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Stunning Edge

Author:Wú Yì Bǎo Bao

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UpdateTime:2017/1/16 16:20:09

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When a cold and crafty girl travels into the body of a foolish, man-crazy, young female aristocrat, what will happen? A young girl, Claire, falls off a horse while chasing his Royal Highness, the second prince, and falls unconscious. But when she finally opens her eyes, her gaze is ice cold. Soon after, she shines a blinding light that astounds the whole kingdom. In a world where power is based on magic and power, how would an airhead like her survive? But, she soon stuns everyone by mastering both magic and Dou Qi, paving a new path for herself. His Royal Highness, the second prince, was forced by the Emperor to go visit her but was told she was busy. When he saw the “busy” miss drinking tea leisurely, ignoring him, the second prince’s handsome face twitched. Her personal knight, Jean, had always looked down at her with disgust. But as he and many others watched her shine in glory and power, they couldn’t help but ask themselves, ‘Is this really the girl they knew?’
《Stunning Edge》 Text
Chapter 1: Handsome-Male Chasing Girl
Chapter 2: Nobility
Chapter 3: No Time
Chapter 4: Terrifying Spiritual Power
Chapter 5: Unreadable Horoscope
Chapter 6: Doubting, Probing
Chapter 7: Get the Hell Outta School
Chapter 8: The Sisters’ Fight
Chapter 9: Forever Guarding
Chapter 10: The Valuable Space Teleportation Scroll
Chapter 11: Arcanum
Chapter 12: Strange Old Man
Chapter 13: The Legendary Wizard Sage
Chapter 14: Precious Gifts
Chapter 15: It’s Someone from the Temple of Light!
Chapter 16: Destined Encounter
Chapter 17: Landing in a Dangerous Predicament
Chapter 18: Dark Magician
Chapter 19: Conspiracy
Chapter 20: The Looming Tragedy for Walter
Chapter 21: Claire’s Perception
Chapter 22: Going to the Magician Council
Chapter 23: Going to the Magician Council
Chapter 24: Let Me See Your Loyalty
Chapter 25: Loyalty to a Devil
Chapter 26: Silver Hair, Violet Irises
Chapter 27: Lingyun Leng
Chapter 28: King’s Gaze
Chapter 29: Hidden Crisis
Chapter 30: A Shocking Start
Chapter 31: Killing Intent
Chapter 32
Chapter 33:You! Come Out!
Chapter 34: Shameless and Despicable and Dirty!
Chapter 35: I didn’t do it on purpose! I swear!
Chapter 36: So Valiant, So Charming
Chapter 37: Hidden Crisis
Chapter 38: Magic Beast?
Chapter 39: Black Hair, Black Irises
Chapter 40: Duel
Chapter 41: There’s Actually Someone More Shameless Than Me
Chapter 42: Actually This is the Most Shameful
Chapter 43: Second Master Wants to Kill First Master!
Chapter 44: Two Good Brothers
Chapter 45: It’s Not Just the Plague
Chapter 46: Necromancer
Chapter 47: Ominous Feeling
Chapter 48: Yixuan Feng Appears
Chapter 49: White Emperor’s True Body, Dark Mark
Chapter 50: Watch Me Beat You into a Pig Head
Chapter 51: Walter Gets Stolen
Chapter 52: Suffering a Dragon’s Attack
Chapter 53: [no title]
Chapter 54
Chapter 55: Getting Rid of Holy Knights
Chapter 56: [no title]
Chapter 57: Feng Yixuan Takes Advantage of Claire?
Chapter 58: [no title]
Chapter 59: Claire’s Shamelessness Leading Astray
Chapter 60: [no title]
Chapter 61: Claire’s Outbreak
Chapter 62: [no title]
Chapter 63: Golden Dragon’s Wrath
Chapter 64: The Timely Appearance of the God of Darkness
Chapter 65: Little Wind Leaves
Chapter 66
Chapter 67: [no title]
Chapter 68
Chapter 69
Chapter 70: Father Humiliates Claire
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74
Chapter 75
Chapter 76
Chapter 77: Dead People Can’t Talk
Chapter 78
Chapter 79
Chapter 80
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