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Soaring of Galaxia

Author:Li Tian

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Updates:Chapter 314: The Arrival of Wushuang, Power of the Spiriutal Bow!

In China’s modern martial arts society, Wu Xinghe was history’s youngest grandmaster of martial arts. He was invincible. Because of a strange incident, he was reincarnated as Qin Wushuang, a poor aristocratic boy in an entirely different world with its own set of rules. With his strong will and passion, he began his journey to pursue the highest peak of martial arts! The main character’s beliefs are: Never comply with the aristocrats or the rich people, regardless of any situation. To only depend on your own strength because, eventually, you will have the power to be invincible. Rise! Soar through the Galaxia! Qì chōng xīnghé 气冲星河
《Soaring of Galaxia》 Text
Chapter 1: The Legendary “Xinghe”
Chapter 2: Reborn into the Humble Family
Chapter 3: Strong-Willed Father
Chapter 4: Older Sister's Anxiety
Chapter 5: Evil Guests Arrived
Chapter 6: Provocation and Counterattack
Chapter 7: Return to the Martial Arts Academy
Chapter 8: Counterattack, Counterattack!
Chapter 9: Missy Yun’s Anger
Chapter 10: Who is the Real Pervert?
Chapter 11: The Sun Force
Chapter 12: I Tried to Find Peace, But You Won’t Let Me
Chapter 13: Fight Fire With Fire
Chapter 14: The Unexpected Witness
Chapter 15: Da Xi Yang
Chapter 16: Training Like a Madman
Chapter 17: Teaching the Martial Arts Techniques
Chapter 18: Father’s Expectation
Chapter 19: Father’s Anxiety
Chapter 20: The [Classics Of Tendon Changing Technique] That Will Transform Your Body and Bones
Chapter 21: The Niu Family, Their Competitor In Eastwood Town
Chapter 22: Arrival of the Feast
Chapter 23: The Martial Arts Student Exam
Chapter 24: Shine
Chapter 25: A Gratified Father
Chapter 26: Disturbance While Reading the Public Roll (I)
Chapter 27: Disturbance While Reading The Public Roll (II)
Chapter 28: Outrageous, Outrageous!
Chapter 29: Examiner’s Invitation to a Banquet
Chapter 30: The Seven Young Masters of River County
Chapter 31: Instant kill, Another Instant Kill!
Chapter 32: The Crane Called Out As The Wind Sighed
Chapter 33: The Grand Finale
Chapter 34: Martial Artists’ Declaration
Chapter 35: Rise of The Stepping Stones
Chapter 36: An Uproar
Chapter 37: You Have Fallen For My Sister?
Chapter 38: Da Xi Ming’s Humiliating Story
Chapter 39: Battle Plan
Chapter 40: Do Not Mess With Me
Chapter 41: Not Only Will I Go Behind Your Back, But I Will Also Beat You
Chapter 42: From Arrogance to Reverence
Chapter 43: The Xi Men Feudal Lords
Chapter 44: A Banquet to Die For?
