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Chapter 83 The Leader Of The Demon Beasts Sect

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Hu Lili never knew who her father was. She was raised by her mother since she was a child.

In Hu Lili’s eyes, her mother was a stunningly beautiful woman. The beauty of her mother was enough that any men who saw her would always slow down their steps.

Moreover, her mother was also gentle. Gentler than any other mama in the world. She seemed to never be mad, hit, or scolded Hu Lili. When Hu Lili made a mistake, her mother would always smile at her and then telling her to behave.

Hu Lili would then think, as always, ‘Did mama not get angry at me?’

Hu Lili’s mother is called Hu Qing. She is a guide at a travel company and would often be away from home for a few days. So, Hu Lili was mainly alone from a very early age and was even praised by her neighbor as an independent young woman.

But, one day, her mother came home from one of her work trips in a bloodied state, which terrified her.

“Ma, what happened to you?” Hu Lili anxiously asked. This was the first time Hu Lili felt such a fear that all her blood was drained from her face. Her mama was the only family that she had and, should Hu Qing die, she would have no reason to live anymore.

“Mama is alright….” Hu Qing comforted her daughter. She embraced Hu Lili and softly smiled at her, “Mama just has a skin-deep wound…”

“Ma, how did you get hurt?” Hu Lili ran into the kitchen and came back with two kitchen knives and then angrily shouted, “Ma, tell me, who bullied you? I’m going to chop them to pieces!”

“Lili…put down the knives. Don’t hurt yourself!” Hu Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry. She looked at her daughter, who already became almost as tall, slim, and graceful as her, and suddenly sighed; Her eyes flickered.

“Ma, relax, your daughter would never let other people bully you.” Hu Lili said while she waved her knives, “At worst, I’ll fight them to death!”

“Forget it Lili, you are no match for that person.” Hu Qing smile began to fade and she suddenly stretched out her hand. White rays of light suddenly flew out from her palm and hit the two knives in Hu Lili’s hands. The knives flew from Hu Lili’s grip and stabbed the adjacent wall.

“Ma….” Hu Lili was shocked, “This is….What’s going on?”

“Ai, Lili, you’ve grown up now. There are some things that Ma should tell you.” Hu Qing somewhat exhaustedly sat on the sofa and beckoned her daughter to sit beside her.

‘Actually, you and Mama are not ordinary people. We are what they call, demon beasts, or, to be precise we are a snow fox demon cultivator.

“Ma, what are you talking about?!” Hu Lili immediately jumped up from the sofa and said with a strange expression, “We clearly are human. You see, we have arms and legs that don’t resemble a fox at all, how could we possibly a fox demon!? Ma, you must have watched too many soap operas recently, right?!”

“Lili, Mama didn’t lie to you…” Hu Qing knew her daughter’s temperament, so she stood up and put both of her hands in front of her chest.

A burst of white gas emerged from behind Hu Qing and then, suddenly, from behind her, grew out seven white fluffy tails. These tails were very long. When the seven of them moved, it almost filled the entire room.

“This….” Hu Lili was petrified and sat on the floor. She suddenly remembered an inconceivable event that had happened just a few days ago at the gym classroom.

‘Her mama is really a fox demon?’ Hu Lili questioned herself. This is simply unimaginable.

“Lili, your mama is a seven-tailed fox spirit, that’s why I have these seven tails. The reasons why you were unable to show your true form until now was because you were still too young. Also, I had sealed your fox’s soul inside your body. Right now you’re just a two-tailed fox spirit whose supernatural power is still weak.”

“I….I can’t believe this…” Hu Lili desperately shook her head. Because of her name (Huli means fox), she has always been jokingly called ‘Vixen’ by her peers. But, she understood that it was only a joke. That is why, right now, she simply cannot believe that she was, in fact, a real vixen.

Hu Qing put away her fox’s tail, and forced herself to smile, saying. “Lili, Mama is the leader of the Demon Beasts Sect. Right now, the Demon Beasts Sect is facing an unprecedented crisis. That is why I have told you ahead of time about the things that I should not have told you about so early.”

“Demon beasts sect? Leader?” Hu Lili muttered to herself. She felt as if she was hearing someone deciphering hieroglyphics. But, at the same time, she also thought that a door to another world was slowly opening before her.

‘Perhaps, this is the world where Qin Chao is?’ Hu Lili mused.

Although her heart was filled with panic, it was also filled with some excitement.

“Correct, the Demon Beasts Sect!” Hu Qing nodded her head, and said, “The Demon Beasts Sect is a sect where demon spirit like us organize ourselves. It is one of the six devil sects. Unfortunately, the devil realm is in a decline. Especially the Demon Beasts Sect. After the fall of the previous leader, who was the number one expert in the demon beasts, we became the weakest of the weak.”

“Ma, how did you get hurt then?” Hu Lili inquired her mama again.

“It’s those crafty evil bastards from Yanluo sect!” Hu Qing said with some venom in her voice. Hu Lili, who never saw her mother showed a trace of murderous intention like this, was shocked. Hu Qing continued her rant. “Knowing that the Demon Beasts Sect was in its weakest state, those Yanluo sect’s people continue to indiscriminately bully us. Their intention was to absorb our demon beasts into their sect. Hmph, in their dreams!”

“Even if I was killed, Lili, you have to receive Mama’s mantle and become the next leader of our magnificent Demon Beasts Sect.”

“Ma…I will make sure those people who bullied you to suffer.” Seeing that her mother suffered serious injuries like these, Hu Lili, who was bound by a common destiny with her mother since childhood, was furious. A trace of fiery wrath that was unerasable rose up from her heart.

