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The Brilliant Fighting Master

Author:Zhang Muzhi

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Updates:Chapter 144: The Sword of Sun and Moon

The war of gods left the earth no winners, but a broken world. Thousands of years later, the soul of the God of war created a new world from the ruins. Nine reincarnations for the same one belief. A youngster looked up at the starlit sky with his sword in hand. Monsters, demons, evil persons…Whoever had the nerve to damage this world would end up dying. To see how a youngster got onto the top of the world little by little, inherited the soul of the God of war, and defend his own world! 神武战王
《The Brilliant Fighting Master》 Text
Chapter 1: The Hundred Thousand Mountains
Chapter 2: No One Left in the East Courtyard
Chapter 3: Fan Tu
Chapter 4: The Death Warrant Flower
Chapter 5: Wind Move Guard
Chapter 6: A Fatal Strike
Chapter 7: The Winter Hunt
Chapter 8: The Holy Clothing Shop
Chapter 9: Dorje Subduing Demon
Chapter 10: The Alchemist
Chapter 11: Sword Practice
Chapter 12: Left-handed Swordsmanship
Chapter 13: The Whitewater City
Chapter 14: The Holy Gathering Qi Pill
Chapter 15: The Pegasus Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 16: Su Qian
Chapter 17: Year-end Bonus
Chapter 18: Surprise
Chapter 19: The Swordquest School
Chapter 20: The Bow of the Lost Souls
Chapter 21: The Skyquest Sword
Chapter 22: The Competition
Chapter 23: The Sword Point
Chapter 24: Defeating Meng Fei
Chapter 25: A Turnaround
Chapter 26: Saving His Father
Chapter 27: The Rainbow Sword Method
Chapter 28: The Blood of Gold
Chapter 29: Three Movements In One
Chapter 30: The Spirit of the Sword
Chapter 31: The Bloody Slaughter
Chapter 32: Spiritual Sword
Chapter 33: The Lord of the Redcloud Sword
Chapter 34: The Mine
Chapter 35: The Herbal Mountain
Chapter 36: He Xing
Chapter 37: The Unique Movement
Chapter 38: The Reinforcements
Chapter 39: The Pure Yang Pill
Chapter 40: Turning the Tide
Chapter 41: Out of the Mountain
Chapter 42: I Want to Join the Natural Law School
Chapter 43: The Ninedragons
Chapter 44: The Martial Saint Mountain
Chapter 45: The Eternal Flame List
Chapter 46: Yang Jianwei
Chapter 47: Long Weapons
Chapter 48: The Spirit of the Sword
Chapter 49: Slashing at the Mountain
Chapter 50: The Weak
Chapter 51: Rule of the Mountain
Chapter 52: Cheating
Chapter 53: The Cream of the Crop
Chapter 54: Spiritual Armour
Chapter 55: Sweet Nothings
Chapter 56: The Dark Side
Chapter 57: A New Crisis
Chapter 58: Dance in the Wind
Chapter 59: Pass
Chapter 60: Running Across an Old Friend
Chapter 61: Women
Chapter 62: The Contribution
Chapter 63: Isolation
Chapter 64: Punishment, Justice, and the Will of the People
Chapter 65: The Lost Soul
Chapter 66: Grand Supreme Elder
Chapter 67: The Fair Trial
Chapter 68: Expelled from the School
Chapter 69: Caning
Chapter 70: Promoted to Senior Disciple
Chapter 71: Top of Both Lists
Chapter 72: Back to the Alchemist Room
Chapter 73: The Peak of Gem
Chapter 74: Xiao Xiao
Chapter 75: Forty-Five Percent
Chapter 76: A Thirty-Seventy Split
Chapter 77: Ten Times More
Chapter 78: Li Xue'er
Chapter 79: The Arrival of His Clansmen
Chapter 80: The Peak of the Heavenly King
Chapter 81: Sky Fight
Chapter 82: The Best Fist Technique
Chapter 83: The Grand Formation of the Crack of Doom
Chapter 84: Compensation!
Chapter 85: The Vermilion Bird City
Chapter 86: Gao Yue
Chapter 87: Hunting Lodges
Chapter 88: The Grand Qi State
Chapter 89: Ranked Eighth in the Prince List
Chapter 90: Clashes in the Mine
Chapter 91: Bloody Bat
Chapter 92: Leader Bloody Bat
Chapter 93: Treasure
Chapter 94: Demon Lord
Chapter 95: An Iron Door
Chapter 96: Earthquake
Chapter 97: Imperial Mausoleum
Chapter 98: Crane the Third
Chapter 99: It's only a Joke
Chapter 100: Elder Tree
Chapter 101: I Promise You.
Chapter 102: Danger! It's Dangerous Here!!
Chapter 103: Anticipated
Chapter 104: Thank You for Your Betrayal
Chapter 105: What Should You Call Me?
Chapter 106: Soul Eating Spell
Chapter 107: Jumping into the River to Escape
Chapter 108: Dedicating Jade Method
Chapter 109: The Black White School
Chapter 110: Monsters in Prehistoric Times
Chapter 111: The Vast Universe
Chapter 112: Getting My Inheritance
Chapter 113: Eight Groups of Spiritual Beings
Chapter 114: Demolishing the Mental Wander State
Chapter 115: The Giant Wolf Paid Its Debt of Gratitude
Chapter 116: Bristling with Anger
Chapter 117: Kill!
Chapter 118: I'll Kill Whoever Gets in My Way!
Chapter 119: Vice Leader of the School
Chapter 120: Ning Haotian
Chapter 121: The Holy Stele of Subduing Demons
Chapter 122: The Abacus of Good Fortune
Chapter 123: Treasured Weapon
Chapter 124: Dragon Guard in Golden Armor
Chapter 125: The Heart of the Powerful Ones
Chapter 126: Conception of Wind
Chapter 127: The One Who Inherited the Doctrine of Sword
Chapter 128: Top Ten Dangerous Places
Chapter 129: The Last Goodbye
Chapter 130: The Immortal Doctrine of Sword
Chapter 131: Ten Thousand Swords' Worship
Chapter 132: A Dragon and a Snake
Chapter 133: Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack
Chapter 134: The Third Prince
Chapter 135: Art of Balance
Chapter 136: Thirty Million Low-Grade Yuan Stones
Chapter 137: The Sacred Institution
Chapter 138: The Young Duke
Chapter 139: A B*tch
Chapter 140: What Are Your Last Words
Chapter 141: You Are Welcome
Chapter 142: Apprentice Brother Xiang
Chapter 143: That's It?
Chapter 144: The Sword of Sun and Moon