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Silent Crown

Author:Feng Yue

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Updates:Chapter 392: Moon Fall

In this fantasy world, music and aether rules all. However, there is constant threat of demons and natural catastrophes. The most powerful men are musicians who use music, alchemy, and spells to safeguard their homes. A young man who just wants to find his father and know why his family was exiled, starts his journey of becoming musician – a journey that leads him to the crown of justice and glory. We are born of aether, grow under aether and die as aether. Awe of Aether! – Holy Code. 寂静王冠
《Silent Crown》 Text
Chapter 1: The Well of the Ultimate
Chapter 2: Lighthouse
Chapter 3: Birthday
Chapter 4: Musicians
Chapter 5: Martin Had a Good Father
Chapter 6: Nightmare
Chapter 7: Talent
Chapter 8: Music Notes
Chapter 9: Mistake
Chapter 10: Avalon Bridge Is Falling Down
Chapter 11: Bait
Chapter 12: Putting Out the Fire
Chapter 13: The Demon of Rain and Breath of Boiling Blood
Chapter 14: Win or Lose
Chapter 15: Moonlight
Chapter 16: True or False
Chapter 17: Bones of the Perished
Chapter 18: Choice
Chapter 19: The Future
Chapter 20: Welcome to Avalon
Chapter 21: Two Kids and a Dog
Chapter 22: The Invitation
Chapter 23: Position
Chapter 24: Performance
Chapter 25: Where Joy Is (1)
Chapter 26: Where Joy Is(2)
Chapter 27: The Exam
Chapter 28: Everyone is a Good Person
Chapter 29: Shadow of Torture
Chapter 30: Notebook
Chapter 31: Sound in the Moonlight
Chapter 32: I’ve Started Practicing
Chapter 33: Getting Worried Slowly
Chapter 34: Save Me
Chapter 35: Hallucination
Chapter 36: Do You Regret It?
Chapter 37: Strange Kindness
Chapter 38: The Marketplace Legend
Chapter 39: Taiyi
Chapter 40: Bloodline of the Dragon
Chapter 41: Reward
Chapter 42: Your Fault
Chapter 43: Food
Chapter 44: Where is She? Boom!
Chapter 45: Nightmare
Chapter 46: I’m Back
Chapter 47: Please Save Me
Chapter 48: All Stray Paths Start Here
Chapter 49: Jiu Xiao Huan Pei [1]
Chapter 50: The Moon Above the Ocean
Chapter 51: A Pity
Chapter 52: Examined (1)
Chapter 53: Examined (2)
Chapter 54: Examined (3)
Chapter 55: Long-awaited Reunion
Chapter 56: Logic of Success
Chapter 57: Battle of the Abyss
Chapter 58: So-called Catastrophe
Chapter 59: The Dark Mother
Chapter 60: Good Student, Bad Student
Chapter 61: Idiot
Chapter 62: You’re Dead
Chapter 63: What a Musician Is
Chapter 64: Equal Temperament
Chapter 65: First, There Must Be Light
Chapter 66: Feeling
Chapter 67: Negotiation
Chapter 68: Result
Chapter 69: He Really Used Force!
Chapter 70: The Most Important Thing Is to Be Happy
Chapter 71: Manners
Chapter 72: Exchange
Chapter 73: Joke
Chapter 74: Charles
Chapter 75: Classic School
Chapter 76: Jianlan Underground Palace
Chapter 77: I’ll Fight Ten
Chapter 78: Despicable! So Despicable!
Chapter 79: There’s No Harm in Looking
Chapter 80: Commentary
Chapter 81: He Cheated!
