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Chapter 88 The Arrogant And Wealthy Loli

“Well then, Director Su, I’ll be waiting for you there.” Since he has been chasing other people for so long, Long Yaoren had quite an understanding of Su Fei’s personality, which is, she is a person who keeps her own words. Therefore, he no longer insist and turned around to walk away with his glass of wine.

“I see, you’re a voracious eater. Can’t you eat slowly? You’re going to choke!” After turning around and saw that Qin Chao was still doing his ‘clean sweep,’ as if he had a bottomless stomach, Su Fei quickly said.

Meanwhile, she also handed over the champagne in front of Qin Chao.

Qin Chao took it and put it into his mouth. This champagne is sweet and mellow; after entering the mouth, it creates an aftertaste. But Qin Chao was careless and did not appreciate the quality of the product, he treated this champagne as just another drinking water, that is, he directly swallowed it.

“Ah, this food is really invigorating me.” Qin Chao exhaled out his satisfaction, “My strength seems to be back a little.”

“Isn’t this Director Su?” At this time, an imposing middle-aged man appeared and greeted Su Fei, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time, and you’re actually here.”

“Director Liao!” Su Fei quickly returned the courtesy, “Although we haven’t met for a long time, your style is still the same as before.”

“Don’t flatter me, I’m already old. How could I compare my style with the younger people such as you.” Director Liao said with a smile, “That’s right, I think we should talk about that piece of land. I know Director Su was very interested in that piece of land and recently had filed a competitive bid for that. Director Su, how about….”

“Director Liao, you’re a man who honors your words right? You should make the agreement with me then.” Su Fei appeared to be very calm. She didn’t seem to be anxious. But, she said to Liu Yi in a low voice.

“You wait for me here. I’m going to talk business with this real estate mogul.”

“I’m going with you!” Qin Chao immediately put down the plate. But Su Fei held out her hand, shook her head and said.

“No, people coming to this cocktail party were mainly for talking about business. They don’t take their housekeeper or their bodyguards with them; it’s not polite. You just wait for me here; I’m not going to be far away.”

After that, Su Fei put on a smile, slowly walked to Director Liao’s side and then sat down on the distant couch to talk with him.

Qin Chao held his plate and continued to eliminate the food while surreptitiously glanced at the distant Su Fei. If there is any sudden movement, he will jump on there like a Cheetah.

“You see that freeloader?” In the midst of the group that he converse with, Long Yaoren pointed his finger at Qin Chao and said.

“Yes, I saw him. This guy really know how to eat!” A wealthy young master said, “His appetite is bigger than all of the servants in my family combined. I can’t understand why Su Fei would hire such a Housekeeper.”

Several boys and girls chuckled up at once. Except a 15-16 years old beauty, who sat on the couch while playing PSP. She was still silent.

The background of this girl is not small. She is the daughter of Dongchuan City real estate mogul, Liao Dongkai. Her name is Liao Shasha. Her mother passed away when she was a child, and she lived with her father. She is the beloved daughter of Liao Dongkai. Anything she wants, her father will surely give it to her. In short, she was spoiled rotten by her father.

But because she never receives maternal love, Liao Shasha was a bit reclusive and somewhat willful. Liao Dongkai had begged her to come to this cocktail party in order for her to enjoy the outside world.

Sitting in the upper part of this cocktail party while playing PSP was the concession made by Liao Shasha.

“That’s right, don’t you’ve always tried to pursue Su Fei? What did you say to her just now?” A woman with a large chest and low neckline that showed her deep ravine looked at Long Yaoren with a teasing eye and said.

“Nothing. I just talked a couple of sentences with that housekeeper. He is really a vulgar person. His talk is unpleasant to hear.”

“What did he say? Other people want to know.” The woman asked again.

“Hehe, he said you have big breasts.” Long Yaoren raised his glass to the woman, making the few people around them began to stir.

The woman proudly upped her chest, “He is very vulgar indeed. What else did he say?”

“What else? He also said that he hate the woman with small breasts. He thought that a woman with small breasts doesn’t have any feminine quality and basically just a tomboy.”

Long Yaoren smilingly said.

“No wonder he wants to be Su Fei’s Housekeeper; Su Fei’s chest is not small.” Several people immediately joked. At this time, with the corner of his eyes, Long Yaoren found out that Liao Shasha, who was sitting on the couch just now, was gone. Her PSP was left on the couch.

His lips then turned into a smirk.

Humph-humph, as the famous Casanova, Long Yaoren had already looked up Liao Shasha’s information. She is a haughty and a headstrong girl. The thing that she hated the most is when people slandered the small-chested woman.

Because even though she is a young beauty, her chest is actually small, barely considered as B. This is a very sensitive matter to her.

Qin Chao was eating a piece of meat while his eyes and attention were on Su Fei. He doesn’t even know about the taste of that meat anymore.

Therefore, he didn’t see the small figure that suddenly walked in front of him. The figure took out a cream cake from the table and threw it onto his face.

