Wuxiaworld > Shen Yin Wang Zuo > Chapter 80: The Blind Girl (discover the accurate title at the next chapter, when it will be out) (II)

Chapter 80: The Blind Girl (discover the accurate title at the next chapter, when it will be out) (II)

Chapter 80: The Blind Girl (discover the accurate title at the next chapter, when it will be out) (II)

The reason why competitor #29 was so shocked was that he never thought that he would lose the battle so quickly. Furthermore, the opponent seemed to be a lot younger than him. It was even harder to accept that before his opponent even summoned his mount, the match had ended.

“First match, #97’s victory. #29, out.” The referee suddenly appeared in front of the two, announcing in a low voice.

Long Hao Chen withdrew his sword, stood there and performed a Knight salute to competitor #29 and the referee, and headed back to the lounge.

From the beginning to the end, this match only lasted for a total of less than a minute. Before many of the spectators watching the battle could even see what happened, the match had already ended. The young and handsome Long Hao Chen won.

When Long Hao Chen got back to the lounge, the attitudes of the other knights towards him had changed significantly.

There were more than a dozen people sitting at the podium. An old man sitting in the center nodded: “This kid is pretty good. I just wonder what his mount is.”

At his side, another old man said: “He seems to have a Heritage Ring on his hand. It seems that this time’s selections are worth watching after all. Those little guys at the fifth step of the vocation didn’t appear yet, but we already got to see [Storing Power] and [Divine Obstruction]. That’s quite interesting.”

The elder in the middle faintly smiled, and said: “The key point isn’t the skills one can use, but his ability to remain cool-headed. From the instant the competition began, this kid with the number 97 had already planned on how to deal with his opponent. This #27 didn’t even know the skill his opponent was using: otherwise, there’s no way he wouldn’t have attacked from the beginning. The more the skill [Storing Power] lasts, the more the spiritual energy will be amplified, and the might of the skill as well. But it will only last for an attack, and the effects of [Storing Power] will only last for three seconds. After that, the spiritual energy stored up will go to waste.”

The elder by his side showed a large smile, “That’s right! This kid went so far as to complement [Bright Vengeance] with [Divine Obstruction]. And [Storing Power] combined with [Light Thorn] is his second mighty move. This blow had already the firepower of an Earth Knight of the fourth or the fifth rank. Looking at him, he’s definitely under 20 years old. It looks like the results of our Knight Temple’s selections that will take place five years later are already set in stone. Investigate and find out from which town this kid comes.”

“Yes.” Seated in his back was a man, a middle-aged man respectfully responded before quietly leaving.

“Hao Chen, you’re awesome!” Li Xin saw Long Hao Chen single handedly win this match and she was even more happy for him than he was himself. She was so exuberant that she made Long Hao Chen blush.

Ye Hua emotionlessly said, “You revealed your assets too early. Even if you didn’t use [Divine Obstruction], this competitor number 29 would probably not have been your match, his cultivation level didn’t even reach the fourth step of Grand Knight.”

Long Hao Chen bitterly smiled, “Teacher, I forgot to tell you that Hao Yue had some matters, he had to go back to his world first.”

“Eh?” Ye Hua’s heart skipped a bit, “Hao Yue is not here? In such a crucial moment, what the hell is he doing? Isn’t he usually always sticking to you?”

Long Hao Chen replied: “It was for this stone orb I told you about earlier, it seems that he regarded the thing inside as important, and that’s why he brought it back to his space.”

Ye Hua furrowed his brows, “No wonder you made this choice; you puzzled your opponent, not to letting him know what your real cultivation level is, and making him be cautious about the fact you ‘can summon your mount at any moment’. This is also a good thing, as not having your mount will train your personal abilities even better. However, I’m afraid that the later stages of the competition will prove to be difficult. And the preliminaries are supposedly even more ruthless than the main contest, considering that during each round, you will be facing an even fiercer opponent than in the previous one. It is even possible that you face an opponent at the fifth step, so you should prepare yourself mentally.”

Long Hao Chen unyieldingly nodded, “Teacher, I will definitely enter the top ten!”

Ye Hua said: “Okay, go back and cultivate.”

Long Hao Chen originally wanted to watch Li Xin’s match before leaving, so he immediately seemed in a daze upon hearing these words.

Ye Hua said indifferently: “There’s no need to keep watching. Combat experience has to be gained personally. If it’s only watching, there’s no need. In addition, today is merely the first day. There’s no need for you to worry about Xin’er, she has her Rose Unicorn. If she cannot even win her first match, that fatty Nalan should just resign.”

During the time he was speaking, the second round had already begun. Just like Ye Hua said, because there were a lot of fights on the first day, they were all incredibly close to each other. A match would start right after another ended.

Long Hao Chen gave an apologetic glance to Li Xin before leaving her, about to return to the hotel.

Leaving the Great Stadium, Long Hao Chen took a deep breath. Although the last fight looked quite easy, in reality, he was quite nervous. This fight enabled him to pass the first round, and gave him some self-confidence at the same time.

Today was an extremely cloudy day; it seemed as if rain could fall anytime. Long Hao Chen looked at the sky before heading straight to the hotel.

The medicine Lin Xin gave him was excellent. He had already eaten four pills that increased his internal spiritual energy by ten units; the paper presenting the pill stated that he should take one of them everyday, during his cultivation practice, to give them the maximal effect.

But to Long Hao Chen, the pills didn’t increase the internal spiritual energy by ten units at all; the effect was even greater! He didn’t know the exact value, but when taking this pill after starting his cultivation, the effect of the cultivation practice on his internal spiritual energy was at least doubled.

And during these few days, further adding to the stimulation of his potential that occurred as he got rid of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy had already broken through the threshold of the 1750th level; he was sure that he was currently a ninth ranked Grand Knight.

The last rank of every step was actually the one for which the most spiritual energy was required before reaching the next step. To Grand Knights of the fourth step, only 150 spiritual energy levels were required to break through the ninth rank, but to break through the next step of Earth Knight from the ninth rank of Grand Knight, they needed a whole 250 spiritual energy levels of growth.

Ye Hua gave Long Hao Chen goals to reach, but he gave himself other goals to reach as well. His current goal was to try his best to enter the top ten of the competition, as well as the top ten of the preliminary contest.

Only, Long Hao Chen felt unfortunate: if he had Hao Yue, he would be confident enough about his ability to reach the finals. But at the current time, he could only rely on himself.

As he advanced towards the hotel, Long Hao Chen was pondering over the tactics he would use during the rest of the competition. At this very moment, he heard a strange noise.

Du, du, du, du, du…

Unconsciously looking upwards, Long Hao Chen saw someone. It was more precisely a young girl.

The young girl had purple-colored hair, tied back behind her head, and her face was covered by a black cloth, hiding her appearance. Her eyes weren’t covered, and were ash-grey-colored, not revealing the slightest emotion. This strange noise was in fact coming from her blue-colored bamboo cane that was hitting the ground.

This young girl was a little smaller than Long Hao Chen, and she was especially thinner than him. While using her bamboo cane and producing this sound, she took a step forward very cautiously. Looking at her, this action seemed to be very laborious.

“Little sister, where are you going? I’ll help you.” Long Hao Chen took quick steps, coming by the side of this young girl as he asked her, feeling quite concerned about her. As he saw the glassy eyes of this young girl, Long Hao Chen’s heart started to ache. If someone lost his sight, as it seemed to be the case for her, the entire world would be monochromic. What a sad thing! Looking at this young girl’s appearance, Long Hao Chen felt full of compassion.