Chapter 45: Missy Yun’s Apology
Chapter 46: Unlimited Stupidity
Chapter 47: A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 48: The One That Came With Ill-Intentions
Chapter 49: Exposed On The Spot
Chapter 50: A Man Must Humble Himself Before Others Do So
Chapter 51: Cold-Blooded Eleven
Chapter 52: A Deliberate Show of Strength as a Warning
Chapter 53: The Battle For The Wealthy Class Seat
Chapter 54: First Victory
Chapter 55: Three Free Moves
Chapter 56: A Palm of Pride
Chapter 57: Upholding Justice Regardless of the Size of the Enemy’s Army
Chapter 58: Secret Information of the Feudal Lords
Chapter 59: Admitting Defeat
Chapter 60: Promoted to the Wealthy Class
Chapter 61: An Immense Rise in Social Status
Chapter 62: Emergency
Chapter 63: Pledging One’s Life to Protect
Chapter 64: Answer a Fool According to His Folly
Chapter 65: Strike Back at Each One
Chapter 66: Acting Like a Bulldog of One’s Free Will
Chapter 66: Acting Like a Bulldog of One’s Free Will
Chapter 67: Plans
Chapter 68: Planning the Military Management
Chapter 69: The Devilish Training
Chapter 70: Secret Information And A Request
Chapter 71: The Initial Formation of an Iron Army
Chapter 72: The Perfect Sun Force
Chapter 73: Southcloud State City
Chapter 73: Southcloud State City
Chapter 74: Clashing In State City
Chapter 75: Karmic Retribution Within One’s Lifetime Comes Quickly
Chapter 76: Confrontation
Chapter 77: Erratic
Chapter 78: Patriarch of the Xi Men Feudal Lords
Chapter 79: To Use Force Rather Than Talks
Chapter 80: Soar to the Sun, Regardless of the Strength of the Enemy
Chapter 81: Compromise From the Feudal Lord
Chapter 82: Making Friends
Chapter 82: Making Friends
Chapter 83: Never Become Enemies For Generations
Chapter 84: The Outrageous Reward
Chapter 85: Rules Exposed Beforehand
Chapter 86: Strange Exam Rules
Chapter 87: Brutal Competition
Chapter 88: Gain on the First Day
Chapter 89: Five Points in Hand
Chapter 90: Mutual Deception
Chapter 91: Basic Foundation of a Collaboration
Chapter 92: Trap
Chapter 93: Sniping and Counter-Sniping
Chapter 94: Eighty Points Collected
Chapter 95: Foreign Participant
Chapter 96: Crossing
Chapter 97: Exam After Crossing
Chapter 98: A Demonic Performance
Chapter 99: Exam Ended!
Chapter 100: Intense Atmosphere
Chapter 101: Team Victor And The Final Mystery
Chapter 102: Super Dark Horse
Chapter 103: Deliberately Complicating an Issue
Chapter 104: Who Was More Arrogant
Chapter 105: Tyrant Of The Imperial Capital
Chapter 106: The Great Honored Warrior Steps Forward
Chapter 107: Intimidating the Little Ones
Chapter 108: Taking the Initiative to Decline the Marriage
Chapter 109: The Differences Within Stage Nine
Chapter 110: Great Marital Saint
Chapter 111: Royal Territory
Chapter 112: Power of the Upper Sky Realm
Chapter 113: A Dragon is Not Meant to Stay in the Pond
Chapter 114: A Crisis!
Chapter 115: The Only Clue
Chapter 116: Marching into the Redwood King's Mansion
Chapter 117: Intimidations at the King's Mansion
Chapter 118: Those Who Defy Me, Die!
Chapter 119: Seizing the Upper Hand!
Chapter 120: Water and Fire
Chapter 121: No Poison, No Great Man
Chapter 122: Officially Crowned as King!
Chapter 123: The Coagulated Sword
Chapter 124: A Fortuitous Meeting at the Paradise Land Beneath the Bottomless Cliff
Chapter 125: Phoenix Nirvana
Chapter 126: Great Luo Empire
Chapter 127: Absolute Authority
Chapter 128: Invasion from an Upper Sky Warrior
Chapter 129: Rising to the Upper Sky Realm!
Chapter 130: Upper Sky Realm Technique
Chapter 131: An Unbridled Guest
Chapter 132: Exposing the Redwood King
Chapter 133: A Challenge to Li Wuji
Chapter 134: Battle Between the Upper Sky Realm Warriors
Chapter 135: Counterattack in a Desperate Situation
Chapter 136: No Reason Not to Kill You!
Chapter 137: The Path of the Upper Sky Realm
Chapter 138: Old Man Ji Yin
Chapter 139: An Enticing Bait
Chapter 140: Another Upper Sky Warrior
Chapter 141: Arrival of a Professional Killer
Chapter 142: Old Man Ji Yin's Scheme
Chapter 143: Heading to the Great Luo Empire
Chapter 144: Second Palace Master of the Star Gauze
Chapter 145: A Strong Force Charging Through the Mountain Gate
Chapter 146: Ji Yin Compromised
Chapter 147: Star Gauze Palace!
