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Chapter 50: Long Hao Chen’s companion mount (IV)

Chapter 50: Long Hao Chen’s companion mount (IV)

The elder bitterly said: “Give it up. I know you are really unwilling, but it will not influence your future cultivation. Even through the option of taming a magical beast yourself, you would get a much more powerful mount than this mutated Earthfire Lizard.”

Long Hao Chen lowered his head and saw the Earthfire Lizard’s pair of eyes. They were linked by contract, so he could feel the current state of mind of this Earthfire Lizard.

This little guy seemed like he could understand the content of their conversation. His current face was full of fear, loneliness, pain, and unwillingness.

Long Hao Chen naturally wanted a formidable companion mount, but seeing the changes on this Earthfire Lizard’s complexion, he was reminded of the time when his parents left Odin Mountain. That time, did he not experience the same feelings? He’s my companion! How can I abandon him like that?

“Elder, is there really no other solution? I don’t want to abandon him.” Long Hao Chen stooped, and hugged it without avoiding the slightest bit the parts of its body that were dirtied and full of dark, red-colored blood.

Held in Long Hao Chen’s embrace, the Earthfire Lizard’s mood became better, moving its head on Long Hao Chen’s bosom. Just like a kid who found a close relative, its two thick and solid claws were holding Long Hao Chen’s shoulder, tightly hooking his clothes.

The elder hesitated for a moment, and lightly sighed, “You are actually such a kind-hearted kid. It’s not that there’s no solution, but it will be enormously harmful to your body.”

Long Hao Chen held the Earthfire Lizard, weighing 25 kilograms, and feeling his heartbeat, pursed up his lips, “Please give me your pointers, elder.”

The elder’s voice sank down, “If you want him to leave this place alive, there will only be a single solution: to change his physique. Turn its attribute from darkness to light. Only then, he will be able to safely leave.”

Ye Hua was flabbergasted, “Elder, it doesn’t seem very realistic. How can a darkness attribute body turn into a light attribute?”

The elder answered, “Of course it is impossible for us, but it is possible for him. Relying on the existence of this contract of equals, this Earthfire Lizard receives a lot of power from you. And using your body which possesses a strong light attribute, you may transmit your blood into the Earthfire Lizard’s body, to wash off its darkness attribute.”

Ye Hua took a deep breath, his ice-cold face showing a look full of incomprehension, “How much blood would be needed to accomplish that?”

The elder shook his head, “I don’t know either. It depends on how much of Long Hao Chen’s blood the Earthfire Lizard will reject during the process, as well as the quality of the light attribute energy contained in his blood. Regardless of whether it succeeds or not, the vital energy of this kid will be reduced. In my opinion, it is really not worth saving a second step magical beast of this kind.”

“Hao Chen.” Ye Hua turned at the direction of Long Hao Chen, he was shocked like never before.

“Teacher, no need to say it, I have already made my decision. Since we entered into an agreement, this is the destiny that links me to him. If I am to abandon such a little guy and forsake his life, how can I deserve to be called a Guardian Knight?” Long Hao Chen, full of determination, tightly held the Earthfire Lizard in his embrace; bowing little by little, he performed a salute to the elder, “I await the Elder’s guidance on how to do it.”

The elder sighed, “A kid with your temperament is really a rare thing; even though you didn’t get a formidable mount this time, your future accomplishment will be limitless. The method is simple: make use of your contract of equals and let your blood pass through your agreement mark to enter his body.”

“Many thanks, elder.” Long Hao Chen quickly replied before slowly crouching down, facing the Earthfire Lizard on the ground.

The Earthfire Lizard lifted its head, gave a look to Long Hao Chen, unceasingly letting out ‘Boo hoo’ sounds.

“Don’t be afraid, I will do all I can to save you. I am already your companion, if I cannot protect you, how can I be considered a Guardian Knight?”

Long Hao Chen sat cross legged, facing the Earthfire Lizard; before thinking, he had already pulled and brought the marks of equals on both sides closer.

