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Peerless Martial God

Author:Jing Wu Hen

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Updates:Chapter 934: Strong and Powerful Disciple

Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence. Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed. Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect. Those who plot against me are seeking their own death. This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng. TL’s Synopsis: Lin Feng tried to be the diligent and hard-working good guy. He Studied hard, did his best to make his family proud and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. He had been tricked, sentenced to 10 years in jail and framed for a crime he never committed, all was lost. If his life was over he would take those who ruined his life with him… Suddenly he opens his eyes again. He is not dead, but alive in the body of the Lin Feng of a different world. This Lin Feng had been killed as trash of cultivation. This world where the strong had no regard for human life and would kill freely if they had the strength. Called ‘trash’ and thrown away, with vengeance in his heart he will rise to new heights opposing the will of heaven and earth.
《Peerless Martial God》 Text
Chapter 1: Spirit Awakening
Chapter 2: Continuous Breakthrough
Chapter 3: Overbearing Violence
Chapter 4: Wielding A Sword
Chapter 5: Unsheathing the sword
Chapter 6: the arrow spirit
Chapter 7: Black Wind Mountain
Chapter 8: Hell Wolf
Chapter 9: throat slitting sword
Chapter 10: Life or Death arena
Chapter 11: Revenge
Chapter 12: Lin Feng’s spirit
Chapter 13: Battle in the Life or Death Arena (Part 1)
Chapter 14: Battle in the Life or Death Arena (Part 2)
Chapter 15: Battle in the Life or Death arena (part 3)
Chapter 16: The way of the world
Chapter 17: The Precipice of Zhangu
Chapter 18: Emerging Power
Chapter 19: Three hundred years
Chapter 20: The Unknown Force
Chapter 21: Questioning an Elder
Chapter 22: An arm for an arm
Chapter 23: The Terrifying Shadow
Chapter 24: A Strong Heart
Chapter 25: The power within the Ling Qi layer
Chapter 26: You Again!
Chapter 27: Self Confidence
Chapter 28: The Whistle Wind Restaurant
Chapter 29: Teasing
Chapter 30: The Annual Meeting
Chapter 31: Let The Fun Begin!
Chapter 32: The First Blow
Chapter 33: The Final Eight (Part 1)
Chapter 34: The Final Eight (Part 2)
Chapter 35: To The Death! : Lin Feng Vs Lin Qian
Chapter 36: Easy Battle?
Chapter 37: Lin Hai’s Fury
Chapter 38: The Honorable Elder
Chapter 39: Na Lan Feng
Chapter 40: Rumor?s
Chapter 41: Assassins
Chapter 42: Darkness of the Night
Chapter 43: A New Beginning
Chapter 43: Spirit Awakening
Chapter 44: Audacious!
Chapter 45: Arriving at the arena
Chapter 46: The Tournament Begins
Chapter 47: Duo Ming’s Sword
Chapter 48: A Single Strike
Chapter 49: Get The Hell Down!
Chapter 50: Infinitely Powerful
Chapter 51: Lin Feng’s Fury
Chapter 52: Who Dares?!
Chapter 53: A Fierce Tiger
Chapter 54: Chi Xue Cavalry
Chapter 55: Sword of Nirvana
Chapter 56: The Top Ordinary Disciple
Chapter 57: Liu Cang Lan
Chapter 58: Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue
Chapter 59: Lin Feng, That Bastard!
Chapter 60: Mo Xie is Evil
Chapter 61: Imaginary Demon
Chapter 62: The Strange Metamorphosis
Chapter 63: The Trash Spirit?!?
Chapter 64: Deadly Sword
Chapter 65: Po Jun
Chapter 66: Asking for Trouble
Chapter 67: Attracting Attention
Chapter 68: The Sword Master
Chapter 69: Fury
Chapter 70: Lin Feng’s State of Mind
Chapter 71: Liu Fei’s strange behavior
Chapter 72: Provocation
Chapter 73: The Punishment
Chapter 74: Confrontation
Chapter 75: The Yun Hai Sect has abandoned me
Chapter 76: Brutality
Chapter 77: The Yun Hai Sect is Polluted!
Chapter 78: The Patriarch’s Mistakes
Chapter 79: No Compromise
Chapter 80: The Sword Force
Chapter 81: Pure Insanity
Chapter 82: The Rise of a Genius
Chapter 83: Confrontation of Geniuses
Chapter 84: The Real Threat
Chapter 85: Selected Geniuses
Chapter 86: Only Option!
Chapter 87: Cold Blooded
Chapter 88: Extermination
Chapter 89: A Lonely Sword
Chapter 90: Sorrow and Tragedy
Chapter 91: The Ancient Temple
Chapter 92: Deadly Cross Shadow
Chapter 93: Girl Inside The Illusion
Chapter 94: I will just show you
Chapter 95: Each Step Brings Death
Chapter 96: A Dreadful Night
Chapter 97: The Imperial City of Xue Yue
Chapter 98: Duan Feng
Chapter 99: The Celestial Academy
Chapter 100: Traitor or not?
