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Chapter 82 What Is This Thing?

This punch from Ryu Kenta is truly powerful. Before it even hit Kim Woo, the later already felt the threat that it carried.

He immediately withdrew his leg by jumping backward, to avoid this seemingly ordinary looking straight punch.

Ryu Kenta’s most proficient skill is this straight punch. He named this move as the strongest straight fist. He used to practice it by hitting a stone wall. His bone fractured so many times because of this training. But, eventually, he acquired a pair of iron fists.

If this punch hit Kim Woo’s body, this South Korean boy would probably spit blood and fall to the ground.

Therefore, when Kim Woo jumped backward, Ryu Kenta went after him by moving forward with rapid small steps. Meanwhile, his right hand withdrew to his waist and came out as a straight fist.

Kim Woo’s eyebrows jumped. He immediately landed and sent out his vigorous spinning hook kick to counter the incoming fist.

“Bang!” A heavy colliding sound ensued. The two men retreat one step back. This time, they were tied.

Ryu Kenta shook his hands while Kim Woo jumped his feet a bit.

“Not bad. You have skills indeed.” After saying this, Ryu Kenta launched a fierce attack once again.

Kim Woo firmly stood his ground. He threw his foot to kick a counterattack. The two people launched their best skills at each other. It was very exciting. Nevertheless, the Chinese students and teachers in the audience have only one thought in their mind. That is: shame.

Just as when the Russo-Japanese war happened in China, Chinese people can only act as a bystander.

Su Fei’s complexion was ugly, but Director Wu of Bureau of Education seemed unconcerned by this.

“Em….Little Su, I think we have enough of this. You can call this competition to end now. If they continue to fight, they will be injured. We cannot let that happen because it will hurt our international friendship.”

Director Wu has spoken; Su Fei waved her hand to call the nearby bodyguard.

“Go, separate the two of them.”

“Yes!” That bodyguard bowed and immediately went to the stage, to try to separate the two people who were still happily fighting each other.

“Sorry, the contest is over. The two gentlemen, please get back to your seat.”

That bodyguard said.

“This is a sacred martial arts contest!” Ryu Kenta turned around and suddenly launched his fist strike toward that bodyguard in the pit of his stomach.

Fortunately, that bodyguard’s physical fitness is excellent. Nevertheless, he was still beaten back several steps and nearly fell off the stage.

“Nobody could interfere with this sacred martial arts contest.” After that, Ryu Kenta went to attack Kim Woo once again. Being beaten back by Ryu Kenta, that bodyguard’s face changed from red to white.

“He is definitely not an ordinary Japanese student ……” Ai Jia, who sat at the backstage, knitted her eyebrows and muttered, “Real Martial Arts (Budokan)…I seemed to have heard this name before…”

At this time, somebody finally could not sit still anymore.

Feeling his physical strength have almost recovered, Qin Chao stood up patted the dust on his uniform.

“Where are you going?” Seeing Qin Chao suddenly got up, Han Enxi was startled. So, she hastily asked.

“I’m going to do something. You sit here for a while and then go with your classmates.” Qin Chao said with a smile, “It’s already night right now. The school is not too safe for you.”

After that, he strolled toward the fierce fighting on the stage.

Seeing his figure came, Su Fei breathed a sigh of relief. ‘If he arrives, there will be no problem.’

“Come back here.” She waved her hand toward that bodyguard. The later dejectedly returned to her side without saying any word.

“Little Su, why did you call back your bodyguard?” Director Wu frowned and took a look at the beautiful young Principal, “You must know that the leadership put great importance on this student exchange program. If this event causes an International dispute, it would have severe consequences toward the subordinates like us.”

“Don’t worry, Director Wu. Our school’s security guard has come.” Hearing the threatening tone from Director Wu, Su Fei said this and smiled.

“Security guard? What could a security guard possibly do in this situation….?” Director Wu muttered.

At this time, Qin Chao has stood on the stage. Upon seeing this ragged and bloodstained man appeared, the Guangyuan’s students immediately cheered.

Other people may not know Qin Chao, but, how could these students not recognize Qin Chao? From his heroic jumped to save the student that fell from the roof, to his latest fight against the killer gunman. His actions made all of the students endlessly shocked.

With such a fierce man on the stage, the fight between the two arrogant foreign students will surely stop.

“Sorry to disturb your deep love for each other.” Qin Chao laughed and said, “If you like Tae Kwon Do and Karate so much, you guys should return to your country learn more about it. This place is Chinese territory. It would be too dangerous for you two kids to play here.”

“I said, don’t mess with our sacred contest!” Seeing another Chinese man appeared, Ryu Kenta was infuriated. He halted his attack and went straight to Qin Chao to strike him with his powerful punch.

But, that Qin Chao just stood there. Toward the incoming fist, he neither dodge nor hide. Ryu Kenta put on his evil smile. He thought that Qin Chao was terrified.

“Plop!” Who knew, Qin Chao suddenly stretched out his palm and easily clasped Ryu Kenta’s iron fist. After he tightened his grip, that Japanese student suddenly wailed in pain. Cold sweat overflow from the top his head.

“Get down here.” Qin Chao pulled Ryu Kenta’s arm, put his left hand on Ryu Kenta’s stomach, and then with one fluid motion, swung Ryu Kenta’s body to his shoulder and with a plop, threw him on the stage as if he was just a sandbag.

