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Pursuit of the Truth

Author:Er Gen

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Updates:Chapter 166: Completion of the Blood Solidification Realm

Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who controls life and death! Qiú Mó 求魔
《Pursuit of the Truth》 Text
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: Su Ming
Chapter 3: The Berserker’s Awakening
Chapter 4: The Piercing Light
Chapter 5: Strange Occurrences
Chapter 6: Dream
Chapter 7: Gift
Chapter 8: Barrenness!
Chapter 9: Red Mud
Chapter 10: Quenching
Chapter 11: Blood Boiling
Chapter 12: Su Ming’s Wrath
Chapter 13: Killing Motive!
Chapter 14: The Fallen Berserker
Chapter 15: Metamorphosis
Chapter 16: Elder
Chapter 17: Berserker Mark
Chapter 18: The Art from the Berserker Ancestors
Chapter 19: The Second Door
Chapter 20: Bei Ling
Chapter 21: Poor
Chapter 22: Are We Going to Change?
Chapter 23: Like an Initial Meeting
Chapter 24: Now, It’s Dead
Chapter 25: Her Name is Bai Ling
Chapter 26: The Night of the Blood Red Moon
Chapter 27: The Legend of the Fire Berserker!
Chapter 28: The Crying Sky
Chapter 29: The Ancient Tribe
Chapter 30: Cries of Sadness
Chapter 31: Wherefore Doth Thou Cry, O Blue Sky?
Chapter 32: Those Beautiful Days…
Chapter 33: Lei Su
Chapter 34: Fire Berserker Art!
Chapter 35: The Moon of Blood Appears
Chapter 36: The Mockery from Ancient Times
Chapter 37: Xiao Hong’s Exhilaration
Chapter 38: Burning of Blood!
Chapter 39: I Want to Become Stronger!
Chapter 40: Feeling of Animosity!
Chapter 41: Si Kong
Chapter 42: Returning Debts
Chapter 43: Teachings
Chapter 44: Mo Sang
Chapter 45: So, You Are Su Ming?
Chapter 46: This Year, I Am 16 Years Old
Chapter 47: The Elder’s Secret!
Chapter 48: Six Numbers!
Chapter 49: Thunderbolt!
Chapter 50: The Third Method!
Chapter 51: Lad, We Were Fated to Meet Each Other!
Chapter 52: By the Side
Chapter 53: Open the Path to Wind Stream Mountain!
Chapter 54: The Secret of the Six Numbers!
Chapter 55: Fine Control!
Chapter 56: The Night Was His!
Chapter 57: The Fifth Level of the Blood Solidification Realm!
Chapter 58: Do You Believe It?
Chapter 59: Unimpeded!
Chapter 60: A Shocking Move!
Chapter 61: They Were Afraid!
Chapter 62: Release the Hair Tie!
Chapter 63: A Great Threat!
Chapter 64: The Test of the Heart!
Chapter 65: Ye Wang Changed!
Chapter 66: The Final Battle!
Chapter 67: The Burning of Blood Once Again!
Chapter 68: Sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm!
Chapter 69: Persevere! Persevere!
Chapter 70: Care to Walk in Circles with Me?
Chapter 71: The Elder’s Preparation
Chapter 72: The Alliance of the Western Region
Chapter 73: The Berserker's Realm Mountain!
Chapter 74: Is It Him…?
Chapter 75: Ill-Gotten Wealth!
Chapter 76: Friend, Please Hold Your Step
Chapter 77: The Torn Bag
Chapter 78: Let’s Walk Around in Circles
Chapter 79: Who is Sighing in that Promise?
Chapter 80: I Want to Go Back!
Chapter 81: Madness without Regret!
Chapter 82: Impossible!
Chapter 83: Su Ming, Ye Wang!
Chapter 84: Change in Wind Stream Mountain!
Chapter 85: He Saw the Tribe…
Chapter 86: Their Homes They were Reluctant to Leave Behind
Chapter 87: Black Mountain Tribe’s Pursuit!
Chapter 88: Who is the Traitor?
Chapter 89: Funeral Song
Chapter 90: It Already Happened, so Let It Go
Chapter 91: Death of Young Martyrs
Chapter 92: Bi Tu of Black Mountain Tribe!
Chapter 93: The Blood Moon!
Chapter 94: The Fourth Arrow!
Chapter 95: Who Killed My Su Er!
Chapter 96: Awakening!
Chapter 97: Wind Stream Plains!
Chapter 98: He is the Traitor!
Chapter 99: Lei Chen’s Choice!
Chapter 100: Kill Them!
Chapter 101: Beheading Him Right Before Their Eyes!
Chapter 102: Why?!
Chapter 103: Shan Hen
Chapter 104: The Place Closest to the Sky
Chapter 105: Battle on the Moon!
Chapter 106: The Arrival of the Fallen Berserker!
Chapter 107: The Elder’s Secret!
Chapter 108: Xing!
Chapter 109: One Flag Pole!
Chapter 110: The Wind Blew Away All Traces
Chapter 111: Waking Up to Unfamiliar Sights
Chapter 112: Fire Appearing When Lightning Struck Wood
Chapter 113: Encountering Other People
Chapter 114: The Land of South Morning!
Chapter 115: He Would Not Commit Past Mistakes!
Chapter 116: Spirit Plunder
Chapter 117: Going Out
Chapter 118: Han Mountain City
Chapter 119: It’s Him!
Chapter 120: He Feng
Chapter 121: Han Fei Zi
Chapter 122: Su Ming’s Test
Chapter 123: The Gift from the Tribe Leader of Tranquil East Tribe
Chapter 124: Brother Xu, Go!
Chapter 125: He Feng, I’m here!
Chapter 126: One Final Question
Chapter 127: The Secret of Han Mountain City!
Chapter 128: A Great Reward
Chapter 129: A Piece of Beast Skin
Chapter 130: Red Meadow
Chapter 131: The Change During Peaceful Times
Chapter 132: Han Fei Zi!
Chapter 133: Learning Deceit
Chapter 134: It’s Called a Storage Bag!
Chapter 135: The Eighth Level of the Blood Solidification Realm!
Chapter 136: The Great Treasure of Han Mountain
Chapter 137: A Difference in Treatment
Chapter 138: The Later Stage of the Blood Solidification Realm
Chapter 139: Egress
Chapter 140: Visiting Tranquil East
Chapter 141: Guest
Chapter 142: Those… Disappeared Years
Chapter 143: What Have I Forgotten..?
Chapter 144: Allow Me to Take a Look
Chapter 145: Him!
Chapter 146: Reencountering Xuan Lun
Chapter 147: That Starry Sky
Chapter 148: Within Sight
Chapter 149: Han Mountain’s Ancestor Is Not Dead!
Chapter 150: Pursuit
Chapter 151: Counterattack
Chapter 152: Could Not Understand This Woman
Chapter 153: Sir Mo Su
Chapter 154: God of Berserkers!
Chapter 155: There Are Some Words That Should Not Be Heard
Chapter 156: There Are Some Things That Should Not Be Said
Chapter 157: Aloof Eyes
Chapter 158: Destiny!
Chapter 159: Break The Relocation Seal
Chapter 160: Han Kong!
Chapter 161: The Lost Memories!
Chapter 162: Take Me Away…
Chapter 163: If You Don’t Die, Then This Will Become Your Serendipity
Chapter 164: Who Am I…?
Chapter 165: Prelude
Chapter 166: Completion of the Blood Solidification Realm