Chapter 101: A Dead End?
Chapter 102: Aggression and Brutality
Chapter 103: Impudent old man
Chapter 104: Blood Spirit
Chapter 105: The Sealed Doors
Chapter 106: The Prodigy of the Duan Clan
Chapter 107: To Slap or Not to Slap?
Chapter 108: One Terrifying Step!
Chapter 109: Luo Xue the High Official
Chapter 110: Behind the Heavy Curtains
Chapter 111: Conflicts
Chapter 112: Who’s Slapping Who?
Chapter 113: One Finger
Chapter 114: The Menacing Old Man
Chapter 115: Joining The Academy
Chapter 116: The Third Category
Chapter 117: The Zither
Chapter 118: The Holy Courtyard
Chapter 119: Magic! The Gathering
Chapter 120: Justice
Chapter 121: What an Expression!
Chapter 122: Xue Yu
Chapter 123: Duan Ren Border
Chapter 124: Heartless Imperial Family
Chapter 125: When They Met!
Chapter 126: Meng Qing’s Pain!
Chapter 127: The Snake is Back!
Chapter 128: Purity stones
Chapter 129: Lin Feng’s Strength
Chapter 130: The Sixth Floor
Chapter 131: As Far as Possible!
Chapter 132: Lin Feng’s Sword
Chapter 133: Rule Violation
Chapter 134: He Will Die!
Chapter 135: Hei Mo
Chapter 136: Pressured at the Entrance
Chapter 137: Life and Death Challenge
Chapter 138: The Prisoner Arena
Chapter 139: Cultivation Slaves
Chapter 140: Lin Feng’s Battle
Chapter 141: Jun!
Chapter 142: Insane Fury
Chapter 143: Brothers
Chapter 144: Killing Shadow!
Chapter 145: Blood vessels
Chapter 146: Marking
Chapter 147: The Visitors
Chapter 148: The Furious Teacher
Chapter 149: Flowing Blood
Chapter 150: Ice Reigns Over The World
Chapter 151: Meditation
Chapter 152: The Journey
Chapter 153: Daemonic Fire Lion
Chapter 154: The Scandal
Chapter 155: Battle to the Death
Chapter 156: Energy Attack!
Chapter 157: Humiliation of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue
Chapter 158: Auction Square
Chapter 159: Noble Cultivator Seating Area
Chapter 160: Who’s furious?
Chapter 161: Compassion
Chapter 162: Ba Dao
Chapter 163: Horrifying Price!
Chapter 164: The Dangerous Follower
Chapter 165: Frozen to Death
Chapter 166: Slave Exchange
Chapter 167: Inspiration
Chapter 168: Forbidden!
Chapter 169: Who Kills?
Chapter 170: Sword Awakening
Chapter 171: The Rules
Chapter 172: Strength as a Rule
Chapter 173: Vast Power
Chapter 174: Beginning of the Battle
Chapter 175: Your Highness!
Chapter 176: Black Lotus
Chapter 177: Cherish a fight
Chapter 178: Sword energy
Chapter 179: Death Ploy
Chapter 180: Pressure
Chapter 181: Holy Courtyard Challenge
Chapter 182: Battle Energy
Chapter 183: The Lovesick Forest
Chapter 184: The Yue Clan
Chapter 185: The Beautiful Woman
Chapter 186: Arranged Wedding
Chapter 187: Burning Battle Energy
Chapter 188: Condescending
Chapter 189: Duan Wu Ya’s Tempting Offer
Chapter 190: Lin Feng’s Birth
Chapter 191: Who’s stronger?
Chapter 192: Cold Sword
Chapter 193: Cowardly Dog
Chapter 194: The War Drums
Chapter 195: The Song
Chapter 196: Lin Feng’s Song
Chapter 197: Situation at the Gate
Chapter 198: Invasion
Chapter 199: The calm before the storm
Chapter 200: The Dual Spirit
Chapter 201: The Officers
Chapter 202: The Black Guards
Chapter 203: The Celestial Sword Unit
Chapter 204: Assassin!
Chapter 205: The Prologue of Battle
Chapter 206: The Calamity
Chapter 207: No Choice but Death
Chapter 208: Night within the City
Chapter 209: The Ambush
Chapter 210: Annihilate the army
Chapter 211: Yan Yu Ping Sheng
Chapter 212: Long Chase
Chapter 213: Fearless
Chapter 214: Broken Bones
Chapter 215: Painful Love!
Chapter 216: Lack of Pure Qi
Chapter 217: The Mysteries of Cultivation
Chapter 218: Earth Fusion
Chapter 219: Foot of the Golden Zi Mountain
Chapter 220: Golden Rain fills the sky
Chapter 221: The Zi Government
Chapter 222: The Day of the Wedding
Chapter 223: The Forbidden Area
Chapter 224: The Princess’ Tears
Chapter 225: Allowed to Hold a Sword
Chapter 226: Lin Feng’s Sword
Chapter 227: Fury for the Princess!
