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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Author:His Majesty the King

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Updates:Chapter 328: Genuine Counterfeit Skill!

The Spirit Blade Sect was founded in the year 4233. After thousands of years of producing first rate Xiuxian geniuses, it had become one of the five biggest sects in the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance. The head elder, Immortal Feng Yin is one of the seven Executive Elders of the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance, with a cultivation that can shake the whole world. The Spirit Blade Sect is dedicated to peaceful development, and holds the core values of Truthfulness, Kindness and Loyalty. In order to expand the sect and bring in new blood, all heroes and geniuses have been welcomed to attend the Celestial Gathering. Along with the descent of the Comet, a genius appeared in the Nine Continents. Wang Lu, who reincarnated from our modern world, enters the Spirit Blade Sect and embarks on the path of a hilarious peak-level expert. Cong Qian You Zuo Ling Jian Shan Once Upon A Time, There Is Lingjian Mountain Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage Spirit Blade Mountain 从前有座灵剑山
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Text
Chapter 1: Warm Inn Woodshed
Chapter 2: Local Specialty From Hometown
Chapter 3: My Spirit Root is as Big as a Radish
Chapter 4: The Radishes of the Lady Boss
Chapter 5: Junior Martial Brother's Counterattack
Chapter 6: Little Hai
Chapter 7: We Don't Want This Kind of Disciple
Chapter 8: Junior Martial Brother You Know Me So Well
Chapter 9: An Intellectually Physically and Spiritually Balanced Excellent Disciple...
Chapter 10: Believe It Or Not but I Your Father Will Report You?
Chapter 11: Even If We Play with Him Until He Broke We Wouldn't Feel Too Sad
Chapter 12: Adoptive Grandmother and Adoptive Grandmother No. 2...
Chapter 13: The Perfect Solution to Settle the Family Dispute
Chapter 14: The Aspiring Youngster Who Endure the Heavy Breasts
Chapter 15: The Idiot Whose Daughter Eloped with a Man...
Chapter 16: The Perfect Chain of Quests Completion Strategy
Chapter 17: The Importance of Compulsory Education
Chapter 18: Victory for the Hoarder
Chapter 19: Brave Little Hai You Can Do This
Chapter 20: More People Means More Power
Chapter 21: Oh Sht!
Chapter 22: What My Twenty Years in the Future...
Chapter 23: When Large Harvest Incurs Losses
Chapter 24: This is What You Call...
Chapter 25: Do Not Look Down On Antique...
Chapter 26: You Did It On Purpose! I Want To Impeach You!
Chapter 27: To the Pleasant Surprise of Everyone!
Chapter 28: My Master Could Not Possibly...
Chapter 29: Stronger, Straighter, Harder
Chapter 30: Cultivation Is Important, but Education Is Even More Important!
Chapter 31: We Love You, Teacher Hua!
Chapter 32: Master, Please Accept My Respect!
Chapter 33: Sleeping with a Stunning Beauty, but Only Spending Time Touching Oneself...
Chapter 34: My Master Is A Meat Toilet
Chapter 35: The Progressive Non-Phase Sword Bone
Chapter 36: Three Thousand Spirit Stones!?
Chapter 37: Experiential Learning at the Clear Sky Peak
Chapter 38: Wen Yin and her Little Friends Are Shocked...
Chapter 39: Watch the Battle Between Us
Chapter 40: Watch Me Fight with You Again
Chapter 41: Shoot! Senior Brother, Where Did You Buy That?
Chapter 42: Hahaha! They Really Believed It
Chapter 43: New Pet
Chapter 44: The Proper Method For Wen Bao
Chapter 45: Endoscope
Chapter 46: Difficult Accessibility, Unfriendly Look, and Difficult Handling of Affairs
Chapter 47: Cling on the Thigh of Someone Powerful
Chapter 48: Clearance Artifact
Chapter 49: Wang Lu Sashimi
Chapter 50: Junior Brothers and Sisters Are Promising Youth
Chapter 51: Don't Do Shameful Things and You Don't Need to Worry That Happiness Won't Come Knocking at the Door
Chapter 52: Junior Brother Is a Frank and Straightforward Person
Chapter 53: How to Persuade Others to Do Your Bidding
Chapter 54: Emperor Bone
Chapter 55: The First Theory of Rape
Chapter 56: The Second Theory of Rape
Chapter 57: Into the Mountain
Chapter 58: I Heard That Your Diamond Body Is Not Bad?