“Plop!” Before that cream cake pasted into his face, Qin Chao immediately felt some coolness on his face. He subconsciously leaned his face to the side, making that cake scratched his face and fell on the woman at the other end of the table. That woman’s white dress suddenly stained with a ‘flowery’ cream

“Ah!” That woman loudly exclaimed and about to curse. But when she saw that the thrower was Liao Shasha, she immediately swallowed it back and hurriedly, dejectedly ran to the bathroom.

Because his cheek also got a bit of cream, Qin Chao frowned and looked at the approximately 1.5 m height very beautiful Lolita and then said.

“Kiddo, the cake is very dangerous, don’t throw it to someone else.”

“I’m not a kid!” Her beautiful long black hair was tied into two cute pigtails that were hanging behind her. She also wore a beautiful princess dress with a bubble skirt. Even though she looked really cute, she doesn’t like to be called as a kid.

She is 16 years old. She is already an adult.

Therefore, she was really angry when Qin Chao called her kiddo. When she, Liao Shasha is angry, the consequences are very serious.

So, she snatched a glass of wine from the wandering waiter near her and then threw it at Qin Chao.

The nearby Long Yaoren felt smug. He can’t help but smile after his evil plan has succeeded.

‘A Housekeeper, humph, let’s see how you’re going to fight a woman with me, Long Yaoren!’ He thought.

“Plop!” Who knew, Qin Chao actually caught the glass with one hand. His other hand picked up a white towel from the table and rotated it around his palm for many times to collect the spilled wine from the air, and he actually succeeded in that.

Then he wrung the towel on top of the glass, making the glass filled with wine again.

It’s just that this wine can’t be drink anymore.

Qin Chao looked at the dumbfounded look of Liao Shasha and put the glass on the table.

From the side, Long Yaoren frowned, thinking, ‘this kid, no wonder Su Fei has a liking for him, his hands actually have some skills. Humph, so what if you have some skills? You’re still a loser. Let’s see how are you going to deal with Liao Shasha, you can’t lay your hand on her!’

“Kiddo…..no, little lady….”

“I’m not little!”

“Fine, Beautiful lady, even though I don’t know why you did it, but can’t you stop playing? I hope this is over, I don’t have time to play with you.”

“You have no brain, no taste, and nasty man. Who wants to play with you!” Liao Shasha loudly exclaimed, “I’m here especially to make you suffer, what are you going to do about it!?”

After that, she turned around to find a waiter and tried to take a glass. But the waiters were not stupid, they’ve run far away.

But Liao Shasha did not give up. She picked up the empty plates from another table and threw it at Qin Chao.

“You’re an incessant little girl aren’t you!” Qin Chao was fuming with anger. He was afraid to lose his temper and make a scene, which will make Su Fei lost her face.

That girl threw a total of five plates. Qin Chao quickly caught them all. His left hand grabbed three plates while his right hand grabbed two plates. He then stacked that plates together.

Seeing the plates have all been caught, Liao Shasha became angrier.

“I’m indeed incessant, what are you going to do about it? If you have skills, come hit me!” Liao Shasha raised her head and loudly exclaimed.

“Why would I want to hit you?” Qin Chao was helpless, “I will not lower myself to the kid’s level.”

The word kid angered Liao Shasha again, thinking, ‘He is indeed not a good man. I really don’t know how could a man like this able to enter this VIP cocktail party. Outsiders really are a nuisance. Damn it Dad, why did you bring me to this unpleasant place!’

Being pestered by this chick, Qin Chao had no appetite to eat anymore. He took out his lighter and cigarette from his pocket and picked one for himself. As the saying goes, smoking after eating is better than living as an immortal.

“You, you’re smoking!” Liao Shasha covered her mouth in surprise and looked at Qin Chao as if she was looking at a wanted criminal, “You’re an inferior man…o heaven, even your cigarette are inferior!”

“Hei, hei!” Qin Chao frowned. He wanted to know where did this nasty chick come from, “I smoke whatever I want. What’s that have to do with you? Kiddo, quickly go back to your mom and dad, they may have worried about you.”

“I already told you, don’t call me kid!” Liao Shasha fumingly, loudly shouted, “Don’t think you can just bully my small chest! I, Liao Shasha, is not to be bullied!”

After that, she lifted her skirt, stretched out her high-heeled foot, and threw a vicious kick at Qin Chao’s calf.

The heel of this shoes is quite thin. If it hit the man’s leg, perhaps that man’s bone would be fractured. However, this little girl’s strength is small. At most it would only get swollen.

Therefore, Qin Chao didn’t dodge. He just stood there and continued to calmly smoke despite his calf was hit by the opposite party’s high-heeled shoes.

“Kacha!” Hearing this sound, Long Yaoren was excited. But then he was dismayed to found out that the voice came not from the poor Housekeeper’s broken leg, but from Liao Shasha’s broken heel.

“Ah!” A Broken heel is the most annoying one. When Liao Shasha stepped on the ground, she nearly slipped her foot because of the difference in height of her left and right feet.

But Qin Chao was still safe and sound, calmly smoked his cigarette, as if the person who was hit by the shoes was not him but other people.

“You already kicked me with your shoes, that should be enough, okay.”

“No! This matter will not end here!”