Chapter 228: Purple Annihilation
Chapter 229: Sword of the Rising Sun
Chapter 230: The Resplendence of the Cross
Chapter 231: The Purple Lake
Chapter 232: Where is Lin Feng?
Chapter 233: The Final Day
Chapter 234: The Strong Cultivator!
Chapter 235: The Surplus Souls
Chapter 236: The Zun Qi layer
Chapter 237: Warmth in the Forbidden Area
Chapter 238: Ruthless
Chapter 239: The Purple Dragon Spirit
Chapter 240: Encircling the Imperial City
Chapter 241: The Orders
Chapter 242: The Death of an Officer!
Chapter 243: The Chi Xie Officer
Chapter 244: Who’s the Traitor?
Chapter 245: Duan Tian Lang’s Interrogation
Chapter 246: The Marquis and His Fief
Chapter 247: The New Officer
Chapter 248: You Will Fight!
Chapter 249: Lin Feng’s Army
Chapter 250: The Snow-Dragon Guards
Chapter 251: She Must Be Blind!
Chapter 252: The Fool!
Chapter 253: The Tyrant
Chapter 254: Back To Yangzhou City
Chapter 255: Blade of the Wind!
Chapter 256: Make Him Apologize!
Chapter 257: The Apology
Chapter 258: Identity!
Chapter 259: Commit Suicide
Chapter 260: The Annual Meeting
Chapter 261: I, Lin Feng, want to die!
Chapter 262: Kill Lin Feng!
Chapter 263: Officer!
Chapter 264: Regret and Resentment
Chapter 265: The Terrible Loss!
Chapter 266: Lin Feng is dangerous!
Chapter 267: The Nine Palaces
Chapter 268: Celestial River
Chapter 269: The Blademaster
Chapter 270: The Dream Pavilion
Chapter 271: The Humiliation
Chapter 272: The recipe
Chapter 273: Provocations
Chapter 274: The Ancient Cauldron
Chapter 275: The Apple of His Eye
Chapter 276: The Genius?
Chapter 277: Kill as he wishes?
Chapter 278: The Night Visit!
Chapter 279: Enchanting and Bewitching
Chapter 280: Searching Everywhere!
Chapter 281: Threats at the Door!
Chapter 282: The Sword of Pure Qi
Chapter 283: Kill me and see!
Chapter 284: The Massacre
Chapter 285: Encircled!
Chapter 286: The Sharp Light
Chapter 287: Fury!
Chapter 288: The Demonic Skill
Chapter 289: The Evil Deity
Chapter 290: The New Party
Chapter 291: Thousand Illusions
Chapter 292: The Dragon Metamorphosis
Chapter 293: Giving up the Cauldron!
Chapter 294: Mister Chi
Chapter 295: Generosity!
Chapter 296: Join Him Before His Success!
Chapter 297: The Luo Xia Sect
Chapter 298: The Scapegoat
Chapter 299: Powerful Energy Filling the Atmosphere
Chapter 300: The Nightmare of the Luo Xia Sect
Chapter 301: I don’t want to see you suffer!
Chapter 302: A Hundred and Twenty Thousand Pills
Chapter 303: The End of the Conflict
Chapter 304: Kill Him!
Chapter 305: The Cultivators in the Coffins!
Chapter 306: The Empire’s Influence
Chapter 307: King Class Evil Ectoplasm
Chapter 308: The Impermanence of Life
Chapter 309: The Sealed Doors!
Chapter 310: The Emotionless Sword
Chapter 311: The Request
Chapter 312: Ambitious Goals!
Chapter 313: I am Lin Feng!
Chapter 314: Wen Ren Yan’s Wedding!
Chapter 315: How Shameless!
Chapter 316: Lin Feng is back!
Chapter 317: Provoking Everyone!
Chapter 318: Wen Ren Yan’s Death!
Chapter 319: The Terrifying Lin Feng
Chapter 320: Death of a Noble!
Chapter 321: The General
Chapter 322: The Era of the Geniuses
Chapter 323: Bi Luo’s Insanity
Chapter 324: Heaven and Earth Are Cruel!
Chapter 325: Perilous Encirclement!
Chapter 326: The Death God
Chapter 327: Startling and Shocking
Chapter 328: He Hasn’t Died!
Chapter 329: The Blue Void Underworld!
Chapter 330: Bullying Lin Feng?
Chapter 331: Cosmos Burning Sun
Chapter 332: The Sword of Sunlight!
Chapter 333: The Flames at Dong Ling!
Chapter 334: Burn and Die!
Chapter 335: A Speechless Lin Feng!
Chapter 336: The Sun Skill
Chapter 337: Chess with the Princess!
Chapter 338: Eighteen Years Ago!
Chapter 339: To Kill or not to Kill
Chapter 340: The Opportunity!
Chapter 341: Kill Yu Tian Xing?
Chapter 342: Dazzling Sword!