“Good, Lili, as long as you do something for me, Mama can become a nine-tailed fox spirit. After that, I will exterminate those yanluo sect’s bastards and make The Demon Beasts Sect the strongest sect in the devil realm.”

“What matter? Tell me Ma.” Hu Lili quickly asked

“You are my daughter, meaning, you have a natural fox’s charm body. So, this should be easy for you. If you study the charm method, this matter of taking that devil essence should be as easy as just stretching out your hand to grab it.”

“Devil Essence?” Hu Lili was confused. This was a new terminology for her.

“Yes, Devil Essence!” Hu Qing nodded, “Mama has discovered that there is someone near you that has a natural born devil body. If you absorb his devil essence and give it to Mama, I can pass through this seven-tailed bottleneck to become the nine-tailed fox spirit. By then, mama’s power will be so great that Mama can become the Devil Realm’s Overlord!”

“Someone near me?” Hu Lili was unable to guess, so, she asked, “Who is he?”

“He is Qin Chao!”


Hu Lili suddenly woke up from her reverie. Hu Qing’s words from that day were still fresh in her memory.

She looked at the on stage Qin Chao with a somewhat dull expression. Her heart was suddenly empty. She thought, ‘Can I really put my hand on this man?’

She absent-mindedly remembered the day when she was heroically saved by this man in the middle of the street.

Also when he saved her friend Fang Wen on top of the roof.

‘Can I really act against my saviour?’ Hu Lili asked herself again.

Hu Lili looked down at her own hands that periodically exuded a flashing ray of white light.

“Lili, what’s going on with you?” Seeing her best friend was besides herself, Fang Wen hastily asked.

Hu Lili immediately awoke. She quickly dissipated away the dim white light on her hands, waved her hand, and said. “I’m okay, Wenwen. Don’t worry about me.”

At this time, the stage suddenly became a little chaotic because when Qin Chao put Ryu Kenta into the hole again, the Japanese students in the audience were immediately turned angry. The several students that seemed to be the martial arts brothers of Ryu Kenta unexpectedly roared and went up to the stage.

“Quick, quickly stop these students!” Director Wu’s eyebrows jumped. He hastily shouted, “Don’t let this thing get out of hand!”

Before Su Fei even saw this bustling scene, she waved her hand toward her bodyguards. Those bodyguards immediately went in front of the stage and stood in a row to hinder the incoming students. But, these Japanese students were also the students of Budoka. Without holding back, they forced their way through the row of bodyguards and climbed to the stage.

Ryu Kenta was unwilling to lose; He crawled out of the hole again. Although his body was injured, he still arrogantly said, “You’re finished. These are my fellow martial arts brothers.”

“They are masters of Budoka. You will suffer the wrath of our sacred Budoka!” He continued.

After that, ten students rushed toward Qin Chao and encircled him.

These people did not act like hoodlums who would launch their attack simultaneously. Instead, like in a TV program, they surrounded Qin Chao and then knelt on the ground.

After that, a Japanese student stood up, came in front of Qin Chao, and assumed a Karate posture.

“You want to play tag team?” Qin Chao picked up his eyebrows and chuckled. He took out a lighter from his pocket and lit a cigarette for himself, “Fine. If this is what you want to play, I’ll accompany you. If not, you can also come to me all at once.”

“Extremely arrogant!” That Japanese student actually said this in Chinese. It seemed like all these Japanese students have studied Chinese before they came to China.

The Japanese student in front of him proceeded to tread two steps forward. His shoes made a sound whenever it bumped with the floor.

He approached Qin Chao while simultaneously flipping over his palm, shouting out, and making a hacking movement horizontally toward Qin Chao’s stomach with the speed that can catch a clap of thunder.

This palm strike is quick and ruthless. This particular Japanese student’s palm strike was two levels above Ryu Kenta.

But, this strike could not hurt Qin Chao. He flicked the butt of his cigarette upward and moved his body to the side. Meanwhile, one of his hand grabbed the incoming Japanese student’s hand while his other hand did a backhand toward the lower abdomen of the opposite party.

With a muffled thud, the Japanese student spat out the acid from his lungs. His stomach was terribly convulsed. But Qin Chao did not stop there. He hauled his arms and put the Japanese student’s body into a spin. With Qin Chao as the axis, he spun this Japanese student around, and then threw him below the stage, making him dejected and depressed.

“Ha!” After that Japanese student fell, another one immediately rushed forward and threw a straight punch. Their styles were simply a straight chop, straight punch or possibly a kick. Although their technique was simple, they were all full of energy. If the average person were hit by it, there would certainly be a broken bone.

But, Qin Chao was not an average person. He reached out his hand to catch the falling cigarette butt, stuffed it in his mouth and just carelessly stood there. He let the opposite party’s ferocious straight punch land on his chest.

“Ah!” Seeing this scene, Su Fei involuntarily screamed.

But the expression of the one who sat on the backstage, Su Ji, was beautifully bright.

‘Hmph, you want to hurt my man relying on that? In your dreams!’ Su Ji thought.

“Kacha!” A clear and crisp voice of a fractured bone ensued. All the people were dumbfounded. They saw that Japanese student clutched his arm and kneel on the ground in pain.

Qin Chao acted as if nothing happened. He just stood there and leisurely smoked.

“Weak. You are too weak.” Qin Chao put up his middle finger in front of his body.

“Together at once!” A student that seemed to be their leader shouted out this order.