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Chapter 84 Refuse To Accept The Treatment

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Ten Japanese students shouted loudly and rushed toward Qin Chao, who still calmly stood there. He reached out his hands and grabbed the fastest students and then, like he was carrying a toy, took the student in his hands and swung that student around left and right.



“Baka! Get down!” The Japanese students, each and every one of them, was hit by their spinning compatriot. Like crafty wolves, all of them soon lied down on their stomach to the ground. Seeing this display of strength, they got even more spirited. They all thought, ‘This security guard is really powerful.’

“The sacred Budoka will never be defeated!” They said in unison and then crawled up from the ground. They were ready to launch their second attack.

“Stop!” At that time, their lead teacher finally spoke. This teacher wore different outfit than his students. Dressed in a set of white Japanese-style clothing and a pair of wooden clogs, his appearance is like of a standard ancient Japanese samurai warrior.

Because of this, the Japanese lead teacher’s outfit became quite popular among the students. Recently, many of them tried to emulate his dress code. Among the vast campus ground, one could see about two to three students, who wore the same outfit and the same wooden clogs, walking about around the campus with a ‘click-clack’ sound.

This Japanese teacher has quite a distinctive character. Seeing a long and slim mustache above this teacher’s upper lip, Qin Chao seemed to recall the appearance of a past Japanese war criminal.

“How could so many of you besieged a single man? This is a disgrace to our holy Budoka.” The teacher went to the stage, approached his students and started giving them a heavy slap in the face one by one. “Pa, pa, pa, pa.” It seemed like the entire Auditorium could hear this continuous barrage of slap in the face.

All the students hit by the slap lowered their head. None of them dared to speak out even a single word.

“I’m sorry, I apologize to you (polite term) on their behalf.” After the teacher delivered the slap, he turned around and bent over in front of Qin Chao.

“You’re too kind.” Qin Chao waved his hand, “Next time, teach your students to be aware of their situation first. Don’t let them just hastily toot their horn without assessing their opponent, thus resulting in their humiliation.”

“Sire is right.” The teacher said. Although the corner of this lead teacher’s mouth twitched, he unexpectedly did not refute Qin Chao’s words at all. Instead he said, “I am Tsushiro, the successor of Budoka. I wish to compare notes with sire.”

“Stop calling me sire this and sire that. It’s really weird for me to hear someone calling me that.” Qin Chao smiled and said, “I’m just a humble small security. In, China, nobody deserves to be called like that anymore. So, I cannot afford these four letters words.”

“Ahem….excuse me, Mr. Tsushiro.” Director Wu thought that the scene had gotten out of hand. So, he hastily showed his prestige as the official authority to take control of the show, “Both of our countries wanted to have a friendly exchange, not to beat each other, right? Why don’t we all sit down and have a friendly chat about martial arts under a cup of tea? Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Is it possible that Mr. Wu looks down upon our Budoka?” This Tsushiro turned his head to look at Director Wu.

“Ahem, I never meant anything like that. I’m just saying….”

“Then please, Mr. Wu, don’t interfere with our sacred martial arts contest.” Tsushiro quickly interrupted the explanation from Mr. Wu, making the latter’s face turned from green to white.

Fortunately, Su Fei came to smooth things over. This beautiful principal came to the stage through the row of bodyguards and, with a voice that similar to the sound of nature, and said.

“Since these two gentlemen want a martial arts contest, it could also bring a positive note to this student exchange program. But I hope you two gentlemen will not go beyond that because I don’t want this contest to hurt the friendship between our school. Mr. Tsushiro, you don’t want to have a bad reputation when you go back to your school right?”

“Please Miss Su Fei, rest assured, I will be lenient.” That Tsushiro slightly nodded his head and said to Su Fei.

Hearing the words ‘I will be lenient’ from Tsushiro, Su Fei was barely able to hold back her laughter. The words that she wanted to say are: ‘My words were actually meant for Qin Chao, not you.’

“Director Su, you don’t have worry.” Qin Chao, who knew the real meaning behind Su Fei’s words, said. But, he naturally cannot allow to give Tsushiro any leeway. He pinched out the cigarette butt and accurately flicked it to the distant trashcan, then said, “I’ll let this boy save his last breath.”

“What did you say?!” Ryu Kenta immediately came over angrily. But, unexpectedly, Tsushiro turned around and slapped him in the face, making this kid flew out two meters away and then rolled on the ground.

“Baka!” Tsushiro loudly shouted and held out his finger to point at Ryu Kenta, who was lying on the ground, and then said, “This is the matter between this gentleman and me. The losers better move away to the side.”

“Hai! Sumimasen! Hontou ni sumimasen!” Ryu Kenta struggled to crawl up, knelt in front Tsushiro, and then deeply bowed down while apologizing to him.

“Good. We can start now, sire.” Tsushiro said to Qin Chao while simultaneously gave the sign that the other people can now leave the stage.

Since this martial arts contest is just between the two individuals, all of the people beside Qin Chao and Tsushiro stepped down from the stage.

“Qin Chao, come on, make that guy fell flat on the ground!” From the backstage, Su Ji excitedly waved her petite fist toward Qin Chao.

“Hai!” Qin Chao laughingly shouted back at Su Ji using the phrase from the several Japanese students.

“You! No swearing!” Su Ji raised her eyebrows and stared back at Qin Chao.

“Yes yes yes, sir.” Qin Chao nodded his head again and again.

Seeing his opponent unexpectedly still fooled around with a woman during this martial arts contest, Tsushiro felt a sudden surge of anger.