Chapter 343: The Sound Waves!
Chapter 344: The Incredible Celestial Book!
Chapter 345: Banned!
Chapter 346: The Grim Fire
Chapter 347: The Black Lotus!
Chapter 348: The Holy Courtyard Is Landing!
Chapter 349: The Appointment
Chapter 350: The Lesson
Chapter 351: Who Is Pathetic?
Chapter 352: Egotistic
Chapter 353: The Guess
Chapter 354: The Portrait
Chapter 355: Touching
Chapter 356: Imperial Guard Officer
Chapter 357: The Threat of a Black Lotus
Chapter 358: Leng Yue’s Blade
Chapter 359: Who Will Save You?
Chapter 360: Frightening Persuasion
Chapter 361: She Qiong’s Enlightenment
Chapter 362: Burnt to Death!
Chapter 363: Wu Ya’s Mountain
Chapter 364: Against the current
Chapter 365: Fellow Students
Chapter 366: The Nine Dragon Mountain Chain
Chapter 367: Mount Sword
Chapter 368: Shaking the earth!
Chapter 369: The Evil Sword
Chapter 370: Veins of the Earth!
Chapter 371: How to Divide?
Chapter 372: Sword of the Rising Sun
Chapter 373: Wan Shou Men
Chapter 374: Merciful?
Chapter 375: His Grandson
Chapter 376: Everybody Arrived!
Chapter 377: Kill Lin Feng!
Chapter 378: Who Wants To Kill Him?
Chapter 379: The Ability?
Chapter 380: Beast Metamorphosis
Chapter 381: The Shaman Spirit
Chapter 382: Beast Control
Chapter 383: Celestial Fangs
Chapter 384: Devour!
Chapter 385: The Dragon’s Heads
Chapter 386: Ancient Ferocious beasts
Chapter 387: The Silhouette in the Mountains
Chapter 388: Astonishing!
Chapter 389: The Transformation!
Chapter 390: Convincing the Winged Tiger
Chapter 391: Control!
Chapter 392: The Battle Against the Tian Level Beast
Chapter 393: Unsheathing The Evil Sword
Chapter 394: Removing the Restriction!
Chapter 395: Scared!
Chapter 396: Teng Wu Yao’s Fury
Chapter 397: Wind
Chapter 398: Wind Movement
Chapter 399: Coming to Kill!
Chapter 400: Cold Indifferent Heart
Chapter 401: Fury!
Chapter 402: Meng Qing
Chapter 403: Insanity
Chapter 404: Strength!
Chapter 405: Dual sword wielding!
Chapter 406: Dead
Chapter 407: Yue Qing Shan’s Thoughts!
Chapter 408: Come To Kill!
Chapter 409: The Nightmare of the Wan Shou Sect
Chapter 410: The Path of Bloodshed
Chapter 411: Cosmic Annihilation
Chapter 412: The Black Sword
Chapter 413: The Era
Chapter 414: Xuan Qi Layer Pills
Chapter 415: Duan Feng’s Breakthrough
Chapter 416: Seven Days Later
Chapter 417: Duan Feng’s Secret
Chapter 418: Everybody Wants to Kill Him!
Chapter 419: Dark Barrier
Chapter 420: On The Bamboo Raft
Chapter 421: The Black Poisonous Fog
Chapter 422: The Death Game
Chapter 423: Accomplices
Chapter 424: The Price of Attacking!
Chapter 425: The Humiliation of the Hao Yue Sect
Chapter 426: Planned Actions!
Chapter 427: Cold Heart
Chapter 428: The Flood Dragon Warp Fist!
Chapter 429: Deadly Energy
Chapter 430: You will die!
Chapter 431: Despicable Means
Chapter 432: Lotus in the Left, Sword in The Right!
Chapter 433: Piss Off!
Chapter 434: The Mysterious Apparition
Chapter 435: Looking Down On Everybody
Chapter 436: The Massacre!
Chapter 437: What Kind of Life?
Chapter 438: The Death of a High-Official!
Chapter 439: The Pieces Come Together!
Chapter 440: Satisfied!
Chapter 441: The Crown Prince!
Chapter 442: Meeting Again
Chapter 443: The Strange Place
Chapter 444: Lin Feng’s Power and Influence!
Chapter 445: Break The Spell!
Chapter 446: Yan Dang Mountain
Chapter 447: Tianya Haige
Chapter 448: The Wolves of the Desert
Chapter 449: The Tribe
Chapter 450: The Most Important Person!
Chapter 451: Kill Me?
Chapter 452: Absolute Despair!
Chapter 453: The Massacre!
Chapter 454: Savage Thoughts
Chapter 455: The Four-Tailed Wolf!
Chapter 456: The Ancient Legend
Chapter 457: Crystal
Chapter 458: The Myriad of Black Lotuses
Chapter 459: Flames!
Chapter 460: Death On the City Walls!
Chapter 461: Fighting The Wolf Pack!