Chapter 59: Damn! Lady Boss, How Did You Do That?
Chapter 60: Uzumaki Ling
Chapter 61: Uz*maki Ling Sucks
Chapter 62: The Magical Black Martial Uncle
Chapter 63: I am Proficient in the Art of Reading People
Chapter 64: Please Drink the Tea
Chapter 65: Honored Master Really Knows How To Hide Something
Chapter 66: Non-Phase Three Generations Poor; The Void Spirit Ruined for the Entire Life
Chapter 67: I Believe Her
Chapter 68: Jindan vs Yuanying
Chapter 69: Still Jindan vs Yuanying
Chapter 70: Winner Takes All
Chapter 71: The Record of a Happy Encounter of Ambition Turned Into A Donkey [1]
Chapter 72: Brave Youngster, Quickly Create Strange Foundation
Chapter 73: Damn!
Chapter 74: Master, Please Accept Your Disciples Respect!
Chapter 75: Young Lady, What Is Your Name?
Chapter 76: Hey! Boss, We Are Friends, Right!?
Chapter 77: The Sword Spirit Autumn Beam
Chapter 78: Major Change in the Village
Chapter 79: Hello, Do You Know About the Product of the Seven Stars Sect?
Chapter 80: The Sinister Look Up At The Starry Sky
Chapter 81: Impossibly Stupid
Chapter 82: Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You
Chapter 83: People That Deserved To Be Killed
Chapter 84: My Family's Wang Lu Isn't So Easy to Be Brokenhearted
Chapter 85: My Family’s Fatty Couldn’t Possibly Be Ridiculed
Chapter 86: Tracking the Eighteen Touches Clue
Chapter 87: Wang Lu Enters the Marquis County; Wen Bao's First Test on Sexual Intercourse Situation
Chapter 88: My Family's Little Ling'Er Has Never Been This Lovely
Chapter 89: You're Dead! No One in Heaven and Earth Can Save You!
Chapter 90: All of You Perverts Must Die!
Chapter 91: All of You Homosexuals Must Die!
Chapter 92: Wang Lu Made A Difficult Decision
Chapter 93: This Is a Memorable Moment of History!
Chapter 94: Condolences to the Performance of the Comrades Intelligence Revenue Service Troupe
Chapter 95: Ascension!!!
Chapter 96: You Don't Understand the World of a Top Student
Chapter 97: Warmly Welcoming the Arrival of the Intelligence Revenue Service Demolition Team
Chapter 98: The Altar Is Not Built in One Day
Chapter 99: Primal Chaos Altar
Chapter 100: A Million Forerunners
Chapter 101: Fully Display the Advantage of Low-Cost Labor
Chapter 102: A Small Foundation Establishment Arrived at the Wang Family Village...
Chapter 103: The Unlucky Holy Maiden
Chapter 104: Professional Level of Anti-Harassment Prevention
Chapter 105: I Was Wrong, It Was Just an Erotic Dream
Chapter 106: I Am Not the Person That You Think I Am
Chapter 107: Apparently, You and I Are Going to Fight One on One
Chapter 108: Congratulations to You on Crawling before Me
Chapter 109: The Same Trick Won’t Work On Me...
Chapter 110: Kneel Before the Immortal
Chapter 111: I Give You One Day, Think About It Carefully
Chapter 112: The Diplomat Wen Bao
Chapter 113: The Goddam Second Generation!
Chapter 114: Today I Come To Take Away My Love!
Chapter 115: Sure Enough, The Awakening Type Is Doomed To Be Short-Lived...
