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Chapter 86: An Alarming Sword (IV)

Chapter 86: An Alarming Sword (IV)

In the lounge, Li Xin, who was standing, and had watched him this entire time, resolutely clenched her fists and waved them, “He won, Hao Chen won! What a formidable strike!”

Ye Hua calmly told her, “Sit down.”

Li Xin stuck out her tongue, and hurriedly sat down, quietly asking Ye Hua, “Teacher, with such a high level of cultivation, it looks like Hao Chen won’t be in danger this time. Can it be that he might even have a chance against that guy?”

Ye Hua gave her a glance, seeing that Li Xin’s look was brimming with excitement, he replied, “If I am not guessing wrong, that guy should be concealing his strength right now. It is a tactic as well.” As he finished speaking, he slowly stood up, and looked at Gui Ying’s direction.

On the stadium, Gui Wu was still spitting out blood. Looking at his armor which had been completely broken, he lifelessly declared, “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. How could [Storing Power] not have been scattered earlier? He’s at the fifth step, he’s definitely at the fifth step, he violated the rules of the competition!”

The referee looked at Gui Wu and then turned towards Long Hao Chen, Fifth step? Is he really at the fifth step? Such a young child?

At this very moment, a vigorous voice echoed on the platform, “This match has settled with the victory of competitor #97. Test his spiritual energy; if it is really at the fifth step, we will have him forfeit.”

“Yes.” The referee respectfully saluted him before making some gestures to instruct Long Hao Chen to come. Long Hao Chen nodded and followed the referee who moved place. Gui Wu and his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm were naturally carried by staff members out of there.

In the lounge.

Gui Ying was sitting at the same place, his face was blue one minute and red the next minute as he looked straight at Ye Hua. At this very moment, he was filled with agonizing pain. Each step Ye Hua took was akin to his feet violently trampling on his heart.

This place was filled with so many new talents, especially among young knights. From afar, he could clearly see that scene. But the one who lost was his own son. The bet, the bet…

Ye Hua unhurriedly approached Gui Ying, directing his ice-cold look at him, “The bet, you lost it.”

Gui Ying ferociously clenched his teeth, standing upright and unafraid, “Come.” As a knight, he could lose a bet, but he could absolutely not show dishonest behaviour.

Seeing the peaked ugly face he currently showed, Ye Hua loudly sighed, and spat out these words, “A master for a day is a father for a life, once back, let’s see him, I still have things to ask him. Leave first.”

“You…” Gui Ying looked at Ye Hua, completely with a blank face. He didn’t slap him at the face, accordingly to the bet.

Ye Hua indifferently told him: “You should thank Hao Chen, I was actually influenced by his good nature. Your son’s injuries are not light.”

Gui Ying clenched his teeth and gave Ye Hua a perturbed look, with his five senses in complete disarray. With his foot heavily stamping on the ground, Ye Hua turned around.

Turning around as well, Gui Ying headed to the location of the wounded Gui Wu, with a thought filling his mind: “Teacher, in those days, you were in the wrong…”

A short time after this match ended, a firm voice could be heard, coming from the platform, “In the match between competitors #97 and #99, competitor #97 has emerged the victor!”

An instruction was given without explanation. The order was to keep Long Hao Chen’s cultivation records secret, and to let all competitors know that Long Hao Chen spiritual energy was under the 2000th level and that he had yet to reach the fifth step.

On the platform, an elderly man was seated upright. He smiled with a pondering face and said: “He comes from Hao Yue City, has an Inheritance Ring, his spiritual energy is at the 1803rd level. A ninth ranked Grand Knight who’s only 14 years-old. It looks like another astonishing genius showed up in our Knight Temple. Pass this order, any information regarding #97 is to be sealed off. No information of him should ever be leaked out. In particular, his age. Eh, no, alter directly the information we have on him. Declare his age to be 18 years-old, and notify Hao Yue Hall to bring representatives on my orders. ”

“Yes.” People in the rear naturally carried out his orders.

