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Chapter 81 You Are Just Style Without Substance

This young Korean girl’s secret desire was unknown to Qin Chao, who, at the moment, was still absorbed in enjoying the performance on stage.

The hot dance of this seductive enchantress, Su Ji, has destroyed countless boy’s psychological defenses. In time, the audience burst into applause, and the boys whistled.

That Kim Woo was quite crazy. He stood up with one foot on his chair and applauded while shouting ‘something-something-simida.’ In any case, Qin Chao could not understand it. He was also embarrassed to ask the nearby Han Enxi.

But Han Enxi was depressed. Earlier, she had wanted to return to the bedroom. But unexpectedly, she encountered Qin Chao. Her slender legs have gone soft. She cannot even walk even a single step. ‘Oh, heavens…don’t tell me this man is the bane of my life.’

After finishing the dance, Su Ji blew an ambiguous kiss toward Qin Chao. This kiss sent the wrong message to the audience; all the men were in their fantasies.

“She, she kissed me!”

“Oh heavens, my goddess offered me her kiss! Did she feel my deep love for her?”

“Fart. She obviously gave her kiss to me!”

“Nonsense! It would be strange if the goddess took a liking to a big-headed coarse man like you!”

“Damn, it’s still better than a fat pig like you!”

“For my goddess! I’m going to kill you!”

The result was several people began to fight in the Auditorium. But fortunately, the bodyguards stepped in. They pulled out a few individuals, making the almost exploded hall slowly cool down.

The one who knew where the kiss originally intended to was only Qin Chao. He knew that Su Ji gave that kiss to him. This girl’s courage was big, making Qin Chao’s heart warm.

After Su Ji exited the stage, the rest of the celebration continued. But everyone seemed to be still immersed in Su Ji’s dance. So, they didn’t seem to care about the following show.

Du Xing is the school’s martial art club’s president. He grew up with his (paternal) grandfather, who taught him Flood Style (Hongquan) boxing of Shaolin. He is a firm believer in the sacredness of Chinese martial arts.

(There are two types of Hongquan: Big Hongquan and Small Hongquan)

Therefore, when he went to college, he immediately formed a community to attract his like-minded martial arts enthusiasts. Together they studied the profound culture of Chinese martial arts.

In this International gathering, to promote the Chinese culture of Martial Arts, Du Xing naturally competed for a performance quota.

At this time, he led the members of his club to perform their long prepared performance on the stage.

In the center stage stood a pair of male and female students. The male is handsome while the female is beautiful. Their martial arts level are also quite good. They are Du Xing’s two best subordinates in the martial arts club.

One of them wore red clothes while the other one yellow. Right now they were performing Hongquan style and Xingyiquan style boxing. The two people came at each other. Sometimes their movements were as fast as lightning, and sometimes they were as timid as a virgin.

But, Du Xing neglected one thing, that is, the demonstration of these martial arts were a bit difficult to process. Only people knowledgeable about martial arts can appreciate the intricacies of these martial arts movements.

Guanyuan’s students in the audience probably enjoyed the demonstration because many of them were already familiar with Chinese martial arts performances like this. But the foreign students did not understand. They shouted out “boring” and “change the show.”

“These performances were not worth watching!” Kim Woo leaned back in his chair and curled up his lips, “What kind of Kung Fu did these Chinese people have? Their martial arts merely scratched the surface of our Korean culture. Our Tae Kwon Do is the strongest. Enxi, am I right?

When Kim Woo turned around to look at Han Enxi, his good-looking female classmate was not to be found. “Hey, where did Enxi go?”

When Kim Woo was still puzzled by the disappearance of his friend Han Enxi, he suddenly saw a change on the stage. A Japanese exchange student suddenly came out from the audience and jumped on the stage.

A teacher immediately stood up and said. “Student, I’m sorry, but, we are giving the performance right now. Please get down.”

“Sorry!” The Japanese guy spoke a fairly fluent Chinese, saying, “I am a student of Japanese martial arts that have been studying Karate for quite a while. When I saw your school was performing Chinese martial arts, my heart was intrigued. So, I wanted to compare notes with them. I was wondering if the school could agree with my desire?”

This Japanese student seemed to show a mocking smile on his lips. The lead teacher of the Japanese students was just standing in the audience without interfering.

Seeing the arrogance of the Japanese, Su Fei frowned and consulted with the several school’s leaders. At this time, the man in charge of this student exchange program, Director Wu Hao of the City Bureau of Education suddenly said.

“Little Su, I think we can agree on this activity. This cultural exchange can be beneficial to the Sino-Japanese friendship.”

Having been given the greenlight by Director Wu, Su Fei can only nod and said.

“Tell Du Xing he can compete in martial arts with the Japanese student, but, don’t make it too long.”

“Ok.” The teacher in charge went to the front to tell Du Xing.

This martial art club president was irritated. In his heart, he said, ‘you blind Japanese devil! Aren’t you trying to crash my show? Fine, since you dare to come, I won’t let you leave!’

Du Xing was full with fighting spirit, but he forgot that his comprehension of Hongquan was just superficial. The other member of the martial art club was also the same as him. The majority of them consider martial arts as a hobby. He may be able to perform two fighting style martial arts, but, if he wants to have an actual fight with another martial arts practitioner, perhaps he never even have real combat experience.

“Wang Wei, you teach him a lesson!” Du Xing said to the red-clothed male student.

“Yes, president. Leave it to me!”