Chapter 116: Get Out of The Way, Let The Professional Handle It!
Chapter 117: What to Do If People See Through the Scam?
Chapter 118: I Heard You Are Going to Snitch?
Chapter 119: Can You Still Keep Your Words?
Chapter 120: Dead Fatty's Extreme Joy Turns to Sorrow
Chapter 121: If Disciple Might Be So Bold, Uncle, Please Bestow the Sword
Chapter 122: The Sword of Truth
Chapter 123: Having a Clear Conscience
Chapter 124: Upright and Frank
Chapter 125: How To Become A Member Of The Union Of Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter 126: Wisdom Sect Disciple
Chapter 127: Measurement Standardization
Chapter 128: A Report Written in Blood
Chapter 129: On Correctly Handling the Relationship Between Immortal and Mortal
Chapter 130: Why Serve The People?
Chapter 131: I Want to Practice Brilliant Sword Heart
Chapter 132: I Want To Practice Non-Phase Sword Qi
Chapter 133: Honey, Quickly Enter My Bowl
Chapter 134: The Most Delicious in the World
Chapter 135: Energetic Reaction Ahead, Strong and Powerful
Chapter 136: Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi
Chapter 137: A Deep Feeling of Master and Disciple
Chapter 138: A Letter With Ten Thousand Kilos Pressure
Chapter 139: Huahua is a Dog
Chapter 140: Dumb Dog’s Struggle
Chapter 141: You Are The Most Beautiful Cloud In The Sky
Chapter 142: My Girlfriend Is A Skeleton
Chapter 143: I Am a Lolicon out of the Pureness of My Heart!
Chapter 144: Misty Peak’s Little Housekeeper
Chapter 145: Man Who Relies on Face to Eat
Chapter 146: Secret Card
Chapter 147: Oh No, the Sect's Immortal Treasure Will Finish!
Chapter 148: I Know That He Will Never Be Honest
Chapter 149: Back Against The Wall
Chapter 150: Big Debate
Chapter 151: Damn! Go Back and Fetch My Torch!
Chapter 152: Sect’s Lead Representative
Chapter 153: The Correct Method of Using the Fatty
Chapter 154: What She Need Is Platinum Brain
Chapter 155: A Fair and Aboveboard Showdown!
Chapter 156: Never Trust A Woman
Chapter 157: Cuteness Is Power!
Chapter 158: My Name Is Bitter Tears
Chapter 159: Forever Original Soldier
Chapter 160: There Is Already Nothing To Be Afraid Of
Chapter 161: It’s My Best Friend!
Chapter 162: Oh, You Want to Be Friends with Me?
Chapter 163: Unfortunately, This Is Not a Financial Leverage
Chapter 164: So That Math Could Not Go out of the Spirit Sword Mountain
Chapter 165: A Gentleman Loves Money and Marries the Proper Way
Chapter 166: Are You Willing... To Be Rich or Poor
Chapter 167: Green Is Born of Blue
Chapter 168: Four Times a Day
Chapter 169: Although I Am Sorry, but I Have to Say
Chapter 170: Wang Lu Is Super Awesome
Chapter 171: Deal Your Moral Integrity and Pocket
Chapter 172: My Two Best Friends
Chapter 173: Therefore Those So-Called Sufferings of the World of Mortals Are All Lies
Chapter 174: Liu Li's Loved One at Cloud Region!
Chapter 175: Vegetarian Capital
Chapter 176: Friend, Please Wait. This Thing Has a Fate with My Beast Master School
Chapter 177: Liu Li Kills Her Own People!?
Chapter 178: Dog’s Record
Chapter 179: Liu Li Is a Promising Child
Chapter 180: Monkey, Please Come and Play
Chapter 181: His Big Cover Is Broken
Chapter 182: Commendable Filial Piety
Chapter 183: To Get Along with Liu Li, One Needs to Be Good at Summarizing
Chapter 184: She Took out a Big One!