“As long as this child can smoothly mature, our Knight Temple’s place among the Six Great Temples will definitely remain stable for the next century. What I am curious about is how high the innate internal spiritual energy of this kid is. And from whom he got his Inheritance Ring.”

Another elder seated beside him showed a smile and said: “What a rare thing to see, this Saint Knight acting out of fondness. Can it be that you want to personally raise this child?”

The elder that was called the ‘Saint Knight’ shook his head, still smiling, and replied, “Demon Hunts are a better training than any kind of teachings. I wish for him to be capable to enter the top ten this time, to set earlier on his journey in the world of the Demon Hunts.”

Long Hao Chen went back to his lounge, silently looking at Ye Hua who was sitting at his side He once again became the focal point of the lounge. But he didn’t pay attention to anyone’s look. He just sat, contemplating with his head lowered.

His fight with Gui Wu seemed quite thrilling, but what only Long Hao Chen knew was that nothing was left to luck; he had calculated everything beforehand.

Gui Wu lost mainly because he relied too much on his father’s information about the skill [Storing Power]. Long Hao Chen possessed the physique of a Scion of Light, so any ability would show some slight changes when used by him. These changes include changes in power, a lower spiritual energy consumption, and a longer duration.

After he used [Storing Power], the duration of the amplification was not three seconds, but four seconds. This difference of one second is what fated Gui Wu to this tragedy. This [Light Thorn] was the formidable result of more than 1500 units of spiritual energy belonging to Long Hao Chen compressed in it. And these 1500 units of spiritual compressed were equivalent to more than 2000 units of the spiritual energy belonging to an ordinary knight, contained in a single attack.

There was no need to mention the fact that Gui Wu relied on two pieces of Spiritual Tier Equipment: even a regular Earth Knight would not necessarily be able to resist this attack.

[Storing Power] was a skill that ‘has little interest’, but if enough time was given to accumulate the energy, the effects of this skill would become extremely frightening. A formidable skill using the equivalent of 2000 units of compressed spiritual energy! It could be said that the previous strike of Long Hao Chen could match the power of the attacks of a Radiant Knight. The only difference was his spiritual energy was in a gaseous state instead of a liquid state.

If not for Long Hao Chen holding back upon releasing his attack at the last moment, there would probably not be much left of Gui Wu.

This was the first time Long Hao Chen had used [Storing Power] to such an extent. Consequently, he was contemplating deeply, pondering over the positive and negative effects of using the strategy of [Storing Power]. During the time his spiritual energy was being compressed, he could clearly feel that his spiritual energy was undergoing qualitative changes. In particular, in the area surrounding his Saint Spiritual Stove, the rotation speed suddenly plummeted, and he could see that the golden gloss that was emitted all around weakened by a huge margin.

Spiritual energy liquefaction. Long Hao Chen clearly felt that this process was taking place in him. For a powerhouse, regardless of his rank, during the time of breaking through, a moment of insight was extremely important. At present, Long Hao Chen grabbed this opportunity and was seated, completely motionless, reflecting on his past experience.

Ye Hua sat by Long Hao Chen’s side, and didn’t ask him anything from beginning to end, and went as far as to prevent Li Xin from speaking to him. To this disciple of his, Ye Hua was full of envy. He had definitely gained some benefits from the previous fight.

“Teacher, I am going back to proceed with my cultivation.”, Long Hao Chen whispered at Ye Hua’s ear.

Ye Hua nodded while looking at him, proudly patting his shoulder.

Long Hao Chen still had the wonderful feeling that came with the insight he had a moment ago; he went as far as to forget to greet Li Xin, as he hurriedly moved away from the stadium.

“Hu–” Taking a deep breath, Long Hao Chen moved both of his hands rhythmically, imitating the changes in the internal spiritual energy flowing in his body.

Grasp this chance, he definitely had to grasp this chance! Long Hao Chen was in ecstasy: he knew that the comprehension of this concept was even more important than cultivating his internal spiritual energy to reach the 2000th level.