A contract of equals, also known as the summoning contract of equals, required a human initiating a link and launching the request, enabling him to summon the magical beast.

A drop of purple-colored radiance lit on Long Hao Chen’s forehead, the purple light gradually growing to the size of a fingernail, faintly discernible on his forehead.

“Yi.” The handicapped elder gave Ye Hua an astonished look, “It’s so strange, his agreement contract mark seems extremely complex.”

Normally, the more formidable the magical beast that agreed to the contract was, the more complex the agreement contract mark would be.

Ye Hua looked full of doubts, “What?! Isn’t that a mere speck of light?”

The elder shook his head, answering, “No, it is nowhere so simple: the agreement contract mark is just covered by this purple light; even though I cannot see how it is shaped, it is for sure not so simple. Look at this Earthfire Lizard.”

Accompanying the activation of Long Hao Chen’s contract, a contract mark appeared on his forehead as well as on the body of the Earthfire Lizard.

Generally speaking, the human as well as the magical beast were supposed to have the contract mark appear on their forehead, but it was not the case with this Earthfire Lizard. An excessively large bright purple-colored pattern was slowly appearing on its back until it almost covered the lizard entirely. This dense bright purple color looked like a layer of mist, covering its back. Although it was many times bigger than Long Hao Chen’s head, they could not see clearly the pattern of the purple-colored mist enveloping its back.

Long Hao Chen told the Earthfire Lizard in a calm voice, “Little guy, don’t be afraid. I will use the light attribute in my blood to change the attribute of your body. I don’t know if it will be painful, but you have to endure, okay?”

Upon hearing his words, the Earthfire Lizard unexpectedly nodded, showing a look full of comprehension, its pair of red eyes filling with gratitude and affection.

Long Hao Chen lifted both of his hands, and a thin ball appeared in his left hand’s forefinger. Immediately, a gold-colored light appeared from his fingertips that released a golden light about 6.6 centimeters long. Externalizing the internal spiritual energy, this ability was the symbol of knights of the fourth rank. Third step knights could, through the use of [Lightning Cut] 1, externalize their spiritual energy, but fourth step Grand Knights did not have to use a skill to externalize their spiritual energy.

With a spark of golden light, Long Hao Chen cut open his right wrist and, at this moment, fresh blood gushed out, funneling into the big mark on the Earthfire Lizard’s back.

“Woo—-” The companion screamed; the Earthfire Lizard lifted its head, its body violently shaking. Its four claws exerted a lot of physical force, grabbing the spiritual mark on the ground to stabilize its own body and keep itself from moving suddenly.

The handicapped elder displayed an astonished face once more, “This Earthfire Lizard is really mentally capable. It seems that he is more mysterious than his appearance would suggest it.”

Ye Hua showed a smile that looked kind of forced, “I hope it’s true.” He really wanted to prevent Long Hao Chen from proceeding with this; a second step Earthfire Lizard was really not worth it at all! Besides, the Demon Hunt Selection Competition was going to take place in half a year. With his vital force decreased at this moment, it was uncertain whether Long Hao Chen would be able to handle the competition. However, could he really block this disciple of his? Long Hao Chen did not lose his spirit yet; he did not give up hope and, from Ye Hua’s point of view, this was something even more precious than the title of Demon Hunter.

Long Hao Chen’s blood dripped onto the mark on the Earthfire Lizard’s back, instantly melting into it, and golden halos spread all around this purple mark, covering the entire body of this Earthfire Lizard.

As each halo of golden light flowed around, and the Earthfire Lizard’s body shivered violently, as if its body was withstanding electric shocks. However, like before, it did not move.

In a similar way, layer after layer of golden halos flowed around, as a terrifying darkness attribute gas was being emitted from the Earthfire Lizard’s body and progressively dispersed.

1. Little reminder, [Lightning Cut] is the ability of Genuine Knights that can be used both in close quarters and at a range