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Super God Gene

Author:Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel

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Updates:Chapter 249: Revenge

The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies…… The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms. Humanity faced their great leap in evolution, starting the most glorious and resplendant new era under the starry skies. “Slaughtered the God Blood organism ‘Black Beetle’. Received the God Blood Black Beetle’s Beast Soul. Used the God Blood Black Beetle’s flesh. Randomly obtaining 0 to 10 points of God Gene(s).” 超级神基因
《Super God Gene》 Text
Chapter 1: Supergene
Chapter 2: Ass Freak
Chapter 3: Sacred-blood Armor
Chapter 4: The Old House
Chapter 5: Swift Mantis
Chapter 6: Armor Is Everything
Chapter 7: Dollar
Chapter 8: Primitive Beast Soul
Chapter 9: Sacred-blood Creature
Chapter 10: Bloody Slayer
Chapter 11: Who Is Dollar?
Chapter 12: Who Is Scum?
Chapter 13: Jadeskin
Chapter 14: The Chosen
Chapter 15: Selling Flesh
Chapter 16: Quartz Scorpion
Chapter 17: Unexpected Encounte
Chapter 18: Mutant Creature
Chapter 19: The Distinguished and Aristocrats Only
Chapter 20: Her
Chapter 21: Underground River
Chapter 22: Broken Egg
Chapter 23: Obsidian Dragon
Chapter 24: Sneak Attack Skills
Chapter 25: Ghosthaunt
Chapter 26: Mutant Three-eyed Cat
Chapter 27: SOS
Chapter 28: Expensive Food
Chapter 29: Stormbird
Chapter 30: An Empty Egg
Chapter 31: Free Training Partner
Chapter 32: A Ritual between Men
Chapter 33: Polar Night Forum
Chapter 34: A Bow in Hand
Chapter 35: Who Should Go
Chapter 36: Archery Master
Chapter 37: Whose Broadsword
Chapter 38: My Guy
Chapter 39: Saint Paul
Chapter 39: Saint Paul
Chapter 41: Home Run
Chapter 42: Dollar
Chapter 43: Age Difference
Chapter 44: He Isn't Man Enough
Chapter 45: A Thousand Arrows
Chapter 46: Endurance
Chapter 47: Z-Steel Arrow
Chapter 48: Team Effort
Chapter 49: Starlight Arrows
Chapter 50: Siege
Chapter 51: My Beast Soul
Chapter 52: Purple-winged Dragon
Chapter 53: Sacred-blood Copper-toothed Beast
Chapter 54: Small Gift
Chapter 55: Ten Thousand per Slap
Chapter 56: I’ll Be Damned
Chapter 57: Dark Swamp
Chapter 58: Great Gift for Great Man
Chapter 59: Lucky Dude
Chapter 60: Golden-horned Shura
Chapter 61: Why Not Dodge
Chapter 62: Golden Meteor
Chapter 63: Angel Dollar
Chapter 64: Shura’s Martial Art
Chapter 65: Blackhawk Military Academy
Chapter 66: Ghost-toothed Snake King
Chapter 67: Mutant Sawfish
Chapter 68: Mutant Sawfish Spear
Chapter 69: White Underwear Flag
Chapter 70: Inferior to A Cat
Chapter 71: Destroy the Nest
Chapter 72: Hunting Frenzy
Chapter 73: Martial Ring
Chapter 74: S-Class Saint Hall License
Chapter 75: One in A Hundred
Chapter 76: Holy Angel
Chapter 77: Tang Zhenliu
Chapter 78: Rock-paper-scissors
Chapter 79: One Win
Chapter 80: A Test
Chapter 81: Well-behaved Soldier
Chapter 82: Fighting Luo Tianyang
Chapter 83: One-minute Fight
Chapter 84: Ape Beast Soul
Chapter 85: Seckill
Chapter 86: Special Training
Chapter 87: Cheating
Chapter 88: Perseverance Matters
Chapter 89: I’m the Strongest
Chapter 90: Hand of God
Chapter 91: Steel Armor Championship
Chapter 92: Atomic Fission
Chapter 93: Better Stamina
Chapter 94: The Winner Takes It All
Chapter 95: Evolver-3
Chapter 96: Amazing Talent
Chapter 97: Same Style
Chapter 98: An Interesting Person
Chapter 99: The Chosen Slayed in One Strike
Chapter 100: Contest Center
Chapter 101: Infamy
Chapter 102: See you at the final
Chapter 103: The Fight between the King and the Imposter
Chapter 104: Not Bad
Chapter 105: From A Loner to the King
Chapter 106: Someone Good
Chapter 107: Show Us What You Got
Chapter 108: Hunting A Sacred-blood Creature
Chapter 109: Scaled Armadillo
Chapter 110: Escape
Chapter 111: Glory Shelter
Chapter 112: The Archer
Chapter 113: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars
Chapter 114: The Prize Is A Date
Chapter 115: Cheating Device
Chapter 116: Admission
Chapter 117: Jadeshell Beast Soul
