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Chapter 1239: Poison Demon King

Chapter 1239: Poison Demon King
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Xianxian Mu saw this man who had, without any hassle, easily blocked the domineering demonic centipede.

This man's back seemed very familiar, and very close, as if Xianxian Mu had seen him many times in both real life and in her dreams.

Xianxian Mu's eyes tears up. It was Qingfeng.

"Xianxian Mu, are you okay?" Qingfeng asked with a frown.

Qingfeng looked at Xianxian's pale face that barely had any signs of life. There were still blood on her, possibly from what she spat out. Qingfeng felt worried when he saw this.

Xianxian gradually responded when she heard Qingfeng, she said, "I'm fine."

"That's good, I'll kill this massive centipede for you," Qingfeng said with confidence.

This massive centipede was a demonic beast at the seventh level of the Spirit King Realm, it was too powerful for the Bamboo King sect. However it was nothing for Qingfeng.

"Elder Sister, who is this man? How could he be strong enough to kill the centipede?" asked a female disciple beside Xianxian Mu.

This female disciple didn't know who Qingfeng was; she thought he was only bragging, because she has personally experienced the massive centipede's extreme power.

Xianxian looked at her younger sister, and said, "His name is Qingfeng, the strongest amongst the younger Huaxia self-cultivation generation."

"What, he is Qingfeng?" The female disciple's eyes filled with shock when she heard her elder sister's words.

This female disciple had never met Qingfeng, but she had heard of his stories.

Amongst the younger Huaxia self-cultivators, Qingfeng's existance was like a god. He was extremely powerful, and was even an idol of many self-cultivators.

At the same time, he was the target of many unorthodox self-cultivators.

Qingfeng held the massive centipede's leg with his right hand, and with a light squeeze, the strong leg was shattered to the ground at a crackle sound.

The massive centipede cried out in pain as its leg shattered, and its eyes turned grim.

Damn human, I'll kill you. The massive centipede stared at Qingfeng with anger.


The massive centipede swung its tail, sending it tearing through the sky and flying down towards Qingfeng with great power.

Qingfeng didn't care at all; his right fist suddenly punched out with fierce energy and shattered the centipede's tail as it made contact.

The massive centipede cried out in pain much more gruesome than the one before. Because its tail was shattered, its body shook in imbalance.

The massive centipede had thought it could kill Qingfeng with one wave of its tail, but it didn't think that Qingfeng could be this powerful, being able to break its tail with one punch.

"You're too weak, go die," Qingfeng smiled as he said coldly.

Qingfeng swung his right fist. which conjured a massive fist that took up half of the sky. The fist landed on the centipede's head and shattered it, causing its massive body to fall to the ground.


All of the massive centipede's bones were shattered by Qingfeng's fist, as it fell dead.

Inside the massive centipede's belly, a black demonic pill sat silently.

This was the massive centipede's demonic pill; the poor centipede didn't even get to use it before Qingfeng killed it.

Qingfeng walked towards the massive centipede. As he reached out for the demonic pill, a shadow appeared.

It was a red shadow, dressed in a red robe. It appeared suddenly before the massive centipede and took its demonic pill.

This man in the red robe was about forty-some years old, with a red face that looked like someone who sucked blood. He had hints of strangeness with hints of devilish air.

Qingfeng frowned as he saw the red middle-aged man prepare to leave. He coldly said, "Stop."

Qingfeng would never let this guy go. He killed the massive centipede, so the demonic pill belonged to him.

This middle-aged man in red robe didn't even say one word when he stole Qingfeng's fruit of success, and he wanted to leave. How could Qingfeng let him off easily?

The middle-aged man in red turned to look at Qingfeng with cold eyes and said nonchalantly, "You should feel lucky that I've set my eyes on this demonic pill. If you dare to say one more word, I'll kill you."

"Kill me?" Qingfeng laughed arrogantly. Many have threatened Qingfeng, and they have all died. Now, there was someone else who didn't fear death.

"I want to know who you are. How can you kill me?" Qingfeng said as he smiled.

The red middle-aged man smiled coldly and said, "I'll tell you, I'm the Poison Demon King of the Devilish Dao."

Poison Demon King?

Everyone around grew terrified when they heard this name; it clearly had a lot of sway on them.

"It's the Poison Demon King! He is a big character among the self-cultivators of the Devilish Dao and is very powerful."

"I've heard the Poison Demon King had killed many people, and his devilish techniques can shake the world."

"The Poison Demon King loves the demonic pills of these poisonous demonic beasts. He must have wanted this massive centipede's demonic pill."

"Qingfeng really doesn't know much about managing relationships. The Poison Demon King wanted the demonic pill, so give it to him. Why is he fighting for it?"

Everyone discussed endlessly, of course most of them spoke for the Poison Demon King, and no one cheered Qingfeng on.

Qingfeng might have been one of the Orthodox Dao, but all these other orthodox self-cultivators were terrified of the Poison Demon King.

These people feared that if they spoke badly about the Poison Demon King, he would kill them, so they had to speak badly about Qingfeng instead.

Qingfeng clearly heard what the others self-cultivators said, but he didn't care.

For Qingfeng, the Poison Demon King meant nothing. He killed Black Wind Duo Demons's disciple, and so a Devilish Dao self-cultivator didn't scare him at all.

Orthodox and devils were always in conflict, as the orthodox felt the need to defeat the devils based on their ethical viewpoints. Besides, the Poison Demon King had stolen his demonic pill.

Qingfeng was no coward, he couldn't just give in to bullies, and so he had to fight for it.

"Poison Demon King, I'll give you one last chance. Give me the demonic pill, and I'll let you live," Qingfeng said as he smiled coldly.

Poison Demon King roared in laughter, and, with disdain, he said, "If you want the demonic pill, maybe you can trade for it with your life."

After he spoke, the Poison Demon King clapped his palms and charged at Qingfeng. This Poison Demon King's palm strike carried a poisonous gas.

Qingfeng was extremely careful. He didn't use his fist techniques, because he was wary of the opponent's poisonous palm.

Qingfeng pulled out the Golden Light Sword and charged forward.

The fierce sword energy shot out suddenly and clashed onto the Poison Demon King's palm. A loud clash sound shook the sky, and both stepped back upon contact.