This stage is made of wood. With a ‘cracked’ sound, the floor literally smashed through by the force of Qin Chao that passed through Ryu Kenta’s body, as his whole body dropped under the stage to a painful experience.

The audience suddenly in an uproar. Many students stood up and applauded. This move was too beautiful. With just one fluid movement, Qin Chao was able to get rid of this arrogant Japanese student.

Kim Woo was fearful and apprehensive, thinking, ‘how could a security guard be this fierce?’

But, because there were many Chinese students as well as his classmates watching him, he cannot back down.

“Ha!” He sprinted forward a couple of steps and jumped up to do a jump front kick. His aim was Qin Chao’s forehead.

“You don’t need to jump so high like that.” Qin Chao shook his head. He can easily evade this kick just by moving sideways. Instead, he sent out his palm backward to protect Hu Lili and them from Kim Woo’s kick.

But, to deter this ungrateful Korean student, Qin Chao stood there, clenched his fist and sent out his punch toward Kim Woo’s feet.

“Bam!” The punch hit its target with a firecracker-like sound.

“Bang!” His fist collided with the sole of Kim Woo’s foot. Kim Woo’s anticipated scene where Qin Chao to be thrown backward by his kick did not appear. Instead, his body flew upside down for more than ten meters away from the stage and fell on the row of chairs where the Korean students sat.

The audience were silent. Seeing Qin Chao’s awe-inspiring fist, not only the foreign students were horrified, even his own country’s students were stunned.

Punch that can make someone flew out more than ten meters away, my god, how powerful is this guy?

Especially the one who sat in the last row, Han Enxi. Her mouth unconsciously opened while her eyes were brimming with complex luster.

The powerful display of Qin Chao’s strength has transformed Han Enxi’s impression on martial arts practitioner. ‘This is what is called a true power. Compared to him, someone like Kim Woo was merely dregs.’

‘Oh heavens, did I come across my prince charming in this China’s trip?’

Han Enxi’s eyes were full of small red ♥. Those dancer girls who sat on the backstage also have the hots for him. Long before this, Qin Chao have also displayed his magical skill in the gym room.

He was able to defeat a man who was possessed by a powerful ghost. How could he lose to this clueless-about-the-immensity-of-the-sky-and-the-vastness-of-the-ocean foreign students?

Among these girls, only Hu Lili who saw Qin Chao differently.

Sure enough, he really is as her mama said….a person with a natural devil body….

Seeing the tall figure of Qin Chao, Hu Lili suddenly felt somewhat hurt.

‘Do I have to kill him to save my mama?’ She thought in her heart.

“Qin Chao! Qin Chao!” Crowd of students suddenly started to cheer

At this time, Qin Chao stood on the stage. The students under the stage suddenly awoke from their astonishment and began to set off bursts of shouting. Like a wave, they shouted out one after the other.

“Qin Chao! Qin Chao!”

All of Guangyuan’s students were cheering for him like this. Right now, Qin Chao has made these unruly college students admire him.

“Crack…” At this time, Ryu Kenta’s bruised body climbed from the hole and vaguely said to Qin Chao.

“Who, who are you…?”

“I’m only a security guard.” Qin Chao slightly smiled, “With just a superficial knowledge of martial arts you came to China and wanted to beat your drum here? I thought my power level in China was quite low actually. But, in my eyes, you were even lower than me.”

“My comprehension was not superficial! What I train is a formidable real martial art (Budoka/Wudaokan/Budo/Wudao)!”

“What is this real ‘Wudao’? I never heard of it. I only heard ‘yibendao.’”

(Budoka or Budo in Chinese spelled as Wudaokan or Wudao. Qin Chao purposely changed the Wu, who is homonym as five, to Yiben, or one root. Thus, Yibendao literal meaning is ‘one root path,’ it is an AV producer that registered in the US)

“Pfftf…” The several boys at the backstage could not help but laugh.

The girls did not understand this. Which made Ai Jia curious. She has heard many genres of martial arts, but, she never heard this one.

“Senior Qin Chao! What is this ‘Yibendao’?” Her position on the backstage was near the stage, so, she simply boldly asked.

“Ahem…” Qin Chao blushed, coughed twice and said, “This yibendao, is a powerful Japanese woman’s martial art training. After completing this training, a woman can easily defeat several adult males!”

“Turned out this yibendao is that powerful…” Ai Jia muttered, “Then I must learn this yibendao….”

Hearing this, the several boys on the backstage could not help but to laugh out loud again.

Su Fei also did not understand this thing. Qin Ling appeared to understand. This young secretary’s face was red. She secretly scolded Qin Chao as an indecent guy, who can spout out anything.

The Director Wu of Bureau of Education also seemed to understand. He coughed twice and said to Su Fei.

“Little Su, tell your security guard to pay attention to the International’s sentiment. Don’t let him just spout anything that comes to his mind.”

“What?” Su Fei was confused, “Director Wu, what international’s sentiment? Did Qin Chao say some bad words? What is this Yibendao? I don’t understand.”

“Ahem….” Director Wu was embarrassed. He was unable to speak. The other education leader secretly sent a despised look at him.

“You insulted the sacred real martial arts (Zhen Wudao/Budoka)! I want to challenge you!” Ryu Kenta exclaimed.

“Just you? Challenge me again In your next life.” Qin Chao laughed and stomped his foot. The stage trembled. Ryu Kenta, who stood next to the hole, fell down on it again.