Chapter 148: The Decision
Chapter 149: Teacher's First Lesson
Chapter 150: Secret Information of the Land
Chapter 151: An Upper Sky Bird
Chapter 152: Shooting Down the Spiritual Beast
Chapter 153: Power of Deep North
Chapter 154: Absorption in Defiance of the Natural Order
Chapter 155: Secret Elite Warrior
Chapter 156: If I Could Not Kill You, I Would Rather Drain You to Death
Chapter 157: A Surprised Gain
Chapter 158: Merging the Spiritual Qi
Chapter 159: Taught a Lesson to the Roadside Bullies
Chapter 160: Nature Manifestation Valley
Chapter 161: Primary Material for the Body Sculpting Pill
Chapter 162: Beautiful Senior Sister
Chapter 162: Beautiful Senior Sister
Chapter 163: Violet Sun Sword
Chapter 164: Gained the Upper Hand by a Show of Strength!
Chapter 165: True Opponent
Chapter 166: Another Threat
Chapter 167: Vow to Never Compromise
Chapter 168: Winning Against the Sword with the Sword
Chapter 169: Winning the Stakes
Chapter 170: Coincidentally Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 171: Shakyamuni Li Huo
Chapter 172: Marvellous Aspects in the Practice of the Alchemy
Chapter 173: Outrageous Quality of the Initial Stage Spiritual Pills
Chapter 174: Shocking News
Chapter 175: Making an Appointment to Fight at the West Wind Hollow
Chapter 176: Lure the Enemy to a Trap
Chapter 177: Oppressing the Enemy With Ease
Chapter 178: Evil Guests at the Gate
Chapter 179: Looting a Burning House
Chapter 180: Who was More Egotistical!
Chapter 181: Bloodbath on the Street
Chapter 182: Killing in One Move Instantly
Chapter 183: Stretching a Hand and Grabbing it
Chapter 184: One Pill for One Upper Sky Warrior
Chapter 185: First Martial Saint
Chapter 186: At a Critical Juncture
Chapter 187: An Upper Sky Against an Upper Sky Warrior
Chapter 188: The First Martial Saint Admits Defeat
Chapter 189: North East Front Line
Chapter 190: A Bloodbath
Chapter 191: Arrival of the Killing God
Chapter 192: The Honourable Death of the Martial Saint
Chapter 193: Killing at the Flying Cloud Camp
Chapter 194: Putting Qi Shengnan to Death with Fury
Chapter 195: Kill to the Palace
Chapter 196: Unstoppable
Chapter 197: Playing with the Martial Saints from the Great Jin
Chapter 198: Three Conditions
Chapter 199: Cracking Down Each One
Chapter 200: Crying to the Stargaze Palace for Help
Chapter 201: Qin Wushuang's Bottom-line
Chapter 202: One Against Three
Chapter 203: Burning the Royal Palace
Chapter 204: Beheading the Second Martial Saint
Chapter 205: Returning to the Stargaze Palace
Chapter 206: Tan Zhongchi's Ambition
Chapter 207: Building a Momentum for Qin Wushuang
Chapter 208: The Year-End Exam
Chapter 209: First Perfect Score
Chapter 210: Dashing into the Distance
Chapter 211: The Sixteen Years of Record
Chapter 212: Zhou Fu's Expectation
Chapter 213: Absorbing the Spiritual Qi to my Satisfication
Chapter 214: Absorption and Merging
Chapter 215: A Test on Spiritual Qi Depth
Chapter 216: Head Palace Master's Attitude
Chapter 217: The Last Round
Chapter 218: Perfect Scores in All Six Categories
Chapter 219: The Rules of the Core Ranking Competition
Chapter 220: Honoring the Promise
Chapter 221: First Round
Chapter 222: As Expected
Chapter 223: Second Round of the Draw
Chapter 224: Lone Nine Sword
Chapter 225: To Win with the Sword, and to Convince with Morality
Chapter 226: Admitting Defeat Without a Fight
Chapter 227: Draw for the Fourth Round
Chapter 228: Beat You until You Collapse
Chapter 229: Encounter the Third Seed
Chapter 230: The Move that is in defiant of the Natural Order
Chapter 231: Emergence of the Top Four
Chapter 232: The Destined Battle
Chapter 233: The Power of a Middle Stage warrior
Chapter 234: To Fight with One's All
Chapter 235: To Fight or Compromise?
