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Painting of the Nine Immortals

Author:Autumn Morning

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Updates:Chapter 169: City of Yun Xiao

Untolerated by heaven, a boy was restricted by the most powerful spell. He accidentally acquired a painting inhabited by nine souls that claimed to be immortal. Then, the legend of a strong young man who violated heavenly principles against the course of nature began. 九仙图
《Painting of the Nine Immortals》 Text
Chapter 1: Youth with a Dream
Chapter 2: Inhibition and Apprenticeship
Chapter 3: Rebirth
Chapter 4: Fragrance of Heaven
Chapter 5: Menace of the Inner Eyes
Chapter 6: Fragments of the Sixth Samsara
Chapter 7: The Greatest Treasures
Chapter 8: Inheritance from an Immortal
Chapter 9: One Shock after Another
Chapter 10: Cyan Allurement
Chapter 11: A Way
Chapter 12: Humiliation
Chapter 13: Detoxification
Chapter 14: Qi of the Fifth Level
Chapter 15: One vs Ten
Chapter 16: The Prominent Ling Clan
Chapter 17: Astounding the City of Qing
Chapter 18: Ling Tian Xiang’s Invitation
Chapter 19: Ling Hu’s Sorrow
Chapter 20: A Present
Chapter 21: Three Arrayed Ancient Blood
Chapter 22: Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique
Chapter 23: Clan Combat Competition
Chapter 24: Dare to Face Death
Chapter 25: The Flamboyant Debut of the Guiding Law
Chapter 26: Dethrone
Chapter 27: The Real Number One
Chapter 28: Reward Acceptance
Chapter 29: On Death’s Door
Chapter 30: The Lost Qing Hua Dan
Chapter 31: The Completion of a Dan
Chapter 32: Three Questions
Chapter 33: Qing Hua Dan’s Miraculous Effects
Chapter 34: Enraged
Chapter 35: The Fat Sheep Before the Door
Chapter 36: Overturned
Chapter 37: Subduing the City of Qing
Chapter 38: Auction
Chapter 39: Boisterous
Chapter 40: Incontestable
Chapter 41: The Lake of Ecstasy
Chapter 42: The Unveiling
Chapter 43: The Ambush
Chapter 44: Defeat of the Xuan Ming Snake
Chapter 45: The Three-Day Battle
Chapter 46: The Great Riot
Chapter 47: The News
Chapter 48: A Desperate Rescue
Chapter 49: A Bloodbath
Chapter 50: The Winged Blitz
Chapter 51: I Dare Kill You
Chapter 52: Stampede of Ten
Chapter 53: Death of Fang Han
Chapter 54: The Mighty Ling Xian
Chapter 55: Beauty Favors the Brave
Chapter 56: Lin Qing Yi in Crisis
Chapter 57: Fear and Prestige
Chapter 58: Do Not Approach
Chapter 59: The Second Immortal
Chapter 60: That Woman
Chapter 61: Territory Within a Territory
Chapter 62: Fate and Fortune
Chapter 63: The Rise and Fall of Ling Xian
Chapter 64: The Lost Century
Chapter 65: The Tremendous Reward
Chapter 66: The Essence of the Hidden Territory
Chapter 67: The Untainted
Chapter 68: The Undefeatable Territory
Chapter 69: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 70: Since the Time of Ling Xian
Chapter 71: Man in Black Against Devils and Beasts
Chapter 72: The Last Laugh
Chapter 73: Brink of Destruction
Chapter 74: Sorcerer
Chapter 75: Heaven’s Favorite
Chapter 76: Meditational Defeats Foundational
Chapter 77: Curtain Call
Chapter 78: The Gift
Chapter 79: Gong Suo Xin’s Request
Chapter 80: A Long Journey
Chapter 81: Farewell
Chapter 82: Feminine Instinct
Chapter 83: A New Commandment
Chapter 84: The Knockout
Chapter 85: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 86: Greeting Gift
Chapter 87: Blast From the Past
Chapter 88: Formula for the Foundational Dan
Chapter 89: The Final Battle
Chapter 90: Farewell, City of Qing
Chapter 91: Si Tu Nan
Chapter 92: Attacked
Chapter 93: Heaven Shattering Battle
Chapter 94: Heaven’s Sigh
Chapter 95: Alchemy Practice
Chapter 96: Talent in Alchemy
Chapter 97: The Escape
Chapter 98: The Cliff
Chapter 99: The Wilderness
Chapter 100: The Rescue
Chapter 101: The Awakening
Chapter 102: Dan Gifting
Chapter 103: Two Months
Chapter 104: A Girl’s Mind
Chapter 105: Serendipity
Chapter 106: Drum Beating
Chapter 107: Dao Wu Ji
Chapter 108: Alerting the Wan Jian House
Chapter 109: The Birth of a Treasure
Chapter 110: Attack of a Formidable Opponent
Chapter 111: Blue vs. White
Chapter 112: Battle between a Dragon and a Phoenix
Chapter 113: The Girl Who Desires Ling Xian
Chapter 114: Supernatural Talent
Chapter 115: The Gathering of Heaven’s Favorites
Chapter 116: The Opening
Chapter 117: The Arrival of the Inheritance
Chapter 118: Provocation
Chapter 119: The Best vs The Best
Chapter 120: Fermented Wine
Chapter 121: The Rampage
Chapter 122: Power and Influence
Chapter 123: The Resurgence of Waves
Chapter 124: Success of the Trickery
Chapter 125: The Crisis
Chapter 126: Retreat of the Enemy
Chapter 127: The Meditation
Chapter 128: The Healing Dan
Chapter 129: Miraculous Effects
Chapter 130: Petal of Enlightenment
Chapter 131: Chaotic Battles
Chapter 132: Shattered Cyan
Chapter 133: Undefeatable Meditation Stage
Chapter 134: Ruler of the Meditation Stage
Chapter 135: Soulful Petal
Chapter 136: The Great Gain
Chapter 137: Isolation
Chapter 138: The Crisis
Chapter 139: Birth of Two Qualities
Chapter 140: Undefeatable
Chapter 141: The Deadly Blow
Chapter 142: Instant Downfall
Chapter 143: The Namesake
Chapter 144: Celebrity Status
Chapter 145: Departure
Chapter 146: Forced Marriage
Chapter 147: Annihilated
Chapter 148: End of an Era
Chapter 149: Sunset City
Chapter 150: The Secret Surge
Chapter 151: The Golden Pages
Chapter 152: The Path of Strength
Chapter 153: Unstoppable Growth
Chapter 154: Liao Cang Xiong's Crisis
Chapter 155: Vast Fortune
Chapter 156: A Dan That Redefines the World
Chapter 157: An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 158: Rage
Chapter 159: Another Turmoil
Chapter 160: Martial Law
Chapter 161: The Third Prince
Chapter 162: On Your Way
Chapter 163: A Descend into Chaos
Chapter 164: Reacquainted
Chapter 165: Wood of the Warming Soul
Chapter 166: An Astronomical Amount
Chapter 167: The Motionless Shadow of Light
Chapter 168: A New Goal
Chapter 169: City of Yun Xiao