Chapter 82: Rune Stone
Chapter 83: I’m Just Showing Off
Chapter 84: Dragon Breath Ring
Chapter 85: Winner
Chapter 86: Expectation and Loneliness
Chapter 87: Da Shao
Chapter 88: Zhaodang
Chapter 89: The Dark Legend (1)
Chapter 90: The Dark Legend (2)
Chapter 91: Death of Moon Chant
Chapter 92: Files
Chapter 93: Playing for Charles
Chapter 94: Records of a Genius
Chapter 95: A New Legend
Chapter 96: The Mantis Preys on the Cicada
Chapter 97: Unaware of the Oriole Behind
Chapter 98: Darling, Please Turn Around
Chapter 99: This Is Avalon
Chapter 100: Fight to the Death
Chapter 101: Calling from the Dark
Chapter 102: The Still City
Chapter 103: Vent
Chapter 104: Long Time No See
Chapter 105: Old Guy
Chapter 106: Dungeon Gentleman
Chapter 107: I’ll Be Back Soon
Chapter 108: The Big Three of Darkness
Chapter 109: How May I Help You
Chapter 110: Will the Night Be Dark
Chapter 111: Nightmare Attack
Chapter 112: Dark Musician
Chapter 113: Pomp and Circumstance
Chapter 114: Question Session
Chapter 115: Report Your Name
Chapter 116: The Seven Schools of Music
Chapter 117: Would You Like Some?
Chapter 118: A Letter from a Stranger (1)
Chapter 119: A Letter from a Stranger (2)
Chapter 120: A Letter from a Stranger (3)
Chapter 121: Good Friend
Chapter 122: Deduction After Dinner
Chapter 123: The Demon’s Dark Eyes
Chapter 124: Empty Room
Chapter 125: Stealth
Chapter 126: The Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 127: Despicable and Shameless
Chapter 128: An Arrow to the Clouds
Chapter 129: The Eye of Indrah
Chapter 130: Who is the Most Hateful?
Chapter 131: Rune Stone Meditation
Chapter 132: Declare War?
Chapter 133: Declare War!
Chapter 134: Bolero
Chapter 135: Interpretation Method
Chapter 136: Duel
Chapter 137: Gentle Moonlight
Chapter 138: Who is the Monster?
Chapter 139: A Study of Blood Words (I)
Chapter 140: A Study of Blood Words (2)
Chapter 141: A Study of Blood Words (3))
Chapter 142: Danger in the Rainy Night
Chapter 143: Alarm
Chapter 144: The Death of the Professor
Chapter 145: Hidden Arrow
Chapter 146: The Divine Horn
Chapter 147: Moonlight
Chapter 148: Revenge Musician
Chapter 149: What the Professor Truly Is
Chapter 150: A Sudden Call
Chapter 151: Long, Long Ago
Chapter 152: Savior in the Quagmire
Chapter 153: The Beautiful Life of the Academy’s Disgrace (1)
Chapter 154: The Beautiful Life of the Academy’s Disgrace (2)
Chapter 155: Concussions and Sighs
Chapter 156: Tomorrow is a Good Day
Chapter 157: The Thames Gate
Chapter 158: Riot
Chapter 159: Welcome to Arkham
Chapter 160: Breaking in Professionally
Chapter 161: The Butcher and the Youth
Chapter 162: Welcome to the Black Parade
Chapter 163: Do Not Struggle
Chapter 164: Many Acts of Unrighteousness
Chapter 165: Somewhere With Flowers
Chapter 166: The Blood Ritual Begins
Chapter 167: Guest From the Blood Path
Chapter 168: Palm From the Sky
Chapter 169: Despicable Demon!
Chapter 170: Elegy Memorial
Chapter 171: There Should Be Moonlight
Chapter 172: It’s Only Moonlight
Chapter 173: Entrustment and Compensation
Chapter 174: Nowhere to Return to
Chapter 175: The Cursed Blood
Chapter 176: Nibelungenlied
Chapter 177: Something Seems Wrong
Chapter 178: Demon
Chapter 179: Past Mistakes
Chapter 180: The Fast Method
Chapter 181: So Many Love the Joyful Times of Your Youth
Chapter 182: Doomsday
Chapter 183: Before the Trial (1)
Chapter 184: Before the Trial (2)
Chapter 185: Requiem
Chapter 186: I’m Going to Vent
Chapter 187: Shopping
Chapter 188: You Don’t Have What I Use
Chapter 189: Stage
Chapter 190: Drifting Hearse
Chapter 191: Let’s Go Back Together
Chapter 192: Another Crisis
Chapter 193: Do You Mind if I Play Soccer?