Chapter 118: Fairy Queen Beast Soul
Chapter 119: Ji Yanran
Chapter 120: My Girlfriend is Ji Yanran
Chapter 121: Wipeout
Chapter 122: The Most Mysterious Afternoon
Chapter 123: Hand of God Duel
Chapter 124: On Fire
Chapter 125: Who Is Your Boyfriend?
Chapter 126: Devil Desert
Chapter 127: The Girl Worth An S-Class License
Chapter 128: A Skulk of Foxes
Chapter 129: Sacred-blood Fox King
Chapter 130: Killing Spree
Chapter 131: Golden Rock Worm King
Chapter 132: Another Sacred-blood Beast Soul
Chapter 133: Ten Thirty Tonight
Chapter 134: It Is Too Easy to Beat You
Chapter 135: Not a Wonderful Match
Chapter 136: A Babe
Chapter 137: Heavy Warframes
Chapter 138: Ji Yanran’s Scheme
Chapter 139: Sparring with a Coach
Chapter 140: Meeting Ji Yanran Again
Chapter 141: A Date
Chapter 142: The Invitation from Luo Xiangyang
Chapter 143: Not under This Cup
Chapter 144: Do You Want to Know
Chapter 145: Olympic-size Appetite
Chapter 146: Phantom Ant Beast Soul
Chapter 147: Treading upon Sharp Knives
Chapter 148: Super Biological Warframe
Chapter 149: Weak Opponents
Chapter 150: A Kiss
Chapter 151: Fang Mingquan’s Discovery
Chapter 152: A Star
Chapter 153: The Hilarious Destroyer
Chapter 154: Brutal Force
Chapter 155: Changing the Rules
Chapter 156: Game On
Chapter 157: Kill Them All
Chapter 158: A Great Victory
Chapter 159: A Fact
Chapter 160: My Mother Says Girlfriends Are for Cheeky Guys
Chapter 161: Pet Evolution
Chapter 162: In the Valley
Chapter 163: Sacred-blood Sledgehammer
Chapter 164: Sacred-blood Pet
Chapter 165: The Invitation from Digang
Chapter 166: Lucky Guy
Chapter 167: Looking for Trouble
Chapter 168: God Cannot Save You
Chapter 169: Just Awesome
Chapter 170: Knocking Out the Chosen
Chapter 171: I’m Ji Yanran’s Boyfriend
Chapter 172: It’s You
Chapter 173: Sixty Forty
Chapter 174: Who Is the Star?
Chapter 175: Sparring with A Beauty
Chapter 176: Miserable
Chapter 177: Shooting the Commercial
Chapter 178: Shocked
Chapter 179: Limited Edition
Chapter 180: Lover
Chapter 181: A New Era of Warframe
Chapter 182: Black-feathered Beast
Chapter 183: Huangfu Pingqing
Chapter 184: Probe
Chapter 185: Sacred-blood Black-feathered Beast
Chapter 186: Carried by An Arrow
Chapter 187: A Cave
Chapter 188: Ghost Butterfly
Chapter 189: Sacred-blood Ghost Butterfly
Chapter 190: An Invite from Martial Arts Society
Chapter 191: A Demonstration
Chapter 192: Ouyang Xiaosan
Chapter 193: Judgment
Chapter 194: Black and white three
Chapter 195: Busty
Chapter 196: Ten Years of My Life
Chapter 197: The Charm of A Mature Woman
Chapter 198: Kept Man
Chapter 199: Stranger
Chapter 200: All It Took
Chapter 201: Severe Consequences
Chapter 202: Professionalism
Chapter 203: Black Fist Emperor
Chapter 204: The Emperor's Anger
Chapter 205: Yin Yang Blast
Chapter 206: The Battle between the Angel and the Evil
Chapter 207: Peerless
Chapter 208: Mystery Island
Chapter 209: Domineering Dollar
Chapter 210: Humanoid Creature
Chapter 211: Game On
Chapter 212: Fighting an Angel
Chapter 213: Holy Angel
Chapter 214: Huangfu’s Offer
Chapter 215: Trade
Chapter 216: Gone
Chapter 217: Too Young
Chapter 218: Weaker Than I
Chapter 219: Hand of Devil
Chapter 220: Showing Off
Chapter 221: Professor
Chapter 222: A Walking Treasure
Chapter 223: Greedy Devil
Chapter 224: Black Sheep
Chapter 225: Training
Chapter 226: Cake Tasting
Chapter 227: Small Request
Chapter 228: Please Continue
Chapter 229: A Difficult One
Chapter 230: Beheading in Sand Valley
Chapter 231: Anything but Having a Baby
Chapter 232: Sagittarius
Chapter 233: A Natural
Chapter 234: Unstoppable
Chapter 235: Monster
Chapter 236: More or Less
Chapter 237: Queen Restaurant
Chapter 238: Extraordinary
Chapter 239: An Odd Sacred-blood Creature
Chapter 240: Sacred-blood Knight
Chapter 241: Two Sacred-Blood Creatures
Chapter 242: Spinning Spear
Chapter 243: Both Wounded
Chapter 244: Last Resort
Chapter 245: Beetle Knight
Chapter 246: Doppelg?nger Beast Soul
Chapter 247: Rather Easy
Chapter 248: Privileges
Chapter 249: Revenge