
Chapter 405: Scarlet Cathedral
Chapter 406: The Couple (1)
Chapter 407: The Couple (2)
Chapter 408: The Couple (3)
Chapter 409: Scarlet Monastery Series Complete
Chapter 410: Rolling For An Equip
Chapter 411: The Basement
Chapter 412: Underwater Treasure Chest
Chapter 413: Advanced Healing Potion Recipe
Chapter 414: Assassin’s Quest
Chapter 415: Changing Equipment
Chapter 416: Travelling With Water Fairy
Chapter 417: Completing a Quest with Water Fairy
Chapter 418: A Big Sale
Chapter 419: Nowhere to Hide
Chapter 420: Levelling
Chapter 421: North Point Tower
Chapter 422: Right Or Wrong
Chapter 423: Two Boss Battles
Chapter 424: Freely Swapping Between Factions