Chapter 236: To Win with the Variation in Moves
Chapter 237: The Victor
Chapter 238: A Sense of Crisis
Chapter 239: Friendship of a Deceased
Chapter 240: The Call from the Head Palace Master
Chapter 241: An Important Task
Chapter 242: Rewards from the Core Ranking Competition
Chapter 243: Separating into Three Routes
Chapter 244: Death of an Upper Sky Martial Saint
Chapter 245: Alone
Chapter 246: A Middle Stage War Beast
Chapter 247: The Signs of Breaking Through
Chapter 248: Staying in Isolation to Welcome the Breakthrough
Chapter 249: Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force!
Chapter 250: To Aid in the Crisis
Chapter 251: The Toughest Battle
Chapter 252: All Star Team Up
Chapter 253: Rendezvous in Five Days
Chapter 254: Deep Behind the Enemy Lines
Chapter 255: The Mysterious Natural Pit
Chapter 256: In Dire Straits
Chapter 257: Heaven Falls and the Earth Rent
Chapter 258: The Seven Deadly Formation of Arrays
Chapter 259: The Biggest Fortuitous Opportunity in the Second Loop
Chapter 260: Comprehension in the Cave
Chapter 261: Fury
Chapter 262: Restless
Chapter 263: Secretly Returning to the Royal Mansion
Chapter 264: Love the House and it's Crow
Chapter 265: Regroup
Chapter 266: Qin Ancestor's Secret Instructions
Chapter 267: Tan Zhongchi's Methods
Chapter 268: Above the Spiritual Martial Force is the Void Martial Force
Chapter 269: What is the Void Martial Force?
Chapter 270: Travel Alone for Tens and Thousands of Miles
Chapter 271: A Joker that Sees Everything, or a Wise Person?
Chapter 272: Miraculous Foresight
Chapter 273: Unreasonable and Tryannical
Chapter 274: In for a Penny, In for a Pound
Chapter 275: Nine Refinements Ying Yang Spiritual Wine
Chapter 276: The Treasure, Gracious Spiritual Bow
Chapter 277: Disciples of the Same Sect were More than Just Friends
Chapter 278: Devil Boy, the Middle Stage Warrior
Chapter 279: To Pull the Wolf from the Cave
Chapter 280: Duel Between Elite Warriors
Chapter 281: Power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow
Chapter 282: Ruckus
Chapter 283: The Best Stage to Make a Come Back
Chapter 284: Assembly of the Disciples, Share of Happiness and Sadness
Chapter 285: Big Shot from the Archaic Mysterious Sect
Chapter 286: Twin Stars of the Stargaze Palace
Chapter 287: The Friendly Competition Between the Three Empires!
Chapter 288: First Round Rules, Deja Vù
Chapter 289: State of Frighten at the Sheer Cliff
Chapter 290: Secrets of the Endless Eastern Sea
Chapter 291: The Vow
Chapter 292: Hard-Earned Capital as Wagers
Chapter 293: Strategies Offered by Wushuang
Chapter 294: Most Outstanding
Chapter 295: Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation
Chapter 296: Who Will Win?
Chapter 297: Expansion of Advantages
Chapter 298: High-Spirited Zhao Muzhi
Chapter 299: Countdown to the Victor
Chapter 300: Seizing Victory in Grand Manner
Chapter 301: Splitting the Wager Winnings
Chapter 302: Third Leader of the Archaic Mysteries Sect
Chapter 303: The Head Palace Master is also Overprotective!
Chapter 304: The Return of Marquis Wushuang, Great Celebration of the Bai Yue Country!
Chapter 305: Feeling Moved from the Bottom of his Heart
Chapter 306: Excuse for not Going out to Greet You
Chapter 307: Return in Glory
Chapter 308: Teacher's Anger and Frustration
Chapter 309: Trump Card, Graceful Spiritual Bow
Chapter 310: Ask a Tiger for its' Skin
Chapter 311: Three Great Leaders
Chapter 312: Super Elite Warriors Pressing Down on the Borders
Chapter 313: Stargaze Palace's Crisis
Chapter 314: The Arrival of Wushuang, Power of the Spiriutal Bow!