Wang Wei took a glance at the nearby yellow-clothed little miss Ai Jia. As a fellow martial arts club member, he has been chasing Ai Jia for a long time. But this little miss has a pretty high standard. She always said his Kung Fu skill was insufficient and never looked him in the eyes.

‘Humph, today I’ll teach this ignorant Japanese in front of her. After this, she will surely look at me in a new light!’

The other performer were secretly watching the upcoming fight from the backstage. Fang Wen, dressed in black leather clothes and skirt, appeared a bit more enchanting than her usual charm. With a red face, she asked the nearby Hu Lili, who wore the same outfit as her.

“Lili, do you think we can win?”

“Of course!” Hu Lili rolled her eyes, “When he was still a child, that Wang Wei won the City Martial Arts Champion in children category. That little Japanese guy should be no problem to him.”

“But…why do I feel that Japanese student has a fierce appearance…?” Fang Wen muttered in a low voice.

“You little girl…” Hu Lili furtively looked at the other side of the room toward the girl who was removing her make-up, Su Ji, before lowering her voice and said, “In your eyes, besides your Qin Chao gege, who else do you think has a fierce look?!”

“Lili…What are you talking about….” Fang Wen’s face was even redder.

We put aside the discussion about girl’s heart for a while. On the stage, Wang Wei made a bow with hands clasped in front of him toward the Japanese guy.

“My humble self is a student of Hongquan; please advise.” After that, he clenched his fists, took a horse stance, and made a Hongquan posture.

The meaning was, in addition to showing courtesy, Wang Wei also showed his opponent that he was ready to defend the attack.

The Japanese student did not hold back. With a loud shout, he went forward in big strides while simultaneously made a clean strike with his hand.

Wang Wei had a shock, thinking, “Damn this Japanese, without showing courtesy, he just went ahead with his strikes!”

“Wang Wei, be careful!” This sudden strike from the Japanese student, although many people did not realize, Ai Jia knew its power. Although Japanese Karate was simple in movement, their strong points were their power and ferocity. Many Japanese Karate students used this sudden strike to break a brick. This particular Japanese student’s palms were full of calluses. From this, it can be said that he already trained his hands for a long time.

It would be too stupid for Wang Wei if he doesn’t recognize the power of these real strikes.

Fortunately, Wang Wei is also smart. He stretched out his hands alternatively in front of his body in quick succession to block the incoming strikes.

That Japanese student’s hands dropped down, only to hear two ‘ka cha’ sound. That Wang Wei screamed and sank one of his knees to the ground.

“Wang Wei!”

Several students quickly came. Wang Wei’s face was pale with pain. He broke into cold sweat and cannot move his body.

The school doctor, who happened to also watch the show, hastily came and examined Wang Wei.

“His bone was fractured. Quickly bring him to the hospital.”

Broken bone…These students watched the Japanese student with some alarmed. That Japanese student hung his arms and quietly stood there. He seemed to be unaware that he was the one who caused this disturbance.

“Chinese Martial Arts were just style without substance.” After Wang Wei was sent away, that Japanese student finally opened his mouth to loudly shout, “The strongest Martial Arts is only Karate!”

He walked to the middle of the stage, lifted out his hands, and loudly shout, “I, Ryu Kenta wanted to establish a Karate club in Guangyuan School to promote Japanese Karate culture! If you want to become stronger, don’t learn that kind flowery boxing. Come to our Japanese Karate club. I, Ryu Kenta will welcome you there!”

The audience suddenly burst into loud noises. Especially the students of Guangyuan, they almost erupted in anger. But the reality was in front of them. This Ryu Kenta was able to defeat their school’s martial arts member. Moreover, he even broke that Wang Wei’s bone.

These students lacked the strength to confront Ryu Kenta. So, even if they were indignant, they cannot defeat him.

At this time, someone, who finally could not bear the arrogance of Ryu Kenta, rushed to the stage. All the students were excited. They thought that someone finally will bring them justice. Who knew, when they carefully looked toward the one who jumped on stage, they were disappointed.

His grandpa! Qin Chao also cannot bear not to curse. The one who jumped up turned out to be the Korean exchange student.

“#*@&!….&*” It turned out Kim Woo did not accept that the Japanese have publicized their Karate. He stood up on the stage and shouted a string of Korean words.

“What did he say?” Qin Chao does not understand Korean, so, he had to inquire the nearby Han Enxi.

“He said….he said ‘total nation’ (China) Kung Fu is just style without substance while Japan Kung Fu was not ‘give unite’ (orthodox). Our Korean Tae Kwon Do is the real Kung Fu.”

“Damn, another braggart appeared.” Qin Chao rolled his eyes, thinking, ‘no wonder there was a saying that says, pretentious bastards exist every year, especially this year!’

“Souga…” That Ryu Kenta seemed to understand Kim Woo’s Korean words. His face became gloomy and said, “In that case, why don’t we have a contest? The one who win will be eligible to form a martial arts club. The loser will kneel on the ground and perform a kowtow to apologize to the winner and then he will acknowledge the winner as his teacher!”

Seeing the other side has assumed a Karate posture, Kim Woo, who thought that prioritizing first strike will bring him the advantage, immediately made his move. He whipped out his powerful kick to sweep that Ryu Kenta’s head.

“Ha!” Ryu Kenta loudly shouted. He extended his right arm toward his head to block the kick and then caught Kim Woo’s foot. He pulled his left palm horizontally toward his waist, made a fist, and, with a loud shout, sent out his fist forward.