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Chapter 28 – You Cannot Afford To Offend

Ch 28 – You Cannot Afford To Offend

The opponents were using knives but Liu Hao wasn’t afraid. After following Lei Yu for such a long time, his master’s teaching was focused on the fitness of one’s body and the speed of one’s body. Naturally he was not worried, even if a knife came at him, he could easily deflect it.

That was the reason why Lei Yu had still now shown himself. He was completely clear on what abilities his disciple possessed, if his disciple wasn’t even able to defeat these ordinary people, then he might as well just not teach him anymore.

Sure enough, in less than three minutes, none of the dozen plus people were able to stand up anymore. Although presently there were over a hundred plus people crowded around the bar, no one dared to step forward.

The fat guy became anxious, he had never encountered a situation like this before. But relying on the fact that he had more people, he was not afraid, “fellow brothers, he is only one person, do not be afraid, everyone attack at once, I doubt he will be able to survive!”

After a scream of acknowledgement, the hundred plus people started surging forward. Without waiting for these people to make the first move, a disturbance arose at the rear of the crowd, followed by screams of agony without stopping. Because there were too many people here, the ones in front did not know what was happening.

Four or five people had fallen to the ground unable to get up, while two of them had become unconscious.

Once Lei Yu heard the fat guy telling all the people to rush forward together, he suddenly began to worry. Even if Liu Hao was already quite tough, but under the simultaneous attack of all these people at once, he may not be able to handle it. Moreover, there was a Cui Ying Ying next to him, so it was best to attack first to avoid any possible accidents.

Shortly after, a path was opened up within the crowd. Lei Yu slowly walked up from behind to the front. When Liu Hao and Cui Ying Ying saw who this person was, the fat guy was actually the first to speak: “Fcuk, there’s always a busybody not minding their own business, but this year there’s especially a lot of them!” (T/N: Chinese idiom)

“Great!” Brother Gui could not help it anymore, he certainly admired Liu Hao after seeing how strong he was. But with so many people rushing forward at once, if Liu Hao and Cui Ying Ying suffered any injuries, then this minor figure of Ming Sect would not be better off, it was even possible that he would be punished by the upper ranks.

“Hui, stay your hands, this is Governor Liu’s son, how many extra heads do you have?”

Previously everyone’s attention was drawn to Lei Yu but after hearing this statement, everyone suddenly backed down. The fat guy’s voice stammered and said: “Governor Liu’s son? It… it can’t be right?”

The Governor’s son is not someone these ruffians would dare to offend. Just a simple offense could make them go to jail and eat the public system’s food for two years, which was something perfectly normal. Plus, the things these shady government officials did on a routine basis would never come to the light of day. (T/N: eating public’s food = food paid by taxpayers)

An underling went up to the fat guy’s ears and whispered: “Brother Hui, I heard the son of the Governor became the disciple of a master and learned some very powerful martial arts, just looking at his fighting ability, it shouldn’t be false.”

“Fcuking shit! Why didn’t you mention this earlier!” The fat guy slapped the top of his underling’s head.

“I, I did not know before!”

“My apologies young master Liu! My eyes did not recognize Mount Tai, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! I do not know this… this lady was your friend.”

Brother Gui laughed, “friends? They are truly friends, but I forgot to introduce to you, this lady here is the daughter of Cui Ying Corporation’s Chairman, could you afford to offend her?”

“I was possessed!” This was the first sentence out of the fat guy, then he began to get scared. If a power was big enough, it could make him go to life in prison. One could also use money to get him killed, this scene was definitely something a small fry like him could not afford to offend. (T/N: being possessed is an excuse they make when they realize they messed up big time)

“There’s also one thing you seem to have forgotten.” Brother Gui softly said: “You should also remember that I am a member of the Ming Sect? You dare to mess with a place belonging to the Ming Sect?”

