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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Author:Heavenly Overlord

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Updates:Chapter 160: The Ghost of the Ruin

A decision can destroy the sun, moon and stars. A finger can kill the Heavenly Overlord. While chatting, the Heaven and ten worlds can be annihilated. A poor little kid walks out from a remote mountain area while holding the Nine Dragons and the Incredible Cauldron. With a control over the time and space eternally, he embarks on the Path to God where he defies the odds of the boundless universe gaudily by fighting against royalty and clashing with the legendary generation. 九龙神鼎
《The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron》 Text
Chapter 1: The Silver Disciple
Chapter 2: The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron
Chapter 3: Space-Time Manipulation
Chapter 4: Universal Stroke
Chapter 5: Gold And Silver
Chapter 6: The Fight That Made Him Famous
Chapter 7: Hundred Feet Piercing
Chapter 8: Benefitting From The Dispute Of Others
Chapter 9: Saving People But Inviting Trouble
Chapter 10: Duke Xianyu
Chapter 11: The Silver Assessment
Chapter 12: The Silver King
Chapter 13: The Fine Soldier
Chapter 14: Full Streak
Chapter 15: The Lovers' Battle
Chapter 16: The Revenge
Chapter 17: Fighting the Silver King
Chapter 18: A Bar Above the Rest
Chapter 19: Planting Traps
Chapter 20: Tempest
Chapter 21: Mysterious Remnants
Chapter 22: Knockout Blow
Chapter 23: A Great Opportunity
Chapter 24: Mystical Relic
Chapter 25: Debt of Kindness Repaid
Chapter 26: A Bully is Always a Coward
Chapter 27: A New Man
Chapter 28: The Great Contest Nears
Chapter 29: King of the Gold Students
Chapter 30: Unable to Withstand a Single Blow
Chapter 31: The Undefeated Legend
Chapter 32: An Era of Suppression
Chapter 33: Slaying the Enemy with the Holy Decree
Chapter 34: The Engagement Ceremony
Chapter 35: The Arrival of the Princes
Chapter 36: Fighting Back the Prince with His Fists
Chapter 37: Saint Level Technique
Chapter 38: Teaching the Holy Decree
Chapter 39: An Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 40: An Ungodly Deadly Intent
Chapter 41: Kill To Be A Hero
Chapter 42: Sorrow And Loss
Chapter 43: The Holy Battle
Chapter 44: Fleeing One Thousand Miles Away
Chapter 45: Sacrificing Oneself To Save Someone Else
Chapter 46: Holy Crown
Chapter 47: I Am Stronger Than You
Chapter 48: The Secret Treasure In The Royal Family
Chapter 49: Dragon's Meeting
Chapter 50: The Clash Of The Geniuses
Chapter 51: The Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 52: The Holy Meet
Chapter 53: Three Mythological Moves
Chapter 54: A Person of the Demon King's Caliber
Chapter 55: That Fight Which Made Him Famous
Chapter 56: Witnessing A Miracle
Chapter 57: Consecutive Defeats and the Proud Martial Artist
Chapter 58: The Final Match
Chapter 59: Billowing Dark Clouds
Chapter 60: Danger Zone Eruption
Chapter 61: Killing With His Bare Hands
Chapter 62: The Life and Death of the Duke
Chapter 63: The Heavenly and Mortal Sanctuary
Chapter 64: Ridding of a mortal shell
Chapter 65: Lovers since young
Chapter 66: A laugh resolves all hatred
Chapter 67: Incomparable to a dog
Chapter 68: The strongest enemy
Chapter 69: The Sanctuary Startling Upheaval
Chapter 70: The Evil Forest
Chapter 71: Deity Level Cultivation Technique
Chapter 72: The Obscure Fiendish Duo
Chapter 73: The Mighty Entwined Dragon Silk
Chapter 74: Holy Decree Transformation
Chapter 75: The Nine Deadly Poison Devil
Chapter 76: Ice and Thunder Feast
Chapter 77: Thousand-Miles Butcher
Chapter 78: Breakthrough to Level Seven
Chapter 79: Brutal Reality
Chapter 80: The Slayer King
Chapter 81: Frightened Out Of One's Wits
Chapter 82: Retaliation in a hopeless situation
Chapter 83: Bloodline of the nine phoenixes
Chapter 84: The Storm Competition
Chapter 85: The Dragon's Reverse Scales
Chapter 86: Return of Su Yu
Chapter 87: Peerless strength
Chapter 88: Two Moves To Defeat The Enemy
Chapter 89: Fight Of The Century
Chapter 90: Legendary Genius
Chapter 91: The battle at the peak
Chapter 92: Purple robed divine king
Chapter 93: The strongest battle
Chapter 94: Opening his eyes
Chapter 95: Shenlong Continent
Chapter 96: Test of Constitution
Chapter 97: When one door shuts, another opens
Chapter 98: The cruel truth
Chapter 99: Death of the Holy King
Chapter 100: Marrow cleansing elixir
Chapter 101: Arrogant Till The End
Chapter 102: Flower Of The Hundred Vassal Clans
Chapter 103: Princess Yun Yan
Chapter 104: Battle Of Holy Kings
Chapter 105: The Ultimate Test
Chapter 106: Glazed Ice Flame
Chapter 107: Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom
Chapter 108: World Obliterating Black Light
Chapter 109: Reconnecting Internal Blood Energy Channels
Chapter 110: Dawn Of A Catastrophe
Chapter 111: Forever buried in the sea
Chapter 112: The Huge Reward
Chapter 113: Break Through to Holy King
Chapter 114: Expulsion from the Faction
Chapter 115: A Bolt from The Blue
Chapter 116: The Fallen Star Contest
Chapter 117: The Three Heavenly Kings
Chapter 118: Nine Dragons Seized the Pearl
Chapter 119: Who's The Ant Now?
Chapter 120: The Strongest Opponent Yet
Chapter 121: Crowning the Stars
Chapter 122: Eventually be back
Chapter 123: Xianer’s forced marriage
Chapter 124: Return of the king
Chapter 125: The frost king
Chapter 126: Fight to the Death
Chapter 127: Perishing together
Chapter 128: The arranged match
Chapter 129: Four Rising Stars
Chapter 130: Preying the weak and fearing the strong
Chapter 131: Might of the Six Fingers of Destruction
Chapter 132: Ice flames
Chapter 133: Divine Punishment of Ice and Thunder
Chapter 134: Phoenix of Death
Chapter 135: Yinyang Wine Flask
Chapter 136: Remorse
Chapter 137: Apart in the world
Chapter 138: The name of a sinner
Chapter 139: Roar of the Angry Dragon
Chapter 140: Scheming venomous snake
Chapter 141: Urgent mission
Chapter 142: Treasures of the Abyss of Wutong
Chapter 143: Immortal Level Technique
Chapter 144: Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes
Chapter 145: Pursuit of life and death
Chapter 146: Endlessly Till One Dies
Chapter 147: Battle Of Life And Death
Chapter 148: Breakthrough into Fourth Level
Chapter 149: Reward According To Merits
Chapter 150: Twist And Turn Of Events
Chapter 151: The Abyss Assessment
Chapter 152: Eyesight Assessment
Chapter 153: The Final Assessment
Chapter 154: Flinging a Dead Dog
Chapter 155: The Ultimate Clash
Chapter 156: Divine Ice Battle Armor
Chapter 157: Imminent Departure
Chapter 158: Heaven’s Palm Print
Chapter 159: The Forbidden Ruin
Chapter 160: The Ghost of the Ruin