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Chapter 87 Voracious Eating

Mandela Business Clubhouse is a famous member only clubhouse in Suzhou. Only a wealthy, high-ranking or famous person can access this club.

All of the elites in Suzhou City are hoping to get a Mandela membership card. Because getting the membership card is a proof of one’s status in Suzhou City. Otherwise, perhaps, even if one’s worth hundreds of millions, in the eyes of the other senior members, one is still a vulgar nouveau riche.

As the daughter of Su Xianqin, Su Fei obviously is a member of this clubhouse.

When Su Fei took out the gold membership card, the two entrance securities immediately filled with smiles and invited her and Qin Chao inside.

The clubhouse is situated in the outskirt of the City, with a quiet and secluded surroundings. Before going in, Qin Chao had carefully observed the surrounding situation. Although nominally he attends the cocktail party as Su Fei’s companion, he will not forget the basic purpose of why he came here.

Which is to protect Su Fei.

The interior of the Clubhouse is magnificent. Moreover, the walls were painted with various flowers, fish, insects, and birds relief, which seemed like one of the ancient styles of painting.

When one passes through the entrance, one can see the huge fish tank as big as the wall where there are all kinds of various and rare beautiful fishes, just like when one’s uncle boast of his pets collection. The fishes swim leisurely around the aquarium, contently accepting the views of outsiders.

“Miss Su, this way, please.” A very decently dressed beautiful attendant that stood next to the aquarium wall acted as Su Fei’s guide.

“These fishes must be pretty expensive.” Qin Chao looked at the fishes that are even bigger in size than a regular fish bowl, muttered.

“Em, any of these fishes can buy the small place that you live in now.” Su Fei said.

Qin Chao swallowed his saliva and whispered, making Su Fei almost laugh out loud.

“Such an expensive fish … … It must be very delicious … … ”

Under the guidance of the attendant, they went through a long corridor and arrived in an open place.

There are long tables that were piled high with sumptuous foods. Almost all kind of food that one can think of can be found here.

Some male attendants are walking through the venue while carrying glasses of wine. Whoever adjacent to them will occasionally take a glass of liquor, placed it in their mouth, and slowly tasted it.

There are probably more than fifty individuals inside this venue, all of which appeared very elegant. Most are walking in the hall; Perhaps a few gentlemen were standing together talking about politics, business, and beautiful woman. A small group of women was teasing each other shamelessly in a low voice; They seemed to be talking about cosmetics and their own husbands.

“This is a buffet-style cocktail party.” Su Fei took a glass of amber agave from a waiter’s hand and said to Qin Chao with a smile, “I know you haven’t eaten a meal in the evening; feel free to eat here!”

Although Qin Chao was somewhat hungry, he didn’t dare to leave Su Fei’s side even half a step. ‘Who knows if killers are lurking in the hall; must remain vigilant.’ These were Qin Chao’s thought, to remind him not to take a look at these alluring food, but to remain glued to Su Fei.

“You don’t need to be so nervous here.” Seeing Qin Chao’s appearance, Su Fei felt warm. She led Qin Chao to a table, picked up a beautifully-made plate from on top of it, and put it into Qin Chao’s hands.

“Here, take anything that you like to eat. Don’t need to worry about me, this is an exclusive club; those killers are impossible to infiltrate here.”

“It’s okay; I’m not hungry!” Qin Chao beckoned with his hand. Just then, his stomach did not seem to agree with his mouth and started to rumble.

Qin Chao’s thick face blushed. At this stage, in addition to his increased demand for food, he also just finished a couple of fight. His physical exertion is indeed not small.

But in front of Su Fei… It made her sympathize him.

Su Fei muzzled a chuckle, “Fine, I’ll accompany you to eat, okay?”

After Su Fei said that, Qin Chao cannot pretend to be shy anymore. He picked up the tray and started to select several types of foods from the table. He also didn’t forget to pick up a few pieces of his favorite duck legs.

Before long, he stood there with a plate filled with foods and then began to chew. Su Fei stood by his side, watching him with a smile and helped him get a glass of champagne from a passing waiter’s hand. Seeing that Qin Chao’s two hands are busy holding the plate and the fork, she held the glass for him.

The eating’s speed rate of Qin Chao can be called the world best. Although this is a buffet-style cocktail party, nobody actually came here for the food. The buffet was just a situation where the people that gathered can freely nibble and drink. Some wealthy young men and women can also take this opportunity to build bridges and familiarize with each other.

To eat a ‘clean sweep’ like this was simply too embarrassing. Several men and women who stood nearby immediately slid aside, less other people think they have anything to do with this freeloader.

But regardless of other people’s eyes, Qin Chao was awfully hungry. Moreover, if he doesn’t eat to the full, how can he have the strength to fight.

Especially because since his breakthrough to the divine concentration stage, his demand for food has gone up a level. The happiest thing for him is that he can eat to his content without paying any money; A thing that he happily cherished.

While holding the plate, he has eaten all the food from the beginning of the table until the end.

Everyone froze, looking at the alarming rate in which Qin Chao made a ‘clean-sweep’ of the food on the table.

‘This is too much, did this man escape the famine from Africa or what?’ They all thought.