Chapter 462: The Memory Jade
Chapter 463: Hostility
Chapter 464: Insane Laughter!
Chapter 465: The Cursed World
Chapter 466: Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect!
Chapter 467: Banquet in the Imperial Palace
Chapter 468: Keep Watch for Me!
Chapter 469: Beauty Under the Moonlight
Chapter 470: Toast!
Chapter 471: Life at Stake!
Chapter 472: Drops of Blood!
Chapter 473: Fight?!
Chapter 474: Sword Intent!
Chapter 475: The Realm of Perception
Chapter 476: Humiliating Each and Every Single One!
Chapter 477: The Confrontation
Chapter 478: Terrified!
Chapter 479: Pressure
Chapter 480: Hope!
Chapter 481: Eighteen Xuan Cultivators!
Chapter 482: Thousands of Arrows!
Chapter 483: The Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect
Chapter 484: Shameless Han Xue Tian!
Chapter 485: Red Snow!
Chapter 486: To The Imperial City!
Chapter 487: Returning to The Holy Courtyard!
Chapter 488: The Mysterious Group
Chapter 489: The Snow Dragon Robe!
Chapter 490: Life and Death Gamble!
Chapter 491: Sword Formation!
Chapter 492: One Man Battle Formation!
Chapter 493: Terrifying Sword intent!
Chapter 494: Destruction
Chapter 495: Kill Yourself
Chapter 496: Night Activities
Chapter 497: Lin Feng’s Verdict!
Chapter 498: Down The Precipice
Chapter 499: Breaking The Door
Chapter 500: The Mysterious Encounter!
Chapter 501: Nine Herukas Skill
Chapter 502: Three Thousand Rotations
Chapter 503: The Mysterious Picture
Chapter 504: Tian Feng’s Provocations
Chapter 505: The Stronger Cultivator
Chapter 506: Confrontation of Fire!
Chapter 507: The Terrifying Banner!
Chapter 508: To the Imperial Palace
Chapter 509: How Could He Not Fight?
Chapter 510: Thunder Spirit
Chapter 511: A Fist!
Chapter 512: Boiling Blood!
Chapter 513: Blood Strength!
Chapter 514: Deadly Encounter
Chapter 515: Burn and Swallow!
Chapter 516: The End of Tian Feng
Chapter 517: Obscenities
Chapter 518: Who Will Have Her?
Chapter 519: Fighting Over a Woman
Chapter 520: Poison!
Chapter 521: Get Lost!
Chapter 522: Intercourse
Chapter 523: Situation
Chapter 524: Heartless Conditions
Chapter 525: The Story
Chapter 526: Painting with the Heart
Chapter 527: Departure
Chapter 528: Practicing Cultivation in the Sky!
Chapter 529: The Dragon Mountain Empire
Chapter 530: The Alcohol of the Best Restaurant
Chapter 531: Rushing to the Top Floor!
Chapter 532: The Beauty of the Tang Clan
Chapter 533: Soul Spring Liquor
Chapter 534: The Bet!
Chapter 535: Dragon Mountain’s Rankings
Chapter 536: Breakthrough
Chapter 537: Marketplace
Chapter 538: The Spring Moon Jade!
Chapter 539: The Huo Clan
Chapter 540: Worries
Chapter 541: The Beautiful Scenery
Chapter 542: Unreasonable and Impertinent Behavior
Chapter 543: Humiliation at the Gate
Chapter 544: Killing People from the Huo Clan
Chapter 545: Lin Feng Attacks!
Chapter 546: Bite The Hand That Feeds
Chapter 547: What Do You Want To Do?
Chapter 548: Yuan Tong
Chapter 549: Prove It!
Chapter 550: Risking One’s Life
Chapter 551: Karma May Reunite Us!
Chapter 552: Geniuses’ Gathering
Chapter 553: Lin Feng, Come Out!
Chapter 554: Wu Qing’s Battle!
Chapter 555: No Difference!
Chapter 556: Terrorize Qin Chuan
Chapter 557: Divine Water Pills
Chapter 558: The Stand At the Market
Chapter 559: Qing Meng Xin
Chapter 560: Women Who Stand Out
Chapter 561: The Palace of the Cosmic Pavilion
Chapter 562: Stealing
Chapter 563: The Strong Young Man
Chapter 564: Encircling Lin Feng
Chapter 565: How To Kill Them?
Chapter 566: An Arrow At the End of Its Flight!
Chapter 567: Transforming Into A Demon!
Chapter 568: The Counterattack of the Evil Swords
Chapter 569: The Old Man and the Young Girl
Chapter 570: Waking Up
Chapter 571: Recovering
Chapter 572: Little Sister
Chapter 573: The Separation
Chapter 574: Visualizations
Chapter 575: The Last Fight
Chapter 576: Determination!
Chapter 577: A Fist
Chapter 578: Humiliating Slaps!
Chapter 579: Seven Winners!
Chapter 580: Lin Feng
Chapter 581: Struggling For The Winged Tiger
Chapter 582: Increased Respect For Him!
