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Chapter 444: Four Leaders

Chapter 444: Four Leaders
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The Zhou Dynasty is one of the 10 Dynasties. It was impressively dominating. In the entire Yunzhou, it was one of the top controlling forces.

Within this force, there were 72 Deputies, all of whom were completion levelled powerhouses. These powerhouses were personally appointed and named by the emperor. All of them had insane capabilities and background.

Deputy Xiao Yao was one of them and his ranking, amongst the 72, was not at all bad. On top of that, he was highly trusted by the emperor himself. He was one of the actually capable people in the Zhou Dynasty who had both the status and the abilities.

Thus, he had always behaved violently and unkindly. Especially on his own land, he acted as if he was the king and saw everyone else lightly.

With his status in society, of course he can live finely and happily. However, these days, he had been behaving erratically and constantly smashing things and swearing at his servants.

Just now, he just ordered two servants to die.

"Strange. Why am I feeling so irritated?"

Deputy Xiao Yao sat on the chair in the grand hall and muttered to himself, "Could it be… that I am having a premonition?"

At his level of cultivation, he faintly had a sense of how the world operated and when danger was close, his subconscious reacted. Even though he wasn't certain, when this strange irritated feeling emerged, usually something bad will happen.


Deputy Xiao Yao snickered, "I am a completion levelled powerhouse. A Deputy personally appointed by the emperor. Who poses danger to me?"

As he thought about this, his brows relaxed and he poured himself a cup of alcohol and dunked it. However, just as he was about to relax again, a silhouette flashed across his mind.

It was a young man around the age of 15 or 16. He held onto a violent sword on his left hand and gripped onto a halberd tightly on his right. He wore a golden armor and bore wings. Like a descended immortal, his demeanor was threatening and extraordinary.

Without a doubt, he was thinking of Ling Xian from seven years ago.

This was normal. That battle that year, Ling Xian used his foundational strength to fight against his completion might. The determined and resolute ways he behaved and looked was like he was the reincarnation of a real immortal. It would be difficult for anyone to forget how he looked.

"Dammit, why did I suddenly think of him?"

Deputy Xiao Yao's expression darkened. He crushed the cup with his bare hands and mumbled to himself, "That man sure haunts me. Could it be… I am sensing his arrival?"

"Not possible. Even though he defended against my attack that year, he barely blocked it. On top of that, my punch broke the portal and caused space turbulence. There is no way he could've survived that."

Deputy Xiao Yao frowned deeply. Even though he was certain Ling Xian had died, he felt unsettled for some reason.

"Dammit. No matter what it is, I have to be prepared." Deputy Xiao Yao paused and silently signaled Deputy Chang An, Chi Wang, and Zhan Wang.

Because these three Deputies were the closest to him, thus he remembered them first. His intention was of course to have these three completion levelled powerhouse support him in preparation for the unknown danger.

"This should take care of it. Even if some kind of danger is near, it cannot win against us four." Deputy Xiao Yao had a smile of victory on his face. His entire being relaxed.

Deputy Chang An, Zhan, and Chi were famous powerhouses in the Zhou Dynasty. His invitation can of course guarantee his safety.

Thus, how could Nobel Xiao Yao not feel at ease? Just like that, he sat down in his grand hall and tasted his delicious snacks while waited for their arrival.

After about half a day, the forever lit Sun finally descended, leaving behind a faint layer of pink.

The three other leaders arrived as well. As if they made the promise in person, they showed up one after another.

"Haha, Deputy Xiao Yao, we haven't seen each other for seven or eight years, yet you suddenly remembered to invite me over for drinks?" Nobel Chi bellowed. His red hair was tussling in the wind freely, like a burning flame.

"There is probably something going on, or else he wouldn't be thinking of us." Deputy Zhan had giant eyes and a stern face. His steps emitted threatening amount of energy.

The last to arrive was Nobel Chang An. He wore all green and did not say much. Instead, he walked to his seat right away. It appeared that he had quiet personality.

"Haha, do you hear yourselves? Can't we just drink with one another and catch up?" Deputy Xiao Yao laughed but in the next second, he sighed deeply, "But, you are right. I had something in mind today."

"See, I knew it. I have known you for more than a few decades. If you have something to say, just tell us, don't be a hag." Nobel Chi said mindlessly.

"Aye, to tell you the truth, I have been so exasperated recently without much reasons. As you all now, this is a premonition." Deputy Xiao Yao sighed.

"That is true. But you are Deputy Xiao Yao after all. To be so scared is a little embarrassing." Deputy Zhan hissed.

Deputy Xiao Yao chuckled, "It's not that I am gutless. It's that I haven't felt this way for years. I think if my feelings are this strong, it means the enemy is not ordinary. This is why I invited you all over to help me out."

"Haha, do not worry. As long as I am here, whoever comes, he will die!" Deputy Chi slapped his own chest and promised. He appeared confident.

Deputy Wang nodded softly, "Do not worry. No matter who he is, as long as we work together, that person will not return home alive."

"Thank you, you two." Deputy Xiao Yao as ecstatic. He then shifted this gaze towards Deputy Chang An, "Brother, I wonder if you are willing to help me?"

"Since I came, I will not do nothing." Deputy Chang An whispered.

"Haha, good, good!" Deputy Xiao Yao laughed out loud, "With the help of you three, I will make through this crisis easily!"

The other Deputies all faintly grinned, thinking that by working together, they had nobody to fear.

Just as the four of them smiled at each other, a sudden eeriness suddenly engulfed the entire palace.

At the same time, a person in black robe walked by closer. This person had an emotionless expression and were red in the eyes. The way the person walked was like it had no soul and was merely a corpse.

Only cold and depressed blood smell were exuded out of her. Every step forward made the smell more denes and lowered the temperature of the room.

It was the possessed Ling Tian Xiang.


Feeling the eeriness of the atmosphere, the four nobles frowned in shock, "someone possessed?"

Against everyone's question, Ling Tian Xiang did not answer. She continued to walk forward steadily as coldness continued to spread.

Seeing this, the four Deputies began to manipulate their Golden Dans defensively. Their identities were extraordinary so they naturally knew that those who were possessed cannot be reasoned with. Only death will stop them.

Thus, the four of them stood their ground and did not dare to be reckless.

It was obvious that an earth shattering battle was about to begin.

Just as Ling Tian Xiang was about to strike and kill the four of them, an emotion exhale suddenly echoed throughout the palace.

"Tian Xiang, you really came."