Chapter 194: I Do Mind
Chapter 195: Friendship First
Chapter 196: Turn Up the Volume of the Taunts
Chapter 197: Ta-da!
Chapter 198: Who Is Shameless?
Chapter 199: Are You Satisfied Now?
Chapter 200: Fatal Weakness
Chapter 201: You Again!
Chapter 202: The Draw and Express Shipping
Chapter 203: Family
Chapter 204: The Phantom Sun
Chapter 205: So-called Flames
Chapter 206: Impartial, Fair, and Open
Chapter 207: The Illusionary Sun
Chapter 208: Complex Situation
Chapter 209: Life or Death is Determined by Fate
Chapter 210: Tragische Ouvertüre
Chapter 211: Dig a Ditch, Add Some Dirt
Chapter 212: Small Episode (1)
Chapter 213: Small Episode (2)
Chapter 214: Small Episode (3)
Chapter 215: Big News
Chapter 216: Perfect Illusion
Chapter 217: For What
Chapter 218: Routine Meeting
Chapter 219: Graduation Work (1)
Chapter 220: Graduation Work (2)
Chapter 221: A Long Night
Chapter 222: Exhibition Begins
Chapter 223: Consider Carefully…
Chapter 224: Explosive Maniac
Chapter 225: Congratulations
Chapter 226: Questioning
Chapter 227: Before it Rains
Chapter 228: Precautions
Chapter 229: The Least of Two Evils
Chapter 230: Sublimation Ritual
Chapter 231: The Moon in the Mirror, the Man in the Dream
Chapter 232: Night on Bald Mountain
Chapter 233: To Not Lose
Chapter 234: The Ashes and the Youth
Chapter 235: In Your Dreams!
Chapter 236: Easy to See the King
Chapter 237: Tough Small Figures
Chapter 238: I am Ashamed
Chapter 239: A Scholar’s Execution Ground
Chapter 240: Boss Isn’t Home Today
Chapter 241: Why Not Just Hit Him
Chapter 242: A Lot Behind This
Chapter 243: No Comment
Chapter 244: Waiting for the Right Moment
Chapter 245: Evidence
Chapter 246: You Must Speak Carefully
Chapter 247: All Dignity Gone
Chapter 248: Why Is the Dove So Large?
Chapter 249: I Have Something to Say
Chapter 250: You Shall See Me
Chapter 251: Bell of Original Sin
Chapter 252: The Sacrifice
Chapter 253: The Amazing Adventures of the Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 254: Black Zone
Chapter 255: Chase
Chapter 256: Surprise Attack
Chapter 257: The Strange Parliament
Chapter 258: May My King Protect Me
Chapter 259: Purification
Chapter 260: You Probably Won’t Believe Me…
Chapter 261: Holy
Chapter 262: Sub-Originator Theory
Chapter 263: Bad News
Chapter 264: Authority of the Bell
Chapter 265: Sudden Happiness
Chapter 266: Thunder and Moonlight
Chapter 267: Elegy of the Crow
Chapter 268: Honest and Open
Chapter 269: The Cost of Sixty Years
Chapter 270: Your Heart and My Heart on a String
Chapter 271: The Most Dangerous Place is Not the Safest Place
Chapter 272: Must Treat the Disease
Chapter 273: Danube River of Blood
Chapter 274: Chapter 269
Chapter 275: Wash Away the Black River
Chapter 276: The Secrets I Cannot Tell You
Chapter 277: On the Giant’s Shoulder (1)
Chapter 278: Standing on the Giant’s Shoulder (2)
Chapter 279: Standing on the Giant’s Shoulder (3)
Chapter 280: 第二百七十五章 师兄给你看个宝贝
Chapter 281: The Son of Lamentation
Chapter 282: That Is How Big a Pigeon Is!
Chapter 283: The Governor
Chapter 284: The Gate of Traitors
Chapter 285: Strange White Tower
Chapter 286: Dagonet
Chapter 287: Light and Shadow
Chapter 288: Took the Bait?
