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Chapter 65: Demon Hunt’s Secrets (I)

Chapter 65: Demon Hunt’s Secrets (I)

“Was that a magic crystal?” Lin Jia Lu asked with a shocked expression.

Li Xin suddenly said: “That’s right! Demonized magical beasts have magic crystals, and furthermore, it’s a fifth step magic crystal. Hao Yue, you’re a bad boy for having suddenly eaten it. That could have been sold for at least a thousand gold coins. What a waste!”

Lin Jia Lu groaned and spoke back: “If I were to have a companion like him, I would be willing to let him be as wasteful as he wants.” Hearing her words, Chen Si and Chen Chen both nodded and expressed their agreement.

During the previous battle, Long Hao Chen was, without a doubt, the cornerstone of their little group and had the biggest contribution. Still, his companion didn’t slow him down: Hao Yue’s performance was stunning as well, especially his coordination with Long Hao Chen. Regardless of whether it was in regard to his healing, assistance, or attacks, he was worthy of praise and did not make the slightest mistake.

The most enviable thing to Lin Jia Lu was that both of Hao Yue’s heads could use at least five or six kinds of magic! Even though it was only low level magic, generally speaking, for a magical beast that can innately use magic, two or three spells was already great. However, the middle ranked fourth step Hao Yue could already use so many kinds of magic, or control spell; even ordinary magical beasts of the fifth step had no way to compete with him on this side.

Hao Yue ate the magic crystal and eagerly ran to Long Hao Chen’s side, advancing while letting out wuu wuu sounds. Little Light, who had just swallowed the magic crystal, lowered his head, showing a very human-like behaviour, as if he felt a bit embarrassed about what he did.

Long Hao Chen gently laughed. Crouching his body and ignoring the blood on both heads, he gently pat them, “It’s nothing, if it’s eaten, it’s eaten. You are still the most wonderful companions I could dream of. Let’s leave quickly.”

Li Xin told him: “Lil’ Bro, recover the corpse of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. It is said that a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s shell can be used to make medicine; it should be profitable.” She knew that Long Hao Chen had a spatial ring.

Long Hao Chen nodded, “Okay, I will store it, and we can split the profits amongst ourselves.”

“I don’t need it.” Lin Jia Lu said without the slightest hesitation.

Chen Si and Chen Chen nodded in succession. Chen Chen retorted: “Hao Chen, we cannot accept this, there’s no way we would have survived if not for your presence. You are the one who protected us on top of being wounded the most. No matter what you say, these spoils of war should belong to you.”

Long Hao Chen advanced and stored the corpse of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon into the spatial ring before turning around and declaring to everyone: “How could I have killed it by myself? It is impossible. No matter who exerted themselves the most, we are currently a team. Let’s head back before continuing this discussion, it’s time we set off.”

Li Xin carried Lin Jia Lu and the five people advanced at high speed towards the Temple Alliance.

Even after 10 kilometers of walking, they did not encounter a single soldier chasing after them. Li Xin rode her Rose Unicorn at full speed with Lin Jia Lu sitting at her back, they took brought back two other horses, and Li Xin carried the wounded Long Hao Chen while Chen Si and his brother rode the horses. Like that, they were finally back under the shining sun at the Temple Alliance’s garrison.

A group of people received them at the garrison. Because they were related to the Demon Hunt Selection Competition, the captain was extremely polite to them and they were given a huge tent to rest inside.

“Currently, we have slayed 22 demons, three less than the requirement. And, in my case, I am afraid that I will need three more days of rest to heal and recover completely.” Long Hao Chen calmly said.

After the calamity, they could finally relax. Everyone felt as if they lost the control of their body, including Li Xin’s and Lin Jia Lu’s who were resting inside the tent, leaning against its sides.