All the ladies covered their mouths. Their topic of discussions gradually shifted to Qin Chao’s body.

Qin Chao has no idea that he has become the topic of conversation; He only felt that he has never been this hungry. It almost seems like he has a bottomless stomach. Actually, he just overdrew his strength when he controlled the Yinyang bell as a defense against the grenade explosion.

That magical artifact is really powerful, but for now, he is like a three-year-old child that insists on holding the hundreds of kilos of treasured shield.

The price of that is excessive physical exertion; The energy consumption is too much. This loss of energy naturally can be supplemented with foods, lots and lots of foods. Only after Qin Chao reached the divine ability stage can he draw the energy from the world; Thus, he can reduce his demand for food.

Qin Chao is in the midst of enjoying his food and didn’t know how strong the attraction that comes from his eating.

Su Fei was surprised as well. She discovered just now how much Qin Chao can eat. ‘No wonder this guy has so much strength, he eats this many. But how come he is not fat, but slender just like my sister?’

‘That’s right, my sister also ate a lot. These two, no wonder they become a couple…. a couple of rice bucket, humph.’

Su Fei didn’t know that her feeling is jealousy. She looked at Qin Chao’s eyes with a look that was full of tenderness.

Qin Chao really ‘live in a plenty without realizing it’ (not to know when one is well off); Although there is a beauty by his side, he only focused on the elimination of the food. After finishing the food on one table, he doesn’t stop yet, because there are still several other tables. When Qin Chao moved to the other table with his plate, everyone went crazy.

Qin Chao didn’t know yet about the graciousness of the beauty. But, some people noticed the abnormalcy of Su Fei. They immediately became jealous and came over while holding their glasses of wine.

“Yo, isn’t this director Su?!” A person with a bit of burnt out golden colored hair, a very elegant glasses, and a designer suit greeted her; With his background and his natural genial face, he has attracted many wealthy girls’ attention.

But he would only exchange a few words with those girls; He was like an ancient courtesan that would indifferently choose his guest to enter his quarter.

His name is Long Yaoren, the son of Long Tianzheng of the Tianlong conglomerate (remember, Fang Hua is this Long Tianzheng’s godson). He is a well known Casanova in the upper-class society. When he was in high school, he has impregnated many beautiful girls and sent them into an abortion. Now he often drove his BMW to pick up girls in the university. Moreover, the girls will always change day after day; He never pick the same girl twice.

With his experience and look, he never met any obstacle whenever he works his charm on the female population.

Although all the women that he encountered tried to grab his heart, there’s no doubt that they have failed.

Except for one woman. She made Long Yaoren distressed with love and hate until his teeth itched. She is Su Fei, a beautiful rose that grew up in high-class society.

This woman is indeed thorny.

In spite of this, Long Yaoren is actually even more fond of her. The desire to conquer made him tried all kinds of way to pursue this woman so that he can hear her calling his name while he makes love to her!

But Su Fei has rejected his advance time and time again. He even believed that Su Fei was gay. But today, toward a man, she actually looked at that man with gentle eyes, making his vision blurred with anger!


Although his heart was burning with anger, Long Yaoren still filled his face with a warm smile, making him looked as if he was bathed with a spring wind.

“Young Master Long, hello.” Su Fei faintly nodded. At this time, with a hand that still hold a piece of cake and mouth that still try to finish the food, Qin Chao turned his head. His eyes were surveying this young Master Long.

‘This name is funny: young master Long (dragon prince); Humph, I’m the Dragon King’s third prince.’

“It’s okay; you don’t have to worry about me.” Seeing Qin Chao has not finished eating, she softly said, “This is the young master of the Tianlong conglomerate.”

Su Fei’s meaning was clear; This is the Tianlong group’s young master, not the Skeleton’s killer.

Qin Chao nodded, turned his head and continue to finish the food. But his ears were like two small radars that continue to pay attention to the situation all around them.

“Is this your friend?” Although Long Yaoren looked at the table manners of Qin Chao with disdain, when he asked Su Fei, his eyes were filled with smiles.

“He is my housekeeper, Qin Chao.” Su Fei’s attitude toward this young Master Long was indifferent, which diametrically opposed to her attitude toward Qin Chao. This made Long Yaoren even more jealous. He cannot bear not to think about making Qin Chao a fool in front of everyone else.

He looked at Qin Chao, who was busily sweeping away the food into his mouth, rolled his behind the glasses eyes, and said to Su Fei.

“If Director Su doesn’t mind, please come over and have a chat with me. You haven’t appeared in this cocktail party for a long time; your friends miss you a lot. I knew why Director Su came to this cocktail party, which is to discuss a piece of land in Dongchuan (a district in Kunming City, Yunnan province) with Director Liao. His daughter Liao Shasha is here too; why don’t we get to know each other first?”

Long Yaoren pointed at the distant groups of boys and girls.

Su Fei pushed her glasses and didn’t refuse, “Ok, I’ll go over there in a moment.”

But Long Yaoren’s flame of jealousy was even more brightly burned. He knew that Su Fei was putting her Housekeeper into her consideration. She wants to wait until he finished his eating. He thought, ‘Humph, a Housekeeper, see how I’ll fix you!’