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UpdateTime:9/12/2017 1:27:56 PM

Updates:Chapter 46: Shooting across the sky! None but railgun!

A chinese novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top story with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions). Maidens“ Grand Summoning Shào Nǚ Dà Zhào Huàn 少女大召唤
《Shoujo Grand Summoning》 Text
Chapter 1: Advent, trolling status screen!
Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Wasting an unfortunate wind snake
Chapter 4: Mission complete
Chapter 5: A story that can’t be left untold
Chapter 6: Information regarding this other world
Chapter 7: Soy sauce beating party
Chapter 8: Could you be any less fake?
Chapter 9: People like these exists, always asking to get curb stomped!
Chapter 10: Multitasking
Chapter 11: The legendary transcript mission! Hayate the combat butler, starts!
Chapter 12: Flat-chested, acrophobic, Kaichou sama!
Chapter 13: The interactions with Kaichou sama.
Chapter 14: With such a sister, being stressed is normal
Chapter 15: The queen of Hayate the combat butler! How can she not have a butler?
Chapter 16: Isn’t it the MC’s duty to pick up girls?
Chapter 17: What would a parade of demons look like?
Chapter 18: Chaotic return to horizon waltz! Exp keeps rolling in…
Chapter 19: question marked level, mysterious crystal fragment
Chapter 20: Kaichou sama’s generous benefits!
Chapter 21: Tsundere blonde twin tail and air headed exorcist
Chapter 22: Interrupted conquest!
Chapter 23: A jinxed Main Character of original story, me gusta verlo mas!
Chapter 24: Interrupted once more! Snapped!
Chapter 25: Suspicion, unending attacks!
Chapter 26: To be able to give birth to such a daughter, as expected she’s a fine piece of work as well.
Chapter 27: The exorcist ancestor with no integrity
Chapter 28: Sudden development, goal change!
Chapter 29: Relationship increase, Kaichou-sama conquered!
Chapter 30: First summon! Super railgun arrives at the scene!
Chapter 31: The true reason for being friendly with each other…
Chapter 32: Bringing 2 shoujos on farming trip
Chapter 33: One does not simply escape labyrinths
Chapter 34: Beating the shit out of a monster named wall, Kaichou-sama goes berserk!
Chapter 35: Great Wolf Monster! A true battle!
Chapter 36: Monsters compounded from ages gone! Facing youkai army!
Chapter 37: Dancing blade! Flying Sparks!
Chapter 38: End, tenderness, reorganization and rest…
Chapter 39: Status, level up, bashfulness and heavenly punishment…
Chapter 40: C grade equipments! 2 rare armaments!
Chapter 41: Recounting the existence of Misaka sisters….
Chapter 42: Tree monster? Tentacle monster? Tentacle tree monster!
Chapter 43: King! dragon? dragon king? Snake king!
Chapter 44: No compromise! Wu Yan’s fight!
Chapter 45: True form of giant snake! Mikoto’s fight!
Chapter 46: Shooting across the sky! None but railgun!