Hao Yue was curled up under Long Hao Chen’s feet, his pair of heads using his tail as a pillow. Only Long Hao Chen, who was in a blood contract with him, could vaguely feel that Hao Yue’s body had undulating energy inside, as if he was digesting the magic crystal he got from this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

Chen Si reacted: “Although we didn’t sustain any injuries, we should at least rest until tomorrow to be in our optimal condition. Tomorrow will be the final day. It seems that demons are tougher opponents than we had expected.”

Lin Jia Lu declared without the slightest hesitation: “I wouldn’t suggest that we attempt to hunt for demons again, especially at this time, because we still do not know of what method they’re using to track us; making an attempt would be acting blindly. In case they find us once more, there’s no saying what kind of monster those demons would send against us.”

Li Xin knit her brows, “But our task has not been accomplished yet.”

Lin Jia Lu took a deep breath and got to the point: “Let me drop out. This time, if not for Long Hao Chen, I would not have made it back alive. After the last fight, I clearly understood that I am lacking. Even if I obtain the qualifications to participate in this huge competition, there is no way that I can obtain good results.”

Li Xin stared blankly at her, seeing her gentle expression.

“None of you have to withdraw, you have already passed the examination.” An aged voice rang out. Holding his magical staff, an elder opened the door and entered. However, wasn’t this elder their senior supervisor?

Lin Jia Lu shot a meaningful glance to everyone else, and hurried to stand, body straight and politely saying: “Senior supervisor.”

The elder waved his hands and pursued: “Sit down, all of you. My name is Feng Yangmu, you may call me Teacher Feng. From now onwards, you are participants of the Demon Hunt Selection Competition and I will plan everything related to your participation.” Compared to the first time they had met him, he was now a lot more gentle. His look was especially focused on Long Hao Chen’s body.

Lin Jia Lu respectfully asked: “Teacher Feng, you just said that we passed the qualifiers, right?”

Feng Yangmu nodded, “That’s right, you have already passed the qualifiers.”

The five youths looked at each other in astonishment before simultaneously becoming exuberant. Not having to enter the territory of the demon race again was clearly the best option. After they faced real demons for the first time, a fear of demons was instilled deep within them.

Long Hao Chen hesitated, “But we killed only 22 demons.”

Feng Yangmu looked at Long Hao Chen, smiled, and said: “The numerical count doesn’t represent everything. You killed a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. That was, in itself, enough to let you qualify for the Demon Hunt Selection Competition this year. The requirements were for you to kill five demons per person, but that was for demons below the fourth step. A fourth step demon is equivalent to five of them. In other words, when you killed the invisible demon from the Dyke Clan, the task was already completed. When the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon appeared, I was really afraid for you, but in order to test your strength, I never intervened. However, I didn’t expect that you would really manage to kill it.”

Chen Si energetically brandished his fists, “Very good. This time, we can leave together for the Temple Alliance to participate in the Selection.”

Feng Yangmu nodded, “Right. You passed the examination, so you have the qualifications to know some details concerning the Demon Hunt Selection. I’ll tell you, so you have to listen carefully because this will be all the aid I will give you in regard to your participation in the Demon Hunt.”

All of them shivered simultaneously. Sitting straight up, they concentrated all of their attention onto Feng Yangmu’s explanation.

“The demon hunt selection is a competition that takes place every five years. Each middle sized town will dispatch a supervisor. When carrying out the entrance examination, he will be the one who will decide whether or not you are qualified to participate in the Selection Competition.

Upon reaching the Temple Alliance, you will be divided into various temples before advancing to the preliminary contests. There are, altogether, a total of 127 seats that can be filled by the towns in our Temple Alliance. Each seat will be filled by the most outstanding youths dispatched to the competition. As a result, each of the temples will hold a preliminary contest that is an extremely ruthless competition in itself. Particularly for the Knight Temple, the Warrior Temple, and the Mage Temple because these three Temples will have the most competitors. Now that I mention it, the other three temples have a lot less competitors, especially the Spiritual Temple. The competitors from that temple only need to undergo one or two rounds before entering the main stage.”