Chapter 185: Mooncake
Chapter 186: Summer’s Big Fight
Chapter 187: Your Generation Is Truly Blessed
Chapter 188: I Only Have Eyes For You
Chapter 189: Cat Is Never a Loyal Official
Chapter 190: Peace and Development Have Never Been My Main Theme
Chapter 191: Flesh and Blood
Chapter 192: Liu Li’s Unlicensed Driving
Chapter 193: Boss Teaches You to Open the Flying Boat
Chapter 194: Cats Are Good for Physical and Mental Health
Chapter 195: Cat-Abusing Maniac
Chapter 196: I Can Do Anything for You!
Chapter 197: With Her Stubbornness… Liu Li Pierced through the Cat Girl
Chapter 198: Shouldn’t Honest People Be Rewarded!?
Chapter 199: Countless Cycles of Sixty Years of Waiting Alone on the Mountain
Chapter 200: Why?
Chapter 201: We Need a Foreign Language Expert
Chapter 202: He Wrongly Assessed Our Relationship!
Chapter 203: To Crush with Absolute Strength!
Chapter 204: The Story of Ugly Duckling
Chapter 205: Absolute Strength
Chapter 206: Once Again, Energetic Reaction Ahead, Needs Own Supply of Dog's Eye
Chapter 207: A Tooth for a Tooth, Double the Payback
Chapter 208: A Tooth for a Tooth, Double the Payback!
Chapter 209: Liu Li Will Always Live in My Heart
Chapter 210: Chi Hou Hit a Jackpot!
Chapter 211: When He Was Young He Did Not Know What Love Is
Chapter 212: Are You Also a Virgin?
Chapter 213: Robbing Someone off of Their Treasure!?
Chapter 214: Although She Robbed It, I Love Her
Chapter 215: Non-Phase Peak Property Is Sacrosanct
Chapter 216: Double Cultivation!?
Chapter 217: Dead Bald Thief, You Dare To Fight Over A Nun With This Poor Taoist!?
Chapter 218: I Heard You Bought a Pretty Good Flying Boat
Chapter 219: To Bear The Trust
Chapter 220: Wang Lu in His Literary Time
Chapter 221: Wang Lu Regards Unwarranted Reputation as Dust
Chapter 222: Wang Lu's Loved Daily Routine Is Terminated
Chapter 223: I Am Not Very Good at Talking
Chapter 224: Wang Lu Set up a Great Ambition
Chapter 225: I Am the First Okay!
Chapter 226: Frustration Makes a Person Stronger
Chapter 227: I Was a Peer of Great Ancestor Desheng
Chapter 228: This Is A Serious Inquiry
Chapter 229: Want Your Sister's Take out in Broad Daylight
Chapter 230: I Want to Go to the Spring Festival
Chapter 231: Big Sister’s Powerful Penetration
Chapter 232: To Attack the Guardian
Chapter 233: F*ck—We Need to Resurrect the Corpse and Do It Again
Chapter 234: Educated and Well Balanced Liu Li
Chapter 235: Sage of Eight Virtues
Chapter 236: Of All Virtues Filial Piety Is Most Important
Chapter 237: Is This Filial Piety or Fraud?
Chapter 238: The Wise Liu Li Skillfully Solved The Difficult Problem
Chapter 239: I Can't Afford to Feed You
Chapter 240: Although I Am Sorry, but I Have to Say
Chapter 241: That Salty Look Is Especially Unpleasant...
Chapter 242: I Am Sorry, I Have Someone Else That I Like
Chapter 243: I Prefer to See Her Desire Not Satisfied
Chapter 244: The Correct Solution to Pass the Eight Virtues Trial
Chapter 245: Is This the Correct Way That You Are Talking About!?
Chapter 246: I Said No, Then It's No
Chapter 247: Someone is Always Behind A Capable Person!
Chapter 248: You Never Doubted the Obvious Clues?
Chapter 249: Whose Voice Was That
Chapter 250: Incomparably Obscure Justice, Unmatched Shamelessness
Chapter 251: Bravely Fight the Serious Illness
Chapter 252: Even My Father Never Scolded Me Like This
Chapter 253: Brilliant Chess Player
Chapter 254: To Practice or Not to Practice?