“Sire be careful.”

Having said this, Tsushiro took three steps forward and stood in front of Qin Chao.

At the same time, he flew his leg to kick Qin Chao’s calf.

Since entering the divine concentration stage, Qin Chao’s whole body is like a long gigantic eye. When Tsushiro’s wooden clogs started to move, Qin Chao immediately felt as if his calf was pricked by a needle. Thus, he subconsciously moved his calf to the side.

“Bang!” Tushiro’s kick fell into an empty space and proceed to hit the stage’s floor. The solid plank immediately exuded a loud sound. The kick has opened up a large hole on the floor.

“This person’s martial arts abilities is slightly above the ordinary person.” Ai Jia, who sat on the backstage, commented on Tsushiro’s skill and frowned. After thinking for a while, she said, “However, this security guard; Although there was nothing fancy about his moves, he seemed more like a cultivator….”

Nobody heard Ai Jia’s whispered words, except for Su Ji. She immediately took one look at this beautiful girl and paid attention to her.

After all is said and done, Qin Chao is a devil cultivator. If his existence was found out by the upright sects, it is highly likely that they would not let this future devil god slip through their hands. This Ai Jia seemed to be a disciple of an upright sect. And right now, she has her eyes set on Qin Chao. ‘First, I have to think of a way to make Qin Chao leave this city, otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous.’ Su Ji thought to herself.

After thinking for a while, she rolled her eyes and went to Su Fei’s side and then quietly said something in her sister’s ear.

When Su Ji was racking her brain, the fierce fighting on the stage was just intoxicating.

In order to see the full abilities of Tsushiro, Qin Chao never made a counter-attack. He just let himself be attacked by Tsushiro again and again. Qin Chao have to admit that this guy certainly have some attainments in the so-called Budoka. ‘Seeing that you can easily break these many wooden plank, whey you later resign as a teacher, you can work at the construction company as a worker who specialize in bludgeoning down a house.’ Qin Chao thought.

‘Other people can only use a sledgehammer to break a wall, but you can just use your feet to pull down a house.’

Although he was in a fight, Qin Chao still has time to let his imagination run wild. Meanwhile, that Tsushiro became even more apprehensive.

Although he cannot be said to be the real master of Budoka, after many years of immersion in this martial arts, he thought that he had made some achievements. Taking advantage of the student exchange program, he came to China with the intention to spread the art of Budoka, making it flourish in this part of China.

But, who would have thought that his plan was going to be turned upside down by this unknown little security guard when his team just arrived at the university.

This made Tsushiro’s heart burn with anger. After attacking Qin Chao for quite a while, he suddenly jumped up, lifted up his right arm, turned his hand into a fist, and, with a whistling wind, pounded down towards Qin Chao.

“Look! That is teacher’s killer fist!” A Japanese student excitedly said.

“I finally saw teacher’s ultimate move!” The other Japanese student’s pleasant surprise were inexplicable.

“Subarashii!” Ryu Kenta tightly clasped both of his hands, “This fucking security is finished!”

The overwhelming momentum of Tsushiro’s fist is incomparably powerful, making other people do not dare to look upward. But, under the pressure of the incoming fist, Qin Chao unexpectedly stretched out his hands to yawn and said.

“Really boring. Let’s end this idiotic martial arts contest.”

And then, without moving his body to dodge, Qin Chao launched his own punch toward the so-called killer fist, making them collide.

“Ha, that Chinese man is courting death!” A Japanese student laughed out loud. But then, he could not continue his laugh anymore.

“Ah!” A crisp sound of broken bone was clearly heard. Like a broken kite, Tsushiro’s body flew more than ten meters away and fell below the stage with a splash. He was unable to crawl up even after he struggled for a long time.

The Japanese students were all terrified. They immediately rushed over to check on their teacher’s injuries.

They saw their previously arrogant and overbearing teacher had blacked out with his entire right arm lying limply to his side. The signs of broken bones were clearly visible.

Meanwhile, Qin Chao calmly shook his arm and breathed out, saying, “With only this tiny ability, you dare to come here to toot your horn?”

After that, he went to the center stage, pointed at the group of Japanese students and then subsequently moved to point at the viewers, the Korean students, and said.

“I am Qin Chao. Whether you are the students of yibendao or Tae Kwon Do, you cannot indiscriminately use your skills in this place. I’m the school’s security guard. If you are still not convinced, you can come and challenge me anytime. But my temperament is not so good. Anybody who challenges me will end up, humph….”

He pointed his finger to the still fainted Tsushiro, and loudly cried, “This is the fate for anyone who wanted to challenge me. Anyone who’s not afraid to die can come!”

After his voice quieted down, the entire hall burst into applause. All the Chinese students were applauding him. There were also hints of adoration in the eyes of many girls.

“This guy really can stir up trouble!” Su Ji, who sat beside her sister, was quite helpless. She gazed at Qin Chao with a vision that is full of love, but also some concern.

‘What a man….Unfortunately, he does not belong to me…’ Su Fei put her thought firmly deep inside her heart where nobody else could see.

“Can I really do it?” Hu Lili was somewhat in a daze. She suddenly begin to hate her own life, “Why I am a fox demon?”

“This monk, I will not let him get away from me!” The one that sat in the last row, Han Enxi, held her small fist and secretly cheered herself up.

“He is definitely a cultivator….” Ai Jia took out her mobile phone and started typing out a text message, “I must inform this matter to my sect’s teacher….”