Chapter 583: Drinking A Few Bottles of Alcohol
Chapter 584: Alcohol As A Gift
Chapter 585: The Gift
Chapter 586: Unexpectedly Nice!
Chapter 587: Strange Cultivation
Chapter 588: En route for Mi Cheng
Chapter 589: The Humiliation
Chapter 590: The Genius
Chapter 591: Altogether!
Chapter 592: Heroism
Chapter 593: Di Ling and Wu Dao
Chapter 594: The Aggressive Woman
Chapter 595: Coming For Revenge
Chapter 596: Long Time Without Deadly Energies
Chapter 597: Ice-Cold Dagger
Chapter 598: Yun Fei Yang
Chapter 599: The Rules of the Great Competition of Xue Yu
Chapter 600: Delation
Chapter 601: Happily Fighting Together!
Chapter 602: Terrifying Fire
Chapter 603: One Sword killer Attack!
Chapter 604: Willing To Fight!
Chapter 605: Shen Gong
Chapter 606: Duo Tian Mountain Chain
Chapter 607: Before The Start
Chapter 608: The Magical Seeds
Chapter 609: The Temple
Chapter 610: How To Use The Seeds
Chapter 611: A Disaster for the Yu Clan
Chapter 612: Encountering Yu Mo!
Chapter 613: Ambition
Chapter 614: Killing Together!
Chapter 615: The Evil Temple
Chapter 616: The Beginning of an Era
Chapter 617: Indestructible Golden Body
Chapter 618: Killing Down The Hill
Chapter 619: Heruka Body Transformation
Chapter 620: Get Back Into The Temple!
Chapter 621: The End of the First Round
Chapter 622: Regrets!
Chapter 623: The Sword Qi in the Cave
Chapter 624: Sword Intent
Chapter 625: Bloodthirsty Sword
Chapter 626: One Sword
Chapter 627: The Discussion
Chapter 628: Enemies and Friends
Chapter 629: The Flood Dragon Cave
Chapter 630: Rushing Through the Flood Dragon Cave
Chapter 631: The Ninth Person
Chapter 632: The First Jade Medal
Chapter 633: Drinking Alcohol Onstage
Chapter 634: The Eleven Best!
Chapter 635: The End of the Second Round
Chapter 636: Immobile Like A Mountain
Chapter 637: One Death And One Coward
Chapter 638: Cosmic Force
Chapter 639: Astonishing Choice
Chapter 640: Insect
Chapter 641: Prove What?
Chapter 642: One Attack
Chapter 643: The Sixteen Best
Chapter 644: A Blood Like Sword
Chapter 645: The Holy City
Chapter 646: Titans’ Battles!
Chapter 647: Everybody, Give Up!
Chapter 648: Shen Gong
Chapter 649: The Banquet
Chapter 650: Shen Gong’s Goal
Chapter 651: The Special Area
Chapter 652: Amazing Sword
Chapter 653: Sword and Heruka
Chapter 654: Coming Out
Chapter 655: The Prologue!
Chapter 656: Monstrously Strong Cultivators, The Prologue!
Chapter 657: Forfeit
Chapter 658: Poor Yu Mo
Chapter 659: Blood-Red Sword
Chapter 660: A Sword Destroying the Atmosphere
Chapter 661: One Sword
Chapter 662: The Dead Tree
Chapter 663: The Seven Swords
Chapter 664: Between Swords
Chapter 665: Bad Choice
Chapter 666: The Day Before the Great War
Chapter 667: Evil Fight
Chapter 668: Evil Night Light
Chapter 669: Demon’s Body
Chapter 670: The Arrogant Di Ling
Chapter 671: The Firmament Spirit
Chapter 672: Duan Wu Dao’s Strength
Chapter 673: Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao
Chapter 674: Last Two Battles
Chapter 675: Lin Feng Vs. Di Ling
Chapter 676: Tearing Firmament Energy!
Chapter 677: The Final Battle
Chapter 678: Sealed Doors
Chapter 679: The Climax
Chapter 680: Unexpected Disturbance
Chapter 681: Five Terrifying Spheres of Influence
Chapter 682: Lin Feng’s choice
Chapter 683: Everybody’s Choice
Chapter 684: The General Overview of the Continent
Chapter 685: Zun Cultivators
Chapter 686: At Dusk
Chapter 687: Before Breaking Through to the Tian Qi layer
Chapter 688: The Palace of the Emperors
Chapter 689: Tian Level Skills
Chapter 690: Wrath
Chapter 691: Dazzling Lights
Chapter 692: Gathering
Chapter 693: Tian Qi Layer Battles
Chapter 694: Back Home
Chapter 695: Passionate Fusion
Chapter 696: Like A Dream
Chapter 697: People from the Empire
Chapter 698: Ruler
Chapter 699: Acceptance
Chapter 700: Public Announcement
Chapter 701: Getting Prepared for Revenge
Chapter 702: The End of An Era
Chapter 703: Back To the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain
Chapter 704: Gathering Ferocious Wild Beasts
Chapter 705: Astonishing!
