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Chapter 88: Possibility of Evolution for the Spiritual Stove (II)

Chapter 88: Possibility of Evolution for the Spiritual Stove (II)

Gradually, these droplets of liquid disappeared, and Long Hao Chen was completely emptied of his spiritual energy. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of spiritual energy left inside him.

In the moment when his internal spiritual energy finished scattering, Long Hao Chen felt a little shiver reverberate throughout his entire body. The air was filled with the holy element, and to his astonishment, the rotations in his body had accelerated by a wide margin. It was as if silk threads were rapidly gathering around the Saint Spiritual Stove in his chest.

Almost instantly, it took the shape of a small vortex, simultaneously recovering at least 10 units of internal spiritual energy.

The rotations slowly resumed in that small vortex and his internal spiritual energy started to recover automatically. Long Hao Chen didn’t do anything, but he was rapidly restoring his energy.

Was it actually possible that after his internal spiritual energy had been completely depleted, there would be this kind of change? His internal spiritual energy was recovering at least twice as fast as normal!

However, Long Hao Chen discovered that soon after, the recovery speed of his internal spiritual energy was gradually getting slower. After about half of his internal spiritual energy was restored, his recovery speed had returned back to normal. No, in reality, it seemed a little faster than his original recovery speed.

Long Hao Chen slowly opened his eyes. It seemed that he had discovered a brand new type of practice method!

Generally speaking, nobody, regardless of their vocation, would let their own internal spiritual energy be completely exhausted. It was just too dangerous. As a result, the people who had experienced what Long Hao Chen had experienced earlier were few in number. Furthermore, his light element affinity was almost perfect, so his perception was far superior to ordinary people.

What Long Hao Chen didn’t know was that the skill [Storing Power] was originally an almighty tool of cultivation, a skill that was used as a training method to help spiritual energy to be transformed. And on this day, he discovered that pushing [Storing Power] to the limits was a training method as well. This training method had never before been recorded by the Temple Alliance.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best training method, but without a doubt, it was the best choice possible to make his spiritual energy break through from the gaseous state to the liquid state.

What Long Hao Chen did next was to wait for his internal spiritual energy to recover to its peak, before completely using it up again through the means of [Storing Power]. Around the Saint Spiritual Stove, his internal spiritual energy constantly transformed from the gaseous state to the liquid state.

Long Hao Chen also discovered that right after every attempt, right after his spiritual energy turned into a liquid state, his spiritual stove reacted.

Could it be that this was the evolution that father told me about? My Saint Spiritual Stove actually wants to evolve?

Long Hao Chen could still clearly remember what his father told him in the past – that the Saint Spiritual Stove could evolve at most five times. But he still couldn’t clearly remember what his father had said regarding how it would evolve.

In reality, Long Xing Yu had not told him that. Up till now, there had never been someone who managed to make his Saint Spiritual Stove evolve five times.

Li Xin and Long Hao Chen had smoothly passed through the second round, but Lin Jia Lu had been defeated. On her second match, she had been completely dominated, losing to a seventh ranked Grand Mage.

Lin Jia Lu didn’t plan to remain in Holy City. On that evening, she bid farewell to Li Xin and left, together with Chen Si and Chen Chen.

Because Long Hao Chen was still cultivating, Li Xin didn’t disturb him with this matter.

In the early morning, possibly due to the preliminaries entering their crucial stage, when Long Hao Chen and Li Xin followed Ye Hua and left the hotel, he could feel that the atmosphere of the whole Holy City had become somewhat tense.

It was the third day of the preliminaries. It was already the middle stage, and there were a total of 138 participants left. The four powerhouses at the fifth step would finally appear for the first time in the competition. In reality, there were, up to now, only 134 people.

After two days of fierce competition, only a few fortunate competitors remained. In total, there were only 34 people left, so including the four powerhouses at the fifth step of the vocation, it made a total of 38 people.

Today, among the 38 people, only 19 of them were going to remain. The next day of the competition would be the last day of knockout competition.

During these two days of preliminaries, from beginning to end, Ye Hua watched all the matches and gave some advice to Long Hao Chen. The matches that would take place today were going to be even more intense.

The fact that today, only the best 19 people could remain implied that among the top ten, there would be a vacancy. As for this vacancy, it would be filled after this day of the competition. The one who would display the most strength today would obtain this place. After being approved by the committee, they would gain the right to enter the top ten, and grab this tenth place.

More importantly, on the previous day, the evaluation committee announced that because the powerhouses at the fifth step didn’t participate to the two previous rounds, this vacancy would not be obtained by them.

Without the slightest hesitation, this decision was going to make today’s competition even more intense. Who would not want to seize this place? Seizing it implied to be directly included in the top ten of the Temple Alliance, and also signified that one would obtain the qualification to enter a Demon Hunt Squad. This was an honor, and also a gateway to the most extreme door.

In the history of the Demon Hunt Squads, there had never been a Demon Hunt Squad member that didn’t surpass the sixth step. And in terms of fighting strength, Demon Hunt Squad members were a lot more powerful than other powerhouses of the same step. They were also the core force of the Temple Alliance.

As one could imagine, members of the Demon Hunt Squads were an important resource to the Temple alliance. As such, they had a higher probability of becoming one of the strongest of their generation.

Up until recently, the overwhelming majority of the higher ups of the Six Great Temples, including those legendary powerhouses of the ninth step, came from Demon Hunt Squads.

As members of the Demon Hunt Squads, after completing missions for ten years, they could choose to withdraw from their Demon Hunt Squad to hold a post in the Temple. They would then be heroes in the mouths of ordinary people.

After entering the stadium, Long Hao Chen unconsciously looked forward. They had come early today, but a lot of the competitors that won their second matches had already arrived.

Long Hao Chen gave the fourth man in the first row a glance.

The day before, this black-clad youth was seated on this seat as well, and had exactly the same attire. It was as if he didn’t judge it necessary to wear his armor in advance.

As for the three others, Long Hao Chen could only see their figure from behind. All of them were males.

Actually, within vocations like knights or warriors, the quantity of females appearing was low. At the present time, in the Temple Alliance Stadium, among the 38 people who remained, Li Xin was actually the only female knight.

Today, Long Hao Chen didn’t conduct meditation because the count of competitors was quite low, so he was likely to be among the first ones.

Everyone here, including Li Xin, was quite nervous. The overwhelming majority was silently praying, praying not to run into one of these four fellow seated in the first row. They were at the fifth step! Running into them was almost akin to lose the chance to enter the top ten.

Only, Long Hao Chen was an exception. While sitting, the first thought that came to his mind was that after his match, he would get to meet Cai’er, and to send her back home.

In that moment, Long Hao Chen’s mild-gold-colored eyes showed an excited look.

As Li Xin saw Long Hao Chen’s unperturbed appearance, she secretly thought: He’s only 14 years old! He still had a stable mind in such circumstances. I am 20-something years old, don’t tell me that I cannot compare with Long Hao Chen’s attitude? As she shut her eyes, calming herself down, her nervousness started to disappear.