Chapter 289: Six-Sided
Chapter 290: I Have a Killer Weapon…
Chapter 291: You Hurt My Heart
Chapter 292: Friend
Chapter 293: Final Words
Chapter 294: It Comes!
Chapter 295: Believe and it Will Be Real
Chapter 296: Invite the Moon into Arms
Chapter 297: Deva Sensing
Chapter 298: That’s All
Chapter 299: Unable to Help Himself
Chapter 300: The Value of Sacrifices
Chapter 301: Surprise
Chapter 302: It Is Always Here
Chapter 303: Before the End
Chapter 304: Before Dawn
Chapter 305: Stein Chamber
Chapter 306: Indecisive
Chapter 307: The Past and Future
Chapter 308: Nightmare
Chapter 309: How Are You?
Chapter 310: Secrets of the Past
Chapter 311: Are You Willing?
Chapter 312: I Wish You Luck
Chapter 313: Seven Questions for Musicians
Chapter 314: The Past
Chapter 315: Graduation?
Chapter 316: Safe Travels
Chapter 317: Smooth and Calm
Chapter 318: Sea Fog
Chapter 319: Fulcrum
Chapter 320: The Intangible is Tangible
Chapter 321: Want to Die? It’s Not That Easy!
Chapter 322: Naica Cave of the Crystals
Chapter 323: Are You Starving?
Chapter 324: Do You Really Need to Be Like This?
Chapter 325: Rain
Chapter 326: The True Meaning Within
Chapter 327: Retreat When Difficult?
Chapter 328: I am Ye Qingxuan…
Chapter 329: You Are Late
Chapter 330: Have a Friend from Afar
Chapter 331: Better to Return Earlier
Chapter 332: Stranger
Chapter 333: Elsa
Chapter 334: Good Cooperation
Chapter 335: Just Watch
Chapter 336: I Want to Fight Ten!
Chapter 337: A Good Start?
Chapter 338: Native Specialty
Chapter 339: Snake of the Atrium
Chapter 340: The Eye of Resentment
Chapter 341: Hades' Door
Chapter 342: Sunbathing
Chapter 343: Fifty Percent
Chapter 344: Nature of Danger
Chapter 345: Besiege
Chapter 346: Low Quality Goods
Chapter 347: Good Start
Chapter 348: The Hole of Destruction and the Holy Spirit's Incarnate
Chapter 349: Under the Shell
Chapter 350: Hellhound
Chapter 351: Past Hallucinations
Chapter 352: Skull of Truth
Chapter 353: Barrier of Knowledge
Chapter 354: Existence of Knowledge
Chapter 355: Jiu Xiao Huan Pei
Chapter 356: The Shadow of the Aether World
Chapter 357: Goodbye
Chapter 358: The Fire Will Soon Extinguish
Chapter 359: The Gift of Life
Chapter 360: Dusk of Hell
Chapter 361: The Dead
Chapter 362: Opponent
Chapter 363: The Last Mazeppa
Chapter 364: Where to Go?
Chapter 365: Cannot Go Anywhere
Chapter 366: See Enough and You’ll Know
Chapter 367: Master of Justice
Chapter 368: I’ll Whistle for You
Chapter 369: Something Flying in the Sky!
Chapter 370: Something Really Is Flying!
Chapter 371: Whale Fall
Chapter 372: This Is War
Chapter 373: The Last Advice
Chapter 374: Cereus
Chapter 375: Embers
Chapter 376: Faust
Chapter 377: Must
Chapter 378: Into the City
Chapter 379: You Flatter Me
Chapter 380: Wolf
Chapter 381: Darkness and the Wolf
Chapter 382: Miracle Crystallization
Chapter 383: Heavy Responsibility
Chapter 384: Iron Rules
Chapter 385: Infinity
Chapter 386: The child of peace
Chapter 387: Pull
Chapter 388: Sword in the Stone
Chapter 389: Back-up Plan
Chapter 390: This Road Leads to the Sky
Chapter 391: It’s All a Trick
Chapter 392: Moon Fall