Chapter 706: Underground Current
Chapter 707: Danger in Duan Ren City
Chapter 708: Extreme Sadness
Chapter 709: Duan Ren City
Chapter 710: Lin Feng’s arrival
Chapter 711: Great Regrets
Chapter 712: Bloodbath in Mo Yue
Chapter 713: The Crown Prince of Mo Yue
Chapter 714: The Roc
Chapter 715: The Wedding Day
Chapter 716: Dark Clouds in the Sky
Chapter 717: The Great War
Chapter 718: Fury and Revenge
Chapter 719: Deadly Meeting
Chapter 720: Ghosts of Xue Yue
Chapter 721: Xue Ling Long
Chapter 722: Like A Demon
Chapter 723: Strong Cultivators Fighting!
Chapter 724: Duan Wu Ya
Chapter 725: Unsheathing the Evil Swords
Chapter 726: Killing Duan Ren Huang
Chapter 727: The Terrifying Lin Feng
Chapter 728: He Cannot Turn Into A Demon!
Chapter 729: Determination Battle
Chapter 730: Reigning Over Xue Yue
Chapter 731: The Ferocious Wild Beasts in the Mountain Chain!
Chapter 732: Here Is the Cat Again!
Chapter 733: Zun Cultivator!
Chapter 734: The Restriction
Chapter 735: Controlling The Evil Sword
Chapter 736: Bloodbath at Night!
Chapter 737: Mother Master
Chapter 738: The Tian Chi Empire
Chapter 739: Missionaries
Chapter 740: Tian Chi Xue
Chapter 741: The Top of the Mountain
Chapter 742: A Furious Sharp Sword
Chapter 743: Fortune
Chapter 744: A Sword in the Middle of Heroes
Chapter 745: Releasing Evil Energy
Chapter 746: Sharp Needles!
Chapter 747: Lin Feng In Fury
Chapter 748: The Eight Extremely Strong Cultivators
Chapter 749: Man Can Conquer Nature
Chapter 750: Test
Chapter 751: Battling Against a Cultivator of the Tian Qi layer
Chapter 752: Frozen
Chapter 753: Making The Demon Pure
Chapter 754: Ninth Xuan Qi Layer
Chapter 755: The Annoying Zun Cultivator
Chapter 756: Fire
Chapter 757: Three Madmen!
Chapter 758: Three Madmen!
Chapter 759: Stronger Again
Chapter 760: Shut Up!
Chapter 761: The Battle in the Snow Palace
Chapter 762: Finger Threat
Chapter 763: For The Empire!
Chapter 764: Taboo
Chapter 765: Terrifying Beast Qi
Chapter 766: The Snow Beasts Tower
Chapter 767: Encounter in the Sky
Chapter 768: Making the Situation Worse
Chapter 769: Serious Consequences
Chapter 770: Two Traitors
Chapter 771: The Palace
Chapter 772: Getting Into The Mysterious World
Chapter 773: The Mysterious Marks in the Dark World
Chapter 774: Sacrificial Altar
Chapter 775: Crossing Space
Chapter 776: Inner-battle
Chapter 777: Who Can Stop him!
Chapter 778: The Skeletons of the Strong Cultivators
Chapter 779: The Holy Marks
Chapter 780: Familiar Faces
Chapter 781: Xiao Yao Sect
Chapter 782: The Ancient Scriptures of Xiao Yao
Chapter 783: Tang You You’s Punches
Chapter 784: Soaked with blood, so what?
Chapter 785: Terrifying Weapons
Chapter 786: Awakening of the Blood Spirit!
Chapter 787: Do You Dare Fight Me?
Chapter 788: For Justice!
Chapter 789: The Seven Starlights
Chapter 790: Tian Ji’s ultimate star power
Chapter 791: The Leader
Chapter 792: The Demonic Emperor
Chapter 793: The Evil Gourd
Chapter 794: Boundless Blood Pool
Chapter 795: Who Dares Attack?
Chapter 796: Monstrous Huang Fu Long
Chapter 797: Group Fight
Chapter 798: Great Battle
Chapter 799: Healing Pill
Chapter 800: The Omniscience of the Stars
Chapter 801: Palace Hologram
Chapter 802: The Atmosphere is Collapsing
Chapter 803: Jade Heaven Imperial Clan
Chapter 804: The Grave
Chapter 805: Path of Truth
Chapter 806: Eternal One
Chapter 807: Magic Understanding
Chapter 808: Paramita’s path
Chapter 809: Jade Heaven’s Palace
Chapter 810: Undisclosed information
Chapter 811: Stealing treasures
Chapter 812: The Demoniac Emperor’s Scriptures
Chapter 813: Lin Feng Defying Laws Human and Divine
Chapter 814: Crushing the Emperor’s Internal Organs
Chapter 815: Come Out!