Chapter 255: My Heart Is For The Bright Moon
Chapter 256: Fast And Furious
Chapter 257: The Real Leading Template?
Chapter 258: Welcome To My World
Chapter 259: Do You Think You Are the Only One Here?
Chapter 260: Unfortunately, There Is No Eye on the Back
Chapter 261: Senior Sword Demon, I Want to Talk to You about a Dream
Chapter 262: I Am Not Alone in the Fight
Chapter 263: Big Capacity
Chapter 264: Big Capacity II
Chapter 265: Walking down at the Altar of Zhong Shengming
Chapter 266: I Have Coveted This Fresh and Tender Body for a Long Time
Chapter 267: Eat Me and the World Will Part!
Chapter 268: I Have Numerous Mansions with Thousands of Hectares of Fertile Land
Chapter 269: Unlimited Random Copy
Chapter 270: It Seems Like an Old Friend Has Arrived
Chapter 271: Master's Strong and Powerful Penetration
Chapter 272: Have You Ever Heard of the Stellar Fairy?
Chapter 273: Want to Deflower but the Bud Would Not Open
Chapter 274: Special Committee
Chapter 275: Unsinkable Fortress
Chapter 276: Let Loose the Old Eight
Chapter 277: An Upright and Noble Chef Who Is Separated from Vulgar Interest
Chapter 278: Even the Beloved Could Not Protect the Chef
Chapter 279: I Can See the Ending
Chapter 280: The Annual Event on the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month
Chapter 281: Graceful Steps upon the Wave, the Lamp Oil Is Completely Dried Up
Chapter 282: Aya, Do You Value Your Lover over Your Friend
Chapter 283: Eat First Or...
Chapter 284: People Seething with Anger at Aya Are Everywhere
Chapter 285: Beware of Your Back
Chapter 286: Fight for You, My Queen
Chapter 287: Holy Light Religion
Chapter 288: I Am Going to Become Golden Kingsman
Chapter 289: Keep Me, Feed Me, Please Me
Chapter 290: Serve the Knight King for the People
Chapter 291: I Believe There Must Be a Plot behind This
Chapter 292: Wait a Minute, She Has Descendants?
Chapter 293: 999 Roses Symbolize My Sincerity
Chapter 294: 333 per Person
Chapter 295: Blind Your Dog Eyes
Chapter 296: A Good Female Friend
Chapter 297: The Pride of Brettonia
Chapter 298: The Noble Bloodline of Wang Lulu
Chapter 299: We Are Family!
Chapter 300: Uncommunicative, Ice Cold, Common Tool
Chapter 301: Things Are Changing
Chapter 302: You Can’t Be the Knight King
Chapter 303: Marriage-Problem Solving Expert
Chapter 304: Thirst For Companion
Chapter 305: Lofty Ambition
Chapter 306: The Power of Rumor
Chapter 307: There Is No Way to Mature
Chapter 308: The Most Vicious, Extremely Hungry!
Chapter 309: Unsightly!
Chapter 310: Express Delivery Little Elder Brother Saves the World
Chapter 311: Not Afraid to Play
Chapter 312: Blooming Head
Chapter 313: Fragrant Skewered Lolita
Chapter 314: Planted Inside the Mother and Daughter...
Chapter 315: Glorious Lotus Tongue
Chapter 316: Blooming Liu Li
Chapter 317: I Lied to You
Chapter 318: I Was Once A Knight
Chapter 319: The True Identity of the Girl
Chapter 320: A Child Who Is Not Satisfied with Lollipops
Chapter 321: Aya’s Mouth Job
Chapter 322: Flying Head Barbarian
Chapter 323: My King Likes to Play with Groups of Clients
Chapter 324: The Power of Premium
Chapter 325: I Like You
Chapter 326: I Demand a Competition for the Post
Chapter 327: Object Searching
Chapter 328: Genuine Counterfeit Skill!