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Tales of Herding Gods

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Updates:Chapter 84: The Strangeness In The Darkness

There’s an ancient saying in Great Ruins, ‘Don’t go outside when it’s dark.’ In Great Ruins, the disabled elders of Disabled Elderly Village picked up an infant by the riverside and named him Qin Mu, raising him up with blood and sweat. This day, as the night descended and the darkness shrouded Great Ruins, Qin Mu left home… Become a villain undulating in the spring breeze! That’s what Blind told him. This is the rise of Qin Mu’s road to becoming a villain! 牧神记
《Tales of Herding Gods》 Text
Chapter 1: Don’t Go Outside When It’s Dark
Chapter 2: The Blood Of The Four Spirits
Chapter 3: Divine Arts
Chapter 4: Heavenly Devil Creation Technique
Chapter 5: Li River’s Five Elders
Chapter 6: Die, Young'un!
Chapter 7: Spirit Embryo Wall
Chapter 8: Granny’s Skin
Chapter 9: Pink Skeletons
Chapter 10: Invasion of Darkness
Chapter 11: Breaking the Wall
Chapter 12: Peerless Battle Techniques
Chapter 13: Beaten To Death
Chapter 14: Vital Qi Body Refinement
Chapter 15: Walking On Water
Chapter 16: The Little Girl In The Temple
Chapter 17: Spirit Embryo Wall Break
Chapter 18: Horrible Child
Chapter 19: Overlord Body Awakened
Chapter 20: Human Shaped Spirit Embryo
Chapter 21: Power Of Medicine
Chapter 22: Secret Of The Stone Statues
Chapter 23: Disrespecting The Gods
Chapter 24: Destroying The God In His Heart
Chapter 25: The Second Awakening
Chapter 26: Thickness Of An Arm
Chapter 27: Spirit Embryo Technique
Chapter 28: Shadow On The Wall
Chapter 29: Small Cheat, Big Cheat
Chapter 30: Seeking Revenge
Chapter 31: Li River Sword Skills
Chapter 32: Meeting The Divine Spear
Chapter 33: Sword Pellet
Chapter 34: Grandma Temple
Chapter 35: Temple Fair
Chapter 36: Great Thunderclap Monastery
Chapter 37: So Loud That Even Deaf Could Hear
Chapter 38: Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra
Chapter 39: Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky
Chapter 40: Cusp Of The Gust
Chapter 41: Pushing The Knife
Chapter 42: Phantom Of The Night
Chapter 43: The Demon Rushing Home
Chapter 44: Heavenly Devil Patriarch
Chapter 45: Surging River Dragon Palace
Chapter 46: Dragon!
Chapter 47: The Third Person
Chapter 48: Dragon’s Soul
Chapter 49: An Elixir Heart
Chapter 50: Little Fox Demon
Chapter 51: Cult Mistress
Chapter 52: Sold For A Good Price
Chapter 53: Demonstration Of Power
Chapter 54: Three Hundred And Sixty Houses
Chapter 55: Number One Sword Skill In The World
Chapter 56: Stab
Chapter 57: Cathouse Hall Master
Chapter 58: Young Cult Master
Chapter 59: The Third Awakening
Chapter 60: General Qin And Seventh Young Master
Chapter 61: Ice Tide
Chapter 62: Spoiling Your Merit
Chapter 63: X, A, H
Chapter 64: Raising Mountains And Rivers In A Cane
Chapter 65: Fragrance Of Tree Peony
Chapter 66: Worshipping The River Gods
Chapter 67: The City That Never Sleeps
Chapter 68: Fighting Through An Alley
Chapter 69: Elegant And Graceful
Chapter 70: Demons And Monsters
Chapter 71: Let Me Kill Someone
Chapter 72: Slaughter The Son To Pay The Bill
Chapter 73: Assassinations On Festooned Street
Chapter 74: Change In Ownership Of Dragon City
Chapter 75: Qin Mu’s Properties
Chapter 76: Troops Of Wolves And Tigers
Chapter 77: Heavenly Painting Crown Prince
Chapter 78: Sun Ship
Chapter 79: Sun Herders Of Great Ruins
Chapter 80: Sun Guardian
Chapter 81: Dark Realm
Chapter 82: The Qin Of Qin Mu
Chapter 83: The Ultimate Armaments
Chapter 84: The Strangeness In The Darkness