Chapter 816: One Hand
Chapter 817: Why the Jade Emperor’s Heart?
Chapter 818: All Inside!
Chapter 819: The Palace’s Explosive Power!
Chapter 820: Fighting Beasts!
Chapter 821: Chase and Kill!
Chapter 822: Killing Duan Wu Ya
Chapter 823: Escape
Chapter 824: Hunting
Chapter 825: Lin Feng’s Madness
Chapter 826: Demon Sword and Battling against the General
Chapter 827: Death Valley
Chapter 828: Entering the Death Valley
Chapter 829: Demon Seal Plate
Chapter 830: The Silhouette down the Mountain!
Chapter 831: Awareness
Chapter 832: Three Lives Emperor
Chapter 833: Too Many Requests!
Chapter 834: Infinite Demon Print
Chapter 835:
Chapter 836: Crisis in Gan Yu
Chapter 837: Back to Tian Chi
Chapter 838: Denouncing Lin Feng
Chapter 839: Piss off, all of you!
Chapter 840: Crushing a Tian Qi layer cultivator
Chapter 841: Together
Chapter 842: Who committed a crime?
Chapter 843: Insane Swordsman
Chapter 844: New Era for Tian Xuan
Chapter 845: Tian Chi Determination
Chapter 846: The Snow Zun Cultivator’s Decision
Chapter 847: Transmission
Chapter 848:The Challenge!
Chapter 849: Oppressed Strength
Chapter 850: Soul Bell
Chapter 851: New Page
Chapter 852: Great Surprise and the Zun Cultivator’s Fury
Chapter 853: Sealed for a year
Chapter 854: Super Violent Genius
Chapter 855: A New Life
Chapter 856: The snow Zun cultivator
Chapter 857: Incredible Spirit
Chapter 858: Going Around
Chapter 859: Back to Xue Yue
Chapter 860: King Lin Feng
Chapter 861: General’s Tomb
Chapter 862: Hidden
Chapter 863: Flames of Fury
Chapter 864: Gloomy Young Master
Chapter 865: Death God
Chapter 866: Killing people of the Tian Qi layer as well
Chapter 867: Murder!
Chapter 868: Tian Qi layer
Chapter 869: Behind the scenes
Chapter 870: Honor and glory
Chapter 871: The ancient cauldron
Chapter 872: Concocting pills
Chapter 873: Complete recovery
Chapter 874: Meeting again
Chapter 875: Nature pills
Chapter 876: Towards Black Wind Mountain
Chapter 877: So Close Yet Worlds Apart
Chapter 878: Struggling through the path
Chapter 879: Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi
Chapter 880: Bestial Skill
Chapter 881: Collapsing atmosphere
Chapter 882: A New World
Chapter 883: Evil Li Shang
Chapter 884: Evil Methods
Chapter 885: Flame Emperor
Chapter 886: Controlling the Evil Spirit
Chapter 887: Reconstruction
Chapter 888: Shen Gong
Chapter 889: Despising Shen Gong
Chapter 890: I understand cultivation levels better than you!
Chapter 891: Seventh Tian Qi layer
Chapter 892: Unsheathing the demon sword
Chapter 893: Destroying Jue Tian in One Strike
Chapter 894: Asking the Evil Spirit
Chapter 895: Spirit Sealing Technique
Chapter 896: Qiong Qi, Flame Emperor Yan Di?
Chapter 897: Insane Great Emperor
Chapter 898: Convincing the Flame Emperor Yan Di
Chapter 899: Entering a Strange World
Chapter 900: Poor Emperor
Chapter 901: Courting Death
Chapter 902: Strong cultivators’ death
Chapter 903: Panick Attack
Chapter 904: Killing in Shen Gong
Chapter 905: Two news items
Chapter 906: Danger in Tian Chi
Chapter 907: Proud Young Man
Chapter 908: Strange Soul
Chapter 909: Asoka City
Chapter 910: Qiong Qi’s Abnormal Behavior
Chapter 911: The precious picture
Chapter 912: Asoka Mountain
Chapter 913: Clash of the Geniuses
Chapter 914: Confrontation
Chapter 915: How Can You Be So Proud
Chapter 916: The Teacher Arrive
Chapter 917: Beat Around the Mountain to Scare the Tiger
Chapter 918: Lose Face
Chapter 919: Imperial cultivation disciple
Chapter 920: Fighting Power
Chapter 921: Looking for Trouble
Chapter 922: A Godly Awareness Solid as a Rock
Chapter 923: The Defeat
Chapter 924: Flame Mountain
Chapter 925: Void Fire
Chapter 926: Demoniac Power
Chapter 927: Ancient demon destruction
Chapter 928: Strong Words
Chapter 929: Qiong Qiong Qi Levels Up!
Chapter 930: Godly Awareness Palace
Chapter 931: Ba Huang , Jiu You
Chapter 932: Qiong Qi, the Ancient Ferocious Animal
Chapter 933: Defeating Prince Tian Lin
Chapter 934: Strong and Powerful Disciple