At this time, the fat guy finally remembered, suddenly taking a few steps back, slightly dumbfounded. Where did he get the guts to act like this? Daring to provoke these three powerful characters, wasn’t he courting death himself?

“Do whatever you want to me, but let my fellow brothers leave!” The fat guy simply threw that request out, but he really had no other way.

“You’re quite loyal, not bad, not bad.” Lei Yu who had not said anything until now nodded his head and laughed.

“Who do you think you are? This is not the time or place for you to interrupt us!” Screamed the fat guy angrily. While speaking halfway with these three characters he dared not to offend, and out comes some random kid?

With a rapid speed, Liu Hao had already rushed over in an instant. Raising his hand and slapping the fat guy’s mouth, “fcuker, you dare you curse at my master?”

The fat guy who was slapped started seeing stars, then forcefully swallowed some saliva. “What is going on today? It looks like my brains are really muddled up big time!” The fat guy clearly remembered, just then his underling told him that the Governor’s son had gotten himself a very powerful master. Since Liu Hao was already this strong, then his master must be out of this world.

“That’s enough, stop causing problems, just all disperse” said Lei Yu waving his hand.

Like a wish granted from heaven, the fat guy cried out: “Thank you, thank you! Fellow brothers, quickly disappear!”

The two to three hundred people without any sort of organization or direction were actually able to withdraw from the bar within two minutes – this was indeed miraculous to behold. One could see how badly they wanted to leave this place where so many outstanding people had gathered.

After the storm, the bar once again opened for business. Brother Gui simply spoke some polite words before he and the other security all left in a hurry.

“You went to the bar alone tonight without calling me? How dangerous!” said Liu Hao looking at the Cui Ying Ying who did not say a word.

“That’s right, in the future it’s best to frequent these places less often. Even if you have to come, just bring Liu Hao with you, at least it will be a bit safer” said Lei Yu on the side.

“I don’t need you guys to look after me!” Cui Ying Ying lifted up her head and completely drained the glass of wine.

“Sister Ying Ying, if there’s something upsetting you, just tell us about it, why bother drinking alone?”

Looking at the slightly drunk Cui Ying Ying, this made her even more attractive. With all the right curves on the body plus a beautiful face, she definitely would arouse a man’s desire and make them have impulsive thoughts.

“Lei Yu,” putting down her glass, Cui Ying Ying whom was filled with sadness softly said: “Every night I would be in front of your house, but your life is too disciplined, you never go out after ten o’clock, why? Why do you put all your time into Dragon Group and on your little girlfriend, not giving me any chance to get close to you? Why?”

Once these words came out, the two suddenly realized… “Master, then you’re in the wrong, how could you treat my sister Ying Ying so coldly?” While saying this, Liu Hao was continuously using his eyes to give Lei Yu signals.

“Uh…” Lei Yu suddenly became dumb, not knowing what to say.

“I am going home.” Cui Ying Ying immediately stood up, getting ready to leave.

“I’ll take you!” said Liu Hao.

“No! I don’t need you to take me, Lei Yu, are you willing to take me home?”


“If you’re not willing, forget about it!” Filled with anger, Cui Ying Ying turned to leave first.

“I’ll take you home okay? I’m giving into you.” Lei Yu shook his head helplessly.

Liu Hao took a taxi to leave on his own. Lei Yu drove Cui Ying Ying’s convertible sports car towards the direction of the upscale residential district.

“I’m not going in, go back and get some rest, drink this…” Mid sentence, Lei Yu looked at the already asleep Cui Ying Ying, helplessly shaking his head again, supporting and helping her out of the car.

He escorted her the entire way until reaching the bedroom, making Lei Yu feel really helpless. To help someone, might as well help them all the way to the end since this was out of his control. Looking at the Cui Ying Ying lying on the bed, her image as a virgin beauty was now gone. She was originally wearing a miniskirt and in-between her legs revealed a spring of happiness. Lei Yu forcefully swallowed hard, a